January 2011 - December 2011

January 2011

What if Obama is just a hack: Conservatives are ascribing an honest belief in Marxism for Barack Obama's agenda but Bruce Walker wonders if there's more...or rather less...that can explain the man
Palin-hatred, and what it shows: Hatred of Sarah Palin among the left and the media continues unabated but Daniel M. Ryan says the behavior of the left teaches us some very important things
The hallowed Halloween bench: Monstrosity rising: How did abortion get legalized in the United States? Michael Moriarty argues that it takes a special trick of intellectualism that ultimately redefines all that is evil as good
A call for reason: J.J. Jackson offers up an essay to end all essays in which he calls upon Americans to take back their country in the name of liberty
Obama diverged from prior administrations with capitulation on New START Treaty: Barack Obama gave up entirely too much for the New START Treaty and endangered the nation, charges Rachel Alexander
Strangulation by regulation: Barack Obama talks a good talk when it comes to the issue of regulations but Alan Caruba says that's all it is
The altar of despair: Two news stories from the past week illustrated for Alisa Craddock why she believes abortion is the crime that it is
How have Republicans learned their lesson?: The GOP says that 2008 has taught it a lesson and 2012 will be different. Dr. Jack Kerwick says the party better have learned some very specific lessons
The 8th deadly sin: Procrastination: Dr. Robert Owens argues that conservatives have to taken advantage of the opportunities they're given and take the initiative
Not kosher to mix Republicans and Democrats at the State of the Union: Harold Witkov takes a dim view of any proposals that would see Democrats and Republicans mixed in together during a State of the Union speech
Democrats look to dupe GOP at State of the Union address: November may have cheered Republicans but Paul A. Ibbetson says it will spur the Democrats into attempting to trick the Republicans into weakening their agenda
Gone to the devil: Lisa Fabrizio believes that the Devil is quite popular in Hollywood these days -- except not in the way that most Christians would hope for
Gun control efforts in the wake of Jared Lee Loughner: Not surprisingly, says Rachel Alexander, the political left is attempting to use the shootings in Arizona by Jared Lee Loughner to press for more gun control
Hu Jintao and Barack Obama's theater of the absurd: Chinese President Hu Jintao visited the United States last week and Dr. Peter Morici says it illustrated why America was in the shape that it's in
How to stop a runaway federal government!: Groups are springing up across the United States with one mission in mind, reports Henry Lamb: To restore the original intent of the Constitution
Obamacare: Worst of intentions: Democrats are warning the GOP that repealing Obamacare will have unintended consequences. Jason Sagall is more worried about the intended consequences of government health care
Food chain not stretched to limit -- yet: MSNBC breathlessly reported recently that humanity was facing the wall when it came to food production. Dennis T. Avery says it's not true...yet
What are liberals so afraid of?: Daniel M. Ryan detects a different tenor of rhetoric coming out of the political left in the wake of the Jared Loughner's shooting spree in Arizona, one that betrays something about them
The American Athena: Sarah Palin's response to pundits and the press trying to blame Jared Loughner on the Tea Party movement has cemented in Michael Moriarty's mind her importance to America
A note to Glenn Beck: I reserve my rights: J.J. Jackson was profoundly disappointed by Glenn Beck's immediate response to Jared Loughner's murderous rampage
It's the Constitution, stupid!: In the wake of the Arizona shootings Henry Lamb says that people have already forgotten about America's Constitution
Tragedy to triumph, Democrat style: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste," once said Rahm Emanuel and Mark Alexander says the left is making hay of the Loughner shootings
It is that simple: To Robert T. Smith Jared Loughner's murders in Arizona have one simple lesson to teach us all about humanity and life
The do's and don'ts of Sheriff Dupnik: Another ploy to silence conservatives: Paul A. Ibbetson says that Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik's attack on conservatives and their favourite media figures was designed to silence any future debate
So little, so much: In his editorial, Steven Martinovich wants you to help change the world for the better -- and you don't even have to do very much
The great 'climate change' 2011 taxpayer rip-off: Still unemployed and in danger of losing your house? Fear not, says Alan Caruba, the federal government is still spending billions advancing its climate change agenda
The more things change: Bruce Walker recently spent some time with a July 1943 issue of Reader's Digest and learned that not much has changed with the left and right debate over ideas
Grow the economy not the bureaucracy: If we want manufacturing and innovation to grow, reduce taxes to the lowest in the world and take the boot of regulation off the throat of free enterprise and watch our manufacturing base and our industrial output soar, argues Dr. Robert Owens
Misnamed "net neutrality" favors some over others: Rachel Alexander says "net neutrality" is an answer to a question that time and the marketplace would have answered themselves
A few grown men: It's bad enough that popular culture is a soup of filth and degeneracy but to have it in America's military as well saddens Lisa Fabrizio
John Boehner and men who cry in public: Dr. Jack Kerwick argues that The View has truly taken over all of society when people like John Boehner feel free to cry at the drop of a hat
Greens lie, Africans die: Paul Driessen and Robert Novak say that falsehoods about insecticides and bednets continue to leave a path of destruction and death
Wrong, and wrong: David Seymour argues that the Japanese approach to "public" smoking illustrates why the North American model is broken and ultimately counter-productive
Going broke by going green: Obama Administration energy policies are impairing our jobs, revenues, economy and health, write Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. and Niger Innis
Health care waivers smack of corruption, say watchdogs: Jim Kouri wonders if you would be surprised to learn that some of biggest supporters of Barack Obama and his health care takeover have received waivers from the program's requirements?
The tragedy of Arizona: The shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the deaths of six others is already being turned into hammer to attack the political right, says Daniel M. Ryan
The left hypocritically exploits congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' shooting: Rachel Alexander argues that the political left shouldn't be pointing fingers over the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords
Haiti: A victim of nature and the UN: It's been one year since the massive earthquake in Haiti and Alan Caruba says the small nation continues to be beset by tragedy
The census and conservatism: Bruce Walker argues that the data shows pretty clearly that states where liberalism are dominant are ceding ground to those more conservative in nature
The Ox-Bow Generation: 1973-2011: Upon watching the classic western The Ox-Bow Incident, Michael Moriarty sees parallels between the frontier "justice" of the movie and abortion in America
Denying spiritual man: Denying human beings the right to be spiritually inclined is a key ingredient in creating societies where freedom is curtailed, writes Steve Farrell
Devil in the details: It's rare that something like monetary reform is embraced by both the political left and right which is why you need to read the fine print, cautions Daniel M. Ryan
Truth or consequences: The truth is something that we all eventually must face and Lisa Fabrizio says that America has been avoiding certain truths for some time
Taxation, regulation, and the pursuit of litigation: It used to be life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that reigned over America but Robert T. Smith believes that those noble ideals have been replaced by another triumvirate
Mr. Boehner, et al., Honor your oath!: The Republicans have taken control of the House of Representatives and Mark Alexander has a reminder for them
Racism at Macleans?: A Canadian news magazine sparked a controversy for wondering if some of the country's university's were "too Asian." Aruna Papp says some people need to relax
Another disappointing jobs report: Last Friday's jobs report showed a disappointing level of job growth in the United States. Dr. Peter Morici says there is primarily one reason for this
Where are the jobs?: Candidate Barack Obama promised jobs-a-plenty but President Barack Obama has spectacularly failed in that metric, says Dr. Robert Owens
Playing roulette with the country's future: In an essay which is bound to annoy all political factions, Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson argue that both sides are endangering the economic viability of the United States
The Barack Obama presidency: When being unbelievable is the best defense: If someone had tried to write Barack Obama's story as a work of fiction, says Paul A. Ibbetson, they wouldn't have found a buyer anywhere
Should states have a voice in the federal government?: America's states created the federal government which is why the 17th Amendment needs to be repealed, says Henry Lamb
As Obamacare goes, so goes the intrusive federal government: If Obamacare is actually repealed because it is unconstitutional, writes J.J. Jackson, that must necessarily mean that other federal programs must go too
California dreaming – or nightmaring?: Dictatorial new Delaware vehicle rules impose California rules, for no environmental gain, says John Nichols
The real story behind President Obama and Michael Vick: Barack Obama recently made the news for calling Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie about Michael Vick but Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. and Niger Innis believe the American president had another reason for calling
Saving polar bears by killing them?: Dennis T. Avery reports scientists have reported a grand total of two "hybrid" bears -- bears part polar and part grizzly -- and that means one thing: Kill them!
Addressing one of the casualties of the 111th Congress: There were plenty of things that were killed off during the last congressional session but Frank Salvato says one of them should be mourned: Honesty
Apocalypse not!: We can expect a lot of stories now that we're a year away from 2012 to predict disaster for humanity. Alan Caruba has some advice: Relax
ESR's Person of the Year for 2010: You nominated and based on the number of ballots submitted your Person of the Year for 2010 is...
Rigged their way: The rise of China and their manipulation of the yuan has many calling for protectionist measures like tariffs. Daniel M. Ryan doesn't think it's a particularly good idea
We are Trig!: Trig Palin isn't just the son of Sarah Palin. Michael Moriarty believes that he may also be the key to the revitalization of America
The ties that bind: For all of his class warfare, writes Steven Martinovich, Bought and Paid For: The Unholy Alliance Between Barack Obama and Wall Street shows how much Barack Obama and Wall Street owe to each other
Enter Stage Right's Best Books of 2010: Steven Martinovich has seen better years for books but he still managed to round up a list of what he thought the best books of 2010 were
Robbing man of his divine heritage: Steve Farrell argues that part of a successful campaign to rob people of their liberties is to ensure that the link between human being and God is eliminated
Allen West for Senate: America could use a man like Allen West, a decorated war veteran and staunch conservative, in the U.S. Senate, argues Bruce Walker
Finally we all agree: Everyone agrees the cradle-to-grave nanny-state programs of the Progressive corporate state don’t work. What we disagree on is the motive for their imposition and the remedy for their failure, says Dr. Robert Owens
The missing link in the evolution of Barack Obama: Selwyn Duke is still mystified that Barack Obama has never had a moment where he was converted or transformed into the man that we see today
A great New Year's resolution: Want to make yourself a promise for the New Year? Henry Lamb says he has the perfect thing to work on in 2011
The political assassination of a prescription drug: Richard E. Ralston argues that the FDA's handling of the drug Avandia illustrates what happens when politics takes precedence over science
Humans! Get over yourself!: Think you can destroy the earth? Alan Caruba says we're being pretty arrogant if we think can do anything to truly harm the planet
EPA's Texas power grab: Paul Driessen and Willie Soon say the EPA is threatening Texas with an ultimatum: Knuckle under to EPA's blatant global warming regulatory power grab, or else
A step-change in earth's climate outlook?: Dennis T. Avery reports people want to know why the British Meteorological Office is so bad at predicting long-term weather patterns and whether politics is involved
Driving US families into fuel poverty: Niger Innis, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and Amy Frederick ask: Will America learn in time from the price being paid by British companies and families?
