January 2009 - December 2009

January 2009

Potholed: Barack Obama says he wants to promote cleaner government. Daniel M. Ryan believes that saying that is much easier than getting it done
Coal, glorious coal!: A few weeks ago Alan Caruba lauded carbon dioxide. This week, because the Obama administration won't, he does the same for coal
Answering Israel's critics: Steven Martinovich says Alan Dershowitz makes a credible argument in The Case Against Israel's Enemies: Exposing Jimmy Carter and Others Who Stand in the Way of Peace
How to be a nice capitalist: Bruce Howard's Charting the Course: Values for Navigating Life in the Marketplace wants you to bring morality to the marketplace. Steven Martinovich says the effort is welcome
The successfully Confederate New World Order: There is a reason why Michael Moriarty has compared Barack Obama to Robert E. Lee: a confederacy plays a prominent role in the careers of both
Space exploration, technology, and the possible futures of humanity: Part Four: Mark Wegierski defends nature and history as vital for a truly humane future
Avoiding a chicken little budget: Canada is about to throw around taxpayer money and register a deficit budget all based on unwarranted panic, says Kevin Gaudet
The grimness of social justice: Life isn't fair, says Bruce Walker, and all the activist government programs in the world won't change that
Having our Schnitzel: Alisa Craddock says even one of the co-inventors of The Pill has come to the same conclusion social conservatives did decades ago: it was a huge mistake
History in the unmaking: While time on his campus stopped during Barack Obama's inauguration last week, Joseph Randolph didn't bother watching it himself
Beyond pomp and circumstance: The man at the top may have changed but Henry Lamb says the machinery of government continues unimpeded. And that includes the National Animal Identification System
Ushering in the error of Obama: There wasn't much about last week's inauguration of Barack Obama that impressed Mark Alexander
Include me out: Last week's festivities inspired a lot of togetherness and a desire for a successful new president. Michael M. Bates isn't one of them
This powder keg has long sought a spark: J.J. Jackson believes there are a lot of people out there angry at an ever expanding government and one day they'll react
Hooray for Hollywood: Lisa Fabrizio is a big fan of movies but virtually everything that Hollywood produces today seems designed to annoy her
Blame corn harvesters for the crash of Flight 1549!: Think a flock of geese was responsible for the crash of Flight 1549? Dennis T. Avery says Time Magazine found another culprit to blame
Big government, not big media, threatens free speech: Contrary to widespread cries that media consolidation threatens free speech, argues Don Watkins, the real threat comes from laws regulating media ownership
George W. Bush, winner: With Bush 43's presidency now hours away from ending, Lisa Fabrizio would like to offer some praise for the outgoing leader
Infrastructure: Let's spend money on it!: Whatever else he thinks about Barack Obama's agenda, writes Alan Caruba, he agrees that money needs to be spent on America's infrastructure
Space exploration, technology, and the possible futures of humanity: Part Three: Mark Wegierski asks whether technological advance will be likely to continue if Western civilization collapses
Lincoln as a progressive: Christopher Hitchens and Barack Obama both recently recast Abraham Lincoln as a progressive liberal. Michael Moriarty has some trouble accepting those labels for the Great Emancipator
In with the new…: Barack Obama and his administration will face a number of big challenges relating to the economy, says Daniel M. Ryan, including what happens after the bailouts
Recognizing this moment in history: Barack Obama will bring a lot of "change" next week including the diminishing of American sovereignty, says Henry Lamb
Who elected Obama?: Some interesting facts have come to light as to who voted for Barack Obama and delivered the Illinois senator the presidency, writes Mark Alexander
More than an empty suit?: Dennis T. Avery doesn't expect Barack Obama to be able to affect much change with the economy for several reasons
Wily winning: A manual of mutating political philosophy – January 19, 2009: This week Joseph Randolph advises his leftist protégé that recounts are nothing to be feared since the political left has awesome weapons at its command
With little tin gods, all things are possible: Alisa Craddock made a prediction last year about potential challenges to constitutional amendments concerning marriage and it looks like she's about to be proven correct
Not profitable radio: A bailout for National Public Radio? J.J. Jackson says there is a pretty good reason no one is listening to it -- they have a product most people simply don't care for
The battle to stop the constitutional convention: Why is Tom DeWeese opposed to a constitutional convention aimed at getting a balanced budget amendment passed? Because the road to hell is paved with good intentions
"Just say no" to oil revenues?: Petroleum production bans cost us billions that could pay for stimulus plans and renewable, argues Paul Driessen
President Kennedy and the Mob: Michael M. Bates thinks the forthcoming Las Vegas Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement will likely ignore the role the Mob played in the 1960 election of John F. Kennedy
Obama's test from Chavez: Of the many challenges that Barack Obama faces, writes Michael Rowan, is the dangerous and unpredictable Hugo Chavez and his terrorist friendly nation Venezuela
The artificial reality of the matrix media: If you're expecting truth from the mainstream media, you're barking up the wrong tree. Today's media is all about distorting the truth, argues Selwyn Duke
Put your bet on stupidity: Are you one of the few actually expecting a rational response from Washington, D.C. concerning the current economic climate? Alan Caruba isn't one of them
A free world trinity: Three free countries that have been touched by terrorism and share the same basic ideals may be the world's only hope against freedom's enemies, writes Michael Moriarty
Space exploration, technology, and the possible futures of humanity: Part Two: Mark Wegierski looks at issues of language and religion in the future
Top questions Barack Obama did not answer: Though he won't get them Mark Alexander has a long series of questions for Barack Obama that he'd like answers to
Gridlock, masses and inertia: Gridlock is unlikely going to be an issue the American left has to face for at least two years so Daniel M. Ryan investigates the issue from another perspective
The case for a balanced budget: Canada's federal government is about to run a deficit for the first time in twelve years. Kevin Gaudet says it doesn't have to happen if the Conservatives are willing to make some tough decisions
Sadly the Palestinian people must be made to suffer: J.J. Jackson knows he's going to get a lot of email over this but he needs to say it: Israel must smash all remaining terrorists and their supporters in opinion be damned
Preparing for Obama: With the left about to control what is essentially the entire apparatus of federal power, expect a tidal wave of legislation. Henry Lamb says you can also expect a reaction right back
The economy is in a depression: Recession? Forget that word. Economist Peter Morici believes that the U.S. has actually entered into a depression
Non compos mentis: Lisa Fabrizio would like to look at 2009 with some optimism but given the state of the world it's understandable if she's not up to it
New GOP chairman should remove party from the International Democrat Union: Tom DeWeese argues that the IDU may sound conservative but several of its goals run contrary to the freedoms enshrined in America's constitution
Saving lives with coal: The benefits of coal-generated electricity are too often ignored in public policy debates, argues Paul Driessen
The future has arrived: The near future of the Earth's climate was always going to be colder, writes Phil Brennan, and it appears that the future has arrived
Inquisition or scientific investigation?: The war against people who deny climate change orthodoxy reminds Thomas E. Brewton of the Spanish Inquisition -- only without the torture of course
China continues huge military build up: The more things change, the more they stay the same. While America thinks the world changed with the election of Barack Obama, reports Jim Kouri, the Chinese are continuing to spend huge amounts on their military
Is a presidential inauguration just a silly ceremony?: Past history has proven, writes J.B. Williams, that a presidential inauguration can send a serious message to the world
Mark to Keynes: With the economy in a downturn it's not a surprise that the ideas of John Maynard Keynes are making a comeback. Daniel M. Ryan takes a look at what they assume about us all
ESR's Person of the Year for 2008: Steven Martinovich says you really shouldn't have to ask who our Person of the Year for 2008 is. In a year of bad news this person was a shining light
Enter Stage Right's Best Books of 2008: We've seen better years for books but Steven Martinovich says there were eleven in 2008 which grabbed our attention
End of the road: Happy New Year! Now get ready for the coming financial apocalypse predicted by The Little Book of Bull Moves in Bear Markets: How to Keep Your Portfolio Up When the Market is Down, says Steven Martinovich
Society's cesspool: Overexposed: The Price of Fame promises to a deep look at how celebrity and entertainment journalism intersect but Steven Martinovich found it almost as shallow as the starlets discussed
The progressive snake charmers: Evil, whether grand or mundane, is often successful thanks to the charm of its practitioners, writes Michael Moriarty
Space exploration, technology, and the possible futures of humanity (Part One): Mark Wegierski tries to take a very long-run view of humanity’s future
Requiescat in pace, Uncle Sam: This time of year is usually one for optimism but after the year that the U.S. had in 2008 Michael M. Bates is having a hard time feeling good about what's to come
Recollection: Memory is an important thing, writes Lisa Fabrizio, and hopefully future generations won't completely forget about those things that made the United States great in the past
The plain truth about glorious carbon dioxide: You aren't getting the truth about carbon dioxide from the media or politicians so Alan Caruba will school you
The diamond anniversary of dehumanization: January 1 marked one of the most disturbing anniversaries in human history, says Bruce Walker, the day that some humans were declared not to be
Drum roll! The winner of the 2008 Award for Political Incorrectness is…: Carey Roberts wants to give out his own award, this one going to an academic who dared to stand up and say some things that got feminists hopping mad
The 99 most memorable, interesting and outrageous political quotes of 2008: It was a heck of a year for odd, insightful and funny things emanating from the mouths of America's elected officials and pundits, chronicles David M. Huntwork
Why freedom won't die in the 21st Century: Barack Obama may be a champion for big government but Henry Lamb says freedom lovers still have tools at their disposal to fight back
Dems to run the country like they ran their blue states: In just a few short weeks the entire nation will be run by the same people who brought you financial calamities like California, writes J.B. Williams
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February 2009

Stop the CO2 madness!: Not content with destroying capitalism, the Obama Administration will now take action on CO2 emissions, reports Alan Caruba
The answer to yer auto woes: If Americans really want to save their auto industry then Daniel M. Ryan has the ultimate solution: Sell them off to a good buddy
With Bill in the background: The media has been not too subtly trying to paint this new administration as the new JFK or FDR but Michael Moriarty says another past Democratic is more representative
You want me to kiss his what?: Alisa Craddock doesn't think much of Nancy Pelosi's assertion that she's a devout Catholic, following a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI
Ending recession like FDR did: Franklin D. Roosevelt's economic policies didn't do a thing to end the Great Depression but Bruce Walker says something that happened during his tenure did
Recovery gone?: Is a recovery coming? Daniel M. Ryan has made the prediction before and lived to regret it. This time? You'll just have to read on to find out
Marching toward the 'ideal' society: Under the Democrats and Barack Obama an "ideal" society is gradually being built. The problem, says Henry Lamb, is that Americans don't know whose ideal society is really is
The rise of nerfitalism: What happens when you when you socialize an economy as what's happening in the United States at the moment? You make it overly "safe", says J.J. Jackson
The misery of corporate welfare: Kevin Gaudet says the Canadian government is using the worst kind of scare mongering to justify corporate welfare
Obama vs. Reagan: Comparing the paths that Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama took to economic recovery is a brutally depressing experience, says Mark Alexander
Learning the free market lessons about bailouts: A small part of Tom DeWeese agrees with Barack Obama's demand for salary caps for companies accepting bailout money. You can't have it both ways, after all
The long and short of it: Thomas E. Brewton argues that 2009 is beginning to look a lot like the 1970s...not surprising since America has seen short-sighted politicians mucking about the economy before
Giving Obama a chance: Any American who didn't know what they were getting with Barack Obama simply wasn't paying attention, writes Selwyn Duke
Apology psychology: There have been a lot of apologies in recent weeks, says Lisa Fabrizio, and like most from public figures they never really mean anything
Determining the intent of the presidential determination: Late last month Barack Obama signed a presidential determination that some feel would allow Palestinian extremists to come to the U.S. Frank Salvato says they have reason to be afraid
Keep America beautiful: Want to keep America beautiful and productive? Marita K. Noon says the easiest way is to develop the country's natural resources
Eco-colonialism degrades Africa: Willie Soon and Paul Driessen argue that green, UN, rich nation and African elites are imposing deadly anti-development colonialism
What Michael Steele should do: Bruce Walker has an agenda for GOPAC chairman Michael Steele if the Republicans are to regain relevance
The deadly serious president: How serious is Barack Obama about upholding Roe v Wade? Michael Moriarty says he hopes America's president changes his mind in office
Judd-stice is blind: Pro-choice but anti-hunting? J.J. Jackson wonders what's going on in actress Ashley's Judd's mind these days
Education or edjukashun?: The American education has been hijacked, writes Alan Caruba, by people who seem determined to destroy it from within
Uncertainty now in the box: Commerce Secretary Timothy Geithner's is expecting private capital to fill the void after the TARP bailouts end. The problem? Daniel M. Ryan says something is missing from the plan
Stimulus package misses the problem: Like a poor archer Washington, D.C.'s stimulus package passed last week missed the real issues hampering the United States, argues Henry Lamb
The rush to stimulate: There was a reason why Barack Obama and the Democrats wanted the stimulus package passed as soon as possible, they didn't want people to know what it was really about, says Mark Alexander
It's not Obama's "stimulus" bill: While Barack Obama can share some of the blame for the stimulus bill Frank Salvato believes that Congress should face the most fire
Knitting the defeat of capitalism: It's hard reading a newspaper or watching television these days, writes Lisa Fabrizio, when you see capitalism being destroyed before your very eyes
The only thing we have to fear is...hope itself: Barack Obama rode a popular wave of "hope" straight into the White House and now America is reaping what it sowed, says Alisa Craddock
Let bankruptcy courts take the wheel: General Motors is already waiting for its next installment of bailout cash -- Thomas A. Bowden says the corporation should instead be waiting in line at bankruptcy court
Don't blame President Obama: The simple truth is that no president can pull an economy out of recession or guarantee continuous prosperity, argues Thomas E. Brewton
Defending the Pope: Pope Benedict XVI has been under attack for lifting the excommunication of Richard Williamson, a priest who has denied the magnitude of the Holocaust. Selwyn Duke says much of the outcry is unwarranted
The Obama Animal Farm: The press loved to make fun of Republican presidents owning a ranch but it would appear that Barack Obama has his own cattle, says Christian Hartsock
Why the UN is worthless to human existence: While the United Nations continues to jaw about the United States a country in Africa is devolving before our very eyes, says Tom DeWeese
Africa faces plague of armyworms: Are we next?: African crops are being devastated by a particularly persistent pest...could the African Armyworm present a danger to North America? Dennis T. Avery has the answer
Stupid answers to serious issues: When it comes to energy issues, writes Alan Caruba, there is plenty of stupidity mascarading as expertise
Latin America's socialist Ahmadinejad: Steven Martinovich says The Threat Closer to Home: Hugo Chavez and the War against America is a good wake-up call for those who have forgotten how dangerous the Venezuelan president is
America's worst nightmare made real: The super spy saves the world genre has been done to death but Steven Martinovich still found The Silent Man engaging
The American songbook: Michael Moriarty is happy to have Mark Steyn in the United States to remind Americans of what they lost when they elected Barack Obama
Caps and change: Both sides of the political aisle in the United States seem comfortable with a cap in executive salary caps for those companies taking TARP money and its implications, says Daniel M. Ryan
Real greed on display: Forget the old stereotype of the avaricious rich, conservative businessman, says J.J. Jackson, the real greed is found on the political left
Liberal Tory same old story: Canadians who expected a fiscally responsible government from Stephen Harper must be profoundly disappointed, writes Kevin Gaudet
Honor thy father and thy mother: The war on the traditional definition of family continues, reports Alisa Craddock, with the United Nations Population Fund leading the way
Will the U.S. embrace global socialism?: Americans may not think their country is going socialistic but they aren't paying attention to what's happening around them, says Henry Lamb
Sacred secularism: The political left may hate religion, writes Lisa Fabrizio, but that doesn't mean they aren't above using religious symbols and language to advance their causes
Sophistry reigns supreme: The slippery slope of stimulus: Whatever good stimulus money actually ends of producing, says Peter Morici, it will be drowned by the sea of pork and wasted money that has been added by the politicians
Time to admit the realities of Pakistan: Pakistan has long been billed as an American ally in the war against terrorism but Frank Salvato argues that it is a loyalty that has been paid for
A simple, inescapable fact: Want to reduce corruption on Capitol Hill? Thomas E. Brewton says the answer is simple: Reduce the size of government
Snowe, Collins and Specter to side against taxpayers on socialist spending spree: J.B. Williams says conservatives -- and Americans in general -- need to send a message to three Republican senators to stop siding with the Democrats
Ladies, want job security? Just scream 'abuse!': Carey Roberts doesn't have much good to say about the Security and Financial Empowerment Act -- actually, he has nothing good to say about it
The new bad deal: Barack Obama should have learned from history and resisted the call for "stimulus spending" but he made the same mistake FDR did, writes Alan Caruba
"What d'ya expect?!": An off-hand remark overheard while leaving a movie decades ago continues to explain a good many things about the world, says Michael Moriarty
Space exploration, technology, and the possible futures of humanity: Part Five: Mark Wegierski asks if even a withering of technology may follow the social and cultural decline of some current-day societies
The case for a national Conservative Party of America: Should American conservatives found a new political party to replace the GOP? Bruce Walker says no, but they should still found one to keep the Republicans honest
Liberating myself: An interview with Roger Simon: Bernard Chapin sits with novelist and Academy Award nominee Roger Simon to talk about Hollywood, his novels and turning away from the left
Glimmer of economic revival(ism): A contest to create a movie to inspire us to pay our taxes is a very Canadian thing, says Daniel M. Ryan
If it saves one child: The myth and the reality: Want something heavily regulated or even banned? Just bring up its supposed effect on children, says Clive Edwards
The three laws of nature: America's government is attempting to fix the economy with stimulus spending but Henry Lamb says they clearly don't understand how the world works
Why inventories matter: A rise in fourth quarter inventories is a worrisome fact, says Thomas E. Brewton, and it appears Americans will a lot more pain before the economy rights itself
Asia's brown pollution cloud: Caused by renewable fuels!: According to new research, says Dennis T. Avery, the use of wood and cattle dung in Asia is the real reason behind the noxious "brown cloud" hanging over several countries
Is the Cold War over?: You've likely heard that Russia is reverting to its old, Soviet ways. Jim Camp recently visited the country and doesn't believe it
Forcing international agendas through local mayors: Why try and ram through a treaty through Congress when you can get a mayor to implement your agenda, asks Tom DeWeese
Sixty million armed patriots ... and counting: Mark Alexander says there's a Democrat in the White House and you know what that means: Renewed attempts to destroy the Second Amendment
March toward life: There was a huge gathering in Washington, D.C. recently but chances are you didn't hear anything in the media about it, reports Lisa Fabrizio
Governors must forget the federal trough: Companies aren't the only ones lining up for federal dollars. J.B. Williams says governors -- even Republicans -- are begging for dollars
The Stalingrad of Sovietism: It was two decades ago that Communism lost its most important battle, writes Bruce Walker, the fight against its own people
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March 2009

