January 2014 - December 2014

January 2014

Why the U.S. has been losing wars: The recent track record of the U.S. in wars has been pretty dismal, writes Alan Caruba, and that's because the people at the top just don't get it
Chapter Thirty-One of Keeping Score in America: Nat Hentoff, America's Sanest Liberal: Michael Moriarty pays tribute to Nat Hentoff, a man he describes as one of America's most just men
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the "nine-point alignment system" in Dungeons and Dragons
Obama blind to facts on extended unemployment benefits: The evidence firmly shows that extending unemployment benefits is neither a help to the economy or the unemployed, argues Dr. Peter Morici
Obama criminalizes dissent, goes after Dinesh D'Souza: A few years back Dinesh D'Souza did a great job embarassing Barack Obama. It looks like the president has struck back, writes Rachel Alexander
TX Democrat gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis' slip is showing: Democrat Wendy Davis hopes to be the next governor of Texas thanks to a great personal story. Michael R. Shannon argues there's more fib than fact in it
Unsportsmanlike conduct: Lisa Fabrizio says the Richard Sherman controversy contains all of the elements of how football has declined since its glory days
Whose responsibility is it?: Telling people that they are responsible for the choices they have made in life tends not to result in a positive response these days, writes Dr. Robert Owens
SHOT Show: The last bastion of growing conservatism: If the Republican Party wants a lesson in how to do conservatism, says Rachel Alexander, they could do worse than emulate the SHOT Show
The EPA's agenda: Undermine capitalism and America: If you still believe that the EPA is there simply to protect the environment from nefarious polluters, says Alan Caruba, you haven't been paying attention
What President Obama doesn't get about inequality: Barack Obama has made income inequality a priority for his administration but failed to recognize the role government has played in it, argues Dr. Peter Morici
Obama's class warfare deception: Barack Obama talks income inequality but his real legacy will end up being socialist economic policies and a poor nation, says Mark Alexander
The Syrian Constellation before the Geneva 2 peace talks: The latest attempt to bring peace to Syria began in Switzerland last week and Pinhas Inbari takes a look at the colourful gallery of opposition groups that need to all agree
America in lockdown: "Dedicated public servants" lock up lands and resources, lock down job and economic recovery, says Paul Driessen
Obama's war on U.S. energy: America's economy is suffering and one of the reasons, argues Alan Caruba, is the Obama administration's war against the energy sector
Schweitzer for president: He wouldn't be perfect but Bruce Walker thinks that former Montana governor Brian Schweitzer would probably be the best choice for president in 2016...and he's a Democrat
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at Dungeons and Dragons, the first major role-playing game and one celebrating its 40th anniversary this year
Chapter Thirty of Keeping Score in America: The Shostakovich 15th Symphony: The Eternally Bitter Wanderings of Dimitri Shostakovich: Michael Moriarty devotes this week's column entirely to misunderstood Russian composer Dimitri Shostakovich
The man who would be king: Steven Martinovich wasn't entirely convinced by Catherine S. Neal's efforts in Taking Down the Lion: The Triumphant Rise and Tragic Fall of Tyco's Dennis Kozlowski but still found it interesting
Forget Christie; let's talk about big fat traffic jams: As the Christie traffic jam scandal continues to get play in the media, Selwyn Duke mulls the general existence of traffic jams in general
Who will win the war against income inequality?: A government-led war against income inequality will only result in a tyranny that the Soviet Union would have admired, writes Dr. Robert Owens
Fixing inequality: Dr. Peter Morici argues that the United States needs to play to its strengths if it wishes to remain the most economically powerful nation on Earth
Amnesty: The next GOP leadership betrayal: Michael R. Shannon believes that the House GOP is about to cave on yet another issue -- this time granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants
2014: The designated year for Middle East peace: Part 1: Folly of global peace building: The Council of the Socialist International declared 2014 to be the year of peace in the Middle East and want a deal between Israel and the Palestinians. Debra Rae doesn't think much of the initiative
Abbas denies his authority to make cardinal decisions for a lasting peace agreement: Peace in the Middle East is contingent on leadership and Jonathan D. Halevi says that Mahmoud Abbas has abandoned any authority he might have had to make a deal
Thus spake the potheads: Selwyn Duke doesn't buy the arguments that people in favour of marijuana users make for the same reason he doesn't agree with the drunks of the world
The internal Iranian struggle in the aftermath of the Geneva Nuclear Agreement: There is a lot of infighting amongst Iran's leaders, reports Michael Segall, over the P5+1 nuclear enrichment deal that was reached last month
Showing how government fails: Government has a long history of failing at projects designed and implemented by progressives but Bruce Walker argues Obamacare may finally wake Americans up
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at various science fiction, fantasy, and gaming subgenres
Chapter Twenty Nine of Keeping Score in America: Gustavo Dudamel And Dimitri Shostakovich: Michael Moriarty pays tribute to Dimitri Shostakovich and Gustavo Dudamel, two geniuses who manage to say more with music than tyranny can with any weapon
America's unemployment sinkhole: Americans are worse off with in the Obama era then at any time since the Great Depression, proved by the government's own numbers, writes Alan Caruba
Predictions: Lisa Fabrizio makes some predictions for 2014 and you'll likely be pleased to know that she sees some good things for the U.S. coming
The ugly reality of the Chris Christie bridge scandal: N.J. Governor Chris Christie denies that he had anything to do with a politically inspired traffic jam this past September but Rachel Alexander isn't entirely convinced
Economy adds only 74,000 jobs in December: The American economy continues to grind in slow gear when it comes to job creation and Dr. Peter Morici believes he knows why
Spare no expense & bill the taxpayer: Michael R. Shannon reports on a recent story in his neck of the woods which saw graves discovered at the site of a new high school and a family's (not very) surprising reaction
What happened to our freedom to choose?: Freedom is all about choice but Jane Gaffin argues that the average person has had many of their choices stripped away from them -- and most of them have done little to fight back
What's the reason?: Dr. Robert Owens believes that the replacement of tradition by reason in today's culture is the explanation for why so much of America's strength has disappeared
Roberts rules again...poorly: In a blink and you missed it moment, U.S. Supreme Chief Justice John Roberts turned away with comment from a stay request by a group opposed to Obamacare and Frank Salvato isn't pleased
Twisted understanding of the Constitution leads to things like this: In Oklahoma City a group of Satanists are raising money to raise a statue to Old Nick and if they succeed, argues David M. Huntwork, it's because no one understands the Constitution any longer
Risking lives to promote climate change hype: Yet another global warming expedition gets trapped in icebound ideology, reports Paul Driessen
No end to Palestinian claims: How Israel and the Palestinians view borders: Fundamental differences in how Israel and Palestinians wish to negotiate borders between themselves will likely continue to stymie any efforts, says Pinhas Inbari
The United Nations cesspool: The UN stands for many fine things -- at least in theory -- but the reality, argues Alan Caruba, is that it is an inept and evil organization which promotes all that is ill for humanity
Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the dawn of 2014: A conservative infrastructure is still lacking in Canada, says Mark Wegierski
Chapter Twenty Eight of Keeping Score in America: The new year of 2014: Michael Moriarty fully expects 2014 to be one of the most fulfilling and challenging years of his life -- both personally and for the world
A Prince of war: Blackwater founder Erik Prince attempts to defend himself with Civilian Warriors: The Inside Story of Blackwater and the Unsung Heroes of the War on Terror and Steven Martinovich reviews his efforts
Standing strong for America in 2014: The United States faces serious challenges this year -- and coming years -- and Dr. Peter Morici says it's time for Americans to stand up
Looking into my 2014 crystal ball: Alan Caruba believes that 2014 is the year that Americans will wake up from their slumber and begin fighting back against anti-federalist programs and policies
Sola scriptura: Pope Francis and his anti-capitalist message is still garnering defenders both in- and outside of the Catholic Church but Robert T. Smith says the pontiff is still wrong
God, guns, and the Rule of Law: Why I refuse to obtain a licence to own my firearms: Canadian activist Edward Hudson refuses to obtain a licence to own firearms despite a legal requirement to do so and he explains why
Sixty years with St. Edward's Crown: The past year marked 60 years since the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and J.K. Baltzersen examines the issues around having a monarch
Mass marketing garbage overload: Advertising by itself isn't inherently bad but Rachel Alexander hates the constant torrent of objectional ads
Is the NFL becoming the No Fan League?: Last week several NFL teams -- including the Green Bay Packers -- had difficulty selling out their playoff games. Michael R. Shannon wonders if the NFL has finally managed to alienate its fans
Re-writing Benghazi for political purposes: Frank Salvato doesn't think a lot of a recent New York Times article which argues that al-Qaida had nothing to do with the 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. embassy compound in Benghazi
Crooked labs, agencies and prosecutors: EPA versions of Nifongs and Beales prosecute US hydrocarbons, jobs, living standards and health, argues Paul Driessen