Paradise lost: The bitter pill of global feminism: If feminism is adept at proving anything, writes Carey Roberts, it's that it's a bitter movement that harms both men and women
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February 2011

The doomed presidency: Is Barack Obama a lame duck president? Bruce Walker argues that all the comparisons made of Obama to Jimmy Carter could culminate in a one-term president
Don't play with the nice alligator: The sexual assault of CBS reporter Laura Logan in Egypt during protests illustrates the glaring inadequacies of liberal thought, says Daniel M. Ryan
Good riddance to Fannie & Freddie: The Obama administration plans to "revamp" the mortgage market but Alan Caruba says it would do better by simply killing off Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
A common sense bigot: Albert Einstein once wrote that common sense was a form of prejudice. With that in mind Michael Moriarty gladly takes on the title of bigot
The unserious world of President Barack Obama: Barack Obama's proposed budget last week proves that the man isn't serious about living up to his fiscal promises, argues J.J. Jackson
Don't not do that!: Buying health insurance will no longer be an option because failing to do so will be illegal. In other words, "Don't not do that!" or face the full force of the law and miraculously not doing something becomes doing something, writes Dr. Robert Owens
A strategy for defeating Obama in 2012: Dr. Jack Kerwick believes the only way Barack Obama can be re-elected is if the Democrats use the race card. He argues the GOP should use it right back
An open letter to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: Sometimes politicians deserve praise and this week Joseph Randolph has some for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker for taking the bull by the horns
When the Right is wrong: Last week Michael Medved took a shot at Rush Limbaugh for arguing that Barack Obama did not like America. Michael Alexander says the film critic needs some fresh air
American love: The recent anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth has Lisa Fabrizio thinking of what made the man different from many other leaders
Who controls your state?: The federal government believes that it has the right to dictate how land in states is used. Henry Lamb says that an increasing number of people are rejecting that view
Hatred: The hallmark of the progressive-left: The left may talk of tolerance and love but Frank Salvato says recent actions have proven yet again that the ideological left is infested with all kinds of hatred
LGBT and rainbow justice: In Kansas you'd better be politically correct or suffer the wrath of of a star chamber, says Paul A. Ibbetson
The alternative engine – the not-so-little engine that wouldn't go away: Van Hipp dearly hopes that the new Congress will take aim at an unnecessary engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
Dallas politician: "All of you are white.  Go to hell!": Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price recently used race to attack citizens and wasn't called to account for it. So Selwyn Duke will do the job
Environmentalist fraud and manslaughter: In the name of banning DDT, GEF bureaucrats are consigning millions to death from malaria, says Paul Driessen
Panthergate: The politicization of the Justice Department: A recent report shows that Barack Obama's Department of Justice is clearly beholden to political interests, reports Carey Roberts
Standing up to adversity, both foreign & domestic: Michael R. Shannon says people of principle need to stand up for Raymond Davis and getting rid of the scam of Valentine's Day
A case for foreign policy realism: The fall of Egypt's Hosni Mubarack is an opportunity for the world to practice some realistic foreign policy, argues Daniel M. Ryan
Democrazy: Egypt and the Eternal Constitution: Democratic elections are ostensibly coming to Egypt soon but Selwyn Duke argues that doesn't mean much of that nation's people vote for extremism
The debt bomb showdown: With America's debt continuing to explode in size Mark Alexander says Barack Obama's policies have to be put to a complete halt
Karl Marx in Tehran: Michael Moriarty takes aim at George Soros by wondering if the billionaire holds some anti-Semitic views
All that glitters: Steve Martinovich reviews The Dollar Meltdown: Surviving the Impending Currency Crisis with Gold, Oil, and Other Unconventional Investments, an investment guide for some very troubled times
Pinheads or patriots: O'Reilly and Obama: A recent admission by Bill O'Reilly that he had never read Dreams From My Father doesn't exactly endear the Fox News commentator to Dr. Jack Kerwick
How should we interpret the constitution?: There are a lot of theories of how America's constitution should be interpreted but Bruce Walker has a very simple approach
Multicultural suicide: There is truth to the notion you can have too much of a good thing and when it comes to multiculturalism, argues Alan Caruba, Americans have had too much
The GOP splits over extending the Patriot Act: The Patriot Act will soon die and the GOP is finding itself in on both sides of the issue, says Rachel Alexander
How long did the limits last?: Dr. Robert Owens asks how long did the limits last?  The Anti-Federalists were still active in politics as the warnings they gave were realized and the children of the Revolution took their first steps down the road to tyranny
Another "blood libel": Michael Moriarty recently received some questions from a reporter from Media Matters and has decided to respond with rebuttal in the form of an essay
Abortion in 2011: From tax breaks to heartache: Paul A. Ibbetson says there is a growing debate in the United States whether abortion services should have tax breaks
I suffer from Caliphatephobia: Harold Witkov has been told by many that fearing about a future caliphate is groundless because extremism doesn't have popular support. He remains unconvinced
Free trade with Europe will be good for Canada: Cam Dahl argues that Canadians need to support a free trade agreement that is currently being negotiated with the European Union
Here a sin, there a vice and liberals want to tax them all: J.J. Jackson is tired of some of life's pleasures being considered sins and therefore being taxed by those who believe they know better then you
Trade deficit drags on growth and jobs creation: Last Friday's jobs report was yet another disappointment and Dr. Peter Morici says it's the result of one thing
Terrorism: How much trouble are we in?...quite a bit: Ignorance about some of the key players in the protests in Egypt have reinforced Frank Salvato's belief that the Obama administration is dangerously inept to handle some pretty big issues
The goal: Control of land use: If you want to know why governments are so eager to take over land Henry Lamb says there is a pretty important reason for it
The war on the constitution: Recent court decisions against Obamacare illustrate the extent of the expansion of the federal government and some people's contempt of the constitution, writes Richard E. Ralston
Women's empowerment programs hurt women: Governments keep instituting programs to empower women but Carey Roberts argues that many of these initiatives end up doing otherwise
Egypt and President Obama's moment: That change is coming to Egypt is beyond doubt and Dr. Peter Morici says that Barack Obama has to get this one right
The media, Egypt and lost penumbras: Journalists are being attacked in Egypt and not receiving a lot of sympathy in response. Daniel M. Ryan says it's not hard to figure out why
American Existentialism: Jared Loughner: When a list of Jared Lee Loughner's favourite books and authors came to life Michael Moriarty was quite surprised that French Existentialists were nowhere to be found
A revolution without bullets: All across America Henry Lamb argues that people are beginning to resist anti-freedom measures from all levels of government
What Reagan meant: It is impossible to calculate what Ronald Reagan meant to Americans and the world -- if only for his optimism about the future, says Bruce Walker
Barack Obama, shape-shifter: Though it appears that Barack Obama is a man who has beliefs, Alan Caruba argues that it's actually difficult to pin down what he really is
The Reagan Centennial: Sunday marked the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth, a reminder to all Americans of the quality the man, writes Mark Alexander
On fundamentalism: Dr. Jack Kerwick is a proud Christian but he has trouble with people who believe that the only true Jesus can only be found in the pages of the Bible
Christian Super Bowl ads more offensive than lurid ads: Another Super Bowl has come and gone and Rachel Alexander says once again openly Christian advertising was rejected in favour of salacious messages
The Middle East, the world, at a crossroads: The continuing protests across the Middle East mean the region can go in one of two directions, says Frank Salvato
The great civil debate: In the wake of Jared Lee Loughner's insane shooting spree some are calling for a return to "civil debate". Dr. Robert Owens agrees that a different kind of debate is needed
Analyzing the open-border mentality: Paul A. Ibbetson believes that those who advocate open borders believe that anyone is simply entitled to come live in the United States
Evicting Jesus?: A recent fight between a Catholic hospital that permitted an abortion to take place and resulting excommunications reveals much about people's thoughts about the faith, says Lisa Fabrizio
Obama: "Abandon our economy!": Larry Eubank argues that Barack Obama's continued push for free trade agreements will do a huge disservice to the American economy
Calls for lynching of black justice at predominantly white political rally: Christian Hartsock recently attended a leftist rally organized by Common Cause. What did he hear? Not much...except for calls for violence and the lynching of Clarence Thomas
Keep business tax relief: Use it to reduce corporate welfare: Kevin Gaudet thinks that Canada's leftist parties shouldn't be attacking corporate tax cuts, but rather the government's policy of corporate welfare
White outs, red ink and general malfeasance: Like a good number of people J.J. Jackson is dealing with recent snow storms and he thinks the government response says a lot
Science confronts edu-babble: Many educational theories hold writing tests as some barbaric relic of the 18th century. Michael Zwaagstra argues otherwise
The nanny staters at life's dangerous intersections: Happy and controlled -- that's the way many politicians appear to want their charges to be, says Selwyn Duke, is proved by some recent legislative efforts
Keynesian philosophical assumptions: Keynesian may be popular among many politicians and economists but Thomas E. Brewton argues that there are some uncomfortable assumptions built into the dogma
Losing Egypt: Alan Caruba is worried that the protests in Egypt could presage another extremist style takeover just as happened in Iran in 1979 with another American president ill-equipped to deal with the crisis
Obama administration posturing all over the place on Egyptian standoff: Rachel Alexander accuses the Obama administration of playing games over the continuing unrest in Egypt
The face of a Supreme Court "lion": Last week's anniversary of the legalization of abortion by the U.S. Supreme Court has Michael Moriarty thinking of the type of men confident enough to be complicit in the murder of millions
Why Sputnik's orbit doesn't intersect economic growth: Barack Obama's reference to Sputnik during his State of the Union address has Daniel M. Ryan thinking about America's long-term prospects
2011 SOTU: My response: Mark Alexander found so much objectionable about Barack Obama's State of the Union speech last week he pretty much had to address every line of it
Civility? What channel?: The left keeps talking about the lack of civility in political debates and Frank Salvato argues they are experts on the matter
U.S. debt should be downgraded to below Japan: Japan sound, U.S insolvent: Last week S&P downgraded Japan's debt over concerns of its increasing debt. Dr. Peter Morici argues that it is the United States that should have faced that ignominious critique
The Pet Rock versus Obamacare: In 1975 an advertising executive had a brilliant idea: Sell rocks to the public as pets. Paul A. Ibbetson argues that rock was more useful to the average American then Obamacare
The Politics of Conversation versus The Politics of Argument: Barack Obama loves to call the debate between opposing political viewpoints as a "conversation" but Dr. Jack Kerwick isn't quite sure what the American president is referring to
Hu's on first: The recent visit of the Chinese president to Washington, D.C. has many wondering if China has finally become the Middle Kingdon: The land between heaven and earth, writes Dr. Robert Owens
North Korea – Waiting for the endgame: Until the end comes, writes Chris Clancy, the same old game will be played with North Korea and its people
The BPA File – Part One: Demonizing Bisphenol-A: Alan Caruba launches a multi-part series on the latest public health target, the chemical known as Bisphenol-A
Is it time to expand the Fairness Doctrine?: Conservatives remain deadset against the Fairness Doctrine but Selwyn Duke wonders if they should actually be supporting an expanded version of the liberal pet cause
Obama's dangerous gamble: Why did Barack Obama and the Democrats agree to cut employee contributions by 2 per cent to Social Security? J.J. Jackson says it's part of a gamble for 2012
Prying political parties from taxpayer trough: Kevin Gaudet believes that Canadians shouldn't have to subsidize the political parties that vie for their attention
When housing affordability, demographics, and tax bills collide: In relative terms the Canadian economic landscape is a strong one but David Seymour says there are some storm clouds coming when it comes to housing affordability for young people and immigrants
Would getting the economy on track give us a free pass out of the federal budget mess?: Many hope that a return of strong economic growth would solve many of America's fiscal issues but Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson argue that the problems are too big for that to happen
New study affirms natural climate change: Dennis T. Avery reports that a new paper by an Indian scientist supports his contention that climate change is a natural process
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March 2011

In every state: Bruce Walker has written many times about the Battleground Poll and what it means for conservatives but he says there's news in the latest edition that everyone overlooked
National tatter: Last week's passing of Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor has Daniel M. Ryan thinking of how celebrity and the people who have it have changed over the years
Against all energy anywhere: It doesn't matter what kind of energy it is, argues Alan Caruba, the environmentalist movement will eventually come out against it because they have a larger target
The religion of power: Michael Moriarty shouts "J'Accuse" at Barack Obama and his fellow travellers for doing whatever is necessary to spread their agenda at home and around the world
Fearing the worst: How crises in Middle East and Japan threaten a second great recession: Not only are western economies not out of the woods, Dr. Peter Morici believes that the crises in the Middle East and Japan could send them right back into the forest
Liberty and leaders: Many are decrying Barack Obama's apparent lack of leadership during recent world crises but Dr. Jack Kerwick is perfectly content to have an American president sit back and watch
Inspired by Barack's Brackets: Much was made of Barack Obama taking the time to put together a March Madness bracket so Harold Witkov decided to do the same
What needs to be said about what needs to be done: Americans need to stand up and both speak and act against political, social and economic policies which will rob their children of liberty, argues Dr. Robert Owens
The magic pig analogy: Chris Clancy uses the story of a magic money generating pig to explain the dangers of fiat currency like the U.S. dollar
Be bold: Gov. Scott Walker and the Wisconsin GOP should be an example to all conservatives when facing off against the political left, writes Bruce Walker
Yes, violence can be the answer: The recent controversy surrounding a young Australian boy teaching a bully a lesson proved to Selwyn Duke that a little violence can occasionally be the answer
Words without honour: Liberal MP Justin Trudeau recently disagreed with Canada's government use of the word "barbaric" to describe honour killings. Aruna Papp weighs in
Poking its nose into someone else's business: The same government that made a hash of the mortgage industry is now looking into the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger. J.J. Jackson says the federal government needs to stay out of it
A political reality show: Bert Prelutsky can do little more than marvel at the sheer lunacy that abounds in American popular and political culture today
Confronting "sustainability": Henry Lamb says the key to a community rejecting the "sustainable development" agenda is education
Japan's Fukushima explosions: A setback for nuclear power?: Protests have erupted over nuclear power all over the world in the aftermath of the issues at the nuclear reactors in Fukushima Daiichi and Rachel Alexander hopes it doesn't derail plans for using that power source in the future
Nuclear safety: Reactors that can't melt down: The earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan has returned debate to the safety of nuclear power and Dr. Kelvin Kemm believes he has an answer to the critics
Human motivation: The political left believes in the perfectability of man and engineering of societies but Thomas E. Brewton says human beings aren't programmable automatons
Euchring out a geopolitical quagmire: The weekend saw the first round of Coalition strikes against Libyan targets and Daniel M. Ryan wonders if they were counterproductive
Obama, as red as it gets: No doubt about it, argues Alan Caruba, there is a full-fledged Marxist sitting in the White House
Presidential chic: Tom Wolfe once talked about the "radical chic" to describe the wealthy elite who subscribed to radical causes leading Michael Moriarty to adopt his own term for men like Barack Obama
Gutting ObamaCare in stop-gap spending bills not necessarily prudent: She's not getting soft so Rachel Alexander has a good reason for her opinion that trying to defund ObamaCare in the stop-gap spending measures is a bad idea
Big meltdowns imperiling the U.S.: Major problems at home and abroad and Barack Obama is out golfing? Mark Alexander says this current president reminds him of another inept president
Rush, Republicans, and conservatives: A recent phone call to Rush Limbaugh's radio program proved to Dr. Jack Kerwick that some prominent conservatives don't get why people are suspicious of the Republican Party
Harper's tax boutique: Tax expenditures in a time of deficit: Ben Sand and Peter Shawn Taylor explore how Canada's government has engaged in "boutique tax cuts" in recent years and what it means
Are we on our way to Gettysburg?: Dr. Robert Owens argues a lack of historical perspective shares part of the blame why the United States is in the condition it is
While Obama and the West talk...tyranny kills: No Fly Zone or not, Frank Salvato says the world handled itself horribly during the revolution in Libya
Japan: The economic consequences of disaster: Dr. Peter Morici says Japan -- and the world -- will be faced with large economic dislocations for years to come because of the tragedy suffered by the island nation
One-armed puzzle solvers vs. multi-armed detectives: Harry Truman may have once famously called for a "one-armed economist" but Vikram Mansharamani says a multi-disciplinary approach to issues would be a better fit
Ex-Rad, the U.S. military's radiation wonder drug: The tragedy in Japan should put a spotlight on a wonder drug years in the making that protects people from the effects of even lethal radiation, says Van Hipp, Jr.
