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Minneapolis riot

The fragility of the liberal democracies and the challenge of totalitarianism: The ongoing riots in the United States and other countries around the world have shown just how fragile the world's liberal democracies really are, argues Dr. Joel Fishman

The long, hot summer of 1967: A forgotten season of riots and urban unrest across America: The run up to the 1968 election saw an America in cultural and economic turmoil and constant rioting. While the 1967 riots had some differences from 2020's version, writes Sam Jacobs, some lessons can be learned

The Crown: Part Nineteen: In this week's look at Netflix series The Crown, Michael Moriarty takes a look at the episode looking at the aftermath of the Aberfan tragedy and Queen Elizabeth II's continuing response to it

Cdn pol The past, present, and future of Québec? – updated to 2020 (Part Ten): Mark Wegierski continues to look at different scenarios for the future

Professional sports: Primary purveyors of cultural Marxism: If you truly hate the Marxism that lies behind the Antifa and BLM protests, argues Greg Strange, then you really need to put your money where you mouth is and avoid professional sports going forward

Why socialist revolutionaries will vote for Biden: Dr. Robert Biden says that Joe Biden is the furthest thing from being a socialist but the people who are supporting him know that the former vice president will be good for one thing

The new far left fascism: The political left loves calling conservatives fascists but Rachel Alexander argues that the current political and cultural reality proves who the real fascists in America -- and the world -- are

Has the Fed let the inflation genie out of the bottle?: The US Federal Reserve's perpetual dislike of deflation has prompted it, writes Stefan Gleason, to pursue every policy and measure it can to avoid it even if it means sparking ever higher inflation rates

Why don’t these black lives matter?: Paul Driessen argues that child labor, human rights abuses and deaths are routinely ignored by Greens and Democrats

The timeless wit and wisdom of Mark Twain: Rather than continuing to dwell on the cultural and political chaos that the United States is currently embroiled in, this week Mark Alexander takes a look at Mark Twain and some of his favourite quotations

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