Why 2010 looks good: These are definitely dark days for the political right but Bruce Walker wonders if 2010 won't be a repeat of 1994 and the renewal of American conservatism
The new Caesar and his first Ides of March: Recent events have turned Barack Obama's administration into a new Roman Empire complete with incompetent rulers and very competent women, writes Michael Moriarty
Obama's war: Barack Obama is continuing to emphasize the continuing conflict in Afghanistan over Iraq and Alan Caruba wonders if the American president is biting off more than he can chew
Wyeth v Levine: Good decision?: Angry about the recent decision in Wyeth v Levine? Robert D. Sargent, Jr. says it was the right thing to do
AIG and the people's rule: Regardless of how you feel about the AIG executive bonuses that caused such outrage last week, Daniel M. Ryan argues someone in government should be paying as well
Shock theatre: Mark Alexander has to hand it to the Democrats for being able to feign surprise over those AIG bonuses even while being responsible for them
A triumph of storytelling: David Huntwork says that Dancing Under the Ugandan Skies is an inspirational story of a missionary and her work in Africa
There is reason, and then there is Truth: There are a lot of good reasons to hand out condoms and teach sexual education but Alisa Craddock says there is also a Truth that most people seem to be ignoring
Let's have a constitutional showdown: Henry Lamb believes that HR450, introduced in January, has the potential of finally forcing legislators to finally declare what they believe about the constitution
Clerical errors: Catholics won a minor victory in Connecticut last week but Lisa Fabrizio says the state and one legislator aren't finished with their war yet
Ending a $2 billion joke on taxpayers: Next week Canadian legislators have a chance to prove they stand with taxpayers by killing off an unpopular and terribly expensive program, argues Kevin Gaudet
Obama gunning for the Second Amendment: Some were gambling that Barack Obama wasn't really a foe of the Second Amendment. Selwyn Duke reports that the administration has already taken its first shot
The 'Give Obama a chance' trial period is over: Forget the AIG bonuses, says Frank Salvato, and take a look at the things that the Obama administration and Democrats are attempting to do
Speaker Pelosi calls immigration laws and enforcement 'un-American': If you didn't know where Nancy Pelosi stood in the issue of immigration laws you definitely know now after a recent speech, writes Jim Kouri
Will Obama leave our children powerless?: Barack Obama's recent decision to kill the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage facility effectively spells the end of a realistic energy policy, argue Dennis T. Avery and Alex Avery
Obama seeks alliance with enemies of freedom: Barack Obama's attempt last week to open an dialogue with Iran's leaders show he's willing to deal with anyone, says J.B. Williams
The greens hate energy, America, and you!: If you don't believe that the environmentalist movement is anti-human and anti-society all you need to do is listen to their words, says Alan Caruba
"Why stop with global warming?": The war against climate change is a war designed to capture your freedom, argues Bruce Walker
The crisis of man-made hemispheric climate change: Over the coming months residents of the northern hemisphere will experience a significant level of climate change. J.J. Jackson is here to help
The progressively privileged versus would-be human beings: The fight to legalize abortion which culminated with Roe v. Wade was instrumental in changing the character of America, argues Michael Moriarty
American snake: Bernard Madoff and his titanic fraud says a lot about upper crust America, says Daniel M. Ryan, and nothing good
Obama: "I am not an animal!": Barack Obama recently sort-of denied to a reporter that he was a socialist. Selwyn Duke says the American president protests too much
Obama's broken promise stifles growth and punishes workers: Barack Obama's failure to address the imbalance in trade with nations like China is endangering America's economic future, writes Robert Morici
Obama ignores the madness of fighting a politically correct terrorism war: The change in what terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay will be called shows the Obama administration is already lost, says Jim Kouri
Lawmakers trash the Constitution: There may be a new federal agency in the United States tasked with monitoring the production of plants and animals, reports Henry Lamb
Power, politics and freedom of religion: It's not only the federal government which is hostile to religion, says Lisa Fabrizio, the state of Connecticut doesn't appear to care for Catholicism
The teleprompter president: Jack Ward is puzzled on how Barack Obama can have a reputation as a great orator and yet still be reliant on the use of teleprompters
Unprecedented level of tax evasion among Obama appointees: It's March 16 and Barack Obama still hasn't completed his cabinet. Rachel Alexander says several of his nominees had the same problem
The stem cell question: Barack Obama's decision last week to allow federal funding for stem cell research earned howls of anger from Christians but Ed Gungor says the issue is a complex one and deserves contemplation
A word from the wise: In trying times such as these Mark Alexander says it's important to remember the wisdom of America's Founding Fathers
Media trashes breadwinning dads over Parenting Magazine's 'Mad at Dad' survey: Glenn Sacks and Robert Franklin don't think much of a new survey which purports to find incredible anger at husbands by their wives
Crossing the Delaware: Conservative morale is low and the GOP is out of power. Bad news? Lisa Fabrizio argues these times present an opportunity for the conservative movement to take the initiative
Declinism for real: What happens if this generation of young people work harder than their parents but fall behind them? Daniel M. Ryan may have that answer
America's nouveau rouge nobility: There was once a day when America's ruling elite were solidly democratic and capitalist. Those days are long past, notes Michael Moriarty
I'll take Obama for $2000: Last week Barack Obama was the subject of a Jeopardy category. J.J. Jackson says that the questions asked were a little too simple and has his own for future shows
Talk radio before talk radio: The recent passing of Paul Harvey was once a loss that every American could mourn. Today's generation will never know his importance, writes Bruce Walker
The primacy of free enterprise: Free enterprise is one of the reasons America became the powerhouse that it is today and it is the primary target of Barack Obama, says Mark Alexander
We know what's best for you: The recent Democratic budget is proof positive that Barack Obama and the left think they know better than you do, says Thomas E. Brewton
Never waste a good crisis: Why is Barack Obama pursuing the policies he is? Jack Ward says it was all explained by Rahm Emanuel just days into the new administration's life
The great professor and the great experiment: Robert Rohlfing believes that Barack Obama is administering the United States as if it were a classroom with oddball theories to be explored
New state sovereignty movement mobilizing: An ever increasing federal government is prompting a response from the states, reports Henry Lamb
Saving the Earth?: Alan Caruba doesn't think much of people who declare that they want to "save the Earth" -- a thought he considers to be utter nonsense
It's the sun, stupid!: New direct scientific evidence demonstrate that changes in solar activity influence climate, argues Willie Soon
Climate change forecasts are useless for policymaking: Policy makers and others are making decisions based on climate change forecasts, a practice that Kesten C. Green, J. Scott Armstrong and Willie Soon say is wasted
The World Wildlife Fund's polar bear lies: The World Wildlife Fund has launched a campaign to "save" polar bears, one that Tom DeWeese says is built on fabrications
Anti-smoking paternalism: A cancer on American liberty: Thought the Big Mother forces opposed to smoking had taken a breather? Think again, says Don Watkins, as they're continuing to take aim at what remains a legal habit
Medical progress requires freedom of information: Richard E. Ralston argues that the Food and Drug Administration is withholding information that could potentially save many lives
Obama whitewashes Iran: Elan Journo argues that the Barack administration's outreach evades the record of U.S. policy toward Iranian aggression
Strengthening the antlers: Why did the Irish Elk go extinct? The answer to that question reminds Daniel M. Ryan about the question of how to regulate businesses in both good times and bad
Buried alive…: Harvard University isn't the only home of the lies burying the United States, says Michael Moriarty. There are other places and people feeding the fire
'Oh, God!' It's Bobby Jindal!: The media`s response to Gov. Bobby Jindal says everything about their beliefs on the issue of race, says Frank Salvato
ObamaNation -- The USSA: Barack Obama is doing his best to turn the United States into a socialist nation but Mark Alexander senses a lot of discontent in the land
A lesson not to be Mis(es)sed: A pair of possibly apocryphal stories involving Ludwig von Mises speaks much to the condition in Washington, D.C. today, writes J.J. Jackson
Twilight of the goddesses: Feminism as a movement is all but dead because of its excesses and philosophical basis, argues Bruce Walker
Clinging to our guns and religion: An infamous speech that Barack Obama made last year has Alisa Craddock thinking about the near future
The high price of climate lies: The climate change orthodoxy has cost humanity a great deal, charges Alan Caruba, and it's all based on lies
What if there is no man-made global warming? What then?: It's a legitimate question given the number of high profile scientists who aren't buying the climate change orthodoxy, says Tom DeWeese
The green energy fantasy: Politicians around the world are dumping tens of billions into "green energy", an effort that Keith Lockitch appears to be very wasted
Physicist compares global warming craze to Aztec human sacrifices: Want to know why Dr. William Happer was fired by Al Gore? Dennis T. Avery says comparing the hysteria over global warming to human sacrifice is one indicator why
When issues collide: Address the battered economy or climate change? Jim Camp says only those with a clear perspective can actually act on either issue
Meet the D.C. hypocrites: Barack Obama and the Democrats want to reduce reliance on foreign produced oil but they won't do what's really necessary, argues Henry Lamb
The big lie: Illegal immigration benefits Americans: Illegal immigrants may "do the jobs Americans won't" but it appears they do a lot of things Americans don`t, says Jim Kouri
Sick, irresponsible CSR: Paul Driessen wants to know how should society respond when "socially responsible" organizations sicken and kill people?
Stimulus disincentives: Is the Democratic stimulus package really a massive transfer from the productive to the labour movement? Thomas E. Brewton thinks so
Treasury's flawed plan for Citigroup and other banks: Peter Morici believes that the Treasury plan to "save" America's troubled banks is merely making the situation worse
Community organizer or president?: Barack Obama may have been elected president but that doesn't mean he's changed who he is, writes Jack Ward
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April 2009