If "no new nukes" – Wind won't keep us warm: Reactions to ongoing issues at the Fukushima Daiichi reactors is leading some to make some very idiotic pronouncements, writes Dennis T. Avery
Organized labor vs. Tea Parties: Organized labour is taking shots at the Tea Party and Henry Lamb says the contest isn't even side is motivated by more than self-interest
Like the weekend?  Praise Henry Ford, not the unions: Unions love to tell their members that among their accomplishments is the existence of the weekend but J.J. Jackson says they're telling a lie
My dream: A prosperous Uganda: Cyril Boynes, Jr. argues that developing Uganda's oil and gas resources will create opportunity and prosperity
Pro-democracy, Anti-American: Why the two cohere: Why do American efforts to promote democracy around the world tend to result in anti-Americanism? Daniel M. Ryan says the answer is a fairly obvious one
Global warming R.I.P.: Is the global warming scam dead? Alan Caruba says not quite, but we do seem to be seeing its final days
A perfectly useful idiot: A response to his recent essay on Jared Lee Loughner and existentialism has Michael Moriarty more sure than ever about the type of people he believes are intellectually and morally hollowing out the United States
GOP presidential prospects shaping into two tiers: Rachel Alexander surveys the current contenders for the 2012 GOP crown and not surprisingly finds that not all are equal players
Democratic Socialism: Mark Alexander argues that the rapidly exploding American national debt will eventually create some huge political reverberations as the nation realizes what's really happening
What will you do when the lights go out?: American energy policy seems intent on destroying the ability of the nation to actually produce power, argues Dr. Robert Owens
Mexico: Your spring break death-stination: When your kids plan their next Spring Break vacation, writes Paul A. Ibbetson, they might want to avoid Mexico
Government shutdowns and death threats...bring it on: Some may wail about any shut down of government over budget deliberations but Frank Salvato says a shut down, and any threats from the left, are very welcome
Islam perceived versus Islam itself: The debate over investigating homegrown terrorism in America has Dr. Jack Kerwick thinking about the nature of religion and how we categorize believers
Sportsmanship: Sportsmanship used to be about giving your all and playing within the rules. Today? It's all about...well, everything but, explains Lisa Fabrizio
Alternative reality in Wisconsin: It was apparent from the beginning that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was trying to balance his state's budget but Larry Eubank says his opponents painted as something else
Does an attacker attacked have a right to attack back?: The controversy in Wisconsin had J.J. Jackson thinking of some bigger issues related to the current left-right debate in American society
The party's over: Alan Caruba grew up in Maplewood, N.J. and finds that his small hometown truly is a microcosm of what's happening in the United States today
Let us not turn our backs to science: Cam Dahl says Canadians -- and the entire world -- need to continue working on agricultural science and not fall prey to the demands of environmentalists
Toxins move up on worry list: Activists need causes to remain relevant and Dennis T. Avery says prepare to hear a lot more about toxins
Gas price too high?  Thank the greens, Dems, and Clinton: Henry Lamb attributes much of the high gas prices of today to decisions made over the past two decades and there's only one way to reverse the trend
Welcome to the Third World: Develop American energy – or say good-bye to jobs, revenue and modern living standards, argues Paul Driessen
Give compromise a chance – at a distance: The two sides in the Libyan conflict are arguing from opposite sides of the continuum so leave it to Daniel M. Ryan to offer a solution that perhaps both can find palatable
Duped! Relentless Marxist deception: Alan Caruba believes that Americans were tricked into voting for Barack Obama in 2008 and that must not happen again
Horrifyingly simple...: Yet another barbarism has taken over the United States and Michael Moriarty can only hope that this one is the last
What would Jefferson do?: Dr. Larry Schweikart argues in What Would the Founders Say? A Patriot's Answers to America's Most Pressing Problems that the Founders likely wouldn't have created TARP. Steven Martinovich can't help but agree
And the dead beat goes on: To say Dr. Robert Owens wasn't impressed by the GOP agreeing to increase the debt limit for two weeks would be somewhat of an understatement
Republicans are going Thomas Jefferson on us: Much how like Thomas Jefferson was small government when it suited him, J.J. Jackson says the Republicans are saying thing and doing another
Don't break out the champagne just yet: News on Friday that the American economy added several hundred thousand jobs last month is good but Dr. Peter Morici says it's tempered by some uncomfortable facts
A republic, if you can keep it: The continuing fight in Wisconsin reminds Frank Salvato why he's happy the United States was created a republic...not a democracy
Obama's philosophy: Not Islam, but neo-Marxism: Barack Obama isn't a closet Muslim but Dr. Jack Kerwick says the president's views on race and class informs his world view and preferences
Wisconsin Democrats stage a cuckoo coup: Union protesters and their allies have repeatedly compared Wisconsin governor Scott Walker to Adolph Hitler but Larry Eubank says this might be a case of the kettle calling the pot black
A modest proposal…to kill the Internet: Justin Banda is firmly behind any proposal to allow the U.S. government the power and ability to kill the Internet in times of crisis
Christians push back against gay agenda in Kansas: Kansas continues to grapple with an activist agenda when it comes to to the LGBT movement and Paul A. Ibbetson says Christians are beginning to respond
Democratic or Islamic uprisings sweeping the Arab world?: Rachel Alexander believes it's too early to conclude whether the uprisings taking place across the Arab world are Democratic in nature or the ascent of Islamism
Undermining the third pillar of liberty: Mark Alexander argues that Barack Obama's abandonment of the Defence of Marriage Act is an attack on American society
Sustainable development treaty in the making?: Henry Lamb says another push for a global sustainable development treaty is coming and Americans better be prepared to fight
Three lost decades and the corruption of climate science: Thanks to the climate change orthodoxy, writes Tim Ball, the world has lost three decades and a generation of scientists who could have searched for the truth
Fearing EPA's carbon tax: Dennis T. Avery says everyone will suffer if the Environmental Protection Agency gets it's way on carbon emissions
Repeal the rights-destroying health care law: Health care "reform" may be law but that isn't stopping Jason Sagall from continuing the fight against it
Alfred E. President: Barack Obama is increasingly resembling Mad Magazine's hapless mascot, says Bruce Walker, and America suffers for it
The hornets are friendly…: Daniel M. Ryan argues that since God only knows who'll come out on top in the struggles in nations like Egypt and Libya, Barack Obama is right to adopt a wait-and-see approach
Burke and revolution: Revolution is the word of the day but Dr. Jack Kerwick cautions conservatives to be careful of hoping for too much from the convulsions in the Middle East
The Second American Civil War: Those convulsions aren't only in Tripoli or Cairo and Michael Moriarty says Americans shouldn't be surprised to see something similar in their own cities
America's gay White House: Alan Caruba believes that the Obama administration's actions involving GLBT issues is creating dangers for wider society
Tomorrow begins today: America's prosperity in danger, argues Dr. Robert Owens, and the solutions are surprisingly fairly simple
Collectivist tyranny: The union protests in Wisconsin remind Mark Alexander of the protests in countries like Greece -- no surprise since the same political ideology informs them
Desperate Wisconsin unions resort to Alinsky tactics: Rachel Alexander argues that the unions in Wisconsin are taking their tactics straight from the book of Saul Alinsky
Union blues: Union membership was once considered as American as apple pie but Lisa Fabrizio says Americans have had enough of the abuses of the labour movement
Wrestling with morality: Boys vs. girls on the mat: The recent case of a boy refusing to wrestle a girl in a state championship has Selwyn Duke thinking of bigger social issues
Obama's 2012 budget: Why does he hate so many people?: J.J. Jackson has spent the past few days mulling over Barack Obama's proposed budget and still quite can't understand it
No, no Con-Con: Some seeking positive change in America are agitating for a new constitutional convention but Henry Lamb says that plan carries far too many risks
More biofuels, more greenhouse gases: A new study argues there is plenty of land available for biofuel production but Dennis T. Avery says they forgot a few things
Blacks who built the GOP: Black History Month is almost over but Ken Raymond wants to remind Americans of the tremendous role African-Americans played in building the GOP
Wealth and state capitalism: Some recent additions to President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness showed Ben Cerruti that capitalism has been sacrificed to a form of socialism
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April 2011

President Trump: What would he be like?: Though he's at best a dark horse candidate, billionaire Donald Trump is making some waves as a potential GOP nominee for president. Daniel M. Ryan investigates what we could expect from him
An argument in support of the Trump Trend: While most are quite dubious about a Trump bid for the presidency, Dr. Jack Kerwick is a fan of the man and what he brings to the table
The gift-bearing, New World Order "Machine": Why is it unlikely that people like Paul Ryan or Sarah Palin will become president? Michael Moriarty believes there is a machine that would extract a heavy price
The Middle East mess: Alan Caruba has lived long enough to know that the myriad of problems in the Middle East means that it's unlikely anything good is going to come out of that region
Nesting ecological issues within notions of culture and tradition: Mark Wegierski notes some of the affinities between traditionalist and ecological thinking
Arizona prospering after SB 1070: Economic calamity was predicted after Arizona passed SB 1070. The reality? Rachel Alexander reports the state is a magnet for people and business
No, beauty is not in the eye of the beholder: Most people would instinctively agree with the sentiment that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Selwyn Duke is not most people
As the pseudo-conservatives wail: J.J. Jackson got a lot of grief for attacking Rep. Paul Ryan last week and he's hardly apologizing for what he wrote
Liberals struggle with Tea Party reality: The political left is continuing to deny the efficacy of the Tea Party movement and they will continue to pay the price at the polls, argues Paul A. Ibbetson
Truth, justice and the American Way: A recent headline which saw China urging responsibility on the U.S. didn't have the effect on Dr. Robert Owens that you would think such a thing would
Why do billionaires support Obama?: Contrary to accepted wisdom the very rich swing to the left. Ben Cerutti says there is a very simple reason for that
It's not 'What the American people want': Mark Alexander has a simple message for politicians on both the left and right side of the aisles: It is not about what the American people want
Political payback – Oregon style: OSU tries to expel PhD candidate children of scientist who ran against Cong. Peter DeFazio, reports Paul Driessen
Why illness has become a crime: Government controlled health care means your body isn't your own and Richard E. Ralston argues that leads to the near criminalizing of many private behaviors
A double whammy for consumers: Dennis T. Avery says that high energy and food prices are the fault of the Obama administration and its environmentalist policies
Agenda 21 is in your community: Whether you know it or not, says Henry Lamb, there are likely some elements of international sustainable development treaties present in initiatives being imposed in your community
Inane in Spain: The gender agenda forges ahead: Carey Roberts reports that Spain's President Rodriguez Zapatero has made some big moves when it comes to his war against the traditional family
Importing medical tourism: A lot of money pours into countries like India in the form of westerners seeking cheap medical services. Daniel M. Ryan argues we could -- and should -- be doing the same thing
The longstanding Liberal hegemony in Canada – and the challenges to it: As the 2011 federal election campaign is underway, Mark Wegierski says that the hopes for real change in Canada are rather thin
The American version of Winston Churchill: Michael Moriarty points to not one but two people he believes could save the United States from falling into the moral precipice that it's edging ever closer to
Earth Day and environmental insanity: With Earth Day approaching Alan Caruba wants to remind everyone that the environmentalist movement remains completely disconnected from reality
Rep. Paul Ryan isn't the savior we need: Plenty of praise is being showered on Rep. Paul Ryan for his proposed budget but J.J. Jackson isn't one of his plan's fans because it simply doesn't address the scope of the country's problems
Boosting Canada's gold reserves, the smart way: Daniel M. Ryan has a proposal that would boost Canada's gold reserves and allow gold favouring entities to transact in the precious metal
Uncle Sam plays, you pay: Now the battle looms to raise the debt limit, an inside-the-belt-way shell game wherein the parties of power each beat their chests and growl at each other about who is the most responsible before they both vote to increase the limit on their collective credit card, argues Dr. Robert Owens
Intervention failure in Washington: Budgets, addicts and enablers: The latest budget exercise shaved off a few mere points from America's spending plan which proves government is absolutely addicted to spending, writes Paul A. Ibbetson
When a compromise isn't a compromise: Both the Republicans and Democrats seem willing to agree on a compromise on their nations debt and budget but Frank Salvato says only one side ever wins those exercises
New Tea Party and Boehner alliance triumphs in government shutdown showdown: Rachel Alexander bucks the trend and believes that the budget deal that was struck was actually a good thing for the right
Contracts are made to be broken: Michael R. Shannon says John Boehner and the GOP were sent to Washington, D.C. this past November in part to rein in the nation's out of control spending and they've already betrayed that promise
We should remain open to all food choices: Cam Dahl has no problem with organic or local food, he just has a problem with people trying to guilt everyone else into buying into their agenda
American mastery: The recent TV coverage of the Masters tournament drove Lisa Fabrizio crazy even as she loved the tournament itself
How sacred is your property?: The only way Americans can make sure their right to private property remains intact is if they continue to push back against government control of land, writes Henry Lamb
The US should follow Europe's lead: Environmentalists say we should be following Europe's lead on energy policy. Paul Driessen agrees. No, we aren't kidding
The left and choke points of society: Despite most Americans considering themselves conservatives, the left has seemingly imposed their agenda on the country. Bruce Walker explains why
Don't die on third: Music, a little bit of baseball and a faith in the Almighty today inform much of Michael Moriarty's thoughts and his rejection of much of what has happened in recent decades
Blockage to a gold standard, and a way through: Going back to a gold standard-based currency isn't as easy as trucking some gold to Fort Knox. Daniel M. Ryan says there are some hurdles that need to be identified
The Iranian armageddon: Alan Caruba argues that Iran seems intent on bringing about an armageddon in the Middle East that would eventually destroy us all
The unknown known man: Steven Martinovich enjoyed Donald Rumsfeld's Known and Unknown: A Memoir to the point that he wanted more from the former secretary of defense
Why the Morocco demonstrations are successfully bringing about democratic changes: You may not have heard much about the pro-democracy demonstrations in Morocco but Rachel Alexander argues it may be a template for other Arab nations
Setting brushfires, one Mario Lemieux fan at a time: J.J. Jackson's brand new Mario Lemieux replica rookie jersey brought him into contact with a lot of people so he decided to try a little experiment
Immovable object meet the irresistible force: Dr. Robert Owens argues that Americans are exceptional people who can overcome anything and they can definitely get past what politicians have done to their nation
Terry Jones, his critics, and Islam: Terry Jones and his burning of a copy of the Quran raised some questions but Dr. Jack Kerwick says not the ones most people are asking
Don't trust the organic label: Many people instinctively reach for the organic label in the belief that it's better for you and grown in an Earth-friendly way, says Mischa Popof
Winning 'thuggly': So-called "progressive liberals" seem to be willing to do anything to win an election and Frank Salvato says the right has to be ready to expose their tactics
States push back against federal power: A lone bill in the Texas legislature could potentially make some big waves across the United States, writes Henry Lamb
Dog lovers and baby killers: If only the world cared as much about African children and families, as they do about dogs, laments Cyril Boynes, Jr.
