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America’s Steel Horse Brigade
In America’s Steel Horse Brigade, the fourth volume of Dr. Owens’ thrilling America’s Trojan War series, the battle between the Bryan/Stando regime and the forces of freedom heats up.  Tensions rise and emotions flare as fighting erupts like a volcano of violence melting any semblance of normal life.  From the Heartland through the border regions massive armies dance in a duel of death as freedom hangs in the balance.
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Mao poster

The left is following communism’s playbook for revolution: Selwyn Duke says that America's political left is following the plan that communists have used so successfully to takeover societies by causing a break-down to enable their plans

Fitting in: Liberalism used to be about prestigious people like the Roosevelts, an image promoted by people like Ken Burns in his documentaries, but Michael Moriarty says the movement is little more than those who make up "The Squad"

Seventy-five years since the establishment date of the People’s Republic of Poland: Mark Wegierski recalls two trips to People’s Poland in the 1970s

We’ve all had an apple out of that sack: Dr. Robert Owens proudly proclaims himself a born-again Christian and one of his most important studies was of the Old Testament -- particularly the story of Jacob and Esau

Squabble over The Squad gets squalid: "The Squad" and the controversy over the "Send her back!" chant at a recent Donald Trump rally is explored in Greg Strange's latest essay in which he argues it's about politics, not race

Phoenix news anchor demonized merely for joining Parler: Rachel Alexander reports on a Phoenix Fox 10 news anchor who may have been fired for the odious crime of merely having a profile on Parler, a social networking service primarily used by conservatives

Trump endorsed by a Turk: Michael R. Shannon addresses the use of models by the Trump administration in its campaign videos and the president's current battle over the make-up of the census

Monetary metals don’t need a "gold standard" proxy system: Judy Shelton's nomination to the board of the US Federal Reserve is a good sign, says Stefan Gleason, and the debate surrounding a gold standard is even better

Bill to reinstate Obama pesticide ban ignores science: Paul Driessen argues that House legislation to ban neonicotinoids in wildlife refuges would hurt bees and wildlife

The left's moderation of conservative media: Mark Alexander says the political left is relentless and use Gestapo tactics when it comes to what they consider to be unworthy media outlets

Government is a great servant but horrid master: Today bigger, argues Jeffrey Foss, supremely powerful global governments are justified by environmental claims

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