A question of timing: Is the bear market and its rallies finally over? Daniel M. Ryan thinks we've seen the worst of the market falls...though he'll admit to incorrectly predicting that before
On May Day: More to the left and right: Do the genuine left and right converge, asks Mark Wegierski, a question that leads to some other very interesting questions
Progressive death and debt III: The leveled vs. "The Levelers": Michael Moriarty believes that Barack Obama is determined to forcibly level the economic playing ground and Wall Street's so-called capitalists don't seem to mind
Solar scenarios: Forget pansy stuff like climate change, writes Alan Caruba, because the sun has a very unpleasant near-future planned for us and there isn't a thing we can do about it
Fat people warming the cooling planet: Are the overweight partially responsible for climate change? J.J. Jackson says relax and enjoy that donut
Hoax is the excuse for mega tax increase: Al Gore's appearance on Capitol Hill last week underscored that truth is the first casualty when climate change is being discussed, says John Bender
Beyond good and evil (unfortunately): An essay by Michael Coren last week asking whether women should be allowed to serve as front-line soldiers in the Canadian Armed Forces got Daniel M. Ryan to thinking
The CIA's aquatic sports program and Obama's real agenda: Mark Alexander couldn't help but be disgusted by Barack Obama comments during his press conference at the CIA's Original Headquarters Building
Ideological civil war: Democrats started the ideological warfare in Congress with their slanderous attacks that blocked the nomination of Judge Robert Bork. Now they are upping the ante by considering criminal prosecutions against Bush administration officials over interrogating captured Islamic terrorists, writes Thomas E. Brewton
Obama helping terrorists avoid interrogation?: Jim Kouri argues that Barack Obama's actions over the past week have effectively given terrorists a free pass during future interrogations
What comes before a fall?: Dr. Robert Owens wonders if recent comments by Sen. Chuck Schumer on forcing through Barack Obama's agenda is the type of thing that happens before an America falls
The wrenching transformation of America – Part 2: Part two of a recent speech to some Republican groups in which Tom DeWeese revealed the real purpose behind state and local efforts to introduce environmental initiatives
A fateful trip: What a short, strange trip it's been. Lisa Fabrizio's head is already spinning and we're only a few months into the Obama era
Obama's bootlicking backfires: Henry Lamb argues that all the appeasing that Barack Obama has conducted over the past few weeks will bear as much fruit as Neville Chamberlain's efforts
Is sunshine required for bailout salaries?: Kevin Gaudet believes that taxpayers ought to know how much compensation the executives of bailed out Canadian firms are receiving
The great recession: Peter Morici says the U.S. has to get tough with one of its competitors if its to survive this economic downturn
Liberals indifferent to the AIDS time-bomb: Carey Roberts argues that AIDS prevention programs are failing because liberals are ideologically invested in approaches that don't work
A week for the Earth; A day for the Constitution: The screwed up priorities of America today came into sharp focus for Frank Salvato last week
Incredible sea level rise is not credible: Recent reports predicting a substantial rise in sea levels simply can't be believed, argues Dennis T. Avery
The left is making a mistake in ridiculing the tea parties: Frank Salvato says the political left -- and the right for that matter -- needs to take last week's national tea parties very seriously
How to save America: Henry Lamb hopes that the participants of last week's tea parties use the exercise to inspire further efforts to keep government honest
Reflections on the Tax Day Tea Party: Years from now, Dr. Robert Owens believes, many people will ask, "Where you there?" when the subject of the tea parties comes up
Right-wing extremists: Mark Alexander calls on his fellow right-wing extremists to remember the examples of the nation's founding fathers and their fight for country's first principles
The non-existent far right: Bruce Walker doesn't buy that a "far right" can even exist amongst American conservatives considering what the movement actually stands for
Progressive death and debt II: The progressive pied pipers: America needs to wake up from its nightmare, writes Michael Moriarty, and there is only one thing that can do it: pain. Unfortunately there's plenty of that to come
Marilyn Chambers: What has she wrought?: There was plenty of praise last week in honour of the late porn actress Marilyn Chambers but Daniel M. Ryan says her legacy is hardly one to cheer
"Clean energy" is a dirty lie: The entire notion of clean energy, argues Alan Caruba, is built upon a series of lies and won't produce what its proponents have promised
Hugo and Barack: Two sides of the same coin: Jim Kouri couldn't help but be disgusted of images showing Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez behaving like they were old, dear friends
Taxing grandma to pay Goldman Sachs: Last week Goldman Sachs reported huge profits and announced a plan to repay their TARP money. Peter Morici says it's easy to do that when you do it by robbing the elderly of their money
The wrenching transformation of America: A speech by Tom DeWeese: In a recent speech to some Republican groups Tom DeWeese revealed the real purpose behind state and local efforts to introduce environmental initiatives
In praise of cages for laying hens: Some states are entertaining the idea of banning cages in the raising of chickens. Dennis T. Avery explains why it's a dumb idea
Barack Obama: A blessing for Catholics?: Lisa Fabrizio doesn't quite understand what is going on in the minds of the people who run Notre Dame
The reapportionment battle: It's not on the radars of most people yet but Bruce Walker says the 2010 census is going to be the scene of an epic battle that conservatives must win
President Obama's red sea: It's bad enough that Barack Obama is burying Americans in a mountain of debt but he's also going to do great damage to America with his energy policy, writes Paul Driessen
It's time to nationalize grocery stores: Richard E. Ralston is outraged that Americans are forced to pay for the food they eat and that consuming it isn't a government protected right
Obama: Yet another sorry Democratic president: Barack Obama promised new leadership when he was elected but all he's done since being elected is apologize to everyone he could find, writes Michael M. Bates
Obama's European tour: Arrogance, ineptness and an abdication of leadership: Barack Obama went to Europe promising a laundry list of accomplishments...and came back without a single thing to hang his hat on, argues Frank Salvato
If it's Tuesday, this must be Strasbourg: Barack Obama made a serious of embarrassing mistakes last week that would have sunk George W. Bush, writes Lisa Fabrizio
Hearts of darkness: It wasn't a perfect effort but Steven Martinovich still greatly enjoyed Kyle Mills' African-based thriller Lords of Corruption
How to be the next big thing: Anne-Marie Fink offers advice to both managers and investors in her valuable The Money Makers: How Extraordinary Managers Win in a World Turned Upside Down, writes Steve Martinovich
Progressive death and debt I: Science versus sentimentality: In the first of a series, Michael Moriarty learns from the progressive left that the only good human being appears to be a dead one...or more accurately, an aborted one
It feels less awful…and it works: Want to invest money in the markets but don't want to be an accessory to benefiting from taxpayer money? Daniel M. Ryan has the investment strategy for you
Why we should not negotiate with pirates: Despite the fact that American steel advertised the fact that pirates should not attack America's ships, some still want to negotiate with pirates. Jim Camp explains why that's a bad idea
When the inmates are in charge: By any measure John Holdren is a hack scientist with a history of outlandish and wrong predictions. The problem? He's Barack Obama's science advisor, writes Alan Caruba
Happy talk: Politically and economically these are rough days but Dr. Robert Owens prefers to concentrate on the positive: His family
A burden rightly to be borne?: So far the TALF program, announced by the U.S. Federal Reserve last November, has proved unpopular with hedge funds. Daniel M. Ryan has an idea to spur investment
It's all about control: Henry Lamb believes that the Obama administration is only interested in one thing: gaining as much control over you and America as it can
Obama imitates Clinton with major defense budget cuts: Not only is the Obama administration filled with Clinton retreads, says Jim Kouri, but it's also chopping the size of the military just like Bill Clinton did
Misrepresenting "How we arrived at this moment": Barack Obama keeps telling Americans to remember how they arrived at this financial crisis...then promptly lies about it, charges Alex Epstein
Death and taxes and the motive of government-managed health care: Pay your taxes this week, Richard E. Ralston urges Americans, but remember what Barack Obama wants when he talks about government-controlled health care
What international war on drugs?: Ben-Peter Terpstra can't buy the argument from libertarians (and some conservatives) that drugs should be legal and from everyone else that we're fighting a war against them
The Obaman counter-revolution: Barack Obama came to the White House promising "hope and change" but what he's really doing is destroying the legacy of Ronald Reagan, writes Bruce Walker
Apathy or rebelliousness? A hard choice: Inspired by the G20 protests last week a CNBC pundit urged America's youth to take to the streets. Daniel M. Ryan says rebelliousness needs to be thought through
Columbia and Corleone: In his desire to be the most popular guy on campus -- a goal he's worked for his entire life -- Barack Obama has needed to seek the approval of others, writes Michael Moriarty
A formula for failure: Alan Caruba charges that Barack Obama's plan to unleash a new round of taxes on the American energy industry is simply ludicrous
Web 2.0 and the new conservative revolution: Are conservatives finally embracing technology with the same fervor that their liberal counterparts have enjoyed for years? Rachel Alexander says it finally appears so
Aerospace joins Big Auto on the dole: All you have to do is just get in line and Canada's governments will gladly hand over the cash, reports Kevin Gaudet
You want me on this wall: There are conservatives out there who are embarrassed at the existence of the activists in their movement. J.J. Jackson has little time for them
CNN's Roland Martin misstates Catholic teaching in defending Obama: In supporting Notre Dame's decision to have Barack Obama deliver the commencement address, CNN's Roland Martin claimed to have Catholic Church on his side. Michael M. Bates can only shake his head
Creating the great American potato famine?: What's the new target for Big Mother? Dennis T. Avery says forget cigarettes and Big Macs, the newest, gravest threat to the world is the potato
The two-faced brutality of hope and change: Hope and change increasingly means intimidation and violence -- and Frank Salvato says if you aren't engaged then you shouldn't be complaining
The battle in the states: Freedom vs protection: The battle against government surveillance and intrusions into your privacy isn't just against the federal government, report Tom DeWeese and Michael Lerner
Sovereignty stolen: Henry Lamb says that Americans need to be on guard against treaties which would steal a little bit of sovereignty from them
The last best hope: The United States still represents the last best hope for capitalism but not unless people begin to take action and take their country back, argues Dr. Robert Owens
If I am not for myself who will be for me?: That the Jewish left is opposed to Israel is no secret but Matthew M. Hausman and Ted Belman go exploring to find out what they are actually for
Hemispheric timing shows oceans are source of CO2?: Regardless of what you may believe or are told about CO2, the science behind the issue is very far from being resolved, argues Dennis T. Avery
Spring ahead: The advent of spring a few weeks back seems to have changed some people for the better, writes Lisa Fabrizio, or have they?
The MTV president: Even Bill Clinton carried himself with a certain gravity, writes Lisa Fabrizio, something that Barack Obama can't say
We may be there yet: Is the end of the recession nigh? Daniel M. Ryan says there are signs pointing to an economic recovery but are they all positive?
Rejected leftist parties in Europe: North America may be wallowing in leftist politics but Europe, surprisingly, remains in the conservative camp, argues Bruce Walker
The progressive movement's Fred Astaire: The concept of abortion is a common thread in progressive politics, says Michael Moriarty, whether it's about infants or the economy
Affirmative action: The functional-technical downside: There are those who argue any criticism of affirmative action is racist itself. Daniel M. Ryan discusses the criticism of affirmative action
Telling CO2 lies to destroy America: Environmentalists have stepped up their campaign against carbon dioxide and their not letting the truth get in the way, says Alan Caruba
Is political correctness deadly to Africa?: Kyle Mills wonders if political correctness is condemning untold numbers of Africans to death simply because some people don't want to ask and answer questions
April 15th Tea Party protests must demand Geithner resignation: Rachel Alexander hopes that those participating in the Tax Party protests planned for next month channel some of that anger at Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner
If Congress shall make any law?: A recent clash between Rep. Michele Bachmann and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner illustrates a horrible truth about American politicians, says J.J. Jackson
It's not a bigotry issue, it's a moral one: Alisa Craddock argues that being opposed to the gay agenda doesn't mean that you're a bigot
Obama courting disaster: Peter Morici argues that Barack Obama's economic prescriptions for the weak American economy threatens to create a new depression
Where do we go for hope and change?: Barack Obama may have brought a desire for "hope and change" to the White House but he certainly hasn't translated that into positive action on the economy, says Jack Ward
Is Limbaugh really the problem?: The political left has launched an all-out campaign to discredit Rush Limbaugh as a toxic force in politics but Dr. Robert Owens believes they should look to their own ranks for the source of the pollution
Demography and economy: The good, the bad, and the ugly: Recent statistics that show 2007 was a banner year for childbirth is good, argues Dr. Gordon E. Finley, but underneath the headlines was some bad news as well
Cubans starve on diet of lies: For years we've been told that Cuba produces all of its own food. The problem? The vast majority of it is actually imported, reports Dennis T. Avery
It's time for a greed czar: Selwyn Duke believes Americans need an expansion of government and he has a few ideas for new offices and the candidates to fill them
Government as the agent of prosperity: Thomas E. Brewton responds to an assertion that, in the chicken-or-egg-first debate, prosperity is not possible without organization of the economy by government
The two sides of failure: The ongoing financial crisis and the response by politicians reminds Jim Camp that failure can be both good and bad
Federal Health Board hazardous to your health: A proposal to create a "Federal Health Board" -- similar to the Federal Reserve -- fills Richard E. Ralston with no small amount of dread
The myth of global warming: Jim Hollingsworth takes on some of the bigger myths that you've heard about global warming that are still being sold to us
The United States of America is not a democracy: Try as we might there are still some people labouring under the illusion that the United States is a democracy. Frank Salvato explains what the USA really is
Lingua publica

