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US and Canada

Are both America and Canada currently in decline?: Mark Wegierski offers a reprise of an essay that was “spiked” from the Internet some years ago

Norma Shearer: Michael Moriarty is an unabashed fan of actress Norma Shearer and her co-starring turn in 1939's Idiot’s Delight -- a movie that one source referred to coming during the "declining" part of her career

What is righteousness and how do I get it?: The title contains two pretty big questions and hopefully Dr. Robert Owens is able to answer the most difficult of the pair

George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying, not Russian collusion: Democrats are claiming that George Papadopoulos' recent guilty plea is proof of Russian collusion but Rachel Alexander says it's nothing of the sort

Woodward's 'Blue Wave' launch pad: Fear crazy Trump!: The New York Times and Bob Woodward combined for a one-two punch with efforts to discredit Donald Trump and Mark Alexander wasn't impressed by either

Do businesses have an obligation to contribute to society?: Many often argue that businesses because they earn a profit must return some of that to society as a "social good". Libbi Wu examines whether that is really true

Relevant irrelevance: Some economists love to argue that the economy is a rational system but Nathanael Costa believes Richard H. Thaler is on the right path with his belief in the influence of "irrelevant" factors

The downside for oil is limited: The run of higher oil prices ended recently but Nick Cunningham says anyone expecting lower prices any time soon will be very disappointed

We put a hand over our heart, Nike puts thumb in our eye: Had it not been for Nike and their new ad campaign, writes Michael R Shannon, Colin Kaepernick might have finally faded into cultural irrelevance

Keep carbon taxes in the ground: Paul Driessen says Americans must permanently bury job-killing carbon tax proposals, after pounding wooded stakes through their hearts

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