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Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump

Geopolitics: Trump plays chess, MSM plays checkers: Mark Alexander says that Donald Trump is closer to disarming the North Korean regional and global threat than any president in 60 years…but you won’t hear that from the media

Keeping my promise to both Kenneth Woods and Joseph Haydn: Part Two: Michael Moriarty continues his series on the sublime genius that was Austrian composer Joseph Haydn

Cdn pol A brief history of conservative publications in Canada – updated to 2018 (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at the Mulroney Years and their aftermath

A childless father who has a son: Dr. Robert Owens has made many mistakes in his life -- he'll be the first one to admit it -- and part of his pain comes from being the father of four children that the mothers decided to abort

Reflections on the meaning of life and other puzzles, part two: J.S. Bach and quantum mechanics: Charlotte Cerminaro wouldn't deny that what you what you see around you is reality but she does wonder occasionally if there is more than meets the eye

Constipation is an advantage when flying American Airlines: If you find yourself on one of American Airlines' 737-MAX, says Michael R. Shannon, hope that it isn't a long flight and you don't need to visit the facilities

Secret Air Force program wrongly destroys career of cadet who exposed sexual assaults: While an Air Force Academy cadet Eric Thomas was asked to help investigate reported sexual assaults and did so admirably. His reward? Being expelled from the school, reports Rachel Alexander

Erdogan’s Turkey intensifies involvement in Gaza and Jerusalem: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has taken a big interest in Gaza and Jerusalem, says Pinhas Inbari, and an increasingly large Turkish presence is being felt across the Middle East

Can Saudi Arabia prevent the next oil shock?: Many, including a lot of experts, assume that any serious oil shock will be mitigated by Saudi Arabia simply opening up its taps. Cyril Widdershoven isn't sure the oil kingdom can do that any longer

500 days of unleashing our economic engine: The Trump administration has promoted amazing economic growth – while protecting environment, health and welfare from actual threats, argues Paul Driessen

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