February 2014

The suicide of unions: Why is the union movement on the ropes in the United States? Bruce Walker says that union leaders had better look in the mirror for that answer
UAW organizing defeat at Tennessee VW shows unions must change to survive: Dr. Peter Morici argues that unions need to start changing from their confrontational past if they wish to remain viable into the future
Chapter Thirty-Five of Keeping Score In America: The Poetry of Patience: Olympic ice hockey plays a big part in Michael Moriarty's essay this week and he offers up a good example of who they should be modelling themselves after
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Seven): Mark Wegierski looks at the rising tide of dark themes, and points to a more positive Tolkienian series
Zombies, the apocalypse, and the decline of the Republic: Apocalypticism used to be the province of fundamentalist Christians but it seems like everyone these days is worried about the end of days, says David M. Huntwork
Pardon my paranoia: A wide ranging collection of non-military government alphabet agencies are armed and the paranoid Alan Caruba says that's not a good thing
Why we need capitalists: America needs innovators and people to have the opportunity to earn an honest's day wage for an honest day's work, writes Dr. Robert Owens
When disappointment comes from the right: Frank Salvato was disappointed by recent comments from Ann Coulter which essentially promoted supporting Republicans who weren't conservatives
Obama to propose wholly political budget—progress be damned!: Expecting Barack Obama to address some big problems this year? Dr. Peter Morici says the American president would appear to be focusing his attention elsewhere
Children of, by, and for the state: A legal framework: Slowly but surely, says Debra Rae, parents are being written out of being responsible for the raising of their own children
Environmentalists target fracking: There's a war being fought in America and it has all to do with fracking for oil, reports Rachel Alexander
Jihad Part 2 -- Coming to a theater near you: When it comes to the War on Terror, writes Mark Alexander, the Obama administration appears to have had its own "Mission Accomplished" moment
Conservative principles and the common man: Political labels these days seem to be as malleable as the ethics of a politician. David M. Huntwork has a list he believes should define only conservatives
Suing Americans under international law — in American courts: This isn't a theoretical prospect as Selwyn Duke reports an American pastor is being sued under a law dating back to 1789 and it probably won't be the last time it's used
Obama's war on America: Killing coal to kill U.S. electrical power: Alan Caruba argues that Barack Obama's continuing attempts to essentially shut down the nation's coal industry is also an attempt to harm the economic interests of the United States
Liberal media in free fall: America's news media were once giants that influenced virtually every aspect of the nation's life. These days? Alan Caruba believes they've written themselves into near extinction
Chapter Thirty-Four of Keeping Score In America: The Pause Between Symphonies: Michael Moriarty announces that the first movement of his First Symphony is now online and explains his plans for the coming years
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Six): Mark Wegierski begins surveying the gaming landscape as it evolved in the 1990s
Obama's two Americas – The economy and how Democrats win elections: Barack Obama is working the American people like a maestro, shattering the economy and almost ensuring future Democratic victories, writes Dr. Peter Morici
The original, right-wing extremist: David M. Huntwork pays tribute to a man he describes as the original American conservative and an example for our times today
Why the House should impeach President Obama: There are any number of good reasons why Barack Obama should be impeached, argues Dr. Robert Owens, and he lays several out
What is the real BDS endgame? The elimination of Israel: The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel was launched purely to destroy the Jewish state, writes Ehud Rosen, despite what's said publicly by its leaders
Obama is becoming public enemy number one: The president's contempt for the welfare for tens of millions of Americans has essentially made him their enemy, argues Alan Caruba
From culture creep to flash flood: There is a growing crisis of ethics and morality in the American military and Mark Alexander argues that the rot starts straight at the top
Immigration and national survival: Selwyn Duke wants to know why immigration is automatically taken as a good, especially considering its chief proponents seem to hate the United States
Big freeze, storms impose losses up to $40 billion but economy will rebound: Dr. Peter Morici doesn't expect any lasting damage to the American economy from the recent snow storms and cold weather that's hit the eastern United States
Carbon benefits exceed costs by up to 500:1: Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek  say that EPA "cost of carbon" analyses ignore huge benefits of hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide
Going bankrupt one city at a time: Detroit may only be the first of a series of American cities to spectacularly fail and go bankrupt, writes Alan Caruba
Chapter Thirty-Three of Keeping Score In America: Detroit: As an actor Michael Moriarty has lived and worked around the world but his birthplace, Detroit, still holds some significance
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Five): Mark Wegierski contrasts  historical boardgames with role-playing games
John Boehner's incremental amnesty surrender strategy: Michael R. Shannon doesn't think much of the immigration reform ideas that the House GOP recently announced and accuses them of inching towards amnesty
Why can't we change?: America's constitution has been distorted out of any recognizability to its original intent. Dr. Robert Owens offers up a solution: Why not write a new one?
The legacy of Pete Seeger: Folk singer Pete Seeger earned nothing but praise from the media upon his death but Bruce Walker believes his legacy is quite dark
The banning of everything!: Jane Gaffin is convinced that governments and their NGO allies exist solely to ban everything we take for granted in order to control us
The Occupy movement and its extreme left component implode: You haven't heard much from the Occupy movement lately and Rachel Alexander says there's a good reason for that: It's imploding amidst bitter infighting
Fracking – Clean and green: Hatred of hydrocarbons should not excuse frackophobes from learning facts or speaking factually, writes Deroy Murdock
CBO report low balls Obamacare impacts on employment, economy: Dr. Peter Morici believes that the Congressional Budget Office didn't calculate the full negative effects of Obamacare on the American economy
America has lost her will to live: The slow destruction of a recognizable American culture is being accepted without comment by Americans, says Selwyn Duke
Liberty is colorblind: Mark Alexander argues that any immigration reform that takes place must be predicated upon the concept of liberty
A really big show: America marked the 50th anniversary of The Beatles appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show, a moment Lisa Fabrizio says changed everything
The ignorance and hypocrisy behind oil export bans: Paul Driessen urges help for consumers, security, environment by eliminating the prohibition on exporting US oil and gas
The road to freedom in Tehran (the rise of pro-Americanism in Iran): Although Iran's government continues with its decades old anti-Americanism, Slater Bakhtavar argues that the people of the Persian nation are looking increasingly to the West
Americans are losing their freedom: Generations of Americans fought and shed blood to preserve freedom for the Republic. That does not include, argues Alan Caruba, Barack Obama's agenda
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at issues of artistic realism in Dungeons and Dragons
Chapter Thirty-Two of Keeping Score in America: Facebook: Michael Moriarty recently returned to social networking web site Facebook after a long absence and is thankful he did because of its inherent ability to share information
State of the Union mixes sound and foolish proposals, laced with demagoguery: Dr. Peter Morici argues that last week's State of the Union speech was nothing more than pandering to the lowest common denominator
2014 SOTU: The MO BO Show: Last week's SOTU was a large load of recycled rhetoric and broken promises, writes Mark Alexander, who sat through it so you didn't have to
Which words work: Rush Limbaugh once famously said that words mean something and Dr. Robert Owens agrees that statement is now more important then ever
Exposed: Obama blocks White House Council on Boys and Men: He may talk a lot about equality bur Rachel Alexander says that Barack Obama's administration is clearly no friend of the male gender
I am afraid of my government: Alan Caruba has been around for a very long time so when he says that he's afraid of what the federal government has become, it pays to listen
Why is the Southern Poverty Law Center trying to crush a small Jewish organization?: Selwyn Duke reports on a recent lawsuit filed by the SPLC against JONAH International alleging fraudulent claims but something he argues is an attempt to intimidate
The right side of history: Everyone seems to be concerned to be on "the right side of history". David M. Huntwork argues that their higher goal should be to be on the right side of right and wrong
Build the Keystone pipeline, already!: KXL was AWOL from SOTU – along with real energy, job, economic and revenue solutions, writes Paul Driessen

