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America’s Odyssey: You Can’t Go Home Again is the much requested and long anticipated sequel to America’s Trojan War -- General Stamper and the Phantom Force face twin challenges as a war in Europe and the actions of an out of control central government threaten to destroy the last best hope for humanity
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Barack Obama

This Obumer hangover just won’t go away: Just like Richard Nixon, writes Selwyn Duke, Barack Obama created a situation where even if he didn't know of the wrong-doing by his appointees he was still responsible for their behavior

The American Renaissance: Chapter Ten, Monuments of Hell: Michael Moriarty was blown away by the docudrama First They Killed My Father, the true story of a young girl who was forced to become a child soldier under the Khmer Rouge

Cdn pol Regionalism and nationalism in Canada – a reassessment (Part Seven): Mark Wegierski looks at an important question – and one long debated by Canadians of all stripes – in what sense is Canada a nation?

Mass exodus from blue states to red states: A recent report argues that people are fleeing blue states like Massachusetts in favor of red strongholds which include Alabama, says Rachel Alexander

It’s weather, not climate change, Governor Brown: Weather, not human-caused CO2-fueled global warming, is responsible for California wildfires, argues Robert W. Endlich

God bless this abortion mill: A Maryland abortion clinic recently hosted a number of clergy who incredibly blessed the activities that went in the building, reports Michael R. Shannon

'Miraculously, we found Bill's crash site': Mark Alexander pens a personal account of three days in a Vietnam vet's life — separated by many decades

Overheated claims on temperature records: Dr. Tim Ball and Tom Harris say that it’s time for sober second thoughts on climate alarms

Race and IQ: A high school science fair project ignites a storm: A high school student in Sacramento, California found himself in some hot trouble recently when he decided to do his science project on the topic of race and IQ

Dear Lord, what were you thinking?: A subtle suggestion during a jazz concert got Paul Driessen thinking about history, politics and energy

Climate alarmism is still bizarre, dogmatic, intolerant: Paul Driessen argues that climate alarmist claims are defying parody, as they become more tyrannical and their policies wreak havoc

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