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Donald Trump

Build the wall, build the wall, build the wall: Dr. Robert Owens thought highly of Donald Trump's speech to the United Nations but he argues that Republicans and conservatives need to focus on the most important issues

My Pilgrimage, Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Patriotic Evangelist: Donald Trump's recent apparent capitulation to Democrats on the DACA program had Michael Moriarty worried but his speech to the United Nations set things right again

Cdn pol Articulation needed for “small-c conservatism” in Canada: Mark Wegierski argues that the case for conservatism has not been well-articulated in Canada

Irma illusions – and realities: Paul Driessen has a simple question: If human emissions made Irma worse, did they also bring the 12-year lull in Cat 4-5 hurricanes?

Trump’s opposition: Nitpick, distort, exaggerate, omit and lie: Donald Trump's opponents haven't really been able to hammer him with one single big issue but they're doing the next best thing, says Rachel Alexander, they're nitpicking him to death

Temple to journalist’s self–regard falls on hard times: Did you know there was a massive museum dedicated to American journalism? If not that's one of the reasons why it's losing money at a titanic rate, reports Michael R. Shannon

Diwali, Lord Rama, and the return of gold from exile: Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains will soon be celebrating Diwali and that means a lot of gold is going to be given as gift, writes Jp Cortez

The railroad dilemma: Speeding into disaster: If Frederic Bastiat were alive today, says Elia Ching, the French economist and author would likely not have many good things to say about California's high-speed rail line

Monumental ignorance — Dumbing down America: At the University of Virginia, moronic identity politics takes precedent over knowledge and truth, writes Mark Alexander

Now it’s a war on pipelines: Paul Driessen argues that efforts to block and sabotage pipelines hurts jobs, economic growth, the middle class and human safety

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