March 2014

The Cold War was only on vacation: A newly resurgent Russia? Perhaps, but Dr. Peter Morici argues that the crisis in the Ukraine shows that Cold War never really ended
The path to war: The more things change, the more they stay the same. Alan Caruba argues that Russian actions in the Crimea are a repeat of what happened during the 20th Century
Ukraine sanctions with teeth instead of gums are still possible: For a brief moment Michael R. Shannon thought the White House was showing some muscle over the Ukraine...and then reality intruded
Balkanization, Ukraine and Crimea: Everyone is condemning the annexation of Crimea and Bruce Walker has no love for Vladimir Putin's tactics, but he wonders if it's all bad
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Eleven): Mark Wegierski looks at Hasbro's marketing efforts for Dungeons and Dragons, Third Edition, and the Fading Suns RPG
Chapter Thirty-Nine of Keeping Score In America: Snapshots From Facebook, My Screen Saver And Life: Michael Moriarty has become quite the fan of Facebook and he shares some pictures from the web site that have moved him
Iran's fortunes rising in a Middle East vacuum: A weakening West and shrewd political moves mean that Iran is ascendent in the Middle East, reports Michael Segall
Are slow growing wages holding back economic recovery?: A federal move to raise the minimum wage would only lead to large job losses, not economic recovery, argues Dr. Peter Morici
Obama's DoD v The Constitution: Mark Alexander argues that the U.S. Department of Defense continues to try and limit any expressions of religious belief by its members
Why government does not function: Why is America in the difficult position it is today? Alan Caruba argues that it's laws...or to be more precise the sheer number of laws in existence
Teaching students the process to societal change: Having great ideas for societal change is all well and good but Dale Schlundt argues that they're worthless without something else
Doctors want everybody unwell: Jane Gaffin doesn't think much of the modern medical industry and doctors, accusing them of doing more harm than good -- often deliberately
US electricity system in regulatory and terrorist crosshairs: The EPA and other agencies pile on costs and delays, as saboteurs reveal acute vulnerabilities, write Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek
U.S. energy, the Ukraine, and Russia: One of the lessons from the crisis in the Ukraine? Alan Caruba says nations should do what they can to control their own energy supplies
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Ten): Mark Wegierski looks especially at Games Workshop's Warhammer universe and roleplaying set within H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos
Chapter Thirty-Eight of Keeping Score In America: The 40 Year-Old Disease of American Jet Lag: Tyranny is once again on the march in the world -- as currently personified by Russia's actions in the Ukraine -- but Michael Moriarty believes in a higher power's ability to fight it
Relentless global warming "scientists" continue their scams: The science they purport to produce is under fire but Alan Caruba says global warming orthodoxists are continuing to fight their war any way they can
Replay it again, Bud: Spring training is under way and the promise of a new season of baseball looms. Lisa Fabrizio, however, is quite concerned about the new rule changes that will be introduced
Yesterday's tomorrow is today: You can hide your head in the sand but Dr. Robert Owens argues that the future is coming whether you like it or not and you'd better be ready for it
Cop: I'd love to "Bang down your door and come for your gun": Selwyn Duke reports on an some exchanges a Connecticut police officer had with some citizens on the topic of firearms and unjust laws
The GOP's fratricidal threat to liberty: Mark Alexander charges that infighting within the GOP and the Tea Party has essentially weakened the conservative movement
Shame on you! What's your consumption factor?: Feeling guilty that you likely consume more than the average global citizen? David M. Huntwork says you shouldn't be
Economy drags on Obama's approval ratings but don't look for changes in Washington: The American economy continues its moribund recovery and Dr. Peter Morici says not much is likely to change any time soon
Ariz. college senator fakes social media following, gets invited to White House: Jordan Hibbs is likely someone you have never heard of -- even if you attend ASU -- but Annica Benning says the college senator is already employing the technics of experienced politicians
The 'jihadi fire ant' attacks scholar Walid Phares: Scholar Walid Phares has a new book on the future of the Middle East arriving this week and it brought out one particularly fierce attack, reports Joelle Sawaya
Obamacare ruins more than health care: Obamacare does a number on the American health care industry but Richard E. Ralston argues that it also harms a number of other things
Why Hillary will flop: Hillary Clinton has already been cast as the favourite for the 2016 presidential election but Bruce Walker believes reality suggests the exact opposite
Scraping the rust off the Iron Curtain: Dr. Peter Morici believes that Russia's actions in the Ukraine aren't likely to end out well for the West
The Russian invasion of Ukraine: Russia's actions in the Ukraine, argues Mark Alexander, prove the perils of Barack Obama's paper tiger foreign policy
Putin's invasion of Ukraine revives cold war: Rachel Alexander argues that Barack Obama needs to understand who Vladimir Putin really is and what's necessary to respond to his actions in the Ukraine
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Nine): Mark Wegierski looks at some FASA products, including Shadowrun
Chapter Thirty-Seven of Keeping Score In America: The Big Red Line-Up!: Cartoon and text inform Michael Moriarty's essay this week on the relationship between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin
Some very good news about Americans: There are a lot of problems in the United States but Alan Caruba has happy to report that among them do not appear to be Americans themselves
You need limits to be free: Despite what many people think, argues Dr. Robert Owens, anarchy doesn't make you free -- you actually need some limits in order to be free
Mt Gox collapse shatters Bitcoin myth of virtual money: The recent turmoil in the world of Bitcoin proved to Dr. Peter Morici that virtual currencies aren't worth the paper they aren't printed on
Molon labe: Connecticut's terrifying start of gun confiscation: Rachel Alexander reports on the latest attempt to ramp up firearms regulation to confiscation
Muslim is the new "American Indian" in 21st Century America: Dale Schlundt wonders if its time for Americans to reexamine what they think they know about Muslims in America and their assumptions about its practitioners
Calling the global warming charlatans "Nazis": A prominent critic of the climate change orthodoxy recently went nuclear and called his opponents "Nazis". Alan Caruba defends Dr. Roy W. Spencer's use of he word
The left's message to teens: More sex, no guilt, no consequences: David M. Huntwork believes that the left is sending a dangerous message to teens about their sexuality and what should be considered normal
Will the Supreme Court permit EPA climate fraud?: If it does, the impacts on our lives, livelihoods, liberties and living standards will be enormous, argues Paul Driessen
Greener than "green": Fracking is friendly to protected species and mosquito-devouring bats, says Deroy Murdock after visiting one such facility recently
The progressive destruction of the U.S.: Alan Caruba charges that Barack Obama is the final step in the long march of the progressive war against the United States
Our Weimar Republic: People are always comparing the current state of the American federal government to the pre-Nazi German government but Bruce Walker argues it is a valid exercise
Chapter Thirty-Six of Keeping Score In America:  Pat Hickey: Michael Moriarty pays tribute to one of his friends: Fellow Irish-American, Chicago journalist and chronicler Pat Hickey
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Eight): Mark Wegierski looks here mainly at White Wolf’s World of Darkness
View from the couch: Laid up after a recent surgery, Lisa Fabrizio had an opportunity to watch a lot of television and reflects upon what she saw
You should ask whose property is it: People seem to be increasingly forgetting this basic truth but Dr. Robert Owens says there should be a clear line between what is personal and what is communal. Unfortunately that line keeps being pushed back towards you
Tax reform: Eliminate the income tax and IRS altogether: Would eliminating the income tax and replacing it with a value added tax actually help the American economy? Dr. Peter Morici believes so
Why Obama is uneducated: In many ways Barack Obama is a perfect representative of the liberal elite and that includes, argues Selwyn Duke, the fact that he's not actually an educated person
Standardize assessments ineffective on an individual basis: Dale Schlundt believes that standardized assessments may tell us a lot about individual schools and their effectiveness, but they tell us next to nothing about the individual students
Hypocrite: Robert T. Smith believes that Missouri football star Michael Sam would appear to want it both ways when it comes to how his sexuality is to be dealt with
How nuclear talks help Iran dominate the Middle East: Far from weakening Iran, argues Lt.-Col. (ret.) Michael Segall, the continuing negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 group are actually strengthening the Persian nation's position in the Middle East
Trading defense for welfare: Mark Alexander says that the Obama administration's proposal for massive cuts to America's military will weaken the country profoundly
Bob McDonnell discovers he's past the sell–by date: What happens when a former governor is indicted for being on the take while in office? Michael R. Shannon says it's not a pretty fate
More than winter chill gripping housing, broader economy: Barack Obama predicted that 2014 would see banner economic growth for the United States. Dr. Peter Morici believes people would be wise to expect something far more modest
Egyptian Field Marshal Abd El-Fattah El-Sisi: A profile: Abd El-Fattah El-Sisi is the new power in Egypt and what we do know of him, writes Dr. Jacques Neriah should sorry decision makers in the West