May 2009

Slick Barry: America is only a few months into the Obama era but Bruce Walker says the new president reminds him a lot of William Jefferson Clinton
The inevitably Marxist Zoo II: Obama: A Caesar or Richard II?: Is Barack Obama an August Caesar or Richard II? The question isn't merely academic. Michael Moriarty argues that answering it could point the way America will travel in the future
Obama, Cheney and the bright shiny thing: Last week's dueling issues by Barack Obama and Dick Cheney on the issues surrounding enhanced interrogation techniques said a lot about both sides, says Frank Salvato
Towards a new old foreign policy: Steven Martinovich wasn't persuaded by Leslie Gelb's Power Rules: How Common Sense Can Rescue American Foreign Policy
Just do it: Steve Martinovich likes the author but his self-help book Get Off Your "But": How to End Self-Sabotage and Stand Up for Yourself gets low marks
Shareholders and rights: In the wake of the continuing issues surrounding equity markets the SEC is attempting to advance shareholders' rights. Daniel M. Ryan has some thoughts on the matter
Star Trek: Cultural vector and Hollywood cash-cow (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at the less and more liberal aspects of Star Trek, especially in Deep Space 9 and Voyager
When government goes insane: The explosion in the size of government, particularly under Barack Obama, has Alan Caruba wondering about the sanity of us all
The GOP's Christian problem: Is the Republican Party beginning to alienate its Christian supporters? Alisa Craddock is beginning to wonder if the party has lost its focus
Time to legalize counterfeiting: Harold Witkov may have the perfect solution to America's woes: Allow everyone to simply counterfeit the money they need
Sliding down a slippery slope: With tongue in cheek, Dr. Robert Owens announces that he's tired of all the haters attacking Barack Obama and his policies
EI battle lines drawn: 420 to 360 or fight!: Canadians may be dragged into yet another election and the primary issue is how long they should be eligible to receive unemployment benefits, writes Kevin Gaudet
How to "fix" health care: The quickest way to ruin the health care system, writes Linda Gonzalez, is to let the federal government "fix" it
Abusing our children with our own bitter pills: J.J. Jackson is disgusted by an America which is abusing its children by burdening them with such debt
Prediction: Supreme Court nominee will be Hillary: David Usher is willing to put money on the notion that someone will try and put Hillary Clinton the U.S. Supreme Court one day...and he knows why
The class of '44: This Memorial Day Mark Alexander plans on honouring Dartmouth's Class of 1944 -- a group that to the last man, including his father, went off to war
Uncle Sam's "F" rated bonds: A fan of American bonds? Peter Morici says run, don't walk, away from even the thought of buying some
Web site battles: a conservative political philosophy charges ahead: The Republican Party may be beset with internecine strife but Ben-Peter Terpstra says the conservative movement, as measured by television and web presence, remains strong
The war on our southern border: Mexico seems hell bent on becoming a narco state and bullets are flying just south of America's border and no one wants to do anything about it, says Alan Caruba
Time to behead the concubines: J.J. Jackson says a story from Sun Tzu's Art of War needs to be carried out in real life to send a message to the Republican Party's leadership
Religion and politics don't mix?: Such an assertion would come as a surprise to the Founders and anyone who has bothered to study American history, argues Mark Alexander
The guilded age: A proposed U.S. law that would essentially criminalize repeated criticism of public figures reminds Daniel M. Ryan of an earlier age of human history
What's a conservative? What's a liberal? What does it matter?: Dr. Robert Owens says as more Americans are moving to worship of big government political labels are becoming increasingly irrelevant...or are they?
The inevitably Marxist zoo, Part 1: Animal Spirits: Barack Obama's control of the American economy? Nancy Pelosi and waterboarding? Abortion? Michael Moriarty says the notion of animal spirits explains all
Star Trek: Cultural vector and Hollywood cash-cow (Part One): Just in time for the new Trek movie, Mark Wegierski takes a closer look at the whole phenomenon
In defense Of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier: Many conservatives have long attacked the fifth Star Trek movie as anti-Christian but Daniel M. Ryan believes they might be off the mark
The content of a man: Rachel Alexander has nothing but praise for Ward Connerly's Lessons from My Uncle James: Beyond Skin Color to the Content of Our Character
"War is hell": War is an ugly thing but the road to peace inevitably must travel though horrible terrain before America is allowed to rest, writes Bruce Walker
Safe in the arms of government: Liberty may not be perfect, argues Henry Lamb, but it's a darned sight better than having government control all aspects of your life
The only endangered species the president is not interested in protecting: The Jew of the Middle East: It's a shame Israel wasn't home to polar bears or spotted owls, says Harold Witkov, then perhaps Barack Obama might care about its survival
I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message: If you want to explain the fools Barack Obama has in his cabinet you should look to the people he's endorsed in the past, says Michael M. Bates
Do we need to waterboard Pelosi?: J.B. Williams can't help but be astonished at Nancy Pelosi's efforts to deny she was briefed about waterboarding several years ago
Case for biofuels weakens further: If advocates for biofuel had any case that could stand, writes Dennis T. Avery, it's because they ignore facts
One state, two state, red state, blue state: Bruce Walker argues that the Republican Party needs to rediscover an old strategy if its wants to win again
The flaccid right: J.J. Jackson has some harsh words for conservatives who talk a good game but suck at the government teat with no less enthusiasm than welfare queens and bank executives
Meet the National Council for a New America: The good news and the bad: A recent Republican initiative to offer forward looking solutions to the American people hardly has J.B. Williams inspired
Progressive death and debt V: The flyover: Are real life and Hollywood productions two sides of the same coin? Michael Moriarty wonders if the Obama administration is taking cues from America's dream factory
Star Trek: Is it liberal?: Is the Star Trek franchise a sci-fi sop to the liberals? Daniel M. Ryan says its actually a hard question to answer
Bankrupt? Who's bankrupt?: If Dr. Robert Owens had predicted the things that have come to pass in America since last fall he would have been thought absurd
Obama's ladder: A scene from the comedy classic 4It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World reminds Harold Witkov a little of what`s going on with Barack Obama and his economic agenda
Die, global warming, die!: About the only people who haven't realize that climate change as an ideology has failed are the people who keep promoting the orthodoxy, writes Alan Caruba
Shine the light: Has the GOP moved too far to the right? Lisa Fabrizio says the reality is that the Republican Party is afraid to speak the truth and stand up for its principles
Stopping truth at the border: Banning Michael Savage from Britain: Selwyn Duke wasn't surprised that Britain banned Michael Savage from entering their country -- and it gave him some idea for further inflammatory announcements
Israel in the crosshairs: The continued existence of Israel is of vital importance, writes Alan Caruba, particularly since allowing it to disappear would speak much about the Western world
Sovereignty surrendered: Henry Lamb warns that the U.S. is poised to lose yet more of its sovereignty thanks to five treaties that will likely be approved by the Senate
The big pork pandemic: Mark Alexander says Rahm Emanuel's belief that a crisis should never be wasted was certainly acted upon during the "swine flu pandemic"
Radical Islam by any other name...: Frank Salvato says the Obama administration can play any game it wants with names but America's enemies remained focused on their goals
Pelosi's cap and trade plan: Jack Ward says what Nancy Pelosi won't: That a cap and trade program is essentially a massive new tax and based on junk science
The Specter defection: The GOP may be angry and worried about the Arlen Specter defection to the Democrats but Charles Bloomer says it's really a blessing in disguise
Celebrating the exit of a RINO, cheering as Rome burns: Frank Salvato disagrees and says no matter what you think of Arlen Specter, the Democrats have essentially been given the unfettered ability to do anything they want
When ideology rules us: Barack Obama's first chance to install a U.S. Supreme Court justice will illustrate why ideology is everything to the left, argues Bruce Walker
Something in the air: Daniel M. Ryan can't understand the level of stupidity it would take to approve a decision allowing Air Force One to buzz Manhattan all for the sake of a photo shoot
Progressive death and debt IV: Without roots: Michael Moriarty believes that Simone Weil's classic The Need For Roots goes a long way in explaining
Pakistan implodes: Alan Caruba reports that it would appear that Pakistan will soon be lost to Islamism and it could take some other people down with it
Do "factory farms trigger swine flu?: It didn't take long before some environmentalist group would try and link the swine fly to farming practices, says Dennis T. Avery
It's a…miracle!: The fight to "save" General Motors from going into insolvency has prompted Daniel M. Ryan to offer up some tongue in cheek commentary on how well shareholders will make out
Where the blogs have no names: Love it or hate it, writes Rachel Alexander, anonymous blogging is a reality and it brings both good and bad to the political landscape
Our right and our duty: Alisa Craddock says the average American had better become involved or face the potential of a government that can never be stopped
Why the law is foreign to Ginsberg: Selwyn Duke argues that Ruth Bader-Ginsberg's recent comments about taking foreign laws into account when making American law illustrates everything that's wrong with the judicial system today
What causes the result?: That America is radically changing can't be denied but Dr. Robert Owens wonders what caused all of this change -- and where is America really going?
Speaking truth to power: Lisa Fabrizio says its wrong to allow minority groups to dictate a society's cultural norms and morality -- especially when they are philosophical negatives
Killing the golden goose: Barack Obama's promise of federal takeover for student loans illustrates his utter contempt of the free market, argues Henry Lamb
Welcome to Buffalo Jump U.S.A.: Ever feel like Barack Obama is leading a herd to slaughter? Harold Witkov says Obama's all-but nationalization of certain sectors of the economy reminds him of an old Indian hunting practice
The peaceful revolution's first 100 days: Barack Obama's first 100 days? Mark Alexander expects Americans to wake up very soon
White House Council on Men and Boys: The right thing to do: Though we suspect it will just become another excuse for big government, Carey Roberts believes that the Obama administration should convene a study group on the problems that American males face
Back to the "good old days": Barack Obama's desire to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% of 1990 levels by 2050 would drag America back to 1905 -- or 1862, writes Paul Driessen
New hate crimes bill unconstitutional and threat to religious freedom?: Last week while Americans were listening to Barack Obama celebrating his first 100 days in office they also moved one step closer to a thought police state, says Jim Kouri
Lingua publica

June 2009

They are dropping like flies: Mess with Barack Obama and you will end up like the fly that dared to interrupt a recent press conference, says J.J. Jackson
Less than nostalgic: America's financial industry is facing new regulations and are likely to disappoint people on both sides of the debate, writes Daniel M. Ryan
From Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama: A horror story: There is a reason why people compare Barack Obama to Jimmy Carter, says Alan Caruba. It's because history is once again repeating itself
The inevitably Marxist zoo VI: The progressive Airbus: The Airbus is built to fly itself if necessary and still crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. Michael Moriarty says that reminds him of the progressive political ideology
Down with the therapeutic left and the managerial right! (Part One): Mark Wegierski examines what authentic conservatism and genuine social democracy may hold in common
Am I boring you?: With so many grand issues and problems confronting Americans today one might be forgiven for being bored by the whole mess, says Alan Caruba
Checks and balances: Dr. Robert Owens despairs of an American president who promised change and yet continues a tradition of appointing unaccountable presidential advisors
Silent scandals: The press couldn't report fast enough any minor transgression in the Bush White Nancy Morgan wonders why the press has been so silent when it comes to the Barack Administration
USDA:  Can you hear me now?: The USDA organized a "listening" tour to try and convince American farmers to adopt their animal tracking system. Henry Lamb reports that they heard an earful
The path to the future requires a return to the roots: If the Republican Party is to revitalize itself, argues Frank Salvato, it needs to look back at its distant past for inspiration
The Black Death: The Europeans of the 1300s and today's Americans aren't so dissimilar, says Paul A. Ibbetson. They both face a ghastly death
Is the welfare state fault of Christians?: Nathan Tabor wonders if the rise of the welfare state is at least in part due to the refusal of Christians to due their biblically mandated duty
Open letter to Congress: Barack Obama wants to make health care universal in the United States and Jack Ward has a few things he's like to tell Congress on the matter
US faces tragic consequences with Iran: Whether Barack Obama wanted the problem or not, says Jim Kouri, Iran has suddenly leapt to the front burner
Ivy League realism: The social justice views of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor have deep roots, writes Thomas E. Brewton
Why I love America: Next week Americans will celebrate Independence Day and Gen LaGreca is getting an early start in explaining why she loves the land of her birth
The real crisis is Obamacare: As if America didn't have enough problems already, writes Alan Caruba, Barack Obama is moving full-speed ahead with a nationalized health care system
Memo to Republicans: Don't cuddle the counsel of competitors: Mark Alexander has some simple advice for Republicans: Stop listening to people who don't have the party's best interests at heart
The inevitably Marxist zoo V: The coldness of "The Cool Guy's" increasing distance: In order to survive and prosper in Barack Obama's America, writes Michael Moriarty, you have to be cool
A private little trade war: The popularity of "Buy American" provisions in the United States is threatening to strain economic relations with it and Canada and Daniel M. Ryan has some thoughts on the matter
Star Trek: Cultural vector and Hollywood cash-cow (Part Five): Mark Wegierski wonders where the future of Star Trek – and of the real world – is headed
Voice of genius: Steven Martinovich thought that Orville Vernon Burton did a superlative job with The Essential Lincoln: Speeches and Correspondence
Why government ownership always fails: There is a simple reason why government owned enterprises are almost always failures, writes Bruce Walker
Weak TEA: Alisa Craddock is constantly being told that "We have to do something" in reaction to Barack Obama's policies...well do something
Never forget: As troubled as America is these days, Dr. Robert Owens was reminded recently by his family and friends how good his life was
Will bond holder revolt to spurn new stimulus plan?: J.J. Jackson wonders what crazy plan the U.S. government will scheme up to sell their bonds
An American quiz: Lisa Fabrizio has a number of important questions that Americans need to answer if they're to determine the future path of their nation
A fear worse than words: Barack Obama convincingly won the White House last November -- so why is the left still attacking Sarah Palin? Paul A. Ibbetson explains why
Barack H. Obama: Administrator: Whatever Barack Obama goes down in history as being, says Henry Lamb, it won't be because he was America's first black president
Necessity is the mother of invention: Change has been forced on any number of industries over the recent years -- whether the company makes cars or sells music. Nancy Salvato would like to see some transformative change in an industry close to her hear
They've discovered gold in hell... or how the lie of global warming became the most powerful political force in human history: Tom DeWeese says a bit of folklore explains how the climate change orthodoxy became so politically powerful
Politics supersedes public health: Non-smoker Richard E. Ralston is tired of politics and scapegoating when it comes to discussing issue involving your health
Feminism the greatest evil: The repudiation of life: Among the many changes that feminism has brought, argues Carey Roberts, is an absolute devaluation of human -- particularly when it comes to children -- life
Australia leads media debate on global warming: In Australia there is something happening that doesn't appear to be in North America: Dennis T. Avery says its debate about global warming
Weather malarkey: Alan Caruba says a new report absolutely destroys the "evidence" that the climate change orthodoxy has brought to the debate
The inevitably Marxist zoo IV: The infallibility of progressive good intentions: Shocked by what Barack Obama said at Cairo University last week? Michael Moriarty wasn't...he knew he had it in him
Editorial: Thanks, but no thanks: Steve Martinovich was happy this past week that the Canadian government decided not to accept terrorists into the country
The biggest problem of the mainstream media: Layoffs? Huge financial losses? Nope. Bruce Walker says the biggest problem the media continues to face is an old one
Victory from the saddle: Steven Martinovich says Horse Soldiers: The Extraordinary Story of a Band of US Soldiers Who Rode to Victory in Afghanistan is an epic testimony to the bravery of a few good men
Uprising: In this excerpt from Horse Soldiers: The Extraordinary Story of a Band of US Soldiers Who Rode to Victory in Afghanistan, Doug Stanton chronicles a pivotal moment in the Afghani war
Debt and the main line: Daniel M. Ryan points out that it isn't just the American citizen and government that are addicted to debt -- America's corporations need to chill out as well
Star Trek: Cultural vector and Hollywood cash-cow (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at Trek's very enthusiastic fans, and at various "alternative-Treks"
Making our stand: Alisa Craddock is beginning to feel like one of the beleaguered good souls in Stephen King's post-apocalyptic novel The Stand
Sotomayor pick offends many aggrieved groups: Sonia Sotomayor may have allowed Barack Obama to tick off the "Female" and "Hispanic" boxes but J.J. Jackson says other groups are angry they didn't get a nominee
Someone else's problem: Massive deficit? Exploding national debt? Dr. Robert Owens is sure glad that it's Someone Else's problem and they'll take care of everything
Would you invest in the new GM?: After what Barack Obama has done to General Motors, would you invest in it or any other American company, wonders Jack Ward
The hits just keep on coming: It would appear that the State of Connecticut is completely focused on destroying the Diocese of Bridgeport by whatever means necessary, reports Lisa Fabrizio
Control your government, or it will control you!: Henry Lamb argues that it is essential that Americans regain control of their government before it's too late...and that could be as early as 2016
Obama has launched the green trade war: It's already begun, reports Dennis T. Avery. Environmental policies are beginning to impact trade between countries
Terror threat continues at US borders: Barack Obama may be ignoring it but Jim Kouri reports that America's borders remain dangerously vulnerable to terrorist threats
Why the steepening yield curve?: Can we expect rising inflation over the coming years? If investors in the marketplace can be believed, Thomas E. Brewton says yes
Sotomayor is hostile to civil rights: John Bender argues that Sonia Sotomayor's record on key civil rights cases make her unqualified for a position on the U.S. Supreme Court
Obama's pet judicial activist: Not that there's any real surprise in the notion but J.B. Williams says Sonia Sotomayor is the perfect choice for Barack Obama...though not America
Look!  Up in the sky!  It's Sotomayor!: For J.J. Jackson, Sonia Sotomayor's decision in one case is enough to prove that she shouldn't be anywhere near the U.S. Supreme Court
The inevitably Marxist zoo III: Huey Long in the White House: The current resident of the White House shares a lot of things in common with another former man of the people and governor of Louisiana, writes Michael Moriarty
Star Trek: Cultural vector and Hollywood cash-cow (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks again at various aspects of Star Trek's liberalism and notes some real-world parallels
Welcome to Government Motors: Daniel M. Ryan is rubbing his hands with glee at the notion of a government-owned General Motors...if only at the hope that some politicians and bureaucrats learn some valuable lessons
Back from the darkness: Steven Martinovich says The Islamist: Why I Became an Islamic Fundamentalist, What I Saw Inside, and Why I Left presents a very unsettling view of things which may yet come to pass
Stupefying America: Alan Caruba wonders if America has an education system -- whether by design or accident -- designed to dumb down and bore her students
Horsehide hangover: While in the Holy Land the last two weeks, Lisa Fabrizio missed her beloved New York Yankees. After watching a few games she wishes she could go back
A litmus test for leadership: If you want to be a politician on the national stage in America, Henry Lamb has a few hurdles he'd like you to jump first
The tears of the Goddess of Liberty: This past weekend marked the 20th anniversary of a seminal moment in modern history, writes Bruce Walker
Carter Administration's dilemma: Iran's theocracy: If you want to lay the blame at anyone's feet that is the mess we know as Iran, argues Slater Bakhtavar, blame Jimmy Carter
Fatherly advice for deficit avoidance: Last week Canada's Conservative government announced a far larger deficit than expected. Kevin Gaudet has some friendly, fatherly advice for them
Does the sovereignty movement go far enough?: Dr. Robert Owens wonders if those pushing for politicians to remember the 10th Amendment need to expand the scope of their efforts
Climate change "morality": When it comes to ethics and morality over the climate change debate, says Paul Driessen, expect none from Washington, D.C.
The coming communist-American auto industry: Barack Obama's vision of the auto industry reminds Tom DeWeese a lot of what came out of the Yugoslavian auto industry. We'd prefer a Corvette
Gitmo, liberals, politics and deceit: The political left continues to tell a lot of lies about the Guantanamo Bay detention centers, lies that Frank Salvato will shed a little light on
Looking for a job: In case you need it -- and Barack Obama seems to believe every American is in danger of losing their job -- Dr. M. Sidney Wallace has some advice for job hunters
Circumnavigating the rule of law: The U.S. isn't a signatory to the Law of the Sea Convention so Nancy Salvato is surprised to hear of the country following some of its provisions
New Zealand may go bust over global warming: Dennis T. Avery says that New Zealand may serve as an example of what cap and trade may do to a country
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July 2009

