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Confession — I was wrong about the Flu Manchu: Michael R. Shannon predicted before the election that a victory by Joe Biden would immediately resolve the COVID-19 pandemic but he underestimated how much politicians and bureaucrats love control

COVID-19 lockdowns: Liberty and science: Sam Jacobs argues that the "settled science" behind COVID-19, transmission and prevention seems to depend on what politicians and bureaucrats want to do next and that means the liberty of Americans is increasingly at risk

Me, über alles: The maddening reason politicians break their own lockdown rules: Politicians have been laying down rules and lecturing Americans about risky behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic and then turning around and breaking their own rules. Why? Selwyn Duke has the answer

Cdn pol In search of a voice for the Polish-Canadian community: Mark Wegierski describes the unhappy weakness of an attenuated European fragment-culture in current-day Canada

Hey MSM, affidavits are considered evidence: The mainstream media continues to promote the idea that there was no fraud in the November election and yet, writes Rachel Alexander, there are literally hundreds of pieces of evidence that it took place -- they're called affidavits

The Great American Outdoors Act: Duggan Flanakin argues that the Great American Outdoors Act is the crown jewel of the Trump Administration’s environmental record and will bring many benefits

Transformations in the Middle East: Challenges for the new U.S. administration: When Joe Biden takes office in January, writes Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah, the Middle East the last time a Democrat was in office no longer exists. In its place is a polarized region where competing interests are battling for its future

Slight, beneficial warming from more carbon dioxide!: Dr. David Wojick reports that an exhaustive new study finds that more CO2 and water molecules will not cause dangerous warming on the planet

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