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Obama declares an amnesty war: Barack Obama has no right or legal authority to declare a general amnesty for illegal immigrants and yet that appears to be what he will do, writes Alan Caruba

Michael Lear: Chapter Nineteen: The Diaghilev of Politically Correct Terrorism: Barack Hussein Obama: Michael Moriarty declares that Barack Obama is leaving the United States undefended against enemies both internal and external

Conflicts of notions of freedom, order, and security in a globalized world (Part Four): Mark Wegierski lays out two alternatives for the West – either return to tradition, or dissolve into the global culture

The Republican landslide in secondary offices: Plenty of ink has been spilled hailing Republican victories in the Senate and House but Bruce Walker says the GOP also made some key inroads in other important offices

Enough is too much already!: Dr. Robert Owens wants Republicans in the Senate and the House to exercise their power and begin fighting back against the Obama agenda

2014 Election: Blacks, Hispanics, young and women still reliably liberal: Did Republican gains in the Senate and House come thanks to changes in voting patterns? Selwyn Duke shows us that not much has changed when it comes to who votes for which party

Capital city: Whether you love or hate New York, writes Steve Martinovich, Supreme City: How Jazz Age Manhattan Gave Birth to Modern America is an engrossing story of one moment in the city's long life

Obama continues to sell out American workers for political gain: Barack Obama appears to be more concerned about illegal immigrants than in helping Americans find good jobs -- as evidenced by his continued fight against Keystone, argues Dr. Peter Morici

Being anti-energy is being anti-humanity: They may deny it but Alan Caruba says that the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has conclusively proven that it is anti-human in its recent report

Reviving a Social Security solution: Savannah Rigby examines an idea put forward by economist Edward Prescott as an alternative to the U.S. Social Security system

The "status quo" on the Temple Mount: You haven't heard much in the media but Nadav Shragai reports that some recent changes on the Temple Mount have prompted more violence between Israelis and Arabs

The IMF and its Ukraine shock therapy: Earlier this year the Ukraine received billions in aid from the IMF in order to stabilize its economy. Calvin Price believes that history shows the "shock therapy" approach doesn't work

Dementia or dishonesty, Pelosi is unfit for office: Frank Salvato argues that Nancy Pelosi's statements about Jonathan Gruber prove she shouldn't be in office

IEA says oil supplies may not keep up with demand: Enjoying that cheaper gasoline lately? Nick Cunningham believes that there is the possibility that over the long term that won't last -- and indeed prices could go much higher

Welcome to EbolaCare — but the website is down: Why hasn't the Obama administration taken a more proactive approach to preventing the potential spread of Ebola in the U.S.? Selwyn Duke thinks Obama just might not care

EPA's next regulatory tsunami: Paul Driessen says the EPA is responsible for trillions of dollars in ozone compliance and economic stagnation costs, and for fabricated benefits

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