Real life and antibiotic resistance: Farmers are being told to reduce the amount of antibiotics in the feed of their hogs -- something that Dennis T. Avery says will only lead to more sick animals
Fears and facts: Paul Driessen says Fukushima has lessons for America's already safe nuclear plants
Warning! Just about everything will kill you: The fact that you are still alive is amazing...if you believe what the scaremongers tell you about the world, writes Alan Caruba
Palimpsest of a gold standard: Could Americans be moving towards a new gold standard? Daniel M. Ryan says there are some signs that the public recognizes the trouble their country is in
American suicide: When Michael Moriarty talks about "American suicide" he's not just talking about the current Administration's pandering to the country's enemies, there's a dark moment that lies behind the current mess
In Memoriam: Katyn (1940) and Katyn (2010): Oskar Chomicki and Mark Wegierski present a translation from Polish to commemorate the Polish plane tragedy of April 10, 2010
Are unintended consequences the intention?: When the unintended consequences are the only consequences we should count on, it makes one wonder how unintended they are, writes Dr. Robert Owens
The golden anniversary of the worst amendment: Bruce Walker says no celebration was in order for the 23rd Amendment, the worst of any amendment in his opinion
Who is the real cowboy? Who is the real utopian?: Dr. Jack Kerwick weighs in on the differences between Barack Obama and George W. Bush and their excursions in the Middle East
The Obama Doctrine is not good foreign policy: Dr. Peter Morici says Barack Obama did clearly lay out America's goals in Libya but the problem is that the policy behind it is absolutely absurd
Raising real women: Raising Righteous & Rowdy Girls is a guide to raising girls into women who can shoot a rifle, stand up for themselves and not turn into Lindsay Lohan. Paul A. Ibbetson says its a winner
Libyan rebels have questionable history, says intelligence source: Libya's rebels are being painted by some as modern day George Washingtons but Jim Kouri reports that some have questions about a few of the movement's members
Extinction?: A new study suggests that religion may die out in nine nations -- including Canada -- relatively soon. Lisa Fabrizio isn't particularly convinced of that
The final days of the Glenn Beck phenomenon?: Rumour has it that Glenn Beck will be leaving his popular Fox News program. Rachel Alexander says if that does happen it won't impact on his influence in American politics
The straw man of the left: Robert T. Smith takes aim at a popular tool of the left: Declaring the American constitution to be racist and therefore invalid
No, no, no! No more Gorelicks!: Jamie Gorelick as the next Director of the FBI? To say Frank Salvato is appalled doesn't even capture the extent of his disgust
The "smart" meters cometh: J.J. Jackson recently received a letter announcing a "smart meter' pilot program in his area. To say it raised a few questions would be an understatement
Obama: Transforming America: Surprised as to what Barack Obama has done since he's been elected? Henry Lamb says you shouldn't be because he promised everything that's come to pass
Obama's assault on weapons: Americans may not be hearing much about Barack Obama's thoughts on firearms but Mark Alexander says there is plenty going on behind the scenes
Give natives rights to their land: Canadian aboriginals are having difficulty obtaining business loans and typically First Nations leaders have lost the plot, says Joseph Quesnel
Power for the people: Paul Driessen argues that you cannot champion the poor, but support anti-energy policies that perpetuate poverty
Safe hamburger—At last?: Dennis T. Avery reports on a new system that could eliminate all harmful bacteria from hamburger -- assuming that the powers that be actually allow its use
What really threatens our future?: Beware of anti-energy policies claiming to prevent climate change, warm Willie Soon and Barun Mitra
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May 2011

The greatest garage sale: Could a sell-off of government assets be enough to avoid future debt ceilings and keep the machine functioning? Daniel M. Ryan explores the question
"Third parties" in Canada (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at "third parties" in Canada, especially Preston Manning's Reform Party -- which some consider to have effectively become the "first party" in the 2011 Canadian federal election
The Haunted Heaven: If life is a tune then Michael Moriarty's may have been a symphony and he kicks off his memoir with the inspiration of music
Democrats disguising real reasons for high gas prices: Gas prices are beginning to approach record highs and Rachel Alexander says the fault can be traced back to the actions of the Democrats
The constitution failed: It was the thesis of his recent book and Dr. Robert Owens argues the same here: America's constitution failed thanks to how it was interpreted by the nation's leaders
Exploring the Republican paradox: How Republicans have reacted to Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul says a lot about the party, writes Dr. Jack Kerwick
The United States of Stupid: Alan Caruba argues that states like North Carolina are leading the way in dumbing down education and the country as a whole
No joke! CDC offers advice to deal with zombie apocalypse!: J.J. Jackson wasn't all that amused by a recent CDC blog post that made headlines for advising people how to make it through a zombie infestation
The unintended consequences of Canada's equalization program: Ben Eisen argues that Canada's equalization program has some provinces more equal than others
The beatable Obama: The less media-driven story: The media may still be sold on Barack Obama in 2012 but Paul A. Ibbetson says the incumbent president is very much beatable
The American flag is "offensive" in schools now: It used to be just religion but Selwyn Duke says the American flag itself may be considered offensive in schools
Sex scares used to ban BPA: Nothing gets people's attention like sex so it should be no surprise that the public campaign against BPA included sex, says Alan Caruba
The constitution is not what it used to be: If the words mean anything, they mean nothing. When it comes to America's constitution, writes Henry Lamb, that's the tact its enemies take
The directorate of indoctrination: Barack Obama is traveling the country talking education but Mark Alexander says his education agenda has nothing to do with feel-good platitudes
The return of the unicorn: Congressional candidate John W. Douglass has proclaimed himself as a "conservative Democrat" in the hopes of winning in 2012 and Michael R. Shannon has a problem with that
Obama vs. Israel: Is Barack Obama an enemy of Israel? Alan Caruba says the American president has made it clear that he and his administration are not fans of the Jewish state
The debt ceiling and scaremanship: Daniel M. Ryan would agree with a newly increased debt ceiling for the U.S. federal long as it was linked to spending cuts
The Second American Alamo: 2012: Michael Moriarty argues that 2012 is shaping up to be the "do or die" year for American liberty
In search of true federalism in Canada: Old Canada, New Canada, and "Canada Three": As Harper begins policy planning for the Tory majority government, Mark Wegierski argues that an uplifting synthesis of the Old and New Canada is needed
Seeing the future in the past: If you have money in the market -- any market -- Steve Martinovich says you could do worse than reading Boombustology: Spotting Financial Bubbles Before They Burst
A declaration of energy independence: Dr. Robert Owens asks how can we achieve the energy independence which every president since Nixon has said is a matter of national security?
Presidential texts from the edge: The U.S. federal government has a plan to send text messages to those Americans who sign up so J.J. Jackson will obviously have some fun with the idea
The risk of U.S. default and return of the gold standard: Dr. Peter Morici argues that if the U.S. intends to continue on its financially suicidal course, it may be only a matter of time that gold returns to being considered real money
Standards? We don't need no stinking standards!: The annual news stories noting CEO pay vs. the average worker are beginning to roll out but Michael R. Shannon says we should be looking at the bigger picture
Time to dump the U.N.: Henry Lamb says Rep. Ron Paul's American Sovereignty Restoration Act needs to be seriously considered by this current Congress
How should conservatives view the Osama killing?: Some conservatives are still having some problems with Osama bin Laden's demise so Lisa Fabrizio has some words of help for them
Bin Laden death photo: Obama breaks from history, America losing spine: Paul A. Ibbetson says Barack Obama should follow historical precedence and allow the release of the Osama bin Laden death photos
Libya – Making sense of the intervention: Two months into the bombing of Libya and not much seems to have changed. Chris Clancy tries to figure out the end game
Time to prune the overgrown bureaucracy: Now that the Conservatives have a majority Tim Ball says it's time to take the knife to Canada's bloated bureaucracy
Sunset or sunrise on liberty?: Many are down on the future of America with the election of Barack Obama but Mark Alexander argues that the future is still to be written
Creating poverty through 'social justice': If San Franciso is any indication of how it works, Frank Salvato wants no part of "social justice" requirements when it comes to government operations
Maunder Minimum 1740 -- Replay in 2020?: Dennis T. Avery reports on a reader's observation that temperatures of today are very similar to those of the mid-1700s and what that means for us
Napolitano's 'Border Security Index' an excuse for inaction, says lawmaker: Jim Kouri reports that the Obama administration wants Americans to believe that they've done everything possible to secure the nation's borders
Spike the football: The killing of Osama bin Laden should have been a triumphant moment for Barack Obama but Daniel M. Ryan says his administration managed to screw that up
It's not over till it's over: The death of Osama bin Laden was a positive step in the war against terrorism but Dr. Robert Owens hopes no one actually believes that the war itself is concluded
The man who got Osama bin Laden: Barack Obama is being praised solely by the those media -- at least those who would praise that sort of thing -- for the death of Osama bin Laden but Harold Witkov is thinking of someone else
The Red Islamic Hall of Mirrors: Michael Moriarty acknowledges the evil that was Osama in Laden but he's not particularly overjoyed at the manner of his death
"Death or Victory" now await: Mark Wegierski notes that after winning a parliamentary majority after decades of negativity, the right in Canada now faces a "world-defining" struggle
Majority mandate demands an ambitious agenda: Ben Eisen argues that the new Conservative majority government should be ambitious and energetic
The Pakistani pit of deception: Alan Caruba wasn't too surprised that Pakistan had been harbouring Osama bin Laden for what may have been years
Obama proves economically inept with Osama bin Laden: With tongue planted in cheek J.J. Jackson argues that Barack Obama could have made some money for the country with the death of Osama bin Laden
Bin Laden operation: CIA officers praised for their 'transgressions?': Barack Obama may be taking all the credit for the death of Osama bin Laden but Jim Kouri wants to remind everyone what his administration tried to do not too long ago
The next election and race: How do you know an presidential election is coming? Dr. Jack Kerwick is warning Republicans to be prepared for the increased accusations of racism from Barack Obama's supporters
Sacred cows: Although it was quickly forgotten in the joy over the killing of Osama bin Laden, Lisa Fabrizio wants to take a few minutes to reflect on the recent royal wedding in Britain
Agenda 21 comes to Greenville, SC: South Carolina doesn't exactly sound like a hive of internationalism but Henry Lamb says it like other states have embraced the collectivist push towards comprehensive land use planning
Why the public won't buy greenhouse limits: The left is lamenting that the environmentalist agenda has been an almost complete failure even with Barack Obama in the White House and Dennis T. Avery explains why
Pull your weight, America: You consume a quarter of the world's oil production. It's time you started producing it, too, says Thompson Ayodele
Virginia AG Cuccinelli conducts free backbone seminar: Michael R. Shannon says Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli showed politicians across the country what it means to act with principle when he fired a prominent law firm
Then why'd it drag on so long?: Daniel M. Ryan argues that it is Barack Obama's pattern of concealment that prolonged the "birther" controversy as long as it lasted
Why not Santorum?: It would appear that Rick Santorum will be announcing his bid for the GOP nomination and Lisa Fabrizio believes he could be a good candidate
Nipping Rick Santorum's presidential aspirations in the bud: J.J. Jackson on the other hand says there are a number of reasons why Rick Santorum shouldn't be supported by conservatives
The glib genius of the Obama Nation: Michael Moriarty shines the spotlight on two people he says do much of the intellectual heavy lifting for Barack Obama
Pageantry, history, and change: Some big events last week has prompted Alan Caruba to ponder how the media has worked hand-in-hand with the government to obfuscate reality
More to the left – more to the right: In this week following May Day, Mark Wegierski argues that Canada's social-democratic NDP has mostly fallen away from its old roots
The Royal Wedding: The tradition continues: Daniel M. Ryan reflects on last week's marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton and what it meant to those in and out of Britain
The Man of Steel and the neoconservative: Dr. Jack Kerwick takes to task some of those who are angry about Superman's decision to renounce his American citizenship
Cuba and Geritol communism: The end game for Cuban communism is coming, argues Paul A. Ibbetson, and it's because the political philosophy is an old man's game
What's a widget worth?: Energy prices are rising and Barack Obama is on the warpath. Dr. Robert Owens says he should look in the mirror
The biggest legalized theft of middle class American wealth: Rachel Alexander calls for more transparency when it comes to the activity of the Department of the Treasury and U.S. Federal Reserve
The ghosts of the unborn: Bruce Walker says that the structures in support of legalized abortion are slowly being whittled away
Scaring mothers and all others: Alan Caruba argues that a campaign built on people's fear of chemicals was the reason why bisphenol-A (BPA) was successfully demonized
Beware of politicians bearing "Green" gifts: Governments can't plan and spend their way to green prosperity, argue Kenneth P. Green and Ben Eisen
Carbon and carbon dioxide: Clearing up the confusion: Paul Driessen says let's restore common sense to our public policy debates on energy and climate
Environmentalism as a surrogate religion: It may be "secular," but environmentalism makes "Mother Earth" its object of special devotion, writes Dr. Thomas P. Sheahen
It's not too late to save America!: Henry Lamb says repealing one constitutional amendment would be enough to right many of the problems plaguing the United States
'A government of laws, and not of men': The Electoral College: Nancy Salvato launches into a defence of the Electoral College, a body she says prevents the United States from collapsing into sheer mob rule
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June 2011

Spending insanely while the economy collapses: The American economy may be collapsing under its own weight but that doesn't mean the federal government can't still spend like a drunken sailor, says Alan Caruba
The lost Dominion: Mark Wegierski examines Canada's massive repudiation of its traditions
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Five: A Joycean Interlude: Michael Moriarty continues his memoir in serial form with a look at the Irish master James Joyce -- a kind of man Michael knows something about
Homeowners' associations becoming unavoidable and quasi-governmental: Property owners don't simply have government to fear, argues Rachel Alexander. Homeowners associations are becoming monsters as well
The bear in the woods: A 1984 Reagan election ad has Lisa Fabrizio wondering which of the prospective Republican nominees would fight hardest for liberty
We can do this unless we don't: Dr. Robert Owens says that Barack Obama is beatable unless the right decides to once again turn on itself
Testosterone vs. estrogen: Feminists examine evil and good: The Anthony Weiner scandal showed that at least some feminists are profoundly disconnected from reality, says Paul A. Ibbetson
The new imperialism: EU aid package will destroy Greece and enrich Germany: Dr. Peter Morici argues that the Greeks have another choice rather than simply accept another EU bailout that will further damage the nation
Banning BPA will kill people: The facts are the facts, writes Alan Caruba: Out of thousands of studies on the matter, not one has found BPA to be linked to illness in humans
Silliness about who has to give up their day jobs: J.J. Jackson doesn't think much of the fact that some people are forced to give up their private sector jobs to run for the presidency while others are allowed to keep them
Blastogram: CNN's journalistic farce: CNN's GOP debate earlier this month was an appalling example of the network failing to live up to its mandate...or slogan, says Jane Gaffin
What happened to freedom?: Land of the free? Henry Lamb says an old enemy is now entrenched in America and freedom is being eliminated
Legislating through regulations: Frank Salvato says that the Obama administration is advancing its agenda, not through legislation but regulations not debated or voted upon
Precedent supports climate skeptics: A recent Montana State Supreme Court decision was a powerful victory for those opposing the climate change orthodoxy, says Dennis T. Avery
Lone wolf terrorist threat increasing, say security experts: The danger of terrorism hasn't receded and experts say that the threat from individuals inspired by terrorist groups and acting on their own is only increasing, reports Jim Kouri
Opting out of Enduring Freedom: Mark Alexander argues that Barack Obama's announcement last week to draw down U.S. forces in Afghanistan by 10,000 this summer is case of political expediency winning out over national security
The honor of leftists and conservatives: A survey of the personal issues that prominent liberals have had to confess to versus their conservative counterparts is very telling, says Bruce Walker
Responsibility to overturn: Daniel M. Ryan argues that the "responsibility to protect" doctrine being used to attack Libya in aid of rebels is actually eroding everyone's national sovereignty
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Four: Of Fathers and Blood-Thirsty Marxists: Sometimes a brilliant smile is the most dangerous thing in the world and Michael Moriarty says one man has a very brilliant smile
Obama will resign and for good reason: Alan Caruba is making a very bold prediction: Barack Obama will resign...and before the end of his first term
Obama bombs bombing Libya: Barack Obama took a slam dunk military action -- in this case the bombing of Libya -- and then managed to completely bungle it, argues Rachel Alexander
Some thoughts on the search for balance in society, personality, and romance: As the sultry summer begins, Mark Wegierski looks at the sociology of romance
Anthony Weiner: More metrosexual fop than man: Now that the Anthony Weiner scandal has finally come to its logical conclusion, Bernard Chapin takes a minute to reflect on how a society could create a person like him
America: A Greek tragedy: America's increasing fragile financial picture is reminding Dr. Robert Owens of the messes in other countries
Greece should quit the Euro and remark its debt: Dr. Peter Morici says that Greece is in a serious jam and continued membership in the EU isn't going to improve the situation
Greece is the word: Frank Salvato argues that the ongoing strife in Greece may be a portend of America's future
Goshen College declares war on national anthem: Paul A. Ibbetson reports on a small American college that has banned the nation's anthem on the grounds that it's too violent
A modest proposal on economic policy: Following the lead of some elites, Larry Eubank proposes a transformation of the American economy
Things gleaned from the CNN Republican debate: J.J. Jackson thought there were winners and losers during last week's debate of potential GOP presidential nominees
How to waste your money – let us count the ways: Washington, D.C. can burn through money like nobody's business and Henry Lamb lists some of the ways the federal government lights the match
Fairness demands additional commons seats for Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta: Ben Eisen argues that the Canada's Conservative government needs to make some big changes to the House of Commons
Senators see gun control as anti-terrorism strategy: Jim Kouri reports that the political left in the United States has finally linked the issue of gun control with terrorism in furtherance of their agenda
Where's the "science story of the century"?: New studies are predicting a quiet sun for the next few decades and no one is making a big deal of it, writes Dennis T. Avery
Optimism wins: Times may be tough in America and blame needs to be assessed but Daniel M. Ryan argues that the GOP has to do more than simply attack Barack Obama's record, they have to be upbeat about their plan
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Three: The War Crime: Michael Moriarty continues his personal memoir with a particularly painful moment from his childhood and how it interacted with music
A whiff of secession and nullification: Could a state really consider seceding from the United States over the nation's continuing problems? Alan Caruba takes a look at the question
"Third parties" in Canada (Part Four): Mark Wegierski continues his look at "third parties" in Canada, especially the NDP, which won 103 seats in the 2011 Canadian federal election – thus becoming a "second party"
Zero tolerance world: It wasn't perfect but Steven Martinovich still enjoyed Alina Tugend's study of getting it wrong with Better by Mistake: The Unexpected Benefits of Being Wrong
How to get to know a governor: Daniel M. Ryan plowed through a collection of Sarah Palin's recently released emails from her time in Alaska and found some things that haven't been reported elsewhere
Positively negative: Dr. Robert Owens has a fairly simple message with his latest essay: Personal liberty is always and only possible when and where external control stops
TV turnoff: Summer is almost here and Lisa Fabrizio has one piece of advice for you: Turn off the darned TV and do something productive
Concerns over illegal immigration becoming mainstream: Rachel Alexander reports that more people -- including law enforcement -- are taking the issue of illegal immigration far more seriously
Dalai Lama: "I am a Marxist": The Dalai Lama may be a hero to many but he's also an admitted Marxist, writes Selwyn Duke, which shows what kind of man he really is
'WeinerGate': A moral distraction: Dr. Jack Kerwick has never been a fan of Anthony Weiner but he argues that the attention the controversy garnered distracted people from other more important issues
It's about personal responsibility: The Anthony Weiner controversy illustrated quite handily that personal responsibility has taken quite a blow in recent years, says Frank Salvato
The consequences of making your privates public: Nancy Salvato says Anthony Weiner should be an example to anyone foolhardy enough to do the same things he admitted to
Cutting trade gap in half would create up to 5 million jobs: Dr. Peter Morici argues that America's uneven trade relationship with countries like China is costing the country millions of jobs and action needs to be taken
Managed economy or free markets?: Henry Lamb says that Americans face only one choice in the next election: Will they choose a free market or a managed economy?