First brat: Alan Caruba can't help but think that Barack Obama is nothing more than a child and views the world as a stage and everyone around him as little more than actors in his play
Not as easy as it looks: If Barack Obama had thought his health care proposals would have been a slam dunk, the past few days should have convinced him otherwise, says Daniel M. Ryan
The president's health care pitch: Peter Morici believes that Barack Obama is getting some very bad advice when it comes to the issue of health care reform...and all Americans will pay the price
Your papers please: J.J. Jackson says giving government control of your health care decisions is giving them far too much power over your life
The "right" to health care is immoral: Americans are being told that they have a right to universal health care, something that Justin P. Paré strongly disagrees with
The inevitably Marxist zoo XI: "The One" v. "Benny Six": Barack Obama may not want to discuss abortion but another man is quietly taking the lead on the issue, says Michael Moriarty
Where have all the fiscal conservatives gone?: Canada's Conservative government used to be the home to the country's fiscal conservatives. Kevin Gaudet would like to know what happened to them
Second Amendment reciprocity?: Can a state decide that it won't respect a right guaranteed under the American constitution? Mark Alexander says no
There's a great day coming!: It is always darkest before the light and Henry Lamb says next year Americans have a chance to sweep away some of the darkness
Expanding education: A winning proposal: Sex Ed exists because its proponents say it reflects a part of life we all share. Daniel M. Ryan says why not follow that logic to its next step?
Chicago on the Potomac: Ancient wisdom used to define how knowledge was transmitted through society but these days, writes Dr. Robert Owens, the old ways have been buried
Truth and heresy: American Catholics continue to struggle between what they perceive to be religious principles and public necessity, writes Lisa Fabrizio
A government run by Mrs. Kravitz: Frank Salvato argues that the 111th Congress is filled with busy bodies just like the character of Gladys Kravitz from the classic series Bewitched
Forests of concrete and steel: Many words could describe wind energy and green jobs. "Sustainable" is not one of them, says Paul Driessen
Wildlife "keeping up" with climate change: The media is filled with worries about how animals will deal with climate change. Dennis. T. Avery says not to worry
Social engineering and price controls: One way to impose your views on society? Thomas E. Brewton says just impose price controls -- such as the kind that nationalized health care will likely see
Can Obama spell "failure"?: There was a day when a simple spelling error effectively killed a vice president's career. These days? Selwyn Duke says no one seems to care
Regulators are people too: They might seem like soulless bureaucrats but even regulators are human beings, argues Daniel M. Ryan, explaining why the perfectly regulated state cannot exist
The inevitably Marxist zoo X: The progressive blitzkrieg: Belief in selective breeding seems to be a job requirement in the Obama administration, writes Michael Moriarty, if Ruth Bader Ginsburg and John Holdren are any measure
The "most trusted man in America" reconsidered: Tributes poured in for Walter Cronkite last week but Michael M. Bates wasn't as taken with the retired anchorman as some others
America is becoming like the home run derby: Last week's MLB Home Run Derby reminded J.J. Jackson a lot of America...everyone is looking for the easy pitch these days
Albert the not so Great: A historical analogy -- a tool the left so loves -- reveals Al Gore to be a rather pathetic figure, writes Bruce Walker
How empires die: Grand explanations are often given why great nations fall but the underlying reasons are often quite prosaic, says Alan Caruba
Why does evil prosper?: It's a question that can only come with a complicated answer and Alisa Craddock does her best to do so
Who is Israel's Sarah Palin?: Israel also has a young, compelling woman who is making waves in the world of politics but it's not who you think it is, reports Moshe Phillips
President Obama's donut economics: Peter Morici argues that Barack Obama's stimulus policies will do nothing to save middle and lower class Americans
Polite conversation: No one wants to talk about what's happening in politics today and Dr. Robert Owens says that's allowing a lot of things to happen without commentary
The wolf who cried "boy!": It's hard to believe given the stories that the media has concentrated on recently but there are some important issues that need to be discussed, says Paul A. Ibbetson
Polling the constitution: The Sotomayor confirmation hearings occurred last week with the predictable happening and it has Lisa Fabrizio asking a few questions
Big Brother writ large: Last week Henry Lamb argued that the government wanted to tax you for every mile you drove. This week he explains why the technology might already be in your car
Taxing internet sales is a recipe for big government: A plan by North Carolina to tax internet sales is merely another way to try and gain control of the network, argues William F. Shughart II
Team ObamaCare: Sanger, Ginsburg and Holdren: If you want to know who will be making American health care policy in the near future you have to look at the past and present, says Mark Alexander
Security: Obama, Gates gamble with American lives: The U.S. may be spending itself into oblivion but none of that money is being set aside to protect it from external threats, reports Jim Kouri
The glue that dissolved, and thoughts on a replacement: Being pro-monarchy and anti-American used to define Canadian conservatives back in the day. Today? Daniel M. Ryan explores the question
Got to be there: Michael Jackson and the new marriage regime: The passing of Michael Jackson and the fate of his children has W. James Antle III asking some serious questions
Have late modern values and technology made great art impossible?: Part Two: Mark Wegierski searches for signs of hope amid the ruins
Old Toryism: We hardly knew ye: Toryism is thought to be ultimate conservative movement but Daniel M. Ryan wonders if perhaps conservatives would be wise to avoid the label and what it means
The inevitably Marxist zoo IX: The red countess: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's recent comments during a New York Times interview about her stand on Roe v Wade was very eye-opening, writes Michael Moriarty
A "crisis" of governors: America's governors are meeting this week and Alan Caruba says the gathering will be a microcosm of the problems the nation is facing
Taxpayers own 60.8% of new GM: When's our first shareholder meeting?: Happy to be a shareholder of GM? J.B. Williams doesn't think that taxpayers should be too pleased at the deal they've gotten
Electing a moron: The media couldn't tell us enough how dumb George W. Bush was. Alan Caruba says that Barack Obama's "accomplishments" to date don't mark him as a genius either
Doin' what comes natur'lly: Sarah Palin's recent announcement that she's leaving the office of governor early has prompted Lisa Fabrizio to break out in song
Are taxpayers paying for MPs' moats or toothbrushes?: Kevin Gaudet is non too pleased that Canada's federal representatives refuse to detail what they're using their expense accounts for
Taking the pulse of the nation: A recent road trip into the heartland of America gave Dr. Robert Owens the opportunity to hear what the average American thinks about the state of the nation
New meaning for "Road Tax": The day is coming very soon when you will lose control of your vehicle in the name of "helping society," says Henry Lamb
Amid all the celebrity deaths, a reality check: Amidst all the celebrity deaths which occurred recently there was one passing that most were unaware of, reports Frank Salvato
Economic miasma ahead: Expecting a quick economic recovery? Thomas E. Brewton believes you should be expecting something else
Goodbye corporate handouts: How Arizona's "Taj Ma-mall" could end corporate welfare: Darcy Olsen reports that an Arizona Supreme Court decision could put quite a crimp in corporate welfare across the United States
NY Times targets renewable energy: Everybody wants renewable, clean energy these days so Dennis T. Avery doesn't understand why one newspaper wants an end to hydroelectric power
Health care reform and my expensive education in economics: Peter Morici argues that Barack Obama's solutions for health care would only create an inefficient and very expensive system
The commissars of cool: Mark Alexander says Americans don't know what they're getting into with Barack Obama's cap and trade policy
As California goes…: Think California is its own unique brand of screwed up? Alan Caruba says it may be a portend of what will happen the United States itself
Winning by losing on cap and trade: If Barack Obama's dream for cap and trade becomes a possibility, argues W. James Antle III, it may represent a long-term win for the GOP
Canada's conservatives get a "C" for effort: Steven Martinovich says that Blue Thunder: The Truth about Conservatives from MacDonald to Harper tells the often sad tale of the Canadian conservative movement
Have late modern values and technology made great art impossible?: Part One: Mark Wegierski looks at current-day art as a reflection of current-day societies
The inevitably Marxist zoo VIII: Cutting God down to size!: The only reason the political left is so able to cut down the American state is because they've already taken care of God, writes Michael Moriarty
Qutbism as ideology: Daniel M. Ryan explores Sayyid Qutb's ideological take on Islam and how it may be possible to contain his adherents
The ugly face behind the mask of liberalism: Selwyn Duke isn't very surprised by who is supporting overthrown Honduran president Manuel Zelaya
What Obama should say to Iran: Debi Ghate says protests in Iran continue despite the theocracy's attempt to crush them. As Tehran launches its usual accusations of "American interference," could it be that America hasn't "interfered" enough?
America, the silly nation: It's hard to admit but Alan Caruba says the only conclusion one can come to about the United States is that it has become a very silly nation
A fine tribute: The press continues to pay homage to the skill they claim that Barack Obama has brought to the White House but Dr. Robert Owens believes that praise should go elsewhere
The Gilded Age: As part of her honeymoon Lisa Fabrizio took the opportunity to visit the mansion of Frederick William Vanderbilt and came away amazed
Of flies and men: The bizarre world of PETA: Paul A Ibbetson quite frankly doesn't understand the thought process that makes up the world view of PETA
How to live longer: As part of a seminar on food regulation that he participated in last week, Dennis T. Avery learned the "secret" to living longer
$4 billion abuse industry rooted in deceptions and lies: Domestic violence exists but behind the reality is a snowstorm of of lies and myths that are perpetuated by feminists, argues Carey Roberts
An endangered America: This week will see America's birthday being celebrated and Alan Caruba wants you to help save her
Done deals: The passage of Barack Obama's recently announced financial reforms are a given and Daniel M. Ryan explains why some businesses will accept them
The inevitably Marxist zoo VII: The Progressive "Third Way": Barack Obama can't help himself, writes Michael Moriarty. Speaking on the question of Iran last week he still managed to reveal his horrible global vision
Down with the therapeutic left and the managerial right! (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at the question, is capitalism conservative?
Iran: Green hits the streets: The protests rocking Iran over the past weeks have proven that Iranians want their freedom, says Slater Bakhtavar
Genocide or massacre, US repeating mistakes of the past: Once again, charges Frank Salvato, there is a massacre taking place in a foreign country and the leadership of the United States is looking the other way
Sell nuclear to grow nuclear: Canada's nuclear industry is all but dead and Kevin Gaudet says the only way to save it is to privatize it
The intolerance of the left: An interview with Harry Stein: Bernard Chapin talks to journalist and cultural commentator Harry Stein about his new book and whether liberals are mentally ill
Experience, judgment, and character: The road from Eisenhower to Obama: A recent visit to Abilene, Kansas got Paul A. Ibbetson thinking about the difference in style between Dwight D. Eisenhower and Barack Obama
Selling universal healthcare: If the Obama administration and Congress wants Americans to accept universal health care then they should be prepared to accept the same, writes Jack Ward
GOP - Golden opportunities prevail: The GOP may be on the ropes at the moment but that doesn't mean that they don't have a chance to right the situation, says Dr. Robert Owens
Thank the Democratic Socialist Party: Henry Lamb says the decline of America into socialism is entirely due to the Democratic Party and Barack Obama
Obama is 95% cured of something for sure!: J.J. Jackson doesn't think much of Barack Obama, another campaign against tobacco and what's coming next
The Supreme Court nominee who can't write: Being able to write cogent opinions is fairly essential for a Supreme Court justice and Sonia Sotomayor herself admits her limitations, writes Carey Roberts
Fixing China trade key to a sustainable recovery: America's economic recovery depends mightily on bringing about balanced trade with the giant Chinese economy, argues Peter Morici
Government gone mad in a total surveillance society: Tom DeWeese reports that Americans have much to fear from a government which seems determined to know everything it can about you
Robert's rules: Mark Alexander argues that sometimes you have to bend the rules in order to do the right thing -- especially when terrorists are the threat you're facing
Obama advocates immigration reform at expense of crime victims: Immigration reform as advocated by Barack Obama and the Democrats seems to prize illegal immigrants over the costs imposed on Americans, writes Jim Kouri
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August 2009

