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It’s hardly arguable that the mainstream media is in collusion with the woke ideology of our culture. With little exception, the media and high-tech communities operate in concert with the Biden Administration and it many surrogates throughout our ever-expanding bureaucracy. This lively podcast explores the White House’s collusion with Facebook, the trans-craze promoted by the local press, the government’s censorship allies, and a couple of heroes from opposite sides the aisle who still believe in freedom of expression


For the Week of September 26, 2022

China and India not following Biden’s War on Coal: The Biden administration may be keen on ending -- or at least greatly reducing -- the mining of coal but Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris report that countries like China and India are ramping up their production

Cdn pol Canada in context (Part Five): Mark Wegierski looks at the rise of the Canadian Alliance out of the Reform Party, and the 2003 merger between the Canadian Alliance and the federal Progressive Conservatives

Our brains are wired differently than Democrats, so don’t get too mad at them: Whether conservative or liberal, if you've ever been frustrated by the other side, Rachel Alexander urges some patience. Science seems to indicate that the left and right's brains are wired differently

Semi-fascism versus full-fascism: Republicans may go half-way, but Joe Biden, the Democrats, and the Deep State go all-out to control our lives, argues Paul Driessen

Higher education in Poland: Mark Wegierski looks at post-secondary education in Poland, based partially on some personal experiences from twenty years ago

On healthcare and the proper role of government therein: Despite the existence of Obamacare many continue to agitate for more government intervention in the healthcare marketplace. Jonah Chan doesn't quite agree

American history v. the cancel culture mob: Mark Alexander looks at the case of a once-revered historian dared condemn revisionism, was attacked for it, then predictably and disgracefully apologized

Old News

The big 'If' Republicans win: Mark Alexander believes that Joe Biden's rising approval numbers are about to hit a hard ceiling

Cdn pol Canada in context (Part Four): Mark Wegierski surveys developments from 1993 to 2003 in Canadian politics, culture and society

Should we engage with trolls harassing us about politics on social media?: Depending on who you talk to, the advice is either to ignore online trolls or engage them in total war. Rachel Alexander, who has plenty of experience with trolls, examines the issue

To cure inflation, we must target the disease: Government spending: There are plenty of people blaming high labour costs and a certain Russian leader for the massive increase in prices for Americans but Carmen Ashburn says the people need to look at Washington, D.C.

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