You don't have to accept the choices your masters give you: J.J. Jackson uses an old parable to explain that it's not necessary to accept the choices that you're given by government
Equal misery for all: Richard E. Ralston argues that efforts to "reform" America's health care system are doomed to create one that spreads misery to every American
A burning issue: More huge forest fires?: Dennis T. Avery says Americans can thank the environmental movement for the increasing size and number of forest fires
Let Palin be Palin: Sarah Palin criss-crossed the United States ignoring the media and acting as if she didn't have a care in the world and Daniel M. Ryan hopes the GOP doesn't try and change that
"Third parties" in Canada (Part Three): In this installment of his latest series, Mark Wegierski looks mainly at "third parties" in Western Canada
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Two: The Children of War: Sergei Rachmaninov and the war of divorce informed Michael Moriarty at an early age about life and what the world was really like
Destroying the dollar: The U.S. dollar is in big trouble, says Alan Caruba, and Barack Obama either doesn't care or he has no idea what to do
Bailouts for big business, bankruptcies for the middle class: Barack Obama has dumped tens of billions into failing businesses but Rachel Alexander says the middle class sinks further into economic chaos
The naked gecko: Challenging the defenders of gender blending: The war against gender and natural differences continues, reports Paul A. Ibbetson, a some parents trying to raise their children as "genderless"
History doesn't repeat, it rhymes: Dr. Robert Owens says today many have forgotten that the "TEA" in the modern Tea Party stands for "Taxed Enough Already!"
Come on man!: Robert T. Smith could only shake his head at some recent Republicans and how they tried to get their message across
The charge of 'anti-Semitism' revisited: Dr. Jack Kerwick was recently called an anti-Semite for using the phrase "Old Testament" which prompted him to think about what the accusation means
It wasn't about Medicare: Jack Davis' message for the Republican Party: Jack Davis' failed campaign in the NY 26th Congressional District late last month should have sent a message to the GOP, write Jesse Richman, Howard Richman and Raymond Richman
Damned if we don't but not so damned if we do: It would seem obvious but J.J. Jackson says it's simply unsustainable for the United States to keep spending a trillion dollars more than it brings in
Economy creates only 54,000 jobs in May: Last Friday's jobs reports shows that new solutions are needed to fix America's economy, argues Dr. Peter Morici
Choosing our own candidate, what a concept: Frank Salvato wants to know why the GOP keeps giving preference to states which reliably vote Democrat while ignoring those that vote to the right
Traditional teaching methods supported by research: Michael Zwaagstra argues that the evidence does not support the efficacy of "progressive" fads when it comes to educating students
Citizenship and immigration: America isn't an economic opportunity or refuge from persecution. It is a idea and that's why Mark Alexander doesn't want to hand out citizenship to anyone who merely makes it
Global warming news from the Brits: Dennis T. Avery presents some recent climate change related news stories courtesy of the British
Herman Cain and the alpha president: Daniel M. Ryan examines the latest rising star of the Republican Party and explores whether he's right for the job of president
"Third parties" in Canada (Part Two): Continuing his overview of the outsiders of Canadian politics, Mark Wegierski looks mainly here at "third parties" in Quebec
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter One: God's Great Fools: Michael Moriarty continues his memoir on a musical note with his early love of jazz and how music and politics intersect in his world
600 more days of Obama: Americans still have a long way to go before they're rid of Barack Obama, says Alan Caruba, though life may get more difficult for the president
Prayers for such a miracle!: The decline that America has entered into thanks to the progressive left can only be solved by one thing, argues Michael Moriarty
Divide and command: The old saying still holds true: United we stand or divided we fall and Steve Farrell has a warning for those who would divide the United States
I am counting the days of Omer and Obama: It won't be long before Harold Witkov will have the opportunity to vote one more time against Barack Obama
Lagarde makes sense for the IMF: Dr. Peter Morici argues that France's respected finance minister Christine Lagarde would be the best candidate to run the IMF
Political candidates ignore social media at their peril: If you plan on throwing your hat into the ring in 2012, says Rachel Alexander, you're making a big mistake by ignoring the importance of social media
Where's the outrage?: Months into the war against Libya and Dr. Robert Owens wants to know where all the anger is over Barack Obama attacking another nation without prior congressional approval
Enough?: Lisa Fabrizio wants to know when the Democratic Party's traditional supporters will have had enough and finally declare their independence from the liberal left
"Green" products and free market conflicts: Paul A. Ibbetson believes that the problem with so-called "green" products is that their supporters are hostile to the free market in which their sold
To tyranny and beyond: The Transportation Safety Administration has an official blogger to promote their agency and that means he's fair game for J.J. Jackson
The gang that couldn't negotiate straight: The recent dust up between Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu proves once again the ineptness of the Obama administration, says Michael R. Shannon
The mistake of global democratization: Frank Salvato argues that the push towards democracy in the Middle East by well-meaning outsiders is likely to create a unintended and very unwelcome consequence
In honor of fallen patriots: Today marks Memorial Day in the United States and Mark Alexander wants to remind his fellow Americans about the importance of this day
The doomsday prophesies of radical environmentalism: The deep green crowd has a record of false apocalyptic predictions, writes Ben Eisen
Are climate models lying about food too?: Stanford University claims that computer models are showing we would have grown more food had it not been for climate change. Dennis T. Avery takes a look at the claim
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July 2011

It's just a heat wave: Hot where you are? Yeah, here too. Alan Caruba says pay no heed to those blaming the current heat wave gripping a good deal of North America on global warming
A comparison of the prospects of the "broader right" in Canada and the United States (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at the weakness of the Canadian conservative infrastructures
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Nine: A childhood and nation at death's door with overnight Christians: Michael Moriarty's childhood particularly resonated to him after the events in Norway which saw over 80 killed in linked attacks
The way to win the debt ceiling and budget battle: Bruce Walker says he has a way for the GOP to prevail in its battle over the debt ceiling
If debt is the enemy then there are traitors among us: Simple math proves that there is no "debt ceiling crisis" and Frank Salvato argues that it's merely a ruse
The new battleground of child custody reform: Shared parenting: Rachel Alexander reports on the progress being made to allow fathers time with their children after divorce breaks up their families
Cut loose at fifty: Chapter Two – Getting on with it: Chris Clancy continues his biweekly series of how he ended up teaching in China and how it all ended
Sister Wives: The concubines of the cult of Kody Brown: TLC's program Sister Wives does a good job of trying to normalize polygamy but Paul A. Ibbetson says there is a darker truth to the television program
The Spanish Civil War and the ideological myth: Last week marked the 75th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War and Bruce Walker says some myths about it are still floating around
Allen West: Conservative role model: Allen West's recent kerfuffle with Debbie Wasserman Schultz proved to Bernard Chapin that the man is a hero to the conservative movement
Lemmings the cliff and 2012: Dr. Robert Owens argues that the United States is racing towards the cliff edge and there is only one way to avoid the inevitable
The arrogance of failure: By virtually every measure the Obama administration has been an unmitigated failure and yet it continues to act imperiously, argues Henry Lamb
The left wing circular firing squad: The problem with liberals, says J.J. Jackson, is that they don't understand the true essence of the political philosophy they preach
A sign of sanity amid the budget banter: Amidst all the yammering last week over the debt ceiling, Mark Alexander says there was a glint of common sense seen
Embracing defeat in the debt ceiling debate: Amidst tough talking Republicans on the debt ceiling there was a predictable voice urging defeat, says Michael R. Shannon
The next climate debate bombshell: Dennis T. Avery says that CERN will soon make a big announcement that will be another uncomfortable fact for the climate change orthodoxy
Flatlining the economy: Anyone waiting for an actual, honest-to-goodness economic recovery in the United States is going to be waiting a while, says Alan Caruba
Green living through conservatism: If environmentalists were truly serious about living green, argues Bruce Walker, they would be conservatives
Both sides now: Daniel M. Ryan says Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddon will do much to vindicate conservatives even if written by liberals
A comparison of the prospects of the "broader right" in Canada and the United States (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at mass education and mass media in both countries
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Eight: The Theater of the Mysterious Same: Michael Moriarty is an actor and must act. For who does he toil in his craft now? The one that we all must recognize eventually, he says
Democrats faking debt ceiling crisis in order to continue irresponsible spending: Rachel Alexander argues that the Democrats are creating a crisis over the debt ceiling for one reason only: continued and uncontrolled spending
The false-flag of the debt ceiling 'crisis': Frank Salvato charges that the Obama administration is playing games when it says failing to raise the debt ceiling would create a crisis
Social Security checks won't go out. Again.: If you've lived long enough the claim that the debt crisis will stop Social Security checks from being mailed out might seem a familiar one, writes Michael M. Bates
The ratification debate: Part Three: Dr. Robert Owens concludes his three-part series on the battle over the ratification of America's constitution
How do you know when government has gotten too big?: The answer to that question, says J.J. Jackson, can be answered by the troubles of a small bar in Minnesota that can't serve beer because the state government is shut down
Where's the exterminator?: Measures which strip away your property rights are a lot like termites, says Henry Lamb. Even if you can't see them they're still eating you out of house and home
Gay marriage: Cambridge, Massachusetts pays stipends to gay couples: Paul A. Ibbetson doesn't think much of Cambridge, Massachusetts' decision to pay gay couples in a marriage a stipend to offset a federal tax
MediaMatters takes another shot at stirring up anti-truth outrage: MediaMatters took a shot at Fox News last week for a headline they say was misleading. Selwyn Duke says the claim was absolutely a lie
More boulders in Africa's farm path: If Africa's farms are ever to produce the food they need to satisfy their population, writes Dennis T. Avery, they need to stop hamstringing themselves
Guns Gone Wild -- ATF's good intentions gone bad: Mark Alexander finds it hard to believe that even while Barack Obama was talking further gun controls for Americans that the ATF was essentially supplying arms to Mexican gangs
Yes, it's structural: Replace Congress with an Internet-based direct democracy? One entrepreneur has proposed the idea and Daniel M. Ryan, not surprisingly, isn't much of a fan
A comparison of the prospects of the "broader right" in Canada and the United States (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at multiculturalism and varied types of "affirmative-action"-type policies in Canada
Politicians' immoral behavior becoming acceptable: It used to be that politicians were held to a higher standard but these days it seems almost anything goes, writes Rachel Alexander
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Seven: Dark Preludes To Rebirth: Michael Moriarty continues his serial memoir with a brief look at his well-publicized battle with the bottle...and how he defeated that demon
The playwright as polemicist: David Mamet's The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture is equal parts mournful and joyous and Steve Martinovich loved every word
The greens just love us to death: Alan Caruba is no fan of the green movement and it's campaign to "save the planet" from humanity
The ratification debate: Part Two: Dr. Robert Owens continues his four-part series on the fight over the ratification of America's Constitution
Political bumper stickers: Be kind to your vehicle's backside: There's an election coming next year which means some people's cars will be festooned with bumper stickers. Paul A. Ibbetson has some advice for them
Through Obama's eyes: The death of a prominent leftist intellectual earlier this year sheds much light on Barack Obama's political and racial philosophy, says Linda Prussen-Razzano
Cut loose at fifty: Chapter One – On coming to China: Chris Clancy spent seven years in China teaching students financial account and now he launches a bi-weekly series about his time in the Communist giant
Noam Chomsky gets half a clue: For decades Noam Chomsky has defended every leftist dictator on the map but he finally saw a little light recently, reports Selwyn Duke
How will liberals convince young people to keep contributing?: J.J. Jackson wonders by what means will government use to persuade young people to keep paying into social net systems they will never be able to use themselves
Aboriginals need roadmap for success, not ideology: Joseph Quesnel wonders why everything but the free market hasn't been employed to help Native Canadians residing on the nation's reservations
This administration must think Teamsters are stupid: The Obama administration is demanding the support of unions like the Teamsters while simultaneously undermining their professions, says John Bender
Two faces of sustainability: The success of the "sustainable development" movement is only because redefining of what the first word of the term means, writes Henry Lamb
Aviation justice and the debt ceiling: Barack Obama's campaign against corporate jet owners as part of his budget showdown with the GOP doesn't impress Michael R. Shannon
No mystery to non-recovery: It's no secret why America's economic recovery with no actual recovery is pretty easy to explain, says Dennis T. Avery
Ninety years of Red Chinese tyranny: A few decades ago comparing the U.S. to China would have been laughable but not these days, argues Mark Alexander
Why RINOs but not DINOs?: Leftists are always trying to insert themselves into GOP nomination processes so Bruce Walker is wondering why efforts aren't made to nominate conservative Democrats
A comparison of the prospects of the "broader right" in Canada and the United States (Part One): Despite the fact that they have formed a majority government in the May election, Mark Wegierski still sees little hope for the Canadian Right
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Six: L’enfer est la famille!": The American family is in severe danger of passing into history -- at least as we know it now -- which has prompted Michael Moriarty to address the issue in the latest chapter of personal memoir
There is no First Amendment without a Second Amendment: On July 4 remember that many American liberties -- including the right of free speech -- would not exist were it not for the Second Amendment, writes Alan Caruba
Trying cases in the other court: Like it or not the media plays a role in America's courts and Steve Martinovich found attorney Kendal Coffey's Spinning the Law: Trying Cases in the Court of Public Opinion to be informative and enjoyable
Learning to love the rodent wheel: Steven Martinovich used part of a national holiday to review Rush: Why You Need and Love the Rat Race, proving perhaps that he's incapable of relaxing and Todd G. Buchholz's kind of guy
Agenda 21: Conspiracy theory or real threat?: You've read a lot about Agenda 21 over the years -- particularly on this web site -- but is it a real threat? Rachel Alexander provides an answer
Why all issues are social issues: Politicians of all stripes seem eager to promote issues as either economic, social or national security issues but Paul A. Ibbetson argues the categorization is immaterial
The ratification debate: Part One: This week Dr. Robert Owens launches the first in a four part series on how America's constitution was ratified
Time on the Constitution: 'Does it still matter?': Mark Alexander obviously didn't think much of a Time cover story asking if the American Constitution was still relevant
No default, no shutdown inevitable if debt ceiling talks fail: Dr. Peter Morici says talk of default and shutdowns by the beginning of next month are merely scare tactics and that both sides need to get serious
Bully pres in his bully pulpit: Henry Lamb wasn't particularly impressed with Barack Obama's June 29 press conference and his attempted framing of the budget deficit issue
How destructively disingenuous can they get?: Debt ceilings are unconstitutional? That's the latest line that some Democrats are arguing, reports Frank Salvato
What's legal in court is often a crime: Michael R. Shannon reports a criminal defence attorney has been charged for breaking ethical rules while defending his client and there's a debate going on whether he's actually guilty of a crime
White House Council takes aim on rural America: Not content with attempting to extend his reach over every other aspect of American life, Barack Obama is also looking at controlling rural America as well, reports Henry Lamb
EPA gives millions in handouts to China and Russia: American government in financial trouble? That's not stopping the EPA from doling out money across the planet, says Jim Kouri
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August 2011

Who needs Robin Hood?: Dr. Robert Owens argues that Barack Obama and his allies want to play Robin Hood but don't know the entire story of the outlaw
Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism: A conservative infrastructure in the Great White North is still lacking, says Mark Wegierski
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Thirteen: The Kaufman Diary: Sidney Kaufman, a New York violinist, has served as a kind of muse and inspiration for Michael Moriarty over the years, why he named his diary after him
Black America's gains and losses: You know Barack Obama is in trouble when the Congressional Black Caucus is taking shots at him, says Alan Caruba
The anniversary of the Moscow show trials: August 19 marked a horrible anniversary, writes Bruce Walker, one that the world seems to have forgotten despite how it changed the world
They won't believe me: Lisa Fabrizio says the warnings were there for many years about the progressive agenda and no one would believe American would eventually end up where it is
Bitter sweet: Some are happy when they see their ideological foes fail but when it comes to Barack Obama, writes Chris Clancy, all Americans will feel the pain
Progressive hypocrisy: Henry Lamb would like to know where the far-left protests against Barack Obama and his controversial policies
Huntsman dead wrong on global warming: Bob Webster says that Jon Huntsman has bought into Al Gore's line on global warming and that will likely spell his end
Food stamps to save the economy: Dennis T. Avery is appalled that the Obama administration apparently thinks that food stamps are an economic stimulus
Beware the Mexican strawberries?: Are Mexican strawberries flooding the American market? J.J. Jackson says conservatives are claiming that in support of continuing farm subsidies
A new media slant detector: Some recent reporting by newspapers that Michael R. Shannon subscribes prompted him to do some research on media bias
Lucky accident slashes food poisonings: A discovery by Dan O'Sullivan promises to make food safer but Dennis T. Avery says much more needs to be done
Defense-less: America's military may still be best in class at the moment but Alan Caruba says it soon may be falling behind some of its near peer competitors
Un-college funds: There are plenty of funds devoted to sending kids to college but Bruce Walker would like to see one that would send some of them on a different path
The Internet: Boon or bane to serious discourse? (Part Two): Mark Wegierski continues to look at the question, can the Internet generate real resistance to current-day trends, or does it mainly just accentuate them?
