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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Warning: A Biden/Harris constitutional crisis just ahead: Mark Alexander says if the socialist Democrats suffer another Electoral College loss in November, they and their riotous constituents will not go quietly

Higher education in Poland: Mark Wegierski looks at post-secondary education in Poland, based partially on some personal experiences from eighteen years ago

Bad Blood versus reality, Part Two: Michael Moriarty continues his look at Bad Blood, a Canadian series chronicling the life of a Montreal mob family, with an episode that sees the patriarch's son shot by rivals

All that really matters: Dr. Robert Owens has some very sage advice for people in this time of worry and tribulation: Don’t worry about what you can’t do anything about

Notes from the Back Row: The increasingly uncertain future of the arts in America: COVID-19 has merely accelerated the disease that art in America is suffering -- and you can include all of the major categories in that word -- but the signs of ill health go back much further, argues Charlotte Cerminaro

Fat chance Arizona picks Biden: A poll recently reported that the state of Arizona was -- remarkably -- leaning "blue" in the presidential election. Rachel Alexander doesn't give that much credence

Trillions of dollars at stake?: The competing economic proposals of Donald Trump and Joe Biden will cost Americans trillions in one way or another but Julia Dutill argues that one way at least benefits the nation as a whole

The value of beliefs: Antonio Wolf recently received the gift of a stock account for his birthday and after experiencing the natural fluctuations of stock values prompted him to look at what factors drove people to make decisions

Liz Cheney bites off less than she can chew: Lynn Cheney may have the name but Michael R. Shannon argues that she is the perfect example of an elected Republican who eschews being a conservative

The Democrats’ war on African-Americans: Democrats talk a good talk when it comes to helping out African-Americans but Selwyn Duke believes that their policies and words do virtually everything but

‘Climate arson’ and other wildfire nonsense: Paul Driessen says the real goal is to avoid responsibility for policies, and increase control over energy, lives, property

The Abraham Accords may herald new security structures for the Middle East: Israel's recent accord with the United Arab Emirates means big things in terms of security and diplomacy for both countries and the entire region, says Amb. Dore Gold

Solar panels generate mountains of waste: Duggan Flanakin argues that solar panels also heat the planet, blanket wildlife habitats and cause other ecological damage

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