April 2014

Would we the people ratify the constitution today?: Given the decline of the people of the United States, argues Dr. Robert Owens, it's hard to believe that the country's constitution would be ratified today
White House strategy: Fabricating fear and injustice: Whipping up fear and uncertainty is an old trick but an effective one and Dr. Peter Morici reports that the Obama administration is working it hard
Cuspers – a new generational category proposed: Mark Wegierski suggests a new generational category that would fit in between two older ones
Chapter Forty-Three of Keeping Score In America: Divinely Theatrical Perfection: Michael Moriarty pays tribute to a pair of anonymous dancers whose performance he say on Youtube recently and has been entranced by
Try to ignore Earth Day: Earth Day comes this week and Alan Caruba says, despite relentless media and social pressure, try and think of other happy things
Prosecutor's targeting of gun range exec enters 15th year: Rachel Alexander updates us on a war that one prosecutor has been fighting against a gun range owner without success but at high cost
Hardly time to call Obamacare a success: The Obama administration has been crowing about the "success" that Obamacare has already been. Dr. Peter Morici says they might need to temper their excitement
Palestinian deception and the unwarranted trust of the West: The case of Palestinian accession to international conventions: Alan Baker doesn't think much of the UN's decision to allow the "state of Palestine" accession to over a dozen international conventions and treaties
Five things to know about the Fed's obsession with inflation: Dr. Peter Morici argues the U.S. Federal Reserves' continuing grappling with inflation is imposing a cost on the U.S.
University wants fewer whites — fears "mediocrity": A university president openly calling for fewer members of a single race? At Western Washington University that apparently is a regular occurrence, says Selwyn Duke
Tower of Pisa policies: Paul Driessen accuses the EPA of using lies to shore up policies built on shaky foundations of climate, peak oil and sustainability
The war within the GOP: If the Republican Party continues to move away from conservatives, writes Alan Caruba, he may very well become an independent and vote for the most available Tea Party candidate in November
Tradition and ecology: Mark Wegierski explores some of the affinities between traditionalist and ecological thinking
Chapter Forty-Two of Keeping Score In America: "The Pursuit of Bliss": The idea of bliss and its attainment -- and its polar opposite -- inform Michael Moriarty's essay this week
Hollywood's real heroes: If you compare and contrast the men and women that Hollywood produces today versus those of yesteryear, writes Lisa Fabrizio, its not hard to see there are few heroes today
Yes, America did build that: The key contribution of America to the rest of the world was the concept of limited government restrained by the law, writes Dr. Robert Owens
The crisis in the peace talks was pre-planned by the Palestinians: The breakdown in peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority wasn't much of a surpise to Jonathan D. Halevi who was expecting the PA's latest move
Five takeaways from the GM safety debacle: General Motors' recent safety issues proves yet again that the company is broken and Obama administration officials are in part to blame, argues Dr. Peter Morici
Long live the Republic!: America is arguably a nation in decline but David M. Huntwork believes there is still no better place to live and no country more worth fighting for
You might be a conservative if...: Last week Mark Alexander provided a handy list to determine if you were a liberal. This week he provides the same service to his fellow conservatives
Israel's relationship with the UN Human Rights Council: Is there hope for change?: Michal Navoth chronicles the recent history of difficulties between Israel and the UN's Human Rights Council
A war of wills: Agenda 21 can be crushed: The UN may be proceeding with Agenda 21 but Jane Gaffin believes that the war against centralized totalitarianism isn't quite over
The methane hoax cranks up: Environmentalists aren't content with simply demonizing carbon dioxide, writes Alan Caruba. Now they're aiming their guns at methane
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Thirteen): Mark Wegierski looks mostly at a broad variety of darker RPGs
Chapter Forty-One of Keeping Score In America: Fellini or Zampano Or Both!: Retired from acting Michael Moriarty has poured his energy and passion into music, something that he believes saved his life
192,000 jobs added in March but wages fall: Last week's jobs report in the United States revealed numbers that were the very definition of mediocrity, writes Dr. Peter Morici
You say you want a revolution: Revolution created freedom in the United States and a new kind of revolution may be necessary to restore it, says Dr. Robert Owens
Dangerous erosion of freedom as Obama cedes control of the Internet: You probably didn't hear about it in the news but Rachel Alexander says the Obama administration recently made a big move in regards to the governance of the Internet
World Vision's secular myopia: Michael R. Shannon wasn't very impressed by World Vision's recent flip-flop over the issue of gay marriage
Organic activists need GMOs now more than ever: You can't fight a war if you don't have an enemy and for the organics movement, say Patrick Moore and Mischa Popoff, that enemy are GMOs
Individualism remains the only basis for freedom in medicine: Richard E. Ralston decries Obamacare and its intrusion into the private lives of Americans and the choices they are allowed to make
Saving civilization means killing equality: Equality, at least in theory, is a wonderful thing but Selwyn Duke believes that it will eventually lead to the demise of civilization
Scaring the world about its climate: The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change continues to spin lies and misinformation about the Earth's climate, writes Alan Caruba
You might be a liberal if...: Unsure of whether you're a liberal? Mark Alexander has a rather lengthy list of signs which could indicate which persuasion you follow
Perils of commercial beekeeping: Honeybees pollinate crops but endure stress, parasites and disease. Solutions are coming, reports Paul Driessen
Obamacare is an American catastrophe: Barack Obama's signature health care plan has yet to fully take off and its already impacting the American economy, writes Alan Caruba
Chapter Forty of Keeping Score In America: Steve Rybicki: Michael Moriarty pays tribute to one of his oldest friends, Steve Rybicki, a poet who graces his friend regularly with some very fine work
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Twelve): Mark Wegierski looks mostly at some darker products of Steve Jackson Games, a major game company
The real bullies: Americans bend over backwards trying to protect their children but Lisa Fabrizio wonders if in the process they're also teaching them the wrong things
Should all political parties embrace liberal values? The left seems to think so: The political left seems to spend half its time trying to impose its values on the political right. David M. Huntwork hopes conservatives keep fighting back
Top Ten Things Putin said to Obama about Ukraine: What exactly did Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin say to each other during a recent telephone call? Selwyn Duke believes he has the answer
Five things Janet Yellen and Federal Reserve should do: Dr. Peter Morici has some advice for Janet Yellen for what she should do in the future instead of talking interest rates
Thank you, Mr. Williams: Jane Gaffin credits Walter Williams and Christopher Hitchens for telling the truth that's really behind the drive to eliminate smoking from the public sphere
The plan for police nullification: More and more police officers view their job as upholding the law rather than protecting the citizenry and Selwyn Duke has a response for that
Veterans Administration abandons vets suffering from depleted uranium contamination: Barack Obama once made hay about the Bush administration abandoning those who had fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. It would appear, writes Rachel Alexander, that not much has changed
The DNC's '14/'16 point man, Bill Clinton: Mark Alexander finds it truly amazing that the Democratic National Committee's most credible spokesman for defending Barack Obama is none other than Bill Clinton
Why not Rand Paul?: The consensus seems to be that Rand Paul is a long shot to ever win the GOP nomination -- let alone be elected president -- something that David M. Huntwork believes to be silly
More fraudulent science from EPA: Finalized Tier 3 gasoline sulfur rules will bring bogus benefits at high health and welfare price, says Paul Driessen

May 2014

The Politico Poll and conservative strength: Bruce Walker argues that the Politico Poll continues to tell the right something they seem to refuse to believe: Conservatism is dominant in the U.S.
Scandal exhaustion: By any measure, writes Alan Caruba, Barack Obama's tenure as president has been marked by an incredible number of scandals
Chapter Forty-Seven of Keeping Score In America: The Right To Bear Arms: Why does America continue to have some semblance of freedom? Michael Moriarty argues it is because of the Second Amendment and the ownership of firearms in the country
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Seventeen): Mark Wegierski relates RPGs to notions of commodity and Virtual Reality
Why do we obey?: There are two broad legal theories at war with each other in the United States today and which one you believe in tends to mark you politically, writes Dr. Robert Owens
The left's new censorship of free speech: "Check your privilege": The left would appear to have a new retort any time a conservative attempts to make a point and Rachel Alexander isn't all that impressed by it
Leftists cancel school honors night — too "exclusive": Selwyn Duke responds to news that a Rhode Island school has cancelled an annual honors night because of fears it would hurt feelings
The systematic elimination of private property: Jane Gaffin urges you to watch a video you can find online which features New Mexico rancher Wayne Price chronicling the assault on private property rights
Aiken: Exactly what we don't need in politics: North Carolina congressional hopeful Clay Aiken recently tweeted offensive comments about Ann Coulter and demonstrated why he shouldn't be a congressman, says Frank Salvato
The slow, sure death of "climate change" lies: Alan Caruba reports on a counter-group to the IPCC and their efforts to combat the lies of the climate change orthodoxy
'Great Society'?: Last week marked the 50th anniversary of LBJ's "Great Society" expansion of social welfare programs and Mark Alexander argues that by any measure they have been a colossal failure
FDA: No low-dose chemical dangers: Dennis T. Avery praises a recent FDA re-endorsement of a scientific truth: It is the dose that makes a substance a poison
Big Green Goliath wages anti-Keystone war: The mainstream media won't acknowledge that Big Green has much deeper pockets than Big Oil, argues Ron Arnold
Seattle set to destroy economy with highest minimum wage increase in the world: Seattle is set to adopt a $15/hr minimum wage, something that Rachel Alexander argues is going to damage an already stagnant business climate in that city
King of the Monsters: There's nothing inherently wrong with remakes but Lisa Fabrizio argues that many of the ones made today fail because they miss the point of the original
Chapter Forty-Seven of Keeping Score In America: My Rebecca: Michael Moriarty pays tribute to a novelist forgotten by most today but someone who prompted a truly remarkable psychological thriller made in 1940 by Alfred Hitchcock
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Sixteen): Mark Wegierski looks at RPGs as part of the "pop culture wars"
Time for the states to take back their land from the Feds: Alan Caruba argues that the 50 states need to start asserting their rights to the land that the American federal government has grabbed up
The high cost of freedom: Brothers Forever: The Enduring Bond between a Marine and a Navy SEAL that Transcended Their Ultimate Sacrifice is a celebration of the lives of two of America's finest, writes Steve Martinovich
The terrible truth about income inequality: There is income inequality in the United States today and its getting worse, argues Dr. Peter Morici, with one group to blame
Why liberty dies: Politicians, philosophers and writers have had a field day arguing whether the United States is less free today than in the past. Dr. Robert Owens says why a nation is less free is easy to answer
The ancient evil religion of political correctness: The way some people act you would think that political correctness was an actual religion. To that end David M. Huntwork has a story
How demagogues con people: Whatever his faults Adolph Hitler knew how to connect with the average person. Selwyn Duke says today's politicians are clearly taking a page from his book
Agenda 21 continues to drive people from the land: Jane Gaffin argues the point behind most environmental initiatives -- even the seemingly benign -- is to drive people off their private property
Emerging Universalism: Part I—"Anchored" to Sludge: Debra Rae doesn't have much good to say about the increasing ecumenism and intra-religious work that seems to be diminishing the role of God in favour of the self
Palestinian reconciliation and the rising power of Hamas and Islamic Jihad: An Iranian windfall: Increasing ties between the PLO, Hamas and Islamic Jihad is setting up nothing but trouble for the state of Israel, writes Jonathan D. Halevi
What's the real 'climate change' agenda?: The racheting up of the climate change march from the White House in recent weeks obviously hides another agenda, says Mark Alexander
The loony anti-Keystone campaign: It is the symbol of Big Green's diehard opposition to hydrocarbons and modern living standards, says Paul Driessen
The real state of the economy--not Obama's lies: When it comes to the American economy, writes Alan Caruba, the facts on the ground definitely don't match the words coming out of the White House
Chapter Forty-Six of Keeping Score In America: Audrey Hepburn: This week Michael Moriarty pays tribute to yet another towering talent -- one who proves that the Divine can exist on Earth -- Audrey Hepburn
On the 650th anniversary of the founding of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow – some notes on Polish higher education today: Mark Wegierski looks at post-secondary education in Poland, based partially on some personal experiences
Owning a home still beats renting: Housing continues to be ever more expensive but Dr. Peter Morici argues that its still better to own a home then rent an apartment
American legend: Enduring Courage: Ace Pilot Eddie Rickenbacker and the Dawn of the Age of Speed proves that the pioneering pilot deserves every bit of praise he continues to receive, writes Steve Martinovich
Why do they lie to us?: Dr. Robert Owens can only roll his eyes at some of the claims made to explain away the IRS' very focused attention on political groups...which also just happen to be conservative
The rock and roll boycott of Israel: An long running attempt to have musicians boycott Israel may get a lot of play in the media but Adam Shay says in practice its failed horribly
The United Nations Agenda 21 land grab: Jane Gaffin argues that the UN's Agenda 21 essentially gives governments a licence to do anything they like
Arizona's pseudo-conservative Attorney General embroiled in campaign scandals: Arizona's current AG, who is ostensibly a conservative, is beset with scandal and Rachel Alexander hopes he's defeated handily
Benghazi -- 'What difference, at this point, does it make?": Since the Obama administration and the media aren't sure why Benghazi is important, Mark Alexander decides to explain why the truth of the 2012 terrorist attack should matter
Vermont GMO labeling law will set back America's food supply: Mischa Popoff argues that a new law in Vermont requiring the labeling of food made with genetically-modified organisms are an attempt to protect the organic food industry
Where is the rehabilitation for "racists"?: The political left is big on rehabilitation for people who transgress social norms with the exception of racism -- at least depending on who does the deed -- writes Selwyn Duke
Trade deficit drags on growth, jobs creation: A reduction in the U.S. trade deficit would bring about huge gains in employment and the economy, argues Dr. Peter Morici
Manmade climate disruption – the hype and reality: Paul Driessen argues that the White House brings distractions, agendas, false realities, and policies that bring much harm but few benefits when it comes to climate change 
Science, free speech, and the courts: Dare to criticize a proponent of the global warming orthodoxy? Alan Caruba reports that's how at least one person responded to his critics
Chapter Forty-Five of Keeping Score In America: Eva Cassidy: Michael Moriarty pays tribute to the late singer and guitarist Eva Cassidy, an artist who unfortunately became better known after her death in 1996
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Fifteen): Mark Wegierski looks at some of the problems of "geeks" in North America – and the wide variety of "geek subgenres"
How world wars start: The current tensions between Russia the West over the Ukraine reminds Bruce Walker of other historical events that sparked world wars
Professor Picketty democracy, not capitalism, is failing the middle class: A new book by a French economist essentially argues for socialism to respond to alleged inequalities in income. Dr. Peter Morici doesn't think much of Thomas Piketty's reasoning or conclusions
Are you smarter than a Supreme Court judge?: Michael R. Shannon doesn't think much of a recent essay by a former Supreme Court justice arguing he knows how to fix the debate over the Second Amendment
Why are the Republicans committing suicide?: The Republicans could stand for principle and oppose the Democrats but Dr. Robert Owens believes they are merely the opposite side of the same coin
IRS brazenly continues crackdowns on conservative organizations: Rachel Alexander reports that the IRS may have gotten some bad press for its campaign against conservative organizations but that doesn't mean that its stopped the war
The Benghazi memo points to a crime: Last week's release of a memo which strongly suggests the White House was far more involved in spinning the Benghazi incident than it admitted should lead to consequences, argues Frank Salvato
Much ado about the Ukraine: The continuing strife in the Ukraine continues to make headlines and cause politicians to seek solutions but Alan Caruba has to admit that he doesn't care that much
The New York Times discovers the rule of law: The New York Times is now apparently concerned about the laws of the United States being least on some occasions, writes Selwyn Duke
Iranian strategy feeds off perceived western weakness: Given the West's apparent need to avoid the difficult choice whenever given the chance, Iran has crafted a solid strategy for pursuing its nuclear program, writes Michael Segall
GDP up only 0.1 percent, bodes poorly for jobs creation: A slowly growing GDP will likely mean that the American economy will continue to disappoint in areas like jobs, says Dr. Peter Morici
Why did we write it in the first place?: Today's progressive's have a very warped view of what America's constitution is supposed to be, argues Dr. Robert Owens
Are lying and politics the same thing?: If you listen to the Democrats you might think that lying and politics are in fact the same thing, writes Alan Caruba
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Fourteen): Mark Wegierski looks mostly here at trading card games (TCGs) and live action roleplaying games (LARPs)
Chapter Forty-Four of Keeping Score In America: The New World Order's Final Solution: Michael Moriarty responds to the rise of anti-Semitism in the Ukraine and the careful dance that Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin are apparently conducting
Democrats' Snoopy dancing: Democrats continue the celebrate their "successes" even as they admit that Americans are increasingly rejecting them, says Lisa Fabrizio
Vladimir Putin Caesar and our great geo-political turning point: Criticisms of today's Russian often reference a new Cold War but Selwyn Duke believes that Vladimir Putin is looking further back in history for inspiration
Progressives and the continued urban slaughter: The Windy City was once again a weekend of slaughter and once again, argues Frank Salvato, progressives laid the blame on the wrong thing
Obama's war on U.S. energy: Alternative energy sucks up money and delivers little in return but that isn't stopping the Obama administration's drive to eliminate traditional energy sources, writes Alan Caruba
Egypt and Saudi Arabia battle the jihadist current: Dr. Jacques Neriah chronicles the efforts of both Egypt and Saudi Arabia to battle al Qaida -- a movement which represents a threat to their status quo
Women voters are ignorant dupes: If you listen to the Obama administration and its fellow travellers, says Mark Alexander, you would believe that women must be complete idiots
An oligarchy and not a republic? No kidding?: A new study argues that the United States is no longer a republic, but rather an oligarchy. Frank Salvato responds with "Duh"
Survival depends on stopping the insidious Agenda 21: The UN's Agenda 21 is predicated on stripping you of the life that you enjoy and Jane Gaffin argues we need to start fighting back very soon
Should California dictate US energy policies?: Paul Driessen asks can the rest of America afford California's Alice in Wonderland energy policies? (Can California afford them?)