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Twelve: From Judas To Job: It's easy to despair of the world but Michael Moriarty says there is always a way out and someone who understands
History doesn't repeat it rhymes again: As a professional historian Dr. Robert Owens has a long term view of the world and has come to the conclusion that history does not in fact repeat itself
No time to panic – This is not 2008 again: The world economy continues to struggle but Dr. Peter Morici says this is not a repeat of the financial hole that was 2008
Cut loose at fifty: Chapter Three – Three weeks in and one day out!: Chris Clancy continues his series on his experiences teaching in China and after three weeks in the country he was still learning some pretty incredible things
Rick Perry's NAFTA Superhighway problem: Remember the NAFTA Superhighway and how it would link Mexico, the U.S. and Canada? Rachel Alexander says Texas Gov. Rick Perry probably wishes he had never heard of it
Who are these submissive women?: The recent Iowa GOP debate spawned prompted many to argue that Christian women were oppressed if they submitted to their husband, a notion that Linda Prussen-Razzano finds laughable
Welcome to the New Weimar Republic: The involatile laws of economics: J.J. Jackson argues what's happening to the United States economically is the same thing that occurred in pre-World War II Germany
Rural Council: It's about control: Henry Lamb asserts that Barack Obama's "Rural Council", not surprisingly created by Executive Order, is all about controlling every aspect of farm life
President Downgrade: Selwyn Duke says that there is no aspect of American society that Barack Obama and his allies have not managed to drag down
Western unrest and the failure of social engineering: The social unrest in Britain and elsewhere in the West are proving that the left's experiments in social engineering are a failure, argues Frank Salvato
The modern Roman Colosseum: Euthanasia as a spectator sport: Euthanasia was once billed as the last resort for the terminally ill but Rachel Alexander believes that it's become far more then that
The Obama degrade: America's problems -- economic, social and political -- are the result of her people choosing the wrong person for the job, says Mark Alexander
One man's museum is another man's menace: Michael R. Shannon isn't very impressed at the news that his county is forming a "hoarding task force" to deal with a problem most of us only see on A&E
Flirting with the Great Depression 2.0: Alan Caruba argues that the United States is in severe danger of repeating economic history
Long live the "Boogie" man: The recent fight over the debt ceiling underlined to Frank Salvato the reality that the nation's politicians no longer serve their people
The Internet: Boon or bane to serious discourse? (Part One): Mark Wegierski asks, can the Internet generate real resistance to current-day trends, or does it mainly just accentuate them?
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Eleven: My Surrender To The Myth of Sisyphus: Sisyphus was doomed to an eternity of attempting -- and failing -- to push a boulder up a hill and Michael Moriarty says that myth resonates deeply for him
One against the world: Steven Martinovich is no great lover of self-published novels so it's natural to wonder if he loved Jeffery M. Anderson's debut effort Ephemera
Red, white & Republican: Lisa Fabrizio comments on a recent study which suggested mere exposure to the American flag made people move closer to conservatism
The union job security act equals endless road construction: Have you been faced with a lot of road construction during your daily travels? Rachel Alexander says there was a political reason for all the money that's been dumped into roads
Obama is late to the party: Barack Obama has the misfortune of being the last man to walk into the free spending party of Washington, D.C., writes Robert T. Smith
Impasse in DC - a good thing: Most pundits gnashed their teeth over the debt ceiling battle which occurred but Henry Lamb says the impasse itself wasn't the problem
Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Doyle comes out of his shell: Not many people outside of Pennsylvania's 14th Congressional District so J.J. Jackson would like to introduce you to Rep. Mike Doyle
Farmer suicides reduced by biotech: Dennis T. Avery argues that biotech doesn't just help consumers and the planet, it also saves the lives of farmers
Big government or death: Richard E. Ralston says that you should resist anyone who argues Medicare needs to be saved. The existence of the system itself is the issue
Our colossal ignorance on global warming: Dennis T. Avery says a new book to be released next month will likely create some waves in the debate over climate change and the role of CO2
Unleashing Americans: In these times it's justifiably hard for Americans to be confident about the future but Alan Caruba says it's hard to keep good men and women down for long
Truth versus the politics of Washington: In a couple of minutes J.J. Jackson managed to come up with a balanced budget, one that few on Capitol Hill would vote for
Scapegoats and deficits: Everyone is playing the blame game on the American deficit and Peter Morici that's managed to solve nothing...including some of the suggestions being bandied about
The corrupt bargain: The Tea Party that swept the 2010 elections and made Boehner Speaker clearly want an end to an ever-increasing debt. Yet every plan of the Republicans merely slows the growth of the debt, writes Dr. Robert Owens
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Ten: Throwing ourselves under the bus: The phrase "being thrown under the bus" is commonly heard in the United States and Michael Moriarty says it accurately reflects what progressives have done to the country
A cogent look at Hitler and Stalin -- as mega-killers and mutual enablers: Sixty-seven years since the launch of the fateful Warsaw Uprising of 1944, Mark Wegierski offers a somber review of a very important book, Timothy Snyder's Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin
The futility of trying to train a pig: Forget trying to lead the horse to water, says Michael M. Bates, the real challenge is getting the horse to admit there actually is water
The debt ceiling is actually not the issue: All the rhetoric over the past months has been about the debt ceiling but Frank Salvato argues that other matter related to the discussion are more important
What power to tax and spend?: Mark Alexander says there is one question that is not being asked by everyone involved in the debt ceiling debate -- not that you'll hear anyone today bringing it up
America at the abyss: The progressive movement and America's abandonment of its constitution have created the downward spiral the United States finds itself in, writes Henry Lamb
Hot town – summer in the city: The recent heat wave that gripped the east coast revealed a lot of people as being whining ninnies, asserts Michael R. Shannon
Making heat waves deadly again: There are politicians actively working to make energy expensive enough that it will cost some people their lives, says Dennis T. Avery
Obama and fat cats work on fundraising for 2012: Barack Obama has made slagging the wealthy his chief rhetorical tool for years but that hasn't stopped him from holding his hand out for their donations, reports Jim Kouri
The myth of white privilege: "White privilege" sounds like something liberals would have campaigned against in the 1980s but Selwyn Duke says it's still a topic of interest to many
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September 2011

The financial advice of experts, then and now: There is one constant in history, says Alan Caruba: Financial experts always seem to be wrong about market crashes
Democrat challenge to Obama from right: A challenge from Obama's own party but from the right? Bruce Walker offers up some scenarios that he hopes come to pass
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Seventeen: A Stepmother: After the brutality Michael Moriarty experienced at the prep school he was sent to, his life changed thanks to his father's new wife and a Jesuit
Political, constitutional, juridical, and socio-cultural aspects of the origins and development of the Canadian State (Part Two): Mark Wegierski argues that Canada has been undergoing revolutionary changes since the 1960s
Where did this debt come from anyhow?: We like to imagine that government debt in America is a relatively recent thing but Dr. Robert Owens reminds us it start with the birth of the nation
LightSquared: Poster child for crony capitalism: The scandal surrounding LightSquared proves yet again that favouring companies with ties to your party generally turns out to be a bad idea, says Rachel Alexander
Courting another recession: Dr. Peter Morici says that the United States can fall into yet another big recession unless the president and Congress take action
The Solyndra dilemma: The political hanky-pankey involving Solyndra proves yet again that the United States can't artificially manage its economy, argues Henry Lamb
Framing the election before the progressives do: Frank Salvato says that the GOP establishment needs to answer some pretty important questions before the next presidential election
Taking down socialist 'tax fairness' rhetoric: Barack Obama keeps talking about "tax fairness" and Mark Alexander says there's nothing fair about what the president is proposing
Victory is sweet, but the war continues: Paul Driessen says Americans can celebrate EPA's withdrawal of job-killing ozone standards -- but prepare for more onslaughts
The security sex: Why do women tend to favour bigger government and the political left? Selwyn Duke argues, and we're sure we'll get letters over this, it's because they tend to crave security
Perry's Reagan moment: No conservative candidate is perfect but Bruce Walker says that Gov. Rick Perry reminded him a little of the Great Communicator
Political, constitutional, juridical, and socio-cultural aspects of the origins and development of the Canadian State (Part One): Mark Wegierski begins a long series of articles about Canada
Five wars, 63 years of terrorism, and Israel survives: Another week, another challenge for the Jewish state. Alan Caruba says the Palestinian bid for statehood is a shot across Israel's bow
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Sixteen: My First Taste of England: As a youth Michael Moriarty is sent to England and a difficult childhood becomes absolutely nightmarish
Cut loose at Fifty: Chapter Five – Spring Festival: Chris Clancy continues his series on what it was like to teach in Communist China with a look at the end of his first semester
Solyndra Obama's Enron: Over half a billion dollars of public money was lost in a public "investment" in Solyndra and Dr. Robert Owens wants some answers
Recall of Senator Russell Pearce spearheaded by far left: Rachel Alexander says a recall attempt of an Arizona legislator is another sour grapes move by the left still angry over Arizona's illegal immigration bill SB 1070
Thank goodness for NFL football!: There is a lot to worry about in the world but Paul A. Ibbetson says we can still be thankful for football
Perry is right: Social Security is a Ponzi scheme: Rick Perry made some waves last week when he declared Social Security to be a Ponzi scheme but Dr. Peter Morici says the governor is right
The presidential qualification issue: The issue of presidential qualifications arose recently so Bruce Walker investigates the issues and offers up some suggestions
That presidential look: The bad, the beautiful and voting-booth realities: It's a sad reality but Selwyn Duke says an ugly person will likely never be elected president of the United he grades the current crop of hopefuls
Uncle Sam wants you! . . .  to inform on your doctor: Will people one day be hired to spy on doctors? Richard E. Ralston says it almost happened recently and will likely come to pass eventually
What happened to the Constitution?: This past Saturday marked Constitution Day but Henry Lamb says laws are still being passed that attack that document
The 'Save Obama's Job' bill: Michael R. Shannon dubs Obama's jobs speech the White House's first true "green speech" for its recycling of failed ideas
Now is the time: Frank Salvato would like at least one brave soul serving as a public official to do something unexpected and endorse a different idea for taxes
Trying to snooker Smucker: Climate alarm campaigners are trying to make a pitiful case that man made climate change threatens coffee, says Paul Driessen
When love was a warm toy gun: A commercial from the 1960s made Selwyn Duke ponder the realities of children's toys, political correctness and guns
Those pesky negatives: There are many -- including a lot of Republicans -- who view Sarah Palin as unelectable in 2012. Daniel M. Ryan has some advice for her followers
The slow, certain death of the global warming theory: Alan Caruba says the climate change orthodoxy is doomed for one very good reason: The science simply doesn't support it
The "Fall of Rome" and the "Decline of the West": Mark Wegierski offers a sharp-edged look at current-day problems, for the "9/12" crowd
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Fifteen: The Friend of the Court And Measure 142: The court system has played a big role in Michael Moriarty's life, but not the role that you might be thinking of
Letting the artists play: Steve Martinovich found Bob Lutz's Car Guys vs. Bean Counters: The Battle for the Soul of American Business to be an enjoyable effort despite some problems with it
Federal fever: The concentration of power in Washington, D.C. is something that needs to be remedied by some brave soul in the future, says Bruce Walker
Real hope for a change: The solution to our current malaise is not more of the same. It isn't spreading the wealth around in a step-by-step slide into socialism, writes Dr. Robert Owen
Al-Qaida affiliate, not famine, is responsible for Somalian genocide: Blame associates of al-Qaida for the massive number of deaths in Somalia over recent months, says Rachel Alexander
Actually, Obama – let's keep the renminbi devalued: For years you've been reading in ESR that the Chinese need to allow the renminbi/yuan to float to a realistic level. Evan Chow goes contrarian and argues otherwise
America's job status: Unemployed: The official unemployment numbers in the U.S. are pretty bad but Paul A. Ibbetson says the reality is worse
'On a day when others tried to divide us': Ahead of the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, Barack Obama had some flowery words. Frank Salvato has a response
Are we safer today?: Al-Qaida may be down after a decade of challenging the Western world, but Islamo-Fascism 2.0 is thriving, argues Mark Alexander
When dry-cleaning attacks: Another day, another lurking danger in your house. Michael R. Shannon reports that dry-cleaning your clothes is apparently hazardous to your health
The health crisis of our time: Vice takes center stage in public health debate, says Meredith Lilly, as your personal choices are coming under attack...and taxation
The green jobs, clean energy scam: Barack Obama is still promising "green jobs" and Alan Caruba says it's still a load of bunk
Affordable energy is essential for jobs, justice – and better health: The EPA needs to address health and welfare issues it has thus far ignored, says Niger Innis
The ticket Obama fears most: Bruce Walker argues that a Rick Perry/Marco Rubio ticket would be a potent challenge to Barack Obama and the president is aware of that
The crisis in art and culture, ten years after "9/11": Mark Wegierski brings attention to the critical importance of the cultural struggle in "the West"
CERN, CLOUD and the madness of crowds: Daniel M. Ryan explains why the climate change orthodoxy won't disappear soon even with the results of a recent experiment at CERN
Israel's terrible choices: Demographics and politics make Israel's future completely up in the air, writes Alan Caruba, and promises tough decisions for the Jewish nation
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Fourteen: The Slowing Slickest Sleeper: Bill Clinton played a big role in Michael Moriarty's life and he continues to play a huge role in the philosophical parth America is taking
Enter the dragon: China as the biggest threat the U.S.? So says Death by China: Confronting the Dragon - A Global Call to Action and Steve Martinovich offers his opinion
Marx in the classroom: Kids say the darnedest things and they probably learned it in the classroom. Steve Martinovich takes a look at Your Teacher Said What?! Defending Our Kids from the Liberal Assault on Capitalism
Ride to the sound of the guns: Nearly a decade after the invasion of Afghanistan the country remains unsecured and dangerous. Dr. Robert Owens wonders why what needs to be done hasn't been
Cut loose at Fifty: Chapter Four – The girl in the garden: Chris Clancy continues his series on life in China as an educator and the big differences between life there and in the West
Government destroying free markets with public-private partnerships: Proponents of public-private partnerships say it marries efficiency with resources but Rachel Alexander argues it's generally a waste of both
September 8th – A new direction or more of the same?: Chris Clancy hopes -- as pointless as that may be -- that Barack Obama doesn't propose more of the same during his speech on the American economy later this week
The Rick Perry-ACORN connection explained: A primer for non-Texans: Linda Prussen-Razzano says anyone trying to make a connection between Texas Gov. Rick Perry and ACORN is simply out to lunch on the facts
Blown away: The near panic -- by politicians -- and endless advice by experts ahead of Hurricane Irene should have been expected, says Lisa Fabrizio
No number of broken windows can save us: Some are arguing that the damage caused by Irene may actually be a boon to the American economy, something that J.J. Jackson isn't buying
Celebrate Constitution Day: September 17 marks Constitution Day in the United States and Henry Lamb would like you to ensure your children learn a little about America's founding document
My solution: How to restore freedom of association and end government tyranny: J.J. Jackson says he has a way to push back on the government's war on your right to associate with whom you wish
The essential question in any political debate: Mark Alexander argues the most important inquiry conservatives must posit in every policy debate: "What does our Constitution authorize and mandate?"
