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Every Farmers Got a Gas Pump
Dr. Robert Owens announces the publication of his first ever book of poetry!
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Leaving California

CALVID, not COVID, is the teal threat to Arizona from California: People and business are fleeing California thanks to that state gradually turning into a Second World nation but they're bringing those liberal beliefs that ruined their former home to their new ones, argues Rachel Alexander

Cdn pol The long defeat -- Where the Canadian Right went wrong (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the failure of three-time Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Casualties in the 2021 Gaza War: How many and who were they?: There was a lot of misinformation during the recent war between Israel and Hamas, argue Eli Nirenberg and  Lenny Ben-David, including who and where the casualties were

Cdn pol Examining the Polish-Canadian community on the 77th anniversary of the tragic Warsaw Uprising of 1944: Mark Wegierski presents another piece co-authored with Pola Kojder and examining the relatively recent history of Poles in Canada

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