June 2014

Saddam, the good old days: Say what you will about the brutality of Saddam Hussein, writes Alan Caruba mournfully, at least groups like ISIS wouldn't have been permitted to exist
Chapter Fifty-One of Keeping Score In America: The Lucky Leprechauns: More than a few classical compositions remind Michael Moriarty of the Irish culture -- particularly their most famous ambassadors: leprechauns
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Twenty): Mark Wegierski looks at Twilight: 2000, which is now an alternative-history "dark future"
Five things to know about inflation heating up: Inflation is beginning to make its presence felt and Dr. Peter Morici says Americans need to know some things about it
Demographic upheaval: How the Syrian war is reshaping the region: Pinhas Inbari explains how the civil war in Syria has had a ripple effect across the Middle East and is redrawing the map in more ways than one
Mass shootings: It's time to go back to institutionalizing the severely mentally ill: Liberals always focus on the guns when a mass shooting occurs but Rachel Alexander wonders why they never discuss the mental state of the killers
Executive fiats in the other Washington: Two western state governors intend to get low carbon fuel standards, by legislation or decree, reports Paul Driessen
Middle East meltdown -- Just blame Bush!: Mark Alexander broke his own rule and engaged a member of the left on the subject of Iraq who blames the current situation on George W. Bush
Fixing our dictatorial EPA: Paul Driessen argues that the EPA, White House and activists must no longer deceive America and rule by executive fiat
LNG: The long, strategic play for Europe: Interview with Robert Bensh: James Stafford sits with energy expert Robert Bensh who explains the important role that liquefied natural gas is playing in Europe and ongoing tensions with Russia
Obama's legacy threatens America's future: Barack Obama has been wrong on so many issues that his administration has threaten the future of the American Republic, argues Alan Caruba
Iraq agonistes: The chaos in Iraq caused by ISIS' march and takeover of several cities is the result of a number of factors including Barack Obama's weakness, argues Alan Caruba
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Nineteen): Mark Wegierski looks at three more "dark future" RPGs
Chapter Fifty of Keeping Score In America: The New World Order Revolution and Stephen Harper: Michael Moriarty compares Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to a historical giant because of the role he's currently playing on the world stage in standing up to tyranny
Knights of the sky: A Higher Call: An Incredible True Story of Combat and Chivalry in the War-Torn Skies of World War II tells a remarkable story of men during war, writes Steven Martinovich
Singin' the Blues: Lisa Fabrizio has missed former senator and First Lady Hillary Clinton and in honour of her return to the national stage she offers a little song in tribute
'Hard choices' hard to swallow: Hillary Clinton is quite proud of her record as an international diplomat but Frank Salvato believes that record is far less impressive than she believes
How much energy will the 2014 World Cup consume?: By any measure, says Nick Cunningham, the ongoing World Cup in Brazil is sucking up a lot of energy there and around the world
Are most mass murderers really white?: In the wake of some recent mass shootings the media reported that most mass murderers are white. The reality? Somewhat different, argues Selwyn Duke
Don't forget to remember Democrats who lied about Iraq!: With Iraq once again threatening to collapse into sectarian and terrorist anarchy John W. Lillpop would like to take the opportunity to remind people what Democrats said over a decade ago about the necessity for war
Leading Women For Shared Parenting celebrates its one-year anniversary on Father's Day: Rachel Alexander pays tribute to Leading Women For Shared Parenting, an organization that works to reform the child custody system
The Obama model of foreign policy malfeasance: Barack Obama's foreign and domestic policy failures prove to Mark Alexander that his administration has no idea how to handle security and foreign policy issues
Parents, educators, politicians all share blame for college grads' woes: Dr. Peter Morici argues that there are few clean hands when it comes to why many recent college graduates are unable to find jobs
"Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall": Alan Caruba compares Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama -- two men who both faced a foreign enemy that sought the destruction of the United States
Cold-blooded murder or a war on terror?: A senior member of the PLO charges that Israel has killed dozens of innocent Palestinians since August 2013. Jonathan D. Halevi says Palestinian sources refute that claim
Increasing the minimum wage: It doesn't make cents: It may be a popular move with the public and certain businesses but Gregg Coughlin argues that increasing the minimum wage actually hurts people in the long run
The least disruptive education environment: The field of special education and its impact on teachers is proof of what happens when education reform goes wrong, writes Nancy Salvato
No, Obama is not above the law: Alan Caruba argues that the very fabric of the American Republic is being put at risk by the actions of Barack Obama
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Eighteen): Mark Wegierski now looks at some "dark futures" in gaming
Chapter Forty-Nine of Keeping Score In America: Allen West's June 6th: Michael Moriarty makes a pitch for Allen West, the only man he believes can save the tottering American Republic from itself
An anniversary of hidden conservatism: Last Thursday marked the tenth anniversary of Ronald Reagan's passing -- a day that Bruce Walker argues revealed much about America
Creating Democrats one squirrel at a time: Feeding squirrels outside of his home reminds Michael R. Shannon a lot of Democratic politics today
A question of voting right(s): Robert T. Smith ponders why Christians would vote for politicians who openly live and act in opposition to Christian principles
Sissi's election as president: What does it mean for Egypt?: Abdel Fattah el-Sissi is Egypt's newest president and Dr. Jacques Neriah says he has some big challenges ahead of him
Snowden: Modern day patriot: Dale Schlundt argues that Edward Snowden deserves nothing but praise and the thanks of America for what he's revealed about the US government
Edward Snowden -- Patriot or traitor?: Many consider Edward Snowden a hero but Mark Alexander urges us not to ignore the method in which he delivered his message
Iran launches "Hizbullah Syria" to open a new front against Israel on the Golan Heights: Iran's expansion of Hizbullah into Syria is a powerful attempt to spread its support to Shiite's across the Middle East and cause new problems for Israel, write Michael Segall and Dr. Shimon Shapira  
EPA's next wave of job-killing CO2 regulations: David Rothbard and Craig Rucker report that EPA bureaucrats are about to be unleashed on American livelihoods, living standards and liberties
Hollywood's hydrocarbon hypocrisy: Anti-fracking fervor underscores dismissive attitudes toward working classes and poor families, says Paul Driessen
A great reform from the VA scandal: The scandal of the quality of care at VA hospitals could -- and should -- prompt a bigger reform across all of government and led by conservatives, argues Bruce Walker
A voyage to a land of history and deep meaning: On the 10th anniversary of Poland's accession to the E.U., Mark Wegierski recalls a nation steeped in remembrance of things past
Chapter Forty-Eight of Keeping Score In America: Obama's Bitter Encounter With Black Orpheus: Michael Moriarty looks back on what Barack Obama has declared a profound moment in his life when his opinion of his mother changed after a viewing of the classic film Black Orpheus
The regulatory death of energy in America: In a few short years the Obama administration has managed to make radical changes to America's energy policies -- and none for the better, writes Alan Caruba
A strong foreign policy requires a strong economy, credible military: If the United States is to credibly project power across the world, says Dr. Peter Morici, it needs to start working at home to rebuild its economy
Jolting Joe?: Joe DiMaggio is one of the gold standards in baseball for hitting prowess but he's coming under attack for reasons that Lisa Fabrizio thinks are ridiculous
Why gridlock is a good thing: It's fashionable to decry gridlock in Washington, D.C. as a barrier to progress but Dr. Robert Owens believes that's precisely why it's a good thing
Veterans are the healthcare canary in a coal mine: What's happening to America's veterans in VA hospitals is more than likely going to happen to the rest of the country under Obamacare, says Michael R. Shannon
A world turning against biofuels: Once hailed as the future of energy people are finally beginning to realize the real cost of biofuels, writes Dennis T. Avery
Emerging universalism: Part 2: Ecumenical reconciliation: Debra Rae concludes her short series on increasing ecumenism and intra-religious work that seems to be diminishing the role of God in favour of the self
The speech every graduate should hear: Recently Adm. William McRaven delivered the commencement at the University of Texas and Mark Alexander believes that every student in America should read his speech
Eh! Who cares about the rules?: Frank Salvato doesn't think much of a recent decision in Michigan which paves the way for John Conyers to run on the Democratic ticket
Forced equality destroys the quality of medicine: Richard E. Ralston argues that a government that attempts to ensure equality in the delivery of medicine usually destroys the quality of medicine for all
Carbon dioxide won't cause famines: In fact, more atmospheric CO2 will actually spur crop growth – if we let it, argues Dennis T. Avery
Just assume we have a climate crisis: The Obama administration wants to impose job-killing policies on the assumption that we're causing a CO2-driven catastrophe, says Paul Driessen
The myth of the 97% climate change consensus