Our least sustainable energy option: From a land use, economic, environmental or raw materials perspective, wind is unsustainable, says Paul Driessen
The presidential qualification issue - Bruce Walker
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October 2011

A serious plan for prosperity and peace: Bruce Walker argues that to bring America back it needs to go back to the past: Return to the days when it was an oil producing superpower
What are we protesting again?: The inevitable is happening with the Occupy Wall Street protests: A lack of a coherent agenda is creating confusion and revealing it for what it is, writes Rachel Alexander
Political, constitutional, juridical, and socio-cultural aspects of the origins and development of the Canadian State (Part Six): Mark Wegierski concludes his series by examining the rise of Stephen Harper, the current prime minister of Canada
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Twenty: A Jesuit high school and The Great “However”: Michael Moriarty's journey to the profession of acting began, in of all places, a stark Detroit high school where God was everything
From 9-9-9 to ?-?-?: J.J. Jackson says that Herman Cain is apparently undercutting his 9-9-9 plan in an effort to appease critics and that's destroying his cause
Kiss the European Union goodbye: Alan Caruba argues that the huge problems some European Union countries are facing will likely spell the end of the organization
Imperial republics fall: Dr. Robert Owens argues the United States must begin to rethink the huge number of military commitments that it has around the world
The Fed is out of tricks to jump start housing and economy: Dr. Peter Morici says the U.S. Federal Reserve has nothing left in its bag in order to try and jump start a moribund American economy
Memo to GOP contenders: Cut the crap!: Mark Alexander deplores the fact that the people contending for the GOP nomination seem only interested in attacking each other
The second time since Harvard Obama's ridden a bus: Barack Obama last week launched a bus tour to promote his jobs bill but in reality was part of his re-election campaign and Michael R. Shannon has some thoughts on the matter
Useless unions: Bruce Walker declares unions a pernicious influence in American politics and that the GOP shouldn't simply ignore them
Why democracy is dangerous for the 'Arab Spring': Frank Salvato is worried that history will once again repeat itself and efforts towards democracy -- this time in the Middle East -- will be taken over by ugly forces
How the U.N. influences domestic policy: Today is the United Nations' birthday and Henry Lamb offers the present of cataloguing briefly how it impacts American domestic policy
Standardized testing is a good thing: Canadian teachers unions are universally opposed to standardized testing for students and Michael Zwaagstra says they're on the wrong side of the issue
Herman Cain's 9-9-9 would be good for the economy: The media may be mocking Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax proposal but Dr. Peter Morici says it's a good idea for several reasons
Immigration, migration, politics and policies: The rise of immigration -- illegal or otherwise -- will force Americans to confront some issues they thought might have been left in the past, says Alan Caruba
Political, constitutional, juridical, and socio-cultural aspects of the origins and development of the Canadian State (Part Five): Mark Wegierski examines the rise and fall of Stockwell Day
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Nineteen: Interlude: Holocaust in America: Michael Moriarty pauses his memoir for a brief discussion of the ongoing issue of abortion in the United States
Political persecution in Maricopa County: Selwyn Duke reports on the political jihad occurring in Maricopa County against people like popular conservative writer Rachel Alexander
Mr. Optimism: Steve Martinovich likes Gov. Mitch Daniels and his new book Keeping the Republic: Saving America by Trusting Americans
Mining the past: The Patriot's History Reader: Essential Documents for Every American a companion to a famous effort was an effort that Steven Martinovich did enjoy
To rise and not to rest: The motto of Lisa Fabrizio's old high school would be a good one for all if a good chunk of the American population weren't busy complaining about things
The coming contraction: The party is coming to an end, says Dr. Robert Owens, and every American is going to pay the price for decades of over-spending and slight-of-hand accounting
Will the real America please stand up?: If Americans are truly opposed to socialism then it's time to stand up and make that clear, writes Henry Lamb
The "Occupy" groups shield Obama: Paul Ibbetson argues that the Occupy groups serve Barack Obama's agenda by diverting attention away from his failed economic policies
Obama's Red October uprising: Mark Alexander says you shouldn't be surprised to learn who is behind the Occupy Wall Street protests and why people like Barack Obama support them
We already have a national sales tax: Well intentioned folks are arguing that America needs national sales tax to promote fairness and raise money. J.J. Jackson has some news for them: They're already paying a national sales tax
The Qwikster joins the dead: Netflix's recent problems with a confused strategy and flip-flopping on announcements are proof positive that the free market works, says Michael R. Shannon
Pinning down cost shifting in health care: Jason Sagall addresses the issue of "cost shifting" when it comes to private vs. public health care -- one ignored by a lot of commentators
Will renewable energy bankrupt England?: Climate change linked energy policies could throw England's economy into a severe depression, argues Dennis T. Avery
Report card: Bio-terrorism preparedness gets thumbs down by bipartisan group: More than a decade after 9/11 America still isn't prepared for the possibility of a bio-terror attack, reports Jim Kouri
Tapping natural resources to address Maryland’s economic problems: We should develop previously unavailable energy resources to generate jobs, revenues, writes Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr.
Will warmists face justice for their deceptions?: Alan Caruba argues that those in a position of authority who have pushed the climate change orthodoxy should be prosecuted for deceiving the public and governments
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Eighteen: The Ivy League's Fourth Reich: Sarah Palin's decision to stay out of the 2012 race almost seemed a foregone conclusion for Michael Moriarty
How do we re-industrialize America: Dr. Robert Owens says rebuilding America's manufacturing base will take what will be for many an unpalatable return to the past
Political, constitutional, juridical, and socio-cultural aspects of the origins and development of the Canadian State (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks mostly at the 1990s in Canada and Ontario
Ignorance in action: Barack Obama is proposing another titanic stimulus bill and Chris Clancy says it will be about as successful as every other one
New world disorder: Steven Martinovich still isn't quite sure what Damon Vickers was trying to do with The Day After the Dollar Crashes: A Survival Guide for the Rise of the New World Order
Don't get rid of the Electoral College: With an election approaching there are once again calls to get rid of America's Electoral College. Rachel Alexander says that would be a mistake
A sinful decision made in Lawrence, Kansas: Paul A. Ibbetson reports that Lawrence, Kansas is forging ahead with one of the most liberal agendas any American city has pursued in recent memory
The transformation of government: Governments once existed to serve their citizens but Henry Lamb argues that they know believe they should be managing the affairs of those same citizens
How conservative candidates can give us a RINO nominee: The GOP nomination is completely up in the air but Selwyn Duke says one outcome is more important then any other
The Supreme Court and the future of liberty: Mark Alexander argues that the new session of the U.S. Supreme Court will look at the most critical case it's heard since FDR
When the greedy feign outrage: Not surprisingly Frank Salvato doesn't think much of the Occupy Wall Street Movement and their list of demands
UPMC's taking snit with Highmark out on patients?: J.J. Jackson is increasingly angry at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center as they apparently only like the free market when people choose them for every medical and insurance need
Our children are at risk: Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr. argues that the Evangelical Environmental Network needs to get it right, before it preaches to others
It's not the economy, stupid!: All the candidates, regardless of political stripes, seem to be running on the economy. Bruce Walker says they're missing the bigger picture
The EPA gets caught in a big fat lie: Alan Caruba says it is time that Americans put for their collective foot down and get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency
Political, constitutional, juridical, and socio-cultural aspects of the origins and development of the Canadian State (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at Canadian political icons Liberal Pierre Trudeau and Progressive Conservative Brian Mulroney
Veepin': At this point in the election cycle people are usually only interested in who the nominee for president will be. Lisa Fabrizio spends a few minutes pondering who might be second banana
Cut loose at fifty: Chapter Six – Goodbye DJK: Chris Clancy continues his series of the pleasures -- and pains -- of being a foreign teacher of English in China
Traditional hackers now turning their crosshairs on conservatives: Hackers are increasingly turning their energies to taking down conservative web sites, something that Rachel Alexander knows all too well
Alert! EPA monster sighted in Kansas: It seems wherever Americans turn, the EPA is there doing something nefarious. Paul A. Ibbetson says that includes Kansas
Is the Federal Reserve constitutional: Decades after its creation some Americans continue to argue that the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional. Dr. Robert Owens investigates the issue
The world is having a nervous breakdown: Is the world on the edge of a precipice? Alan Caruba says the signs are unmistakable that everyone -- people and nations -- are on edge
The difference between Planning 101 and Planning 102 is...: Henry Lamb has never had a problem with a local government legitimately trying to plan for the future. What's happening these days goes far past that
Gov. Perry, welcome to your past: Everyone has a past and you can't hide it for long in politics -- as Texas Gov. Rick Perry is beginning to learn, says Michael R. Shannon
The idea of the 'fair share': Any talk of people paying their "fair share" is merely another attempt at class warfare, argues Frank Salvato
Free trade is failing America: Free trade works when trade is actually free but Dr. Peter Morici argues that the U.S. is being killed by unequal trade practices
Morgan Freeman is a prejudiced man: Not surprisingly, Selwyn Duke didn't think much of Morgan Freeman's claim that the Tea Party was essentially racist in nature
Al Gore promoter of doomsday cult?: Sharon Hughes says a case can be made that Al Gore and his devotion to the cause of climate change is getting a bit cultish
New antibiotics -- or needless deaths: Dennis T. Avery argues that the world needs new antibiotics or things could turn very ugly some day
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November 2011

System failure on a global scale: Whereever you look things seem to be breaking down. Alan Caruba argues there is a root cause for all of it
A comparison of the conservative traditions in America and Canada (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at the divergent paths of development of American and Canadian flavours of conservatism
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Twenty-Four: You Can’t Go Home Again: The rise of Newt Gingrich in the hunt for the GOP nomination reminds Michael Moriarty once again that you can never go back home
Obama outplays Republicans, Romney at home and on the road: Dr. Peter Morici argues that Barack Obama is turning his weaknesses into strengths and running circles around the GOP and Mitt Romney
Old sexual harassment accusations are seedy way to sink political candidates: Rachel Alexander finds much about the sexual harassment scandal surrounding Hermain Cain has the foul odour of double standards and political manipulation
Political baggage: Establishment and media manipulation: There is baggage like Newt Gingrich's and then there is baggage that the media bent over backwards trying to ignore, says Frank Salvato
Organized anarchy leads to one last question: Dr. Robert Owens says the Occupy movement and the state of freedom today should prompt a thinking person to remember a famous question posed by Ayn Rand
Tank Man: Genuine courage vs juvenile cowardice: The propaganda for the Occupy movement turned truly repulusive for Mark Alexander last week when the image of Tank Man was referenced
"Occupy" protesters find willing media dupe to bring back "Tea Party" comparison: Think Occupy and the Tea Party movement share no ideological underpinnings? J.J. Jackson says one Pittsburgh area journalist is working to argue otherwise
Election 2012: Third and long: Next year's presidential election is fast approaching and Nancy Salvato employs our favourite kind of analogy -- football -- to explain how important it is
Why the Wheat Board monopoly is being removed: The Canada Wheat Board may be fighting it but Milton Boyd argues that eliminating the CWB's monopoly on marketing grain will be a benefit to Canadian wheat farmers
Oil pipeline debate needs perspective: The political war against an oil pipeline from Alberta to the United States was really opposed to the province's oilsands, argues Joseph Quesnel
Ice-free Arctic -- 6000 years ago: For all the wailing about ice disappearing in the Arctic, Dennis T. Avery argues that scientific evidence is being ignored that this is hardly the first time its happened
Let's abolish compulsory membership in student unions: At many universities across Canada, reports Jonathan Wensveen, students are forced to join student unions -- groups which often don't represent their students on any level
If not Romney, who?: It is increasingly appearing that Mitt Romney is the man to beat for the GOP nomination...and most likely to defeat Barack Obama, says Alan Caruba
Fifty percent welfare nation: Nearly half of all Americans are receiving some sort of government aid, prompting Rachel Alexander to wonder if half the populace can really be poor?
