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Women voters

Suffrage to suffering: Women empowered Democrats in midterms: When it comes to voting, argues Selwyn Duke, he thinks men are just awful. The problem? Women -- as last week's midterms showed, are that much worse

Blue dogging or progressive affluenza?: The mid-term elections were neither a Republican melt-down or a Democrat blue wave, says Daniel M. Ryan, but it will mean that some Trump promises will no longer be possible

The born killer of Thousand Oaks: Michael Moriarty ponders the mass shooting in Thousand Oaks last week -- both the evil and the brave that occured that awful day

Cdn pol Thirty years since the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement: Mark Wegierski looks at former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s main “right-wing” achievement, the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement

Trump says “adios” to birthright citizenship: The end of "birthright citizenship" is the biggest reform of immigration yet under Donald Trump, says Michael R. Shannon

Cdn pol George Parkin Grant in Canadian context: Mark Wegierski places Canadian philosopher George Grant against the backdrop of Canadian history since 1963

Bye bye babies: South Korea is the envy of many in the world but Sarah Shin says the incredibly prosperous country faces a growing crisis of not enough babies being born

Zipper: Mora Stephens's chilling portrait of the Clinton sex scandals: The main protagonist of Zipper, writes Thomas M. Sipos, should be familiar to anyone whose followed politics in the past few decades, particularly a former Democratic presidential candidate

The surprising consequences of a $15 dollar minimum wage: People still talk about the necessity to raise minimum wages but Grace Cifuentes says the evidence continues to show that it doesn't really work out for anyone

Money ≠ Happiness: Depending on who you ask, people who say that money doesn't buy happiness are the ones who don't have any or they argue that all the money in the world only brings new problems. Nathanael Costa takes a look at the question

Social Security: Is it working?: Social Security has few fans outside of those invested in keeping a government mandate going but Susan Ubogu argues that the current system will work -- provided some changes are made

Wrongly convicted former Rep. Steve Stockman sentenced to 10 years in prison: Steve Stockman was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison for what prosecutors argued was fraud and money laundering. Rachel Alexander maintains that the entire case was nonsense

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