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Donald Trump

They serve at the pleasure of the president: Dr. Robert Owens believes that a ferocious left will succeed in launching impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump

My Pilgrimage, Chapter Fourteen: American Traitors Crying “Treason!”: The onslaught on Donald Trump -- from both Democrats and Republicans -- and Michael Moriarty's history with the Clinton administration inform the actor's column for this week

Cdn pol Brian Mulroney and the failure of Canadian conservatism in the 1980s (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at the importance of the media and several key weaknesses that Brian Mulroney suffered from as a politician and prime minister

Techno-leap to balancing & rationing Earth’s resources: In a brave new world of mind-expanding possibilities, Part 2: Debra Rae concludes her two-part series on how a technocracy is aiming at replacing much of the world's capitalism-based economics with nothing more than disguised collectivism

U.S. shale is immune to an oil price crash in 2017: Oil prices may be causing grief to groups like OPEC but Tsvetana Paraskova says analysis shows that the U.S. shale industry should continue to be solid

Government punishes disfigured combat vet thousands of dollars - for working: Rachel Alexander reports on the case of Ellis “Jerry” Majetich, a decorated veteran of several wars and a man whose government has taken aim directly at him

A proposal for a Trump initiative for the economic development of the West Bank and Gaza: Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Dr. Shimon Shapira and Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah believe the Trump administration should help create a situation where economic development of Gaza and the West Bank can happen

The failed Soviet experiment with ‘free love’: Most associate the concept of "free love" with late-60s America but Petr Svab reports that not long after the October Revolution the Soviet Union had its own catastophic experiment with the notion

Dr. Dao’s loss was our gain: Former United Airlines customer Dr. David Dao may have suffered some physical and mental pain but it would appear the rest of America is making out well thanks to his sacrifice, writes Michael R. Shannon

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