July 2014

The birth of modern conservatism: It was five decades ago this month that a senator from Arizona's words sparked a revolution that continues to reverberate today, writes Bruce Walker
Seventy years since the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 – a précis of the role of Poland and the Poles in World War II (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at the beginning of the war, and Poland's contributions to the Allied war effort
Real-time self-government in the cryptocurrency frontier: The altcoin jungle and its pathways: Daniel M. Ryan continues his series on the strange world of cryptocurrencies with look at "altcoins"
Michael Lear: Part Five: Michael Moriarty has lived a long and rather interesting life but he believes that these are the best days of them -- thanks in part to a man he believes can and should lead the United States
Why have a Bill of Rights?: Apart from the obvious answer, Dr. Robert Owens argues that the United States has a Bill of Rights for a philosophical reason
Ryan's entitlement reforms would promote work: Rep. Paul Ryan's proposals for combating poverty in the United States are a rare breed -- they would actually work, says Dr. Peter Morici
A great plan to replace the EPA: A plan to replace the EPA by Dr. Jay Lehr, who also happens to be one of the scientists who called for its creation in the 1960s, has a fan in Alan Caruba
Public utility attempting to buy Arizona elections: An Arizona utility is attempting to fight the encroachment of solar energy and its doing some shady things to win the fight, says Rachel Alexander
Defending liberty: David M. Huntwork argues that it's time for conservatives to get in the trenches and began fighting for the life of the American Republic
The latest Hamas-Israel confrontation -- Some pertinent legal points: Many claims and arguments are being made about the conflict between Israel and Hamas and Alan Baker applies some legal doctrine to them
Helping refugees win their war: Bruce Walker says that ending the flow of illegal immigrants from Central America could be solved with some hard work
The Warren warning: Another day, another millionaire Democrat claiming poverty. Who's the latest poor little rich politician? Mark Alexander says Elizabeth Warren is claiming to be something she's not...again
Killing marine life with ethanol: Ethanol damages your cars, small engines, food budget – and kills Gulf of Mexico animals, says Paul Driessen
As Russia's isolation grows, oil companies caught in middle: Nicholas Cunningham reports that the war in the Ukraine and Russia's not-so-hidden role in it are having negative impacts on oil companies around the world
Galectin Therapeutics: When good news needs to be trumpeted: It came years too late to save his friend but Frank Salvato is pleased that a pharma company named Galectin Therapeutics is making strides in curing cancer and fibrotic diseases
Obama encounters an apex of anger: Barack Obama has managed to do something that very few presidents before him have done: Anger almost every single segment of the American population, says Alan Caruba
What should the legacy of World War I, and its great battles such as Vimy Ridge, be for Canadians?: Mark Wegierski meditates on the war's possible meaning for Canada, 100 years after its outbreak
Michael Lear: Part Four: Michael Moriarty continues laying out the expansive multimedia project that consumes him at this point in his life
Real-time self-government in the cryptocurrency frontier: Set and setting: Daniel M. Ryan has spent the past few years working on the new field of cryptocurrencies and he has a heck of a story to tell in the first of a series
Happy days are here again: Dr. Robert Owens isn't sure whether the American Republic can take any more of the "great" news that the political left is so proud to trumpet these days
Shadowy political organizations making money off conservative candidates: Be careful to what organization you donate money to this election cycle, says Rachel Alexander, because there are some dodgy ones out there
Yellen's denials about inflation will curb Fed's independence: Dr. Peter Morici argues that Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen and Congress appear intent on handcuffing the Fed's future efforts to deal with economic issues
Iran: The regional power behind the Hamas war effort: Iran needs to be blamed for its participation and aid in the war that Hamas is essentially fighting against Israel, says Michael Segall
No longer the world's policeman, we're now the world's social worker: Thanks to the political left, argues Michael R. Shannon, an illegal immigrant to the United States likely has more rights and guarantee of aid than an honest-to-goodness citizen
Greenpeace showcases its anti-human side: A Greenpeace activist confirms every negative story you've ever read about this activist group, writes Paul Driessen
The imperial President: An increasingly ineffective Barack Obama means the president is using whatever means he can in order to force his agenda through, says Mark Alexander
Back to Permian: US oil comes full circle: When it comes to American oil production everyone talks Bakken but James Stafford says another name should also be on people's lips
Up next: A double whammy of high unemployment and inflation: The American economy will labor under two major pressures and choices made at all levels of American society won't help any, argues Dr. Peter Morici
How "normal" is Bowe Bergdahl?: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is continuing what the military is referring to as his reintegration into the U.S. Army but Alan Caruba still has many questions
How intelligent are Americans?: It's popular to decry all Americans as uneducated and uninformed and Alan Caruba will certainly agree that there is a large number of idiots in the USA
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Twenty-One): Mark Wegierski looks at three "dark future" boardgames
Michael Lear: Part Three: Michael Moriarty's new project, Michael Lear, has blossomed into what is quite literally a multi-media project
America's economic woes: Why jobs are scarce, wages low and government can't help: Dr. Peter Morici argues that there is one player in the economy which is largely responsible for the America's lackluster performance
I admit, I'm Christian because I need a crutch and I'm brainwashed: Rachel Alexander brushes aside the criticisms that athiests and leftists have long made about Christianity
His bad behavior warrants his impeachment: Most people think of politicians when the word "impeachment" is mentioned but Frank Salvato believes that the tool can be used against other government officials as well
Proud to be an American?: The left has been dismantling traditional America for decades and not surprisingly, writes Mark Alexander, it seems fewer Americans are proud of their country these days
Science recommends climate model re-start: A recent article in Science magazine admits that current climate models are hopelessly bloated and yet unable to account for several variables, reports Dennis T. Avery
Holding Greenpeace accountable: Poor countries should hold Big Green groups and directors liable for deaths, ravage they cause, argues Paul Driessen
Even at record levels, stocks have plenty more room to rise: Dr. Peter Morici believes that there is still money to be made investing in stocks -- assuming you follow a conservative and "boring" strategy
The idiocy of "Environmental Justice": Millions being spent at a conference this fall is just once reason why the Environmental Protection Agency needs to be shut down, argues Alan Caruba
What has happened to protests in America?: Alan Caruba isn't looking for a return to the violence of the 1960s but he'd love Americans -- particularly conservatives -- to get off the couch and get involved
Visiting Torun, birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus: Mark Wegierski revives memories of a happier time in East-Central Europe, ten years ago
Michael Lear: Part Two: Michael Moriarty continues his introduction to his new series Michael Lear with a brief discussion of a trio which has inspired his efforts
Five tough facts about Inflation and Fed policy: Some people like a little bit of inflation but Dr. Peter Morici believes that America's rising inflation rate is only going to cause problems
Huff & puff propagandizes a FOX reality: The Huffington Post is trying to make hay out of the fact that Fox barely covered the latest job numbers. Frank Salvato says there's a good reason for that
What does an "Islamic caliphate" in Iraq mean?: Jonathan D. Halevi says the declaration of an Islamic caliphate in areas controlled by ISIS causes problems for a host of competing Islamic organizations
The gentleman's guide to change: Dr. Ben Carson's One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America's Future calls for civility and a return to American values, writes Steven Martinovich
A perfect example of the Progressive Hate Machine: A speech in Texas recently provides a perfect example of the hypocrisy of liberals proclaiming tolerance, writes Frank Salvato
Could gang violence end Mexico's shale dream?: Mexico is blessed with huge quantities of shale oil reserves but Nicholas Cunningham reports that violence in that country leaves much of it untouched
Why I can't be both an economist and a liberal: Dr. Peter Morici says he can't be a liberal economist because the left's positions on so many issues simply make no sense
Breaking EPA's climate science secrecy barriers: Paul Driessen and Lawrence Kogan report on a FOIA request that seeks hidden data and analyses that agency claims back up its climate rulings
Obama continues his attack on U.S. energy: By delaying approval of the Keystone XL pipeline Barack Obama has proven himself as an opponent of sane energy policy, writes Alan Caruba
What economic recovery?: The American economy continues its moribund slog through mediocrity and Alan Caruba says the reason for that begins at the top
Polish-American relations – "American Day" in historic Polish town: Mark Wegierski revives memories of a happier time in East-Central Europe, ten years ago
Michael Lear: Part One: Michael Moriarty announces a new piece of fiction that is obsessing him, one that ties together his love of Shakespeare and living in Canada
The Obama presidency implodes: Alan Caruba argues the past few weeks have shown that Barack Obama is falling apart right in front of everyone's eyes
Thanks, Reilly: The passing of someone close to him prompts Frank Salvato to make some observations about America and its people today
U.S. economy poised for stronger growth: Dr. Peter Morici believes that the U.S. economy is about to turn a corner and begin some strong growth
Conservative Andrew Thomas likely to become Arizona's next governor: Rachel Alexander is optimistic that Andrew Thomas, an honest to goodness conservative, will be elected governor in Arizona
A bridge too far: Lisa Fabrizio believes that people of good sense -- whether they are liberal or conservative -- are beginning to wake up and see reality for what it is
Emerging Universalism: Part 3: We're all Catholics: Debra Rae continues her short series on increasing ecumenism and intra-religious work that seems to be diminishing the role of God in favour of the self
Only Obama staffers believe IRS ‘lost' email: A strong majority of Americans don't buy that the IRS happened to lose several months of Lois Lerner's emails, writes Michael R. Shannon
Mississippi open range: Thad Cochran's victory over Chris McDaniel in the Mississippi's Republican senatorial primary race gives conservatives in that state nothing to root for, argues Robert T. Smith
Iraq: Blood and treasure for what?: With Iraq in chaos Mark Alexander speaks with a Marine Corps officer who served several tours in the country for his opinion on the situation

