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America’s Odyssey: You Can’t Go Home Again is the much requested and long anticipated sequel to America’s Trojan War -- General Stamper and the Phantom Force face twin challenges as a war in Europe and the actions of an out of control central government threaten to destroy the last best hope for humanity

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Why I am no longer a conservative Republican: Dr. Robert Owens proclaims that he will be fooled no longer -- the Republican Party is no longer the home of conservatism in America

History without a dramatist: Michael Moriarty recently watched 2017's Netflix original movie Killing Heydrich, a historical retelling of the brave mission to kill one of the architects of Nazi Germany's Final Solution

On the 330th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution -- the historical significance of the English Civil War (Part Five): Mark Wegierski looks at the impact of English military and political leader Oliver Cromwell both during and after the English Civil War

Crazy court misconstrues constitution for climate-concerned kids:  The Ninth Circuit Court recently allowed a group of children to file a lawsuit against the Trump administration over global warming, something that Greg Strange isn't quite as impressed by as environmentalists were

The double standards industry: Paul Driessen argues that concerns over impacts from energy projects seem to disappear where “green” energy is involved

Why should whites be happy about becoming a minority?:  A new history text book argues that whites are having a difficult time with the idea of becoming a minority -- and Selwyn Duke wonders why that's a revelation

The left loses it over two black men arrested in Starbucks: The recent outrage over two black men arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks for "loitering" smeared the entire coffee chain for the actions of a few, says Rachel Alexander, and there was a lot left unreported

Mark Zuckerberg’s 'listening tour’ stops in DC:  Mark Zuckerberg recently stopped in Washington, D.C. to answer questions on privacy and censorship and Michael R. Shannon can't say he was very impressed by the CEO's answers

Climate adaptation, reparation and restoration: Boulder, CO wants oil companies to restore snowy winters of an idyllic past – and pay it billions, writes Paul Driessen

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