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Episode 64 -- The Love of a Father -- available!
This week’s quick-moving podcast touches on some good news from California, the zealots of “Jane’s Revenge,” and the important role fathers play in the family unit. We celebrate fathers everywhere with a powerful poem followed by personal remembrances of our own two fathers.

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Gun control

For the Week of June 20, 2022

You really want federal gun control intervention? Well, here’s an idea for you: Politicians are pushing for "red flag laws" as part of their gun control initiatives but Selwyn Duke has an idea that the federal and state governments might want to try first. In fact, he argues, the tools are already there

The common denominator of violence in America: The result of fatherlessness becomes even more tragically evident when the data connecting that absence to violence is irrefutable, argues Mark Alexander

Cdn pol On the 155th anniversary of Canadian Confederation -- the case against current-day Canada (Part Two): Mark Wegierski surveys 60 years of conservative failure in Canada

Nightstalker is a Catholic parable wrapped in horror aesthetics: Those watching Nightstalker expecting a true horror movie will be disappointed, writes Thomas M. Sipos, as the 2002 film has a little more going on

The west should not bend on Russian sanctions: If you think the sanctions against Russia are air tight, you might be surprised to hear that companies like Airbus aren't having problems buying raw material from Ukraine's invader, reports Rachel Alexander

Hussein Al-Sheikh is gradually stepping into Mahmoud Abbas’ shoes: Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas still appears to be running the show but Yoni Ben Menachem reports that another face appears to be slowly introducing himself as a hopeful replacement

Old News

Biden and his Demos unleashed a record surge in mass violence: In 2020, Democrats provoked and promoted the biggest surge in violence in decades, says Mark Alexander, but now call it a "gun problem"

Cdn pol On the 155th anniversary of Canadian Confederation -- the case against current-day Canada (Part One): Mark Wegierski surveys 60 years of conservative failure in Canada

Double Indemnity: Part Two: Michael Moriarty concludes his looks at one of the landmarks of film noir, the 1944 classic Double Indemnity, starring Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck and Edward G. Robinson

The strange contradiction of criticizing candidates for having no experience while criticizing others for having too much: Sometimes you can't win. A politician that's been around a while will often be criticized for hanging on the job too long while someone trying to get in the door is attacked for being wet behind the ears, writes Rachel Alexander

The Bitcoin Field Guide exudes pre-crash optimism: A recently released documentary about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general -- The Bitcoin Field Guide -- doesn't deliver, says Thomas M. Sipos

Keep looking over there! The Russian invasion of Ukraine is major news–but it's only the tip of the "existential threat" iceberg: While the world's attention is focused on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, writes Charlotte B. Cerminaro, Iran has apparently achieved its goal of making enough material to begin the manufacture of nuclear weapons

Sound money movement scores 2022 wins: Sound money -- the use of gold and silver as currency -- has scored some impressive wins this year, important particularly because of the rise of inflation, and Jp Cortez fills us in on some of them

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