The real case against sexual harassment: Herman Cain is facing multiple allegations of sexual harassment but Lisa Fabrizio is more interested in the bigger picture
Herman Cain sexually assaulted me: J.J. Jackson has shocking allegation to reveal: He too is one of the victims of GOP candidate Herman Cain
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Twenty Three: The Erotic and The Soul: The joyous eruption of the soul -- whether through love or art -- has done much to inform the soul of Michael Moriarty
Separatist tendencies in Canada: Their origins, development, and future (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at separatist tendencies outside Quebec
Let's conversate about the argubate: There hasn't been a legitimate national conversation about a major issue in a long time but Dr. Robert Owens says that there was once a brief moment
What Ray Stevens told me: Paul A. Ibbetson recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ray Stevens and confirmed that the man has more than streaking on his mind
Herman Cain and the experience factor: When it comes to presidential candidates Selwyn Duke is far more interested in how wise someone is over how experienced they are
Berlusconi resignation won't avert Italian default, euro collapse: Silvio Berlusconi's resignation this weekend doesn't address in the slightest the reality that Italy's economy is simply far too large for Germany and France to foot the bill of failure
A nation divided: Henry Lamb believes the GOP can reclaim the White House and Senate if it remains united in one goal: Getting rid of Barack Obama
The triangulation of the 'Occupy' movement: Frank Salvato argues that the public is being told -- by the media and the participants as well -- that the Occupy movement transcends left/right politics
The KinderCare generation: Michael R. Shannon says that the Occupy movement reminds him a lot of kindergarten students --complete with the tantrums
Free markets are good medicine: There's not much free market left when it comes to medicine and Richard E. Ralston says that's why Americans need to fight even harder against further government control
Real monsters didn't disappear after Halloween: Energy-depriving, job-killing, income-squeezing regulations have a frightening impact, says Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr. and Reverend Efrain Piñeda
Electricity, parks and progress for Chile: Apply CSR standards to environmentalist billionaire Doug Tompkins for honesty, transparency and concern for people, says Paul Driessen
The new talent economy: Andrew S. Rosen believes that the United States needs to re-address how it delivers higher education if it wants to remain a world leader
GOP flip-flopping over Mitt Romney: A few short years ago Republicans were in love with Mitt Romney but of late are questioning his pedigree. Rachel Alexander says that's a mistake
Time to rid the streets of the "Occupy" movement: Alan Caruba believes that the Occupy protests in several dozen U.S. cities need to be stopped
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Twenty Two: Entre Act: Michael Moriarty says he learned an important lesson when arguing with his ideological opponents thanks to some advice on the set of Holocaust
Separatist tendencies in Canada: Their origins, development, and future (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at developments in Quebec after 1984
Who votes for democracy?: The democracy movements around the world and the Occupy protests in America are demanding the wrong things, writes Dr. Robert Owens
Cut loose at fifty: Chapter Seven – The calm before the storm: Chris Clancy continues his series on teaching in China with a new job in Wuhan but some lessons about how Chinese society really works
Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party, so much in common but worlds apart: The media loves comparing the Occupy movement to the Tea Party but Dr. Peter Morici says there are some pretty big differences between the two
Populist socialism on the rise: Mark Alexander argues that 35% of Americans seem to support the Occupy movement and those numbers are growing
The tax plan that's better than Cain's, Perry's or Gingrich's: All the primary GOP challengers have their own tax plans but Selwyn Duke says they all have one Achilles' Heel and offers up his own solution
Liberal Predictability Index up in recent months: J.J. Jackson's unofficial Liberal Predictability Index has been rising lately and it's because liberals are...well...predictable
Obama the Administrator: If you've heard of Philip Dru then you'll know exactly why Henry Lamb is comparing Barack Obama to him
Public fears of a gangster government: Alan Caruba fears an ever-growing government that is rapidly spinning out of any control
Imagine. No religion, too: The sight of an atheist inspired licence plate has Michael R. Shannon thinking of a world that has eliminated religion
The cost of "Smart Growth": Communities in both Canada and the United States which enacted "Smart Growth" policies have only made life more expensive, says Steve Lafleur
We need safe food, not new regulations: Technologies exist to make food safer but advocates continue to prefer spending money on new regulations instead, argues Dennis T. Avery
This is how ice ages begin: Robert W. Felix says that ice ages don't begin with gigantic glaciers carving their way across continents, but snowfall which aid the growth of those glaciers
A 2012 world view: What is the end game?: The 2012 elections will give Americans a chance to restore federalism and liberty -- and the people need to understand their importance, says Nancy Salvato
Contract with conservatives: Bruce Walker proposes a simple contract that he'd like the future Republican nominee for president to sign on to
Killing energy, killing jobs, killing America: Energy is America's lifeblood and it would appear that the government is draining the patient dry, says Alan Caruba
Separatist tendencies in Canada: Their origins, development, and future (Part One): Canada's liberalism may actually encourage separatism, argues Mark Wegierski
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Twenty One: "Will": Michael Moriarty continues his autobiography with the inspirations that move him and moved him into acting
Clinton's cackling at Cain takes the cake: It was a bit much seeing Hillary Clinton mocking Herman Cain while talking with Afghan president Hamid Karzai earlier this month
It took too long to get a Herman Cain: Dennis T. Avery takes aim at a system that stops all too many African-American men from becoming someone like Herman Cain
Those who read the past write the future: History may seem like a subject you're forced to learn in school but Dr. Robert Owens says there is great value in it
The true killers of school spirit: Notre Dame and the Whining Irish: Paul A. Ibbetson doesn't think much of the University of Notre Dame's battle over a trademark with a tiny high school in Chapman, Kansas
Occupational therapy: Lisa Fabrizio is struck by the similarities by the hippies of the so-called "Summer of Love" and the people occupying Zuccotti Park in New York City
Why are suicides so high in the wealthiest country in the world?: Why are suicide rates as high as they are in the United States? Rachel Alexander says quite seriously that the answer is "stuff"
No representation without taxation: The Occupy Wall Street protests show that perhaps everyone -- and we're not talking about the wealthy -- need to start paying taxes, argues Bruce Walker
Perry tax plan makes no sense: Dr. Peter Morici says that Gov. Rick Perry's tax plan proposal wouldn't achieve what he says it will
Success by failure – The way forward for President Obama: J.J. Jackson puts it very simply: For America to succeed, Barack Obama and his agenda must fail
Jesus, the liberal Democrat: Would Jesus be down with the Occupy Wall Street protesters? Michael R. Shannon would like to disagree with a few liberals on that question
When government knows no limitation: The American Fourth Amendment once again comes under attack by the U.S. Justice Department, reports Frank Salvato
It's libel – except when Mike does it: Paul Driessen thinks it rich that Dr. Michael Mann would sue Dr. Tim Ball for libel given some of the things he's done in the past
The economic effects of minimum wage - Sam Little
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December 2011

Leaving Iraq: The war in Iraq is officially over -- for America at least. Alan Caruba says history would suggest that Iraq's story has plenty of sorrow yet to come
Executive orders: Executive orders issued by American presidents have always been controversial but Dr. Robert Owens says these days they're engines of social engineering
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Twenty-Eight: Simone Weil: French philosopher Simone Weil, though not a Catholic, has long influenced Michael Moriarty and he believes it's time she was recognized for who she was
Tebowphobia: This past Sunday excepting, Tim Tebow has largely been a winner on the field...and yet a lot of people hate him, writes Lisa Fabrizio
Kyoto: Good riddance to a bad deal for Canadians: Canada made waves across the world for being the first signatory to the Kyoto Accord to withdraw from it. Gregory Thomas is not weeping over the decision
I agree! Everyone should pay their fair share!: Some people should be careful what they wish for if they want everyone to pay their faire share of taxes, says J.J. Jackson
Cut Loose at Fifty: Chapter Ten – Something completely different: Chris Clancy decides to unleash a new teaching method on his classroom after spending an evening drinking with an Australian teacher
Eating our own and providing strategy: Another election cycle and Republicans and conservatives have once again forgotten about the 11th Commandment, writes Frank Salvato
Abramoff wants Congress to come clean: Jack Abramoff is back and he has some new ideas about lobbyists and their role in politics. Michael R. Shannon mulls them over
Chongqing, Bangalore and Canada: A single city in China nearly equals the entire population of Canada and David MacKinnon says they're the people that Canadians are competing against
Unscrupulous? Investors Hub leaves libelous cowardly anonymous comment up about my friend Steve Nickolas: The problem with being on the web is that untruths are just as easy to post as the truth, as one of Rachel Alexander's friends is learning first hand.
Investors rejecting euro pact: Investors aren't buying into recent moves to shore up the Eurozone because they don't adequately solve some problems, argues Dr. Peter Morici
Liberty v the fatal cycle of democracy: Is totalitarianism in the United States inevitable? Mark Alexander says not if Americans step up and reclaim their Republic
American energy can jump-start US recovery: Paul Driessen argues that tapping abundant US energy deposits would create jobs and restore prosperity
Tackling the on-reserve housing crisis: Joseph Quesnel says it's time to depoliticize housing on Aboriginal communities and begin to address the real issues
A new strategy to feed the world: The world needs more food to adequately feed seven billion people and Dennis T. Avery says there's at least one company that's attempting to push the envelope
The rich are not conservative: It's long been a stereotype that the rich are good conservatives. Bruce Walker says the reality is that they are solid supporters of the political left
America's communist president: Speech after speech proves the same thing, says Alan Caruba, that Barack Obama is no defender of liberty and capitalism despite what he may say
A comparison of the conservative traditions in America and Canada (Part Four): Mark Wegierski contrasts the trajectories of social change in Canada and the U.S., as well as the possible resistance
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Twenty Seven: Old Notes In A New Way: In an eternal battle between right and wrong, good and evil, Michael Moriarty says that there is one institution which will save America
Mad or otherwise Alan Grayson won't go away: Alan Grayson may have been destroyed in the 2010 election but J.J. Jackson says that doesn't mean he's learned his lesson
The truth about the National Defense Authorization Act: Some conservatives have risen to vociferously oppose the National Defense Authorization Act but Rachel Alexander says there is no reason for the right to be worried
Cut loose at Fifty: Chapter Nine – Not much beats a good story: Education is a different kind of business in China, as Chris Clancy found out, and how satisfying depended on what kind of students you're teaching
What does the Occupy Movement stand for?: What the Occupy Movement really stands for was neatly summarized in a recent article by George Lakoff, reports Charles A. Morse
Putting the paste back in the tube: Dr. Robert Owens argues that it's time for his generation to admit they've have been ripped off for every cent ever extorted for Social Security, and the only way they can receive benefits is to have the government extort it from their children
Sending the education system back to school: Laugh at for profit, private colleges like Kaplan and DeVry? Rebooting for the New Talent Economy is a powerful argument why you shouldn't, writes Steve Martinovich
Solutions for our most pressing problems: Rachel Alexander has nothing but praise for Bill Ponath's Verdict for America: Critical Issues Facing Our Nation, a catalogue of America's problems and possible solutions
Merkel reforms will worsen Euro crisis: Whatever Europeans in the Euro Zone may be expecting, writes Dr. Peter Morici, it shouldn't be a stable and worthwhile continental currency
Obama has found Jesus!: Mark Alexander couldn't help but chortle when Barack Obama invoked the name of Jesus Christ at the lighting of the National Christmas Tree
Scandal and insanity at Penn State, Durban and the IPCC: Paul Driessen argues that climate fraud proves insanity of extending Kyoto, renewable subsidies and economic mayhem
Dems blame Bush for Operation Fast and Furious with lies: Eric Holder may have defended Operation Fast and Furious but that didn't stop Democratic operatives from attempting to plant stories that program was really George W. Bush's fault, writes Jim Kouri
Spending more has never worked!: Alan Caruba argues that Barack Obama's tenure has seen spending that is nearly unprecedented...except for the fact that history seems to be repeating itself
A comparison of the conservative traditions in America and Canada (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the years from the late-1990s to today in Canadian conservatism and the earthshaking events that changed everything
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Twenty Six: Florence 1964 vs. Today: In 1964, at the age of 23, Michael Moriarty found himself in Florence, Italy, and quickly came to the conclusion that armed with a few truths that nothing was impossible
Too much talk?: Some people think there have been way too many debates in the GOP race with more coming but Lisa Fabrizio thinks it's a good thing
Frankly Barney, you won't be missed: Rep. Barney Frank's announcement last week that he was retiring from politics didn't exactly break Michael R. Shannon up
Newt Gingrich, Matt Salmon, principles and pragmatism: Newt Gingrich took a lot of flack in the late 1990s for appearing to cave into Bill Clinton but Rachel Alexander says he learned a lesson from that time
Smoke and mirrors: Dr. Robert Owens says it is time to tell our hypnotized fellow citizens to take the blinders off: The house is on fire and the firemen are pouring gasoline on the flames
Fed's assistance to Europeans only prolongs the agony: Dr. Peter Morici argues that the Euro is a cruel hoax on Mediterranean nations and American assistance in shoring it up is a mistake
Paper money, real debt, and spendthrift nations: Americans may look at Europe with wonder concerning the coming failure of the Euro but Alan Caruba says they're no better off
Carter and Obama: An unfair comparison: Conservatives have made great sport comparing Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama but Mark Alexander says the former president doesn't deserve that kind of insult
Interference of the tortious kind this way comes: If politicians were held to the same standards that the average person was, writes J.J. Jackson, they would be in some very hot water
Beware of NDP leadership hopefuls bearing policy gifts from Greece: Greece as a positive example? Gregory Thomas says at least one NDP leadership hopeful believes that former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou was actually inspiring
Where your rights end and mine begin: Society only works, says Nancy Salvato, if everyone agrees that some sacrifices need to be made for the greater good
Durban due diligence: Kelvin Kemm says we must demand scientific rigour on climate change, or we will reap the consequences
African-based terror group Boko Haram subject of House report: Another day and another African-based terrorist group. Jim Kouri reports on the new kid on the block: Boko Haram
Add herbicides to Africa's rescue plan - Dennis T. Avery
Contrasting world views - Nancy Salvato
Cut Loose at Fifty: Chapter Eight – "Take it easy Chris, just take it easy" - Chris Clancy
Investors should be wary of buying U.S. Treasuries - Dr. Peter Morici
The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Twenty Five: Approaching Florence 1964 - Michael Moriarty
Pepper spray – A little dab'll do ya - Michael R. Shannon
The threat of a global financial collapse - Alan Caruba
Topeka, Kansas school district places sexual deviancy on its curriculum - Paul A. Ibbetson
We can trust us - Dr. Robert Owens
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