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Capitol Hill dollars

Let the budget battles begin: The announcement last week of a proposed budget will once again set the stage for a battle between those who are concerned for the future and those who simply don't care, writes Alan Caruba

Cdn pol Who owns Canada? (Part One): In this series of articles, Mark Wegierski examines the tensions between different regions in Canada

The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Fifteen: The Fruit On The Tree Of The Bush/Clinton New World Order: The Black Muslim/Marxist POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama: Barack Obama is nothing but the inevitable fruit that was born of the Bush and Clinton eras, says Michael Moriarty

Light one candle: If America seems mired in a spiritual and emotional darkness, writes Dr. Robert Owens, he believes that there is one way to light up the path ahead

Why Americans don't care about ISIS: ISIS runs rampant butching its way across the Middle East and Americans don't care. Rachel Alexander believes it has something to do with the man in the White House

School choice litigation is winning: There are more and more charter schools across the United States and the movement as a whole is winning, writes Brian Symes

BO: I love me, I love me not...: The GOP must understand Barack Obama's motives to defeat his actions, argues Mark Alexander

Censorship by design: Criminalization of child evangelism: First things first, Part 1: In the first of a three part series Debra Rae explores the increasing criminalization of teaching children the Christian gospel

Eric Holder: Biting the hand that protects you: Eric Holder is nothing but a race hustler, charges Greg Strange, whose chief talent is whipping up the anger of crowds

100,000 layoffs and counting: Is this the new normal?: Andrew Topf believes the Canadian oil sands may be the first of the major oil projects that will see job losses thanks to low oil prices

It's not "global warming." It's "springtime.: In the northern hemisphere Spring has arrived and Alan Caruba wants you to be on guard for any claims that the season and unnatural climate change are linked

Radical environmentalism's death campaigns: Its anti-DDT war is a lethal "death-rate solution" imposed on Third World countries, writes Paul Driessen

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