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Mail voting

Free and fair election: A history of voting irregularities in their states? A Democrat demand to allow voting by mail? Robert T. Smith says such a situation would certainly prove an old axiom by Joseph Stalin entirely correct

Which is more criminal? David Koresh or the Democrat Party?!: Part One: Like many people Michael Moriarty is watching the recently released to Netflix series Waco, the story of the Branch Davidians and the FBI attack on their compound, and he shares some initial thoughts

Seventy-five years since its end, World War II continues to shape the world: Mark Wegierski offers a précis of some of the ideological consequences of the war

Somebody has to say it: Dr. Robert Owens is amazed how quietly and quickly most Americans laid down when commanded to by their government. He hopes that when the time comes they answer with their voices...and votes

Should bailouts go to government contractors?: Plenty of businesses have received millions in bailout money due to COVID-19 but what should really rankle Americans, says Rachel Alexander, is that government contractors -- many of whom never stopped working -- are holding their hands out for some taxpayer dollars

Yelling “Virus!” in a crowded city: One of the few exceptions to our First Amendment rights: If there is one truth about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, argues Charlotte B. Cerminaro, it's that the public is not being given all of the information by the experts -- especially if it contradicts the commonly-held "wisdom"

WuFlu puts Jesus in intensive care: Michael R. Shannon marvels at the fact that Christians ostensibly honour a man who was nailed to a piece of wood to suffer for their sins but decline to attend church because the government told them not to

What 'hero' really means: It seems anyone working during the COVID-19 pandemic is being declared a hero these days and Mark Alexander has a real problem with that -- especially given how he calibrates the meaning of the word

Nasrallah: Iran is not pulling back from Syria: If anyone had any delusions about Iran pulling back from its adventures in Syria, writes Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Dr. Shimon Shapira, Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah recently dispelled them

Prioritizing climate over pandemics: Paul Driessen argues that Americans need a full accounting of what was spent preparing for the ‘climate crisis’ versus COVID

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