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Charlottesville Riots

“Both Sides Are Horrible”: The vacated vital centre: The political "centre" used to be the preserve of the political left, writes Daniel M. Ryan, since abandoned by them. He hopes that the political right has the gumption to take those ideological heights

Cdn pol In search of new “cadres” for a Canadian renewal: Mark Wegierski asks, can the mutual interests of the regions lead to a decentralized Canada?

The North Korean situation, history and proposed solution: Although North Korea has receded from the headlines recently, the dangerous situation with the Stalinist state continues to exist. Dr. Robert Owens explores recent history and proposes a solution to the problem

Fair trade for thee, but not for me: Paul Driessen imagines what a pricey Tesla automobile or wind turbine would cost if the Left followed its own “principles” of fair trade

Charlottesville: Fueling race riots one of the left’s cleverest tactics: Rachel Alexander contends that the riots in Charlottesville saw no conservatives involved and its merely a pattern of race riots that the left is using to attack the political right

Antifa v. Alt-Right in Charlottesville — and America: Mark Alexander explores the coming battles between sociopathic Leftists — the socialist "anti-fascists" — and the "alternate-right" anarchists

Dyslexia, my gift: Dyslexia is no pleasure for those who struggle with it but Nathan Tabor has decided to embrace his learning disability and consider it more of a gift than a curse

UNRWA condemns the Palestinians to refugee status in perpetuity: The Palestinians have been "refugees" for over half a century now and the United Nations has done almost nothing to alleviate the situation -- if not actually making things much worse, writes Amb. Allan Baker

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