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Donald Trump

Is Trump the First "European-conservative" American presidential candidate?: Selwyn Duke posits that Donald Trump has more similarity with European conservatives than he does with any traditional American definition of conservatism

Trump's got it right on trade: Donald Trump has been attacked for his economic prescriptions for the United States but Dr. Peter Morici believes the maverick businessman is pushing for the right actions

The Thousand Year Peace: Chapter Fourteen: The New World Order House of Cards: Part Two: Michael Moriarty concludes his mini-series about a post-Barack Obama America and what his plans could be

Questions of ethnic identity persistence in mass-media dominated North America (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at the Polish presence in U.S. and Canadian pop-culture

Who voted for that?: America has changed radically over the past few decades and Dr. Robert Owens wants to know who actually voted for all of the changes that we've seen since the 1960s

Man's ego and Michael Bloomberg: The media was filled with reports last week that Michael Bloomberg was pondering a run at the presidency and Selwyn Duke has his thoughts on the matter

Steve Forbes speaks out on the presidential race, Fed recklessness, and gold: Mike Gleason speaks with former presidential candidate and businessman Steve Forbes about the current crop of presidential wannabe's, the U.S. Fed and the return of the gold standard

The first civil right: Barack Obama has made it clear he intends to go to war against the Second Amendment rights of Americans during his final year in office and Mark Alexander writes that Americans need to answer back

What if illegals were deported?: In a bit of satire (or is it?) John W. Lillpop imagines what would happen if deportations of illegal immigrants began in earnest

Trumping hydrocarbon fuels and consumers: Paul Driessen argues that too many presidential candidates -- including the so-called mavericks -- court corporate cash by promoting ethanol

60 reasons why oil investors should hang on: If you've been invested in oil you probably have had a bad year and nothing suggests that it's going to improve any time soon. Dan Doyle has a number of reasons why you should stick it out

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