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America's Odyssey II: You Must Go Home Again
In the much requested and long anticipated third installment in the America’s Trojan War series General Stamper and the Phantom Force are straining at the bit to get home. Mired down in a massive war in Italy against a relentless foe. Pressed against the wall by overwhelming forces they must watch as their beloved country sinks under the weight of a cruel dictatorship.  A vicious civil war tears America apart as competing forces strive to impress their wildly divergent views of the future on reality
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Illegal immigrants

Unvaccinated travelers: Undocumented immigrants? That's old school -- today everyone is talking about "unvaccinated travelers", or illegal immigrants bringing all sorts of diseases from the old country, writes Robert T. Smith

Comparing the Canadian and the American Right – updated to 2019 (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at the weakness of the Canadian conservative infrastructures

Who weaponized the FBI?: The recently released Mueller report is an argument that it is now time to investigate the investigators, says Dr. Robert Owens

Anthony Bourdain #4: In continuing his look at the late chef, writer and traveler Anthony Bourdain, Michael Moriarty looks back at his visit to Russia

The right environmentalist: Bruce Walker's Pseudo-Green Leftism and True Green Conservatism pitches a different kind of environmentalism -- one from the cultural conservative perspective. Steve Martinovich reviews his efforts

Man claims NYC officials are abetting neighbor's theft of his property: John and Irina Hockenjos have spent the better part of the past decade fighting both a neighbour allegedly trying to steal their property and a city that seems to be aiding him, says Selwyn Duke

Methodists decide to believe the Bible: Given the current state of culture, opines Michael R. Shannon, it is remarkable that the United Methodist Church actually decided believe what the Bible told them was right and wrong

Rigging electoral demo-graphics to guarantee leftist rule: Mark Alexander examines the Democrat strategy to transform America’s Constitutional Republic into a permanent populist democracy

Smart money is piling into oil: For a few reasons oil prices are continuing to rise and that means money is flowing back into that part of the energy sector, reports Nick Cunningham

Sanity and humanity return to the World Bank?: Extreme environmentalists can grouse, but African and other poor families see hope in David Malpass and the World Bank, says Paul Driessen

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