August 2014

Freedom of religion, not freedom from religion: Alan Caruba argues that America is still a land of faith and that those who believe need to keep fighting for their rights
Examining two possible strategies for success today -- networking vs. "borderdwelling": Mark Wegierski offers some strategic, sociology-based advice for persons of any defined outlook
Michael Lear: Part Nine: The Ultimate Triumph Of Hanoi Jane: Sen. John McCain's recent visit to Hanoi and his support to lift a ban on weapons sales to Vietnam have Michael Moriarty disappointed on a grand scale
Real-time self-government In the cryptocurrency frontier: The rise of altcoin populism, liberal-style, through Lockean dissent: Cryptocurrency populism? Daniel M. Ryan's series on alternative currencies delves into that world and how envy can destroy all
Across time and death: Iran and the ISIS challenge: It's not just the U.S. which is preoccupied with the threat by ISIS. Michael Segall says that Iran is also wondering how to handle the threat posed by them
Convicted drunk driver indicts Perry: Texas Governor Rick Perry has been indicted on abuse of power and Rachel Alexander believes that Democrats may have gone too far in their war
Yes, Mr. Holder, words matter: U.S. Attorney Gen. Eric Holder has pledged a fair investigation of the events in Ferguson, Missouri but Frank Salvato says a careful parsing of his words shouldn't fill anyone with confidence
Trampling on Coal Country families: Barack Obama and the EPA are determined to destroy US coal, people's lives and welfare be damned, argues Paul Driessen
Ukraine's next crisis? Economic disaster: Still reeling from its war against Russian-backed rebels, Robert Bensh argues that the Ukraine will soon be facing another huge challenge
Stupid is as stupid does: The Obama administration's reaction to ISIS' threat to bring war to America's shores is nothing short of insanely stupid, writes Frank Salvato
Big fat lies about fat: Americans have been told for a long time that fat is bad for them but Alan Caruba says that the political and medical war is based on myth, not facts
Taxpayers, beware – of Big Wind's latest deceitful ad campaign: Facing trouble abroad, Siemens ads seek to tap into US taxpayers and wind welfare system, reports Mary Kay Barton
Genocide! The silence is deafening: Iraqi Christians, Yazidi and Muslims are being slaughtered and much of the world -- whether in the West or the East -- merely stand around and watch, writes Alan Caruba
Michael Lear: Part Eight: Robi Botos: A light-hearted turn from Michael Moriarty this week as he pays tribute to a Hungarian-Canadian who speaks the same language as Michael does
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Twenty-Two): Mark Wegierski looks at the "dark future" board game, Shattered States
Real-time self-government in the cryptocurrency frontier: From "Klutzerella" To Miss America: Daniel M. Ryan continues his look at the world of cryptocurrency with a look at Nxt and its recent rise
Real time self-government in the cryptocurrency frontier: The Bter job: In a bonus essay Daniel M. Ryan reports on a robbery of one cryptocurrency bank and how the members of that community reacted
The deliberate underclass: Jason L Riley's Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed attacks programs that are designed to help Black America and Steve Martinovich reviews his efforts
Vacationing Obama style -- hypocrisy's finest hour: Another week, more worries abroad and at home. Don't worry, says Mark Alexander, Barack Obama is on his game
The realities of a community organizer's foreign policy: Barack Obama's disconnected from reality foreign policy comes into stark focus in the continuing crisis in Iraq, argues Frank Salvato
Re-thinking military involvement: America's gaze once again returns to Iraq and Dale Schlundt uses history to explore what could come about from renewed military involvement
The Gaza water crisis: The issue of water in the ongoing confrontation between Israel and Hamas will soon bubble to the surface and Pinhas Inbari argues that the Jewish state must be careful how it handles it
Greens are the enemies of energy: New EPA standards are expected at the end of this year and Alan Caruba believes they will be informed by the hate of life-sustaining energy
Hamas' psychological military strategies against Israel: Militarily Hamas doesn't stand a chance against the Israeli Defence Force but Dr. Irwin J. Mansdorf says that the terrorist outfit has other tools that it can deploy to enormous benefit
Michael Lear: Part Seven: Russia's Eternal Tragedy: Russia has many gods but Michael Moriarty believes that composer Dimitri Shostakovich may be the at the top of the pantheon
Seventy years since the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 – a précis of the role of Poland and the Poles in World War II (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the Uprising, and the aftermath of the war in Poland
Real-time self-government in the cryptocurrency frontier: Special snowflakes and why old-style self-government is so out of reach: In the latest of his series on the world of alternative currencies, Daniel M. Ryan illustrates the gulf that exists between the dreams of libertarians and conservatives and reality
A remarkable 37th president: Four decades ago Richard M. Nixon resigned the presidency in a cloud of scandal. Alan Caruba says despite that there was a lot to recommend the man
Hamas for dummies and dimwits: Harold Witkov takes a tongue-in-cheek look at Hamas, a group that Nancy Pelosi has been reliably told is just a bunch of charitable do-gooders
Emboldened ISIS barbarically slaughtering Christians in Iraq as Obama golfs: ISIS is systematically destroying the Christian community of northern Iraq and it appears that Barack Obama doesn't care
High taxes, abusive enforcement causing businesses, citizens to flee America: Dr. Peter Morici argues that Barack Obama, Congress and the IRS are creating a perfect storm of disaffected Americans willing to flee the country
Libertarian folly: Why everybody is a social-issues voter: Selwyn Duke doesn't have much patience for people who believe that the Republican Party and conservatives in general should only be focused on fiscal issues
The real pandemic threat: BioBombers: The media is awash with stories about the ongoing outbreak of Ebola in Africa but Mark Alexander believes you should be prepared for another threat to the U.S.
The bigger oil story behind the headlines: Interview with Michael Levi: Michael Levi discusses his new book on China's thirst for energy and some things that the media haven't been talking about lately
The hidden "persuaders" of the environmentalist elite: Left-wing billionaires direct and control the environmentalist movement – and your lives, reports Ron Arnold
"Climate-smart" policies for Africa are stupid, and immoral: Paul Driessen argues that Obama-Kerry policies would perpetuate energy poverty, malnutrition, disease and death
Yes, sue our lawless president!: Barack Obama has so routinely lied that many just ignore when it's happening but Alan Caruba believes that some should be taking legal action against the president's misdeeds
Seventy years since the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 – a précis of the role of Poland and the Poles in World War II (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at Poland under German and Soviet occupations
Michael Lear: Part Six: The True America/The True Israel: Nakedness and honesty inform both Michael Moriarty's artistic work Michael Lear as well as how he views the world on every level
Real-time self-government in the cryptocurrency frontier: Jungle rules: Daniel M. Ryan continues his engrossing look at his involvement in the world of cryptocurrencies with the other currencies vying for the spotlight
Stocks could rise another 25 percent: Dr. Peter Morici says a confluence of factors have come together to mean that stocks have plenty more room to grow
Check and mate: Dr. Robert Owens charges that the Obama administration is playing a high level game with illegal immigration designed to aid Democratic fortunes
The U.S. is racist for not paying for every child in the world: With few successes to his record it's apparent that Barack Obama is using children, illegal immigration and amnesty to solidify his place in history
The carbon tax scam: Contrary to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy's recent claim, says Alan Caruba, a new agency plan to regulate carbon isn't an "opportunity" for the United States
The ethanol boondoggle: Ethanol may create fuel that is more "carbon friendly" but Mark Alexander argues that the evidence shows it also imposes a tremendous environmental and human cost in other ways
Jobs growth disappoints, real unemployment hangs at 18 percent: Unemployment in the United States grew in July but Dr. Peter Morici says the reported numbers don't tell the true story of how bad the situation really is
Who's really waging the 'war on science'?: When it comes to attacking climate scientists, the alarmist Left has the market cornered, writes Paul Driessen