The biggest missing story in politics: One year update: Bruce Walker says the Battleground Polls keep stating the obvious fact that the mainstream media keeps ignoring: America remains a conservative nation
America's empire of trust: Regardless of who is president American has a moral mission in the world, argues Alan Caruba, and that's to promote freedom
The inevitably Marxist zoo XV: King George Soros: Everything old is new again, says Michael Moriarty, and that's proved by the fact that old friends continue to shape America's economic, social and political future
The fall and rise of the religious right: The Religious Right has been declared a spent force by many pundits but Daniel M. Ryan thinks the movement hasn't seen its best days yet
Traditionalist and libertarian themes in science fiction and fantasy: Part Two – Utopia, dystopia, fantasy, and reality: Do these genres express a yearning for a better world, Mark Wegierski asks
Entrapped in the labyrinth: An interview with Harvey Silverglate: Bernard Chapin sits with famed attorney and writer Harvey Silverglate to talk about the state of American justice, some notable miscariages of justice and his latest book
Crime and constitutionality: There have been some notable gun related news stories recently and Lady Liberty has some thoughts about them
If ObamaCare wins, Obama loses: As with Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama is determined to force through an unpopular idea. Michael M. Bates believes Obama's fate will be the same
Snake-oil salesmen always lie: The Democrats haven't said one word of the truth when it comes to health care, argues Henry Lamb, because their ultimate goal isn't providing health care
Blue Dogs, health care and the devil: The Blue Dog Democrats in the House of Representatives are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to health care, says Peter Morici
The new war on physicians: It's not just the insurance industry that's being demonized. Richard E. Ralston says that doctors are are also being turned into the enemy over the health care debate
We'll gladly pay you someday for your liberty today: J.J. Jackson says the federal government reminds him of Popeye cartoon character Wimpy -- they'll gladly con you of your freedom today with the promise of a benefit tomorrow
Britain donating millions for biotech crops (but not in Britain): Dennis Avery applauds Britain for helping Third World nations with their food needs but wonders about their greater anti-science stance
The key: In order for the Obama Administration to complete its goal of transforming America it needs to succeed in one major legislative reform, writes Dr. Robert Owens
Want to destroy conservative talk radio? We got a czar for that: The issue of health care might be on the front burner for the Obama Administration but Paul A. Ibbetson says it hasn't forgotten about transforming talk radio
Woodstock hangover: Spend now, pay later: The anniversay of Woodstock recently came and went and it prompted Kevin Gaudet to remember a more fiscally responsible Canadian government
Mr. Unpopular: Remember the days when Barack Obama enjoyed massive popularity? Alan Caruba says looks like those days are over
The income tax: The grand comeuppance: Why is the income tax system such a can of worms? Daniel M. Ryan says because the majority of Americans can get in on the scam
Traditionalist and libertarian themes in science fiction and fantasy: Part One – The "selective" nature of today's world: In honor of the Moon landing anniversary, Mark Wegierski begins a multi-week series
The inevitably Marxist zoo XIV: The enemies of Churchill...: Back in 1940 during his nation's darkest hour Winston Churchill warned about falling victim to a "perverted science" -- one that Michael Moriarty has apparently taken America
First time director spins masterpiece: Lady Liberty enjoyed World's Greatest Dad but she absolutely loved District 9
You can learn a lot from a Dummy(ocrat): The Democrats are learning an uncomfortable lesson, says J.J. Jackson. The promises you make to your own troops can tie your hands
Fix it 'til it's broke: Governments constantly tell voters that they just want to fix problems but Lady Liberty isn't very convinced
The Democrats' phony "retreat" on "the public option": Newspapers reported yesterday that the White House may be backing off the "public option" in favour of a co-op. Robert Bidinotto says don't believe it
Hey Nancy, their anger is real!: Democrats are accusing state-controlled health care's opponents of manufacturing dissent but Henry Lamb says the anger is legitimate
If the voters are the mob who brought the thugs?: The left may be bringing out its thugs in support of ObamaCare but Dr. Robert Owens says you can still fight back
Who should make the choice?: Dr. M. Sidney Wallace argues that the real choice in health care -- not the one that Barack Obama is claiming to give you -- is whether you can make decisions for yourself
'You have awakened the sleeping giant': It's not just health care that has galvanized a large portion of the American public. Frank Salvato argues that many Americans are just fed up in general
Word-play: It's funny how quickly the definitions of words can change. Lisa Fabrizio says some words have gone night and day transformations since January 2009
The framing of the modern right-wing extremist: In an administration filled with ex-Clinton staffers should we be surprised at new attempts to pain the right as extremists? Paul A. Ibbetson reports
Trying to replay the 1980's salmon crisis: Everything old is new again and Canadians are about to experience a salmon crisis that isn't being caused by what you think it is, says Dennis T. Avery
An overlap of visions: Timothy Geithner's recent outburst against federal regulators has served as a launch off point for Daniel M. Ryan to investigate the differences between libertarian and conservative views of government
Commitment issues?: Commitment is important if you want to make change but you have to be sure you're committed to the right things, writes Lady Liberty
The inevitably Marxist zoo XIII: Smelling a rat: ObamaCare is merely the latest step for an administration that believes it is empowered to make all the decisions for Americans, writes Michael Moriarty
It must be in their genes: Where does this need for control come from? Henry Lamb says it must come from within very deep in the Democratic body
A public option that destroys all options: ObamaCare promises a choice for Americans but Richard E. Ralston argues that is nothing but a lie
Grandma's run: End of life consultation? J.J. Jackson says ObamaCare means America's elderly better get ready to make for the doors
Mob rule: Democrats have been claiming that their town hall meetings are being disrupted by mobs but Dr. M. Sidney Wallace has some questions he wants answered
Pleasant surprises: Lady Liberty wasn't sure what to expect with Julie & Julia or the critically maligned GI Joe but she actually enjoyed both movies
I accuse!: In the spirit of Emile Zola, Alan Caruba has a list of people he wants to call out over their words and policies over the issue of climate change
Questions to ask at town hall meetings: Americans are using the town hall meetings to demand answers about health care reform. Paul Driessen says there are other things to ask questions about as well
Your carbons or your life: A look at the death dealers for a better tomorrow: Paul A. Ibbetson says Barack Obama's cap and trade scheme is no different than a robber confronting you and demanding your money or your life
Who are the barbarians?: We all know who took down the Roman Empire but who will play the same role in the collapse of America? Dr. Robert Owens thinks he has the answer
Sustainable development: The root of all our problems: Tom DeWeese believes that the reason for America's problems -- government related at any rate -- are the expansionist policies of sustainable development
Giving up meat to save the planet?: Would giving up meat actually save the planet? Dennis T. Avery says the facts don't support the claim
"Birther" label overshadows a real issue: Regardless of where you stand on the "birther" issue there are a number of interesting questions that surround it, writes Frank Salvato
The permanent campaign president: Whatever his other sins, argues Daniel M. Ryan, one must hand it to Barack Obama for being the master of the never ending campaign
The inevitably Marxist zoo XII: The City of God versus The City of Progress: Barack Obama may consider himself on the same level as Pope Benedict XVI but Michael Moriarty says the two men have different priorities
The perfect storm: If you don't know what a perfect storm is, particularly when it relates to politics, then Alan Caruba will very clearly explain it to you
The problem with Obama is…: If you want an indication of how government-run health care will work, says Henry Lamb, just look at other government programs in existence
Calling all new Americans: Rather than appeal to immigrants by pretending to be the Democratic Party, Lisa Fabrizio believes the GOP should make a speech clearly outlining conservative ideals
Why I must defend Barbara Boxer: It's making him sick to his stomach but Selwyn Duke must defend Sen. Barbara Boxer against charges of racial bigotry
Liebensunwerten lebens: Is Barack Obama's health care proposal really a covert attack on life of all kinds? Alisa Craddock says if you read HR 3200 you might be surprised
Government health care: One noose for one neck: Why is Richard E. Ralston so opposed to government-run health care? Because he's experienced it firsthand
Why are we moving toward socialized medicine?: If Americans want a real solution to issues concerning delivery of health care services, says Yaron Brook, they must reevaluate the notion of health care as a "right"
Health care: Creating real competition to lower costs: Instead of encouraging reform to create a lean and efficient system, Peter Morici says Barack Obama is merely creating an even more bloated monster
Reading legislation...It's your job!: Frank Salvato thinks it's outrageous that a sitting congressman would defend not reading a bill before voting on it
The Help John Conyers Read The Damn Bill Act of 2009: J.J. Jackson has a solution that will help John Conyers and others like him: Legislation specifically designed to get him to read pending bills
The Sotomayor solution: Philosophically speaking: Want to fake out everyone as to your true beliefs? Dr. Robert Owens says the path blazed by Sonia Sotomayor shows how it works
Organic food: Just a superstition: Think you're eating better if you're eating organic? Dennis T. Avery says yet another study has proven you're only paying more
Africa's real climate crisis: Among the many problems Africa does face, writes Fiona Kobusingye, climate change is not one of them
A kinder, gentler Taliban?: Does a new code of conduct for Taliban fighters mean a leopard is changing its spots? Jim Kouri reports that you shouldn't bet on it
Racing to the race card: An observation of conflict building: Has the "beer summit" ended the Gates affair? Paul A. Ibbetson believes the people who whipped it up into a firestorm are merely waiting for the next incident
Lingua publica

September 2009

At war with Iran for thirty years: For the past three decades the theocratic regime of Iran has been an enemy of the United States. Time is running out to save the situation, says Alan Caruba
Dear Mr. Steele: J.J. Jackson recently received a letter and survey from Michael Steele and you can read how he responded right here
America's French Revolution II: A progressively "teachable moment": The scandal involving ACORN offering advice on how to open a brothel serves as a starting point for Michael Moriarty
Benjamin's children: Is there a link between home schooling and economic booms? Daniel M. Ryan says there does appear to be a link
Traditionalist and libertarian themes in science fiction and fantasy: Part Five – Dune and current-day reality: Mark Wegierski examines the sociopolitical implications of Frank Herbert's masterwork
Why Obama could not stage a coup: There are some in the conservative movement who are afraid that Barack Obama wants to engineer a complete takeover of government. Bruce Walker isn't one of them
The health reform bill and population control: Part 1: Proponents of universal health care are denying that their plans treat humans like cattle but Alisa Craddock thinks otherwise
A meeting with the boss: Having a sit down with the boss can often be a nerve wracking experience. Paul A. Ibbetson thinks that America's bosses may be calling in their employees very soon
After the Tea Parties, what's next?: The recent demonstration in Washington, D.C. was only a start, says Henry Lamb. Americans need to continue sending a strong message to Democrats
Make tough deficit decisions now: It wasn't long ago that Canadians were enjoying budget surpluses and a diminishing debt. Kevin Gaudet says it's time for the federal government to tighten its belt
Big number spin: It seems the best way to have your agenda move forward is to throw out as many big numbers as possible, as Robert T. Smith illustrates
Conservation easements are a sustainable development land grab: Think you're doing the world a favor by signing a conservation easement? Clarice Ryan says you're just turning your land over to the government
M-O-N-E-Y & influence: Is money evil? Nancy Salvato says only when placed in the hands of those who would do nothing productive with it
Borlaug: Feeding the hungry, saving the wildlife: The recent passing of Norman Borlaug gave the world a chance to remember the incredible gift he gave humanity, writes Dennis T. Avery
Adapting to climate change through technology: Paul Driessen talked to Norman Borlaug just a few weeks before his passing and as always it was an illuminating conversation
The fine art of American protest: The weekend protests in Washington, D.C. proved to Alan Caruba that Americans remain serious about their country
America's French Revolution I: The progressive aristocracy: Much like in France before the peasants got wise, Michael Moriarty says that America has an aristocracy complete with a training program
Traditionalist and libertarian themes in science fiction and fantasy: Part Four – Fantasy in pop-culture; military SF; and space opera: Mark Wegierski looks at a broad variety of genres
And another folk hero is born: The Democrats may despise Rep. Joe Wilson for his outburst in Congress last weekend but Daniel M. Ryan says he was speaking truth to power
How Obama can make health care better without Congress: Barack Obama is determined to change health care and Bruce Walker says he could do it for the better without the acrimonious debate
ObamaCare's moral inversion: Why are some people so opposed to socialized health care? Robert Bidinotto says it's because it destroys several moral principles
The rules of engagement are set: With Barack Obama's health care speech last week, J.J. Jackson says the battle can now finally be joined with the enemy
Gamer no thrill: Lady Liberty loves herself some Gerard Butler but admits Gamer is horrible. She was more impressed by Sunshine Cleaning
The limits of self-hate: Lisa Fabrizio believes that some recent polls have shown that Americans are tired of the political left's loathing of the United States
Sarah Palin is "some dummy": Ted Belman says let the left continue to disparage Sarah Palin because the woman is proving to Americans that she remains a compelling figure
Barry's little helpers: Barack Obama has named so many czars this year that Harold Witkov thinks the American president should hold a press conference to enumerate them all
Leader of none: Not only is Barack Obama's call to fight climate change being ignored in the United States, writes Paul Driessen, but the rest of the world isn't taking part either
Save our Constitution: This Thursday marks Constitution Day in the United States and Henry Lamb would like you to take up proverbial arms to help save it
Savage's website attacked by hackers: Talk show host Michael Savage's web site was compromised recently and Selwyn Duke says it's the latest assault of many on conservative sites
Obama-Clinton: "Big stick policy" for Honduras and "smiling policy" for Cuba: Honduras may have dropped out of the news but Armando F. Valladares says the American government is still trying to twist arms
Ohio offers new approach to animal rights: How do you assure consumers that animals were treated humanely before becoming their meals? Dennis T. Avery says Ohio may have the answer
The Afghanistan quagmire: Alan Caruba has said before and he's saying it again: It's time for America to admit it can't fix Afghanistan and it's time to get out
Erring through cynicism: Cynicism in American politics is as old as the country itself but Daniel M. Ryan says you can go too far with it
Traditionalist and libertarian themes in science fiction and fantasy: Part Three -- Subgenres of fantasy: Mark Wegierski looks at various fantasy subgenres
The inevitable Marxist Zoo XVI: Obama's three-cornered crown: George Soros and Henry Kissinger are titans in their field and also essential to the progressive agenda, writes Michael Moriarty
The responsible liberal's world view: He didn't agree with every thing that Thomas P.M. Barnett argued in Great Powers: America and the World After Bush but Steven Martinovich still liked it
Out of small things: Jerry Clinton Oliver's novel A Time to Stand had some problems but Steven Martinovich thought it was still an enjoyable effort
New conservatives join 2010 political battle: Jesse Kelly: Linda Prussen-Razzano believes that 2010 will see a number of bright, young conservatives run for election and Arizona's Jesse Kelly is one of them
Democrats' despicable duplicity: Henry Lamb is in awe of the say-one thing, do-another Democrats and the America that they're creating
Shrugging off government health care: Why is Atlas Shrugged enjoying huge sales these days? Richard E. Ralston wonders if it has something to do with ObamaCare
And you want to manage our health care?: J.J. Jackson says Barack Obama and health care reminds him of a classic Seinfeld episode
Political hypocrisy or sophisticated evolution: If foolish inconsistency really is the hobgoblin of small minds, writes Kevin Gaudet, then Canada's political leaders should be safe
Saving trees with kerosene: Want to save trees around the world? Dennis T. Avery says give poor people kerosene and you'll do just that
Main street banks may crush the recovery: Think an economic recovery is under way? Peter Morici believes the fragile economy could yet sustain another huge blow
USA Today rejoices in man-cession, hails rise of gender equality: Carey Roberts believes that USA Today is taking some glee at the fact that men are having a hard time during the recession
Murder's OK, but no torture. We're liberals: Thomas E. Brewton isn't very impressed with liberal outrage over harsh interrogation techniques
Follow the leaders Rush, Glenn and Sarah: No leadership on the right? Dr. Robert Owens says conservatives have three figures they can look to
Lingua publica

