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Programming note: This is ESR's annual end of summer issue. We'll be back on September 8th!
Freedom of religion

Freedom of religion, not freedom from religion: Alan Caruba argues that America is still a land of faith and that those who believe need to keep fighting for their rights

Examining two possible strategies for success today -- networking vs. "borderdwelling": Mark Wegierski offers some strategic, sociology-based advice for persons of any defined outlook

Michael Lear: Part Nine: The Ultimate Triumph Of Hanoi Jane: Sen. John McCain's recent visit to Hanoi and his support to lift a ban on weapons sales to Vietnam have Michael Moriarty disappointed on a grand scale

Real-time self-government In the cryptocurrency frontier: The rise of altcoin populism, liberal-style, through Lockean dissent: Cryptocurrency populism? Daniel M. Ryan's series on alternative currencies delves into that world and how envy can destroy all

Across time and death: Iran and the ISIS challenge: It's not just the U.S. which is preoccupied with the threat by ISIS. Michael Segall says that Iran is also wondering how to handle the threat posed by them

Convicted drunk driver indicts Perry: Texas Governor Rick Perry has been indicted on abuse of power and Rachel Alexander believes that Democrats may have gone too far in their war

Yes, Mr. Holder, words matter: U.S. Attorney Gen. Eric Holder has pledged a fair investigation of the events in Ferguson, Missouri but Frank Salvato says a careful parsing of his words shouldn't fill anyone with confidence

Trampling on Coal Country families: Barack Obama and the EPA are determined to destroy US coal, people's lives and welfare be damned, argues Paul Driessen

Ukraine's next crisis? Economic disaster: Still reeling from its war against Russian-backed rebels, Robert Bensh argues that the Ukraine will soon be facing another huge challenge

Stupid is as stupid does: The Obama administration's reaction to ISIS' threat to bring war to America's shores is nothing short of insanely stupid, writes Frank Salvato

Big fat lies about fat: Americans have been told for a long time that fat is bad for them but Alan Caruba says that the political and medical war is based on myth, not facts

Taxpayers, beware – of Big Wind's latest deceitful ad campaign: Facing trouble abroad, Siemens ads seek to tap into US taxpayers and wind welfare system, reports Mary Kay Barton

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