September 2014

Prepare for a deluge of climate change hype: Alan Caruba warns that the coming week is going to see a massive propaganda effort on behalf of the climate change orthodoxy
A poisoned imagination? (Part One):  Mark Wegierski examines the excess of "late modern" imageries in various subgenres of the fantastic
Michael Lear: Part Twelve: America’s Growing Nightmare, Homicidal Police  In An Increasingly Terrorized America: Between police brutality in the United States and Islamist warfare everywhere else, Michael Moriarty believes that America needs to take action very soon
Real-time self-government in the cryptocurrency frontier: The shooting star of altcoin socialism: Socialism may fail each and every time its tried but that doesn't mean that people still don't give it a shot -- and in the altcoin world that's no different, writes Daniel M. Ryan
Scotland and separatism: The Scots have decided they would rather prefer to remain within the United Kingdom and Bruce Walker says a few lessons came from the exercise
Misleading "freedom" referendum goes down in flames in Scotland: Rachel Alexander argues that a "Yes" vote for separation in Scotland would have brought more socialism along with it
Eco-justice EPA style: Privileged planet; Plundered people, Part 1: Back when Debra Rae was younger a popular classroom game involved deciding who was worthy of being saved in an emergency. She imagines what would happen if the EPA were making the decisions
Social Security reform: Ryan Petersen ponders what true reform to Social Security must entail -- with an eye to Sweden -- if the system is going to last into the decades ahead
Learning history's modern day relevance: Impact of agriculture in early and contemporary American history: As any historian can tell you, says Dale Schlundt, agriculture has and continues to play an enormous role in the United States
College -- Is it worth it?: High school student Sarah Becker explores the question of whether college is worth it and she has some advice for her fellow pre-college peers
The bad side of supply and demand: A bad side to supply and demand? Cedonia Peterson writes that both history and personal experience would indicate that it is possible
Why China's insatiable appetite for coal has likely peaked: Nick Cunningham argues that the Chinese economy's unending demand for coal may have reached its peak and for several reasons will begin a decline
Like them or not, they do know how to message: Regardless of what you think about the National Rifle Association, writes Frank Salvato, they know how to message -- something that the GOP still needs to master
Hamas policy after Operation "Protective Edge": The war between Hamas and Israel may have ended but Jonathan D. Halevi says the terror organization still has a full agenda
DiCaprio film magnifies the real climate change 'monster': Tom Harris and Bob Carter argues that the real problem are monstrous government programs that perpetuate poverty, disease and death 
Islamic State's ultimate goal: Saudi Arabia's oil wells: ISIS aren't a bunch of religious zealots who got lucky. Claude Salhani argues that the terrorist group has a master plan and its an ambitious one as well
George Parkin Grant and Canada: In this year of anniversaries of three major Grant books, Mark Wegierski asks, has a more authentic traditionalism become impossible in current-day Canada?
Michael Lear: Part Eleven: The Shostakovich 10th: Dimitri Shostakovich may not be everyone's cup of tea but Michael Moriarty admires the man's work -- particularly his 10th Symphony which he believes was a riposte to Joseph Stalin
Real-time self-government in the cryptocurrency frontier: The NEM populists' inevitable end, sealed with ancient Athenian words: Daniel M. Ryan's eighth installment in his series on alt- and cryptocurrencies is his final look at the economist populists of NEM
The war neither Obama, nor any other nation wants to fight: Barack Obama had tough words for ISIS last week but Alan Caruba says that the president has gutted the American military to the point where no real response can occur
Bombing ISIS is hardly enough: Barack Obama's pledge to dismember and destroy ISIS -- essentially through bombing of targets in Syria and Iraq -- won't amount to much, says Dr. Peter Morici
Rise of the Islamic State -- A retrospective: Mark Alexander argues that the world can thank the current occupant of the White House for the existence of ISIS and why it isn't going away any time soon
If you want to get into a really big war, elect a liberal: Selwyn Duke believes that history proves his contention that big wars are always fought by liberals because they fail to see the warning signs beforehand
Narcissism and social media: Where should conservatives draw the line?: Social media can be very useful but Rachel Alexander believes that conservatives need to be careful in how they use this tool
Critiquing Friedman's "social responsibility": Four decades ago Milton Friedman argued that a business that gave away part of its profits was essentially taxing consumers. Sarah Becker would like to disagree with the legendary economist on that point
Veterans' health care: Harbinger for the rest of us: The scandal over the state of health care for veterans may be a sign of things to come for the rest of Americans, writes Richard E. Ralston
EPA's phony "environmental justice" caper: The agency's real agenda: empire, control, and inverted justice for poor and minority families, argues Paul Driessen
I can destroy your reputation and career in two minutes: Rachel Alexander reports that conservatives face a new threat online -- character assassination through hacking and cyber-thuggery that could affect their real world lives
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Twenty-Three): Mark Wegierski advances a possible major counter-argument to the main points of the series
Michael Lear: Part Ten The Devil's Disciples' Deadliest Game: The invasion of the Ukraine and ISIS in the Middle East have been successful largely because of detachment from the United States...something Michael Moriarty believes will eventually change
Real-Time Self-Government In The Cryptocurrency Frontier: The NEM populists smell blood and brandish the hemlock: In the latest of his series in the rarely investigated world of alt- or cryptocurrency, Daniel M. Ryan explores a footnote in that world's history that illustrates an important point
Pondering the Perry indictment: Bruce Walker ponders the recent indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the figure behind it and why she needs to be judged as well
An economist's bad climate advice: Many of those parroting the climate change orthodoxy have been taken in by so-called experts who have a stake in maintaining a fraud, says Alan Caruba
Don't worry be happy: The world changes so fast today that for many people its simply difficult to process the pace and possibilities. Dr. Robert Owens has a possible solution
Jobs numbers tank as Obama's policies fail: Dr. Peter Morici charges that Barack Obama's policies have failed on virtually every front in the war on unemployment
Obama fails to warn Americans of possibility of  9-11 anniversary attack this week: A whole pile of jetliners in Libya went missing recently and no one in government seems to think that they could be used in terrorist attacks, reports Rachel Alexander
Could a Qatari "rescue" of America be in our future?: Harold Witkov proposes one possible future for the United States which involves a powerful and rich Middle Eastern nation. Tongue in cheek or...
What difference at this point does it make?: The death of Michael Brown at the hands of a police officer in Ferguson, Miss brought many people out of the woodwork who announced they cared but Robert T. Smith wants to know why they didn't care about him before he was shot
Meet Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: The leader of ISIS and the new Caliph of the Islamic State: Visionary or madman? Whatever you may think of him David M. Huntwork says ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has a plan and he's putting it into place at an impressive clip
Obama: All for some but none for liberty: Barack Obama has been repeatedly confronted by forces that aren't interested in human liberty and each time he has failed the test, says Frank Salvato
What I did on my summer vacation – another climatologist's perspective: We should celebrate fossil fuels as givers and savers of human life, not condemn them, writes David R. Legates after an insightful summer vacation

October 2014

Obama's war on U.S. energy: During the time that Barack Obama has spent as president, writes Alan Caruba, his administration has approved a number of energy projects -- ones that do little to actually generate energy
Conflicts of notions of freedom, order, and security in a globalized world (Part One): Mark Wegierski tries to give a deeper context to the recent Canadian tragedy
Real-time self-government in the cryptocurrency frontier: The NFD phoenix stands and delivers: Daniel M. Ryan wraps up his epic look at the chaotic world of alt-currencies and what will eventually happen that world
Michael Lear: Part Sixteen: Aaron Swartz, Chