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Every Farmers Got a Gas Pump
Dr. Robert Owens announces the publication of his first ever book of poetry!
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Tradition and progress: America was founded upon the bedrock of natural laws and Judeo-Christian principles, writes Robert T. Smith, but is floundering now as man-made laws and principles run haphazardly through society knocking down pillars

Cdn pol Regionalism and nationalism in Canada – yet another reassessment (Part Six): Mark Wegierski looks at the Atlantic region, which has an ambiguous relationship with Ottawa

Let us be the generation: In recent years the United States has taken a radical turn and admittedly things aren't looking good. Dr. Robert Owens argues that conservatives today need to be the people to pick up the torch and continue fighting

The impenetrable G. Gordon Liddy: G.Gordon Liddy passed away recently and Franklin Raff says that his storied career encompassed much more than Watergate

Patriots' Day: A gun rights case study: Mark Alexander looks back at the last time the government attempted to confiscate weapons from grassroots Americans Patriots...

What skyrocketing home prices say about inflation: The powers that be continue to assure Americans that inflation is not an issue but Stefan Gleason argues that if you've been home shopping lately you know that price have spiked sharply over the past year

Police officer mistaking her gun for her taser was not racism: Brooklyn Center Police Officer Kim Potter accidentally killed a man with her firearm and it was her misfortune that the victim wasn't white, writes Rachel Alexander

Biggest inflation threat in 40 years looms over markets: Americans haven't seen a massive surge in inflation since the 1980s but Clint Siegner argues that the conditions have been created for just that as soon as COVID restrictions are lifted

Africans reject demands to end fossil fuel use: Duggan Flanakin argues that Africans need strategies that support economic development, jobs, access to energy

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