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America’s Steel Horse Brigade
In America’s Steel Horse Brigade, the fourth volume of Dr. Owens’ thrilling America’s Trojan War series, the battle between the Bryan/Stando regime and the forces of freedom heats up.  Tensions rise and emotions flare as fighting erupts like a volcano of violence melting any semblance of normal life.  From the Heartland through the border regions massive armies dance in a duel of death as freedom hangs in the balance.
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Pro-Brexit protest

It’s not about the economy, stupid! What really lies behind the Cosmopolitan Left’s love affair with the EU?: The British people voted to leave the EU but three years later not much has happened. Dr. Gregory Slysz says that's largely due to the elites being so far removed from the average person

Fukuyama, thirty years after -- some still unanswered philosophical questions (Part One): Mark Wegierski argues that American political scientist Francis Fukuyama ignored certain important thinkers

Neworldordergate: The tendrils of the Bush's family into the Republican Party extend even into the White House, charges Michael Moriarty, hence why some things continue to happen as always

Courage is the missing millennial link: Some millennials have summoned the courage to step out of their generation's jack-boot political dogma, argues Mark Alexander

Reality bites Joe Biden’s “Clean Energy Revolution”: Paul Driessen tallies Joe Biden’s recently announced environmental agenda’s huge impacts on our energy, industries, living standards and personal freedoms

The fate of Palestinian refugees in Syria and Lebanon: The war in Syria and the resulting flow of refugees into camps and neighbouring countries have created conditions rife for some bad actors, reports Pinhas Inbari

It’s time for Trump to take on Mitch McConnell: Michael R. Shannon argues that US President Donald Trump needs to take aim at Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell or otherwise his presidency will ultimately be a failure

Shutting down middle and blue-collar America: From Joe Biden to Elizabeth Warren, argues Paul Driessen, Democrat president wannabes are pushing job-killing pseudo-green policies

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