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A question of voting right(s): A large number of people who identify as Christians vote for the Democrat Party and Robert T. Smith argues that it is time for the faithful to demand much more of themselves, their churches and society

Anthony Bourdain #2: Detroit: Michael Moriarty about the late chef Anthony Bourdain and the self-inflicted tragedy of Detroit and the parallels between the man and the city

Cdn pol Regionalism and nationalism in Canada – another reassessment (Part Seven): Mark Wegierski looks at an important question – in what sense is Canada a nation?

Random thoughts V: Dr. Robert Owens offers another of his stream of consciousness essays where random thoughts are governed by an over-arching theme

State bar mandatory unions for attorneys are finally being dismantled: Most states in the United States require attorneys to join state bars but Rachel Alexander reports that things are finally beginning to change as that system comes under attack

A black female Harvard professor reconsiders the Second Amendment: Some conservatives recently praised a NYT op-ed by a liberal professor concerning gun rights but Mark Alexander was not quite as impressed by it

The UN Human Rights Council report on Israel’s response to the Gaza border riots: Amb. Alan Baker says it’s yet another biased, malevolent, and unprofessional United Nations report when it comes to Israel

Make America greater: Approve the PCCS!: John Droz argues that America absolutely needs outside expert review of climate claims that have been used to oppose fossil fuels

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