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America's Trojan War
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Donald Trump

Trump's challenge on trade: Dr. Peter Morici lays out what issues Donald Trump needs to address in order to be taken seriously on the subject

Crimes and misdemeanors: Woody Allen's classic 1989 comedy-drama Crimes and Misdemeanors serves to inform Michael Moriarty's meditation on happiness and its exact opposite

Looking back at a 1976 game about U.S. civil conflict – exploring social alternatives through eclectic media (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at Minuteman: The Second American Revolution

Rocket ride from the underground: The early days of any new alt-coin require passion and community involvement, writes Daniel M. Ryan, along with a few other things in order to simply stick around after the initial blush of excitement

Why does America have a written constitution?: It has become fashionable in recent decades to argue that America's constitution is a mutable document, a notion that Dr. Robert Owens strongly rejects

The curious case of vanishing Lady Liberty; only gold and silver remember her: If you remember "Liberty" being printed on American coins you're either old or a coin collector. Guy Christopher explores the slow disappearing act of the word on American coinage

International funding for salaries and benefits to terrorists: Where is at least some of the money coming from that is going to convicted terrorists? Amb. Alan Baker argues that at least some of it actually came from your pocket

Religious conscience in the scrap heap: Who pays the piper? Everyone: If you're a pharmacist who doesn't believe in dispensing certain drugs to religious beliefs you are out of luck in today's America, says Debra Rae

The left's war on cops: Barack Obama and his fellow travellers on the left have done nothing but attack police officers since he assumed office...and not much has changed since the murders of six Dallas police officers, writes Mark Alexander

Corrupt politicians and corrupted money go hand in hand: Clint Siegner believes that the state of America's money is a good barometer for the honesty of its politicians...which explains Hillary Clinton

Hillary: Too old, too naive, too evil? All of the above?: Some entertaining excuses have been formulated by Hillary Clinton's supporters to explain away her use of a private server to send and receive top secret emails, writes John W. Lillpop

When will Africa get healthy and prosperous?: Steven Lyazi asks when will Africa's leaders focus on vital issues affecting its people, instead of lining their pockets?

The Hillary treatment for climate fraudsters?: State Attorney General actions reveal double standard for scientists who promote alarmist climate claims, writes Paul Driessen

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