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Episode 71 -- Stopping the Runaway Trans Train -- available!
This week’s podcast focuses in depth on the trans madness that has swept through our nation in recent years. Drawing upon a diverse group of thinkers and authors (Christopher F. Ruffo, Lisa Selin Davis, Andrew Sullivan, etc.), it is apparent that a comprehensive discussion on the care of transgender persons has been hijacked by political activists with an overriding, personal agenda.

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For the Week of August 9, 2022

Democrats are successfully pushing unelectable candidates in our primaries to stop the red wave this fall: Rachel Alexander argues that Democrats are actively attempting to sabotage Republican primaries across the United States in an effort to promote awful GOP candidates in order to bring about liberal victories

Cdn pol “Third parties” in Canada – updated to 2022 (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks mainly at “third parties” in Western Canada

When Joe caved to Joe: The real Manchin con: Senator Joe Manchin likes to portray himself as a conservative Democrat but Selwyn Duke says the "Inflation Reduction Act" and his voting record argues the West Virginia politician is anything but to the right of most in his party

The ‘wishful thinking’ Fed is anything but ‘neutral’: The US Federal Reserve recently announced that it had managed to reach a “neutral” monetary policy stance, a claim that Stefan Gleason can only laugh at

Old News

Palestinian frustration after Biden’s visit: If Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas thought he was going to win some support from US President Joe Biden during a recent visit, writes Yoni Ben Menachem, he was sorely mistaken

Cdn pol “Third parties” in Canada – updated to 2022 (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks mainly at “third parties” in Quebec

Democrats don’t understand why minorities and women don’t like being called victims to benefit them: Democrats have long described many groups as being "victims" in order to collect vote. Rachel Alexander believes that ploy's success may finally be coming to an end

Biden promises, policies and political problems: US President Joe Biden's war on fossil fuels fosters US oil sales to China and US complicity in child and slave labor, writes Paul Driessen

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