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Every Farmers Got a Gas Pump
Dr. Robert Owens announces the publication of his first ever book of poetry!
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When Afghan nation-building, did we remember the mandatory pig roasts?: The United States went into Afghanistan to topple the Taliban and bring liberty to a people. Instead, writes Selwyn Duke, it attempted to institute Western "ideals" about gender roles

A quick glance at fashion, cosmetics, and cosmetology in Poland: In this whimsical piece, Mark Wegierski revives memories of a happier time in East-Central Europe, eighteen years ago

Brnovich is running for the U.S. Senate and the left is terrified: Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is running for the Senate in that state and all Democrats are beginning to run scared thanks to his solidly conservative credentials

Just get the shot and shut up: Greg Strange is adamant: He is not a conspiracy theorist. That said, the fact that the medical establishment seems completely hostile to alternative treatments to COVID-19 is beginning to make him question the narrative

Prayer: A one-way conversation, or a communion with our Creator?: People of faith have wondered for years about what value prayer actually has. Charlotte B. Cerminaro believes that the act of praying may actually fill a deep need for human beings

Disastrously, Lebanon does not follow its usual script: Lebanon is officially a failed state, argues Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah, and the only game in town these days is terrorist group Hizbullah

What consequences do Chinese citizens face as a result of recent technological changes?: China may be one of the biggest tech markets on the planet but its government seems determined to lock down every ability of the country's citizens to live a life free from constraint and surveillance

Competition among consumers?: Sofia Ferrer takes issue with Paul Krugman's assertion that consumer spending is a balm for economic issues when the answer actually lies in what makes capitalism work

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