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Trump tip rule exploits workers: A US Department of Labor proposed rule that would allow restaurant owners to take tips from waiters and waitresses to share with other staff is a very bad one, argues Michael R. Shannon

The Crown: Part One: Michael Moriarty has been binge-watching the Netflix series The Crown, a series that chronicles the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and he thinks it's nothing short of brilliant

Tradition and liberty in science fiction and fantasy: Part Thirteen -- A variety of films and TV shows, from aliens to vampires: Mark Wegierski looks at a variety of movies and TV shows over the past decades

Trump negates a nasty narrative: One of the primary weapons that the media and his opponents have been using against him, writes Dr. Robert Owens, is simply ignoring what he actually said and framing his words as actually having communicated something else

On death row for a murder he did not commit: In prison, at least if you ask its inhabitants, everyone is innocent. At least one man, however, isn't guilty of the crime of which he was convicted, argues Rachel Alexander

Chick-fil-A runs afoul of the alphabet people: Did you know that Chick-fil-A has a department of "Corporate Social Responsibility"? It's stuff like this, says Greg Strange, that explains some of their recent behavior

A non-aggression agreement between Israel and the Arab countries: Not many people it's happening but Yoni Ben Menachem reports that Israel could soon have a non-aggression pact between it and four other Arab nations, something that could eventually lead to full normalization in relations

Government policy: The answer to the wealth gap?: Progressives will argue that government policy is required in order to either shrink or eliminate a wage gap. Kyle Wheeler says that any action by the government would actually do the exact opposite

Who really stands watch over the House?: Mark Alexander says an ancient group that the Democrats are well aware of has overwatch on the House impeachment farce

Activist junk science breeds bad policy: Paul Driessen argues that banning neonic pesticides in wildlife refuges would hurt birds, bees, other wildlife and people

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