October 2009

How our foolish war on drugs resurrected the Taliban: Raymond Richman and Howard Richman believe that the war against the Taliban might have been won had we also not gone after the cultivation of poppies
Taking away your choice: For Alan Caruba the war against incandescent light bulbs is symbolic over how your freedom of choice is being taken from you
Give me that old-style Keynesianism?: Can Keynesian economics actually provide some help in plugging budgetary holes for government? Daniel M. Ryan argues maybe so...though with a proviso
Bringing the peace: David Finkel's The Good Soldiers isn't perfect but Steven Martinovich thought it was a powerful account of a Ranger battalion's time in Iraq during the initial surge
America's French Revolution V: An American in Paris: Art and the state of the American body seem to have begun a parallel decline, writes Michael Moriarty
Traditionalist and libertarian themes in science fiction and fantasy: Part Ten – Three key works: Mark Wegierski looks at three critically-important dystopias through the eyes of three major works
Bill Gates bets a billion on ag research: Dennis T. Avery has nothing but praise for a recent announcement by the Microsoft co-founder that he'll support biotech research to improve farming yields
Choosing America's future: A new environmental treaty being negotiated in Copenhagen will determine what America will be in the future, argues Henry Lamb
Environmental facts the greens will never mention: Tom DeWeese points to a few recent new stories that environmentalists will be loathe to mention in their speeches
Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory again: America may as well lost the Cold War given the changes that are occurring all across the nation, writes Dr. Robert Owens
I am an idiot because...: J.J. Jackson gets a lot of email and many of those writing him seem to believe he's an idiot for any number of reasons
The rights and obligations of liberty: Mark Alexander wants to remind his fellow Americans that being free comes with a price tag: You have to defend that liberty as well
A nation of whiners and panderers: American senior citizens weren't due a cost of living increase this year due to a lack of inflation but they got some money anyway. Michael R. Shannon wasn't pleased by that
Guantanamo's future in doubt: Despite delays Barack Obama remains committed to closing the prisoner detention facility at Guantanamo Bay and that has E. Ralph Hostetter worried
Danger: Food supply vulnerable to terrorism: Forget E. coli and other natural dangers to the food supply, reports Jim Kouri The danger few people are worried about comes from abroad
They don't care!: If there is anything evident from the actions of the Obama White House it is that they simply don't care what you think, writes Alan Caruba
The impossible nightmare: The U.S. taking over Canada: For as long as Canada has existed, Canadians have feared a takeover by the United States. Daniel M. Ryan says it`s been wasted effort
Traditionalist and libertarian themes in science fiction and fantasy: Part Nine -- Alternative History: Mark Wegierski looks at the subgenre of uchronia or "counterfactual history"
Old world order: Jay Kinney's The Masonic Myth: Unlocking the Truth About the Symbols, the Secret Rites, and the History of Freemasonry attempts to sort fact from fiction and Steve Martinovich enjoyed the effort
Rewriting the Bible as if it were the health care bill: Barack Obama may present himself as an agent of change but Michael Moriarty says a lot of history seems to be repeating itself these days
How about an action in truth?: That public figures are targets for defamation is hardly news but Bruce Walker has an idea which may put an end to the most egregious examples
Get ready for the deluge: There's been a lull of it lately but Henry Lamb says the coming weeks will see a downpour of climate change related claims and news stories
None dare call it fraud: Paul Driessen asks what if we applied corporate standards to the "science" that is driving global warming policy?
There's a chill in the air: E. Ralph Hostetter takes a look at some recent reports and finds that the problem of "global warming" isn't one that we need to fear
Nipping in the bud: Daniel M. Ryan tackles a famous quote of John Adams and in his spirit takes it to a place that only he can take it to
Starting off right: J.J. Jackson and his wife recently welcomed into the world a new baby boy and what did the government do? Ask plenty of questions
If it wasn't so sad it would be funny: The news that emanates from the White House these days is practically Monty Python-esque in its absurdity, argues Dr. Robert Owens
Observing the blitzkrieg: The Barack Obama way: Barack Obama came to the White House promising change but Paul Ibbetson says the manner of the change creates the conditions for his inevitable defeat
The friend of my enemy is whom?: If a man can be judged by his friends, writes Lisa Fabrizio, then Barack Obama is no friend of his own nation
The costs and benefits of eliminating the corporate income tax: A recent news headline about royalties for companies drilling in the Gulf of Mexico prompted Andrew Evans to blue sky about eliminating corporate income taxes
No putter left behind: It's not often that Michael R. Shannon agrees with something that Hugo Chavez says twice in one day but it did happen recently
Our constitution is on life support: Ben Franklin was a wise man but Mark Alexander wonders what the great man would have to say about the United States today
Bitten by profligacy: The policies of the Obama administration clearly show that no one in the White House understands how the economy works, writes Thomas E. Brewton
The Nobel committee's illusions of peace: Given Barack Obama's stated intentions, Michael Moriarty can't help but think that perhaps he deserved the Nobel Peace Prize
A tale of two Nobel Peace Prize winners: Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win underscores the reality of what that award has meant recently, writes Dennis T. Avery
Over the curve and far away: In the wake of the financial meltdown last year a lot of experts are saying that free market principles and the Laffer Curve no longer apply. Daniel M. Ryan disagrees
Saving the Earth by hating humanity: Alan Caruba argues that the real message environmentalists send is that they simply hate humanity
Traditionalist and libertarian themes in science fiction and fantasy: Part Eight – Some antecedents to cyberpunk: A subgenre of resistance to late modernity, Mark Wegierski asks
Lying about bias: Having a bias as a journalist is one thing but Bruce Walker can't understand why a person would deny having one when it's so obvious
Mr. President, please answer one question: In the spirit of a young George Washington and his father's cherry tree, Harold Witkov has a question for Barack Obama
The falling dollar and China's cries for a global currency: China continues to press for a global currency to replace the U.S. dollar as the preeminent standard but Peter Morici says the communist giant needs to look in the mirror
Let's get fiscal with Budgetball!: There's a new game called Budgetball which is enjoying growing popularity in the United States and Kevin Gaudet says it should be imported to Canada
The good the bad and the ugly: Dr. Robert Owens loves to volunteer in his community and it allows him to see all aspects of humanity
The power of humor: Posterior observations from the plains: Paul A. Ibbetson has some advice for his fellow conservatives: Laugh, because you'll last longer in the fight that way
Do not blame Barack: Selwyn Duke doesn't believe you should blame Barack Obama for what's happening today -- place the blame on those who put him where he is
A tidal wave is brewing: Henry Lamb thinks that Americans are preparing themselves to launch a major changing event next November
Camels, government and health care: Democrats are telling you they just want to help by bringing in universal health care but E. Ralph Hostetter urges you to remember what comes along with that
Let's take back Columbus Day: Don't be ashamed on Columbus Day, asserts Thomas A. Bowden, and remember what it actually stands for
Cuba: Discovering personal independence: Under Raul Castro things appear to be changing in Cuba -- albeit slowly. The latest move is allow farmers to lease land, reports Ronald R. Cooke
President Stupid: Barack Obama may have attended Harvard and wrote a few books but it is becoming increasingly apparent that the man isn't that bright, says Alan Caruba
And then they were last: Daniel M. Ryan wasn't too surprised last Friday when Chicago finished last in the race to host the 2016 Summer Games
From good, to bad, to worse: Right after 9/11 Lady Liberty became very concerned about the loss of freedom in America. Under Barack Obama that concern has only grown
Traditionalist and libertarian themes in science fiction and fantasy: Part Seven – Cyberpunk: Mark Wegierski examines the subgenre of "future shock"
America's French Revolution IV: Colonists in their own country: France has been acting like an adult lately but Michael Moriarty argues that the French Republic is still in charge of the progressive movement
What Republicans should do about Iran: If Barack Obama and his peers are unwilling to do anything about Iran, argues Bruce Walker, then perhaps congressional Republicans need to act
Roman Polanski and a turn of the tide: The capture of Roman Polanski has generated a lot of debate but Daniel M. Ryan says the fact he's been arrested says something
Zombieland a must see: Lady Liberty didn't mind Whip It but she has nothing but praise for Zombieland
"Cultural Revolution" or descent into barbarity?: Last week's celebration of the anniversary of China's communist government got Alisa Craddock thinking
Big debt brag? Canada's debt 22nd worst in OECD!: Canada's government may be bragging about the strength of the Canadian economy but Kevin Gaudet says the braggadocio isn't deserved
Is "profit" a dirty word?: If you listen to members of the political left, writes Henry Lamb, it's apparent that turning a profit is nothing short of evil
Bomberphobia: Lisa Fabrizio argues that sometimes being a conservative in America is a little like being a New York Yankees fan: success breeds hatred
"Globally-acceptable truth" and the crime of thinking: Henry Lamb arguers that truth and logic are virtually crimes in today's America...which explains why a man like Donald Sagar can achieve some prominence
Jettison the empire to save the republic!: Dr. Robert Owens wants to say it as plainly as possible: Bring the boys back home and let the world sort itself out
Not yours to give: Not that a man like him could get elected today but Mark Alexander wishes there were a few Davey Crocketts in Congress today
Little fish, big problem: E. Ralph Hostetter reports that the farmers of the San Joaquin Valley are under attack by the federal government over the fate of a minnow
Drought: The real and unstoppable danger of global warming: Regardless of whether climate change is caused by humans or the sun, it will produce droughts. Dennis T. Avery says we'll need to produce more food
Afghanistan: Obama's quagmire?: A recent report by Gen. Stanley McChrystal on Afghanistan makes it clear that the war can still either be won or loss, writes Daniel M. Ryan
America's French Revolution III: An interlude...: Michael Moriarty takes a brief respite from the central theme of his current series to touch upon an old theme
The ugly American: Eugene Burdick and William Lederer's "Ugly American" is back, writes Bruce Walker, and this time it's Barack Obama who is reintroducing the concept to the world
I am, you are, we all must be racists: About all the election of Barack Obama has contributed to the national debate is the permissibility of calling someone a racist, writes Lady Liberty
Traditionalist and libertarian themes in science fiction and fantasy: Part Six – Some notable SF works: Do SF scenarios presage a possible return to tradition in the future, asks Mark Wegierski
Why the fascination with America?: Why are so many Canadians fascinated by the United States? Daniel M. Ryan argues it's because the U.S. has some things that we're missing
Liberals are killing America: Alan Caruba is amazed that liberals manage to end up on the wrong side of every issue they address
Surrogates a mediocre effort: Science fiction and Bruce Willis? Usually a pretty strong combination. Not when it comes to Surrogates, says Lady Liberty
Cash for Souls: J.J. Jackson argues that the government programs that Barack Obama, and his predecessors, have unleashed have come at a heavy price
Is this the news or a comedy tour?: Watching the news casts of the mainstream networks has Dr. Robert Owens wondering what the heck he's actually watching
Why Obama will throw ACORN under the bus: Frank Salvato says that the recent firestorm over ACORN means that the American president will cut his ties with the organization
All the king's men…and women: Some are genuinely shocked that Barack Obama has surrounded himself with radicals. Henry Lamb is shocked that they're shocked
A surveillance society or a free society?: The horror of Big Brother watching you where ever you go has come true. Mark Lerner wants to know if you'll do anything about it
Too big to fail?: Richard Murdock's fight against the forced bankruptcy of Chrysler by the Obama administration is a proxy for a wider war, notes Mark Alexander
From sneezes to freezes: The Obama Administration needs to recognize three simple truths on the Middle East, says Michael R. Shannon
Science to save the Chesapeake Bay: Environmentalists may talk a good talk about saving stuff but it's always science that comes in and saves the day, writes Dennis T. Avery
Letters to the Editor
Lingua publica

November 2009

The global carbon footprint scam: Another week, another end of times pronouncement by an environmentalist organization, writes Alan Caruba
Gentlemen, hold your engines: Now that Prince Charles has ended his visit to Canada there is talk of the country eventually becoming a republic. Daniel M. Ryan says not so fast
Traditionalist and libertarian themes in science fiction and fantasy: Part Fourteen -- A variety of films and TV shows: Mark Wegierski looks at a variety of movies and TV shows, including the spy thriller subgenre
The New World's law and order: Michael Moriarty argues that the sin of abortion is the cause for many of America's problems today
Are you there Allah? It's me Ali: Children of Dust: A memoir of Pakistan may be the story of a young Muslim coming to terms with himself but Steven Martinovich says it's a universal story
The biggest lie yet: Barack Obama's concern about mounting deficits is more than simply laughable, writes Mark Alexander, it's also a lie of titanic proportions
Kill cap-and-tax Copenhagen craziness: Kevin Gaudet says that the climate change deal proposed by the United Nations would cost Canada billions of dollars and kill jobs
Gold: A potential bubble: As the price of gold continues to rise there is talk about it being the latest economic bubble. Daniel M. Ryan explores the issue
It's never too early to be too late: Time can move pretty quickly, writes Dr. Robert Owens, and pretty soon it might be too late to save the United States
Get Out of Our House (GOOOH) : A disinfectant on Congress?: Tom DeWeese says that the GOOOH proposal for electing candidates could inject some much needed truth and conservatism back into American politics
Have Democrats been marginalized within their own party?: The Democratic Party used to be the party of...well...Democrats but Frank Salvato says today it has been taken over by the far left
Burning down the straw man: Are conservatives just attacking straw men over their opposition to Barack Obama? Paul A. Ibbetson rejects the very idea
On mammogram fuidelines, no fact checks for Sebelius or Durbin: Get into trouble and need to blame someone? Michael M. Bates says just blame George W. Bush -- remember him? -- and no one will call you out on it
The Khalid Sheikh Mohammed show trial comes to Broadway: One shouldn't be too surprised that J.J. Jackson doesn't think too much of the Obama administration's decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a civilian court in New York
Hadley hack-in reveals hidden truths: A security breach at a noted climate change research unit has revealed behind the scenes doubt, reports Dennis T. Avery
The high cost of health care reform: Whatever the House and Senate eventually agree to, Peter Morici says every American is going to be facing a big bill
They're still after your water: Congress is once again on the march when it comes to water and Henry Lamb says its your constitutional rights that will suffer
An alarmist modeler's history of climate change: Paul Driessen argues that incorrect assumptions and whole lot of fear mongering are at the core of the climate change orthodoxy's approach to the issue
Galileo silenced again: Willie Soon and David R. Legates were to have held a session on climate change at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union but other people had their own ideas of what should be discussed
How our rights are destroyed: The fight for the "right" to health care is illustrative, says Richard E. Ralston, how the rights of Americans are being eroded
Obama's flawed prescription for health care: Pretty much everyone can agree that America's health care system needs reform but Jeff Scialabba argues that government isn't the answer
A man-made financial disaster: Alan Caruba believes that the financial crisis that helped propel Barack Obama to the White House may have been instigated
Health care -- the rough road ahead: A health care bill may have passed the House but Bruce Walker says the Senate may be entirely another matter
Fort Hood and a coming bind: Daniel M. Ryan raises some uncomfortable questions about Muslim soldiers in the U.S. Army in the light of the Fort Hood shooting
Traditionalist and libertarian themes in science fiction and fantasy: Part Thirteen – Olaf Stapledon; 1968 cinema; and four women's main speculative worlds: Mark Wegierski looks at Olaf Stapledon, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and four great imaginative worlds
The last of the emperors: Michael Moriarty says Barack Obama has achieved that which Bill Clinton only dreamed about: Becoming the equivalent of an American emperor
An open letter to Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi: Lady Liberty has a few things she'd like to get off her chest and Nancy Pelosi is going to take the brunt of the attack
Obama to end recession in December -- by holding "jobs summit": Some are critical of Barack Obama's plan to hold a summit on jobs next month but Robert James Bidinotto thinks it's a marvelous idea
What divides us: What divides us? Judging by Alisa Craddock's essay, plenty of things seem to do so
Who changed the change?: Dr. Robert Owens argues that Barack Obama's unofficial cabinet of czars makes a mockery of the notion of transparency
The Great Recession: 34 million workers struggle to survive: Forget the official unemployment rate, says Ronald R. Cooke. Going deeper into the data reveals a very scary reality about job loss in the United States
Congress: Read the Constitution: People like Roland Burris and Nancy Pelosi are proof positive that understanding the limitations of their power is not a prerequisite for election to Congress, writes Henry Lamb
We win, they lose: Another week has flown by and not surprisingly there were stories that made Lisa Fabrizio respond only with a sigh
I had a dream: Robert T. Smith had a dream recently that he ran his life like the federal government and as you can expect, it didn't go well
All pain, no gain: Restricting and taxing energy use to prevent speculative climate disasters will be disastrous, writes Paul Driessen
Barack Obama's suicide mission to Copenhagen: The word is beginning to get out, says Tom DeWeese. The proposals that came out of Copenhagen over climate change are about control
Greens again bait and switch on energy: Yet again environmentalists are reversing themselves on an issue and no one is calling them to account for it...nobody except for Dennis T. Avery
Discover(ing) stupidity: J.J. Jackson is all in favour of capitalism but he can't quite understand what the fine people at Discover are doing
Military spouses and South Korea: After decades the U.S. military is finally paying more than lip service when it comes to the spouses of soldiers in South Korea, writes George S. Kulas
The ABC's of energy: Playing Americans for fools: Alan Caruba argues that most Americans don't know that much about energy which is why their political masters get away with the things they do
The Obama Nation's radically chic Jekyll and Hyde: Michael Moriarty argues that the intellectual soldiers of Barack Obama's movement remind him of those from the fashionable 1960s
Caliphate: The great bait?: Many Islamists -- not to mention mainstream Muslims -- still dream of restoring the caliphate. Daniel M. Ryan says they'd be better off concentrating their energies on other things
Traditionalist and libertarian themes in science fiction and fantasy: Part Twelve – Grandmasters of SF: Mark Wegierski looks at some writing and films mostly of the 1940s-1980s
Intellectual capital: Barack Obama and his Democrats are attempting to impose a new reality but Robert T. Smith says the average American can still act
Jonesing for Alex Jones: Drawing the line between conservatives and conspiracy theorists: Paul A. Ibbetson argues that the Republican Party and conservatives in general need to distance themselves from the more egregious conspiracy theorists out there
Obama's hesitation on Afghanistan: Why is Barack Obama continuing to take his time making a decision on Afghanistan? Rachel Alexander believes it's simply who the man is
Marx my words: Hope A. Pasztor argues that the Marxist influences which mark the Obama agenda will end up as all societies have which adopted them: failure
Stocks soar, unemployment passes 10 percent and the dollar slumps: Economic recovery? Peter Morici says there may yet still be much trouble for the American economy, workers and consumers thanks to federal policies
Without hope you're hopeless: As bad as things may be in the world and the United States specifically, Dr. Robert Owens says you have to be at least a little optimistic for the future
We are the modern day Paul Reveres: It is always darkest before the light and Robert Rohlfing says that light can only be brought by you
Responding to modern Marxism: Last week's elections In the United States proved to Henry Lamb that there are still a lot of people who don't support a leftist agenda
Would you bet your life?: J.J. Jackson has a little game he'd like abortion supporters to play -- one that would truly test the contention of what is living and what is not
Extreme activists take the reins at EPA: Proof that the EPA is in the hands of fanatics is the gamesmanship being played over the proven safe herbicide atrazine, write Alex Avery and Dennis T. Avery
Government as narcotics dealer: Thomas E. Brewton argues that America's federal government and its resorting to easy money policies during troubled economic times always does more harm than good
The kids are alright: Some cultural commentators are worried that the "Millennial" generation of kids are turning into hedonistic party animals. Daniel M. Ryan says to relax
It's Groundhog Day in the Middle East: When it comes to the Middle East, says Alan Caruba, the more things change, the more they stay the same
America's French Revolution VI: Out-Frenching France: These are interesting days among the political left, writes Michael Moriarty, and it appears that one person in particular is orchestrating events
Traditionalist and libertarian themes in science fiction and fantasy: Part Eleven – The origins of SF and fantasy: Mark Wegierski looks mostly here at H. G. Wells and Fritz Lang's Metropolis
An established myth: Daniel M. Ryan argues that those who believe in human-caused climate change are essentially the same breed as the end of times millennial we saw a decade ago
Here hangs Lady Liberty: J.J. Jackson has penned a lengthy open letter to the American public and how the "general welfare" is destroying their constitution and liberty
How to save America: Henry Lamb has a simple solution from international treaties being imposed on simple that it probably will never be considered seriously
In from the cold -- finally?: Is the American conservative movement poised for a recovery? E. Ralph Hostetter thinks the current climate is perfect for a rebirth of Reagan style conservatism
Where's your grit?: Paul A. Ibbetson wonders why more Americans aren't outraged at what Barack Obama and the Democrats are doing to the United States
Opaque transparency or smoke and mirrors: Barack Obama rode to the White House on a promise of transparency -- something that apparently includes declaring war on some media outlets, argues Dr. Robert Owens
Utopia or dystopian nightmare?: Nancy Salvato finds it harder every day to fight for what's right given that everyone seems to be enamored with change
'Nobody questions that'?: Who gave the White House and Congress the right to enact the agenda they are pursuing? Mark Alexander says they all have the same answer when asked
This has been a test…: You can't watch TV for five minutes before some mention of H1N1 is made and Michael R. Shannon says the federal response should be an argument against government-run health care
What's the real cost of global warming taxes?: There are a lot of numbers being thrown around and Dennis T. Avery says they don't take into account some important factors
Pretending to speak for an entire culture: Frank Salvato says that Congressman Keith Ellison should be a little more careful when he defends groups like the Council for American Islamic Relations
Lingua publica

