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America’s Steel Horse Brigade
In America’s Steel Horse Brigade, the fourth volume of Dr. Owens’ thrilling America’s Trojan War series, the battle between the Bryan/Stando regime and the forces of freedom heats up.  Tensions rise and emotions flare as fighting erupts like a volcano of violence melting any semblance of normal life.  From the Heartland through the border regions massive armies dance in a duel of death as freedom hangs in the balance.
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Millennial in the office

Millennial becomes unhinged after boss corrects her spelling of “hamster”: There have been few generations so widely hated in recent decades as millennials and Selwyn Duke reports on one incident that perfectly explains why they are the target of such opprobrium

Eighty years since the start of World War II -- recalling a commemorative ceremony at Nieszawa, Poland: Mark Wegierski recalls an event sixty-five years since the start of World War II

Trump works for US: One year ago US President Donald Trump made a pledge to help American workers and Dr. Robert Owens argues that the administration has certainly done that

Hypocritical, contradictory Antifa becomes more violent at latest event in Portland: Antifa hasn't gone away and it would appear that they've only stepped up their violent tactics, reports Rachel Alexander

Indoctrinating and radicalizing mass murderers: Mark Alexander says it may come as news to some but mass shooters and other murderers have this in common: They are sociopaths and disregard the law

The unique status of the Jerusalem suburb of Wadi Hummus: Wadi Hummus is a neighborhood in the southern Jerusalem Arab village of Sur Baher and not surprisingly the source of controversy, writes Nadav Shragai

El Paso and Trump? And what rhetoric causes the shooting of whites?: The political left have engaged in years with some of the most violent and racist rhetoric but the media prefers only to report on those from the other side, says Selwyn Duke

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