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Episode 36 -- "'The Police"-- available!

With our justice system a revolving door and the police being blamed for nearly everything, we look closely at the real facts surrounding our men and women in blue. With few exceptions, they do an extraordinary job of serving and protecting and deserve our highest respect and support

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Chris Cuomo

For the Week December 6, 2021

Tucker Carlson is wrong on Chris Cuomo and brotherhood: Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson recently stated that while what Chris Cuomo was wrong for assisting his brother in dealing with sexual misconduct allegations, it was understandable given that he was helping family. Selwyn Duke says Carlson is utterly wrong

How the left turns anyone leading the right into fringe extremists: The Alinsky playbook when it comes to dealing with conservative politicians has been the favored liberal tactic for years: ridicule. Rachel Alexander says that the right needs to push back

Community and identity in late modernity – updated to 2021 (Part Eight): Mark Wegierski criticizes the so-called “rainbow coalition” approach, but also rejects a “unimodal” view of community

A skeptic's guide to the universe: On the presence of good and evil, and the meaning of life: Those who describe themselves as skeptics, whatever the matter may be, often pride themselves on being smarter than the next person and attempt to deride and attack their beliefs. Charlotte B. Cerminaro argues that it is quite possible to be, for example, a person of faith thanks to careful thought and analysis

Video: The COVID con is the ’76 Swine Flu fiasco on steroids: Selwyn Duke happened to see a video from a 1976 episode recently from 60 Minutes which reported on adverse reactions to a vaccine for swine flu and was struck by how much things had changed

Why Britain declared the Hamas movement as a terrorist organization: Britain finally declared Hamas to be a terrorist organization -- a better late than never move -- and Yoni Ben Menachem says that it will have a significant impact on the group given how much money is raised in that country

A new coat of paint: You may have noticed that Enter Stage Right looks a little different this week -- for the first time in decades -- and editor Steven Martinovich explains the move for a slightly updated look

Old News

The spread of Iran’s malign activities: Very quickly, report Wade Ze’ev Gittleson and Lenny Ben-David, Iran has spread its influence around the world -- even to Africa and parts of Europe -- and established itself as an ideological partner to groups and entire nations

Cdn pol Community and identity in late modernity – updated to 2021 (Part Seven): Mark Wegierski points to certain dilemmas of current-day Canadian multiculturalism

The right’s love affair with Kyrsten Sinema and the elephant in the room: There are a lot of Republicans white knighting for Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema these days and Rachel Alexander says they need to take a deeper look into the position that she's championed throughout her political career

Unsaid: Joseph Rosenbaum might have committed suicide-by-Rittenhouse: Why did Joseph Rosenbaum attack Kyle Rittenhouse when the young man was clearly armed with a semi-automatic rifle? Selwyn Duke posits that the man may have actually been seeking to commit suicide

Will the anointed experts get it wrong again?: Stefan Gleason says your investment strategy should be that the experts clearly have no idea what's going on and any guidance they provide should be suspect

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