December 2009

Understanding the global-warming jihadists: You can't argue with the leaders of the climate change orthodoxy because, says Selwyn Duke, they haven't subscribed to their beliefs, they've submitted
It's all a lie: Copenhagen, Gore, Obama: Lies, lies and more lies. That's all the climate change orthodoxy brings to the table, argues Alan Caruba
The winter games at Copenhagen: The fun and games concerning climate change continues, reports Dennis T. Avery, and it's the usual suspects involved yet again
Criminal taxation without representation: Coal as a punitive arm of the IRS: Barack Obama's desire to institute carbon and energy taxes targets the coal industry specifically and Americans as a whole, writes Michael Moriarty
The curious case Of Peter Watts: Last week Canadian sci-fi author Peter Watts was arrested at the U.S.-Canada border in what was a puzzling incident, says Daniel M. Ryan
'Tis the week before Christmas…: Unless conservatives want to spend more time in the wilderness, writes Henry Lamb, they have to unite and concentrate their efforts on one immediate priority
'Twas the night before liberal Christmas v.2009: Another year and another re-imaging of a classic poem. We can thank J.J. Jackson for this year's edition
Hatin' those oil companies: Why do so many people hate oil companies? Daniel M. Ryan says there's actually a very simple explanation
Nuptial disagreements: Who are the latest to be making hay out of the Tiger Woods scandal? Why the proponents for gay marriage of course, says Lisa Fabrizio
Culture kampf and the kamikaze Congress: America is in the midst of a culture war and Dr. Robert Owens has some words of advice for you
Victims of the darkness: Are Americans becoming victims of a darkness? Robert T. Smith ponders that very important question
You say "Dubai," I say "Hell no!": For Michael Di Domenico the prospect of government health care reminds him of what's going on Dubai these days
Just because: Analyzing the psychology of Palin-hate: What makes some people hate Sarah Palin with such passion? Paul A. Ibbetson analyzes their hatred and makes some preliminary conclusions
At this point it's about defining the "win": The debate over health care has turned into simply earning a victory regardless of the results, says Frank Salvato
The time has come: After nearly one year of Barack Obama it's time for Americans to rise up and send a clear message about what's happening to their nation, says Mark Alexander
'Excuse me...Can you help me out with some change?': Every day Nancy Salvato is all but assaulted by legions of street hustlers who put as much time in begging for change as she does working her job
Year of Youth: Project 2012 to save the republic: If you have children Tom DeWeese urges you to get them involved in something that he says could take America back
Obama: What a difference a year makes: Barack Obama started 2009 with the praise of the world but even the press recognizes reality, writes Alan Caruba
We don't need no stinkin' evidence: The attitude of the climate change orthodoxy seem to be, "Why can't you be more polite, and stop questioning our integrity and science?" says Paul Driessen
The death of big environment: Assessing loss and gain: Climategate has produced it's fair share of losers -- notably among the high priests of orthodoxy -- and a few big winners, writes Paul A. Ibbetson
Senator Reid prepares us for our second civil war: Oppose Barack Obama and you're no different than a slaver. That's what Henry Reid essentially said last week and it got Michael Moriarty's dander up
Convergence: An old idea due for an overhaul: It was once predicted that the U.S.S.R. and the U.S. would end up in the same place. Daniel M. Ryan wonders if it's time to revisit that old theory
Traditionalist and libertarian themes in science fiction and fantasy: Part Seventeen – Conclusion: Mark Wegierski asks whether serious SF may play a heuristic role in regard to suggesting different future scenarios
Yes, Virginia: Another year, another Christmas and another attack on Christianity. Heck even Santa Claus is taking fire! Lisa Fabrizio writes a letter wondering what really is true
Ping pong politics: Lady Liberty recently enjoyed the company of some college students and over games of beer pong was reminded why the game is a little like politics
Milk toast Republicanism: There was a time when the GOP stood for fiscal discipline and small government. Those days are over, says J.J. Jackson
Kermit's lament: Some restaurants who have been billing themselves as "green" turn out not to be very...and Michael R. Shannon says it's not easy as you think
Climategate: Melting the chains of tyranny: They may be meeting in Copenhagen and taking about a new climate change treaty by Tom DeWeese says their power is finished
Huge hoax holds humanity hostage: Dr. Robert Owens says calling the man-made global warming crusade a hoax isn't fair to hoaxes.  This is and always has been a scam perpetrated by the evil upon the naïve
Donkey vs. elephant: Health care reform: A recent cartoon in the Chattanooga Times Free Press neatly encapsulated what the health care debate is all about, says Hope A. Pasztor
Job creation for dummies: Barack Obama is once again going on about job creation and not surprisingly Mark Alexander isn't very impressed by what he's heard
Freedom doesn't have to ask the government for permission: Are you really free if you have to ask the government to be allowed to do almost anything? Henry Lamb doesn't think so
Trade deficit, new home tax credit and easy Fed policies threaten double dip recession: Everybody seems to believe that the worst is over -- at least economically -- but Dr. Peter Morici says certain policies could threaten another fall
Tiger and the hypocrites: John Bender doesn't care much for Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity's relentless coverage of the Tiger Woods story considering their own lapses in judgment
Top 3 things Obama did wrong to families in 2009: Nathan Tabor believes that it seemed like President Barack Obama had it out for American families in 2009
Climategate: A willful ignorance: Despite all the facts and revelations there are those -- which includes The Economist -- which refuse to acknowledge the truth, writes Alan Caruba
Copenhagen confusion: So what's going to be happening in Copenhagen during the climate change conference? You'll know only what you'll be allowed to know, says Henry Lamb
Essential acts of piracy: The recent brouhaha over climate change and hacked emails reminds J.J. Jackson a little of Pirates of the Caribbean
Why Palin is "going rogue": Rachel Alexander hugely enjoyed Sarah Palin's Going Rogue: An American Life, a book that reads as if the author was there with you
The war on faith: Steven Martinovich found Secular Sabotage: How Liberals Are Destroying Religion and Culture in America a lively defence of religion and its importance
The insect new world order: Comparing humans to insects isn't much of a compliment and perhaps that's why Michael Moriarty thinks it's an apt one
Traditionalist and libertarian themes in science fiction and fantasy: Part Sixteen – Canadian Speculative Fiction: Mark Wegierski looks at possible definitions of a distinctly Canadian speculative fiction
Declinism: The old, the new, and the ugly: Is America really in decline? Daniel M. Ryan takes up the issue and why people love to discuss it and tie it into a very current topic
Cleaning out the climate science cesspool: Ahead of the Copenhagen summit there has been a barrage of climate change "news" telling us the end is near. Paul Driessen says it's time to clean house
Pariahship and bluffmanship: Kick Canada out of the Commonwealth for not meeting Kyoto requirements? Daniel M. Ryan isn't particularly impressed by the threat
The lady and the Tiger: A firestorm has erupted around Tiger Woods over allegations of infidelity and Lisa Fabrizio isn't very surprised by that even if it does happen to so many people
Wailin' and flailin' on Palin: Dr. Robert Owens argues that Sarah Palin is a self-made woman accomplishing things in her own right instead of riding her husband's coattails – achieving her position and influence the old fashioned way, she earned it
The click of a mouse: How online education is changing the world: Hope A. Pasztor is proof positive that home schooling and online education are revolutionizing how today's kids are being educated
The waste of tax dollars never ends: Need a free phone? Did you earn some money getting rid of your clunker? Tom DeWeese says Washington, D.C. has a lot deals these days
Bunkum-babbling Ben Bernanke: It takes effort not to learn from history and Thomas E. Brewton believes U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke has managed just that
Regressive employment: Government is pouring money into make work projects but Robert T. Smith says the reality of these schemes is pretty ugly
Obama confronting the consequences of bureaucracy and corruption: Dr. Peter Morici argues that the Democrats are earning their rightful dividends -- bankruptcy and corruption -- thanks to their misguided investments
The path to victory: Paul A. Ibbetson says though the times may be dark, there is a way out of the morass that the United States has found itself in
More impostors sneak into White House: Mark Alexander argues that Tareq and Michaele Salahi were merely the latest imposters to get into the White House this year
The destruction of an industry: Richard E. Ralston argues that health care reform that is produced by Congress will end up merely destroying the health care industry itself
Thumbs on the magic scale: We all know now that climate scientists have been fudging their numbers for years but Daniel M. Ryan wonders if another charge can be added to the list
Germans tried to warn us of climate fraud: Dennis T. Avery says German newspaper Der Speigel argued years ago that climate change would actually be a benefit to mankind
Thank you, Mr. Nolte and Mr. Breitbart: A laudatory article by John Nolte over at Big Hollywood has Michael Moriarty in a very good mood
Traditionalist and libertarian themes in science fiction and fantasy: Part Fifteen – Pop-culture, from aliens to vampires: Mark Wegierski looks at everything from a popular SF role-playing game to several very divergent subgenres of movies
The Middle East: Reporting an enigma: Joris Luyendijk's experiences in the Middle East explain why it remains one of the world's trouble spots, writes Alan Caruba
Plain talk: Another day and another article arguing that even if you voted for Barack Obama are white and aren't a racist, you probably still have some bad attitudes, writes Lisa Fabrizio
Please, Mr. Custer, we don't want to go!: Dr. Robert Owens believes that it is time to cut America's losses in Afghanistan and admit the country is unreformable
The turkey that is Obamanomics: A game of cards this past Thanksgiving illustrated the folly that is Barack Obama's economic policies, writes Nancy Salvato
Sarah Palin: Should we make rogue vogue?: Sarah Palin is back in the news again thanks to a best-selling book and Paul A. Ibbetson is wondering if conservatives should invest in her
One people, one reich, one leader: A look at the economic theories of Adolph Hitler: Barack Obama and Stephen Harper, among others, weren't the first to launch stimulus packages during harsh economic times. Hope A. Pasztor says another world leader tried the same thing
No fate: Cut the unemployment rate: Unemployment continues to top 10 per cent and Scott Gilette argues that we need to do four things to get the United States back on course
The minimum wage…it doesn't make cents: With unemployment rising and many taking any job to make ends meet, some are arguing for another hike in the minimum wage. Gregg Goughlin isn't one of them
Why drug companies are working to control natural supplements: The American Medical Association and big pharma are hoping to import Europe's CODEX system into America to halt the growth of natural supplements. Why? Tom DeWeese explains all
The simple math of CO2 reduction: Barack Obama wants to cut America's CO2 production but Robert R. Cooke says the president's pledge doesn't make much sense
Senator Christopher Dodd: U.N. facilitator: It's not bad enough that the United Nations is pushing for a world government but Sen. Christopher Dodd appears to want the same, says Henry Lamb
Letters to the Editor
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