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America’s Steel Horse Brigade
In America’s Steel Horse Brigade, the fourth volume of Dr. Owens’ thrilling America’s Trojan War series, the battle between the Bryan/Stando regime and the forces of freedom heats up.  Tensions rise and emotions flare as fighting erupts like a volcano of violence melting any semblance of normal life.  From the Heartland through the border regions massive armies dance in a duel of death as freedom hangs in the balance.
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French President Emmanuel Macron meets Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at the United Nations

Does Iran’s leader leave room for Iran’s return to the negotiating table?: Iran's leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has been issuing hard line statements concerning the US, Israel and any return to the negotiating table concerning his country's nuclear program and Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall explores whether negotiations are even possible anymore

Cdn pol Canadian Thanksgiving 2019 – how bountiful is Canada for most of its citizens?: Mark Wegierski argues that the extent of Canadian prosperity has been exaggerated

Show me the money: Everybody may be focused on Democrat impeachment attempts but Dr. Robert Owens is more interested in the massive positive effects of President Donald Trump's economic policies

Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Five – Dune and current-day reality: Mark Wegierski examines the sociopolitical implications of Frank Herbert’s masterwork

Era of intense vast media scrutiny is creating overhyped outrage: Everywhere you turn there's another click-bait headline that's designed to provoke and stoke anger and outrage and Rachel Alexander is getting tired of it all

Cdn pol The unintended consequences of Trudeau’s promised gun bans: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will likely double-down on his plan to further tighten gun regulation in Canada if he is re-elected next week and that leaves Canadian gun owners in a precarious position

Maryland church washed away by watered–down theology: Twinbrook Baptist Church was once a brave church that fought segregation but in the 1980s began to lose its way. Now it's soon for the ash heap, reports Michael R. Shannon

The Demo double standard when digging for dirt on Trump: The impeachment drive showed that Democrats embrace hypocrisy as if it was the highest of political character traits, says Mark Alexander

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