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The coming collapse of the Republic: America is a resilient nation whose liberties have survived many trials and tribulations but Selwyn Duke is of the gloomy opinion that the future of freedom in the United States probably doesn't have much longer to live

Cdn pol The past, present, and future of Québec – updated to 2020 (Part Five): Mark Wegierski examines more of the historical background of Quebec and its politics

President Trump stands up for religious liberty: It would be fair to say that Donald Trump's religious credentials weren't impressive before he became president but Dr. Robert Owens argues that since taking office he's moved heaven and earth to protect the faithful at home and abroad

Cdn pol On the 153rd anniversary of Canadian Confederation (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at developments in Canadian politics from 1972 to 2002

A Minneapolis neighborhood’s bold experiment in victimhood: Michael R. Shannon reports on one neighbourhood in Minneapolis that decided they no longer needed police officers when trouble arrived...not surprisingly they got exactly what you would expect

Letter to my woke CEO: Greg Strange's employer recently sent out a memo which essentially communicated how woke it was in the aftermath of the George Floyd riots so he decided to respond with an emailed letter directly to the CEO. The response? About what one would expect

The left’s brilliantly deceptive documentary ‘Alt-Right: Age of Rage’: There's a new documentary on Netflix purporting to tell the story of the rise of the "alt-right" and Rachel Alexander says it's exactly what you think it would be

'You know you're on the right side of history when...': Mark Alexander wonders when will the Democrat Party disband, given it was (and remains) the party of slavery and black oppression?

FDA: Deregulating during the pandemic, and beyond: Dvorah A. Richman has some good advice (poached from a prominent Democrat): Don’t waste a crisis. Regulatory flexibility merits serious consideration for the long term

Saudi Arabia eyes total dominance in oil and gas: Saudi Arabia's Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz recently announced that he expected his nation to continue to dominate oil markets until at least 2050 -- Julianne Geiger explores whether that assertion is possible

The capitulation of the Iraqi Prime Minister to Iran: Iraqi forces recently shined when they raided a Hizbullah Brigades headquarters located in Baghdad itself, reports Yoni Ben Menachem, but that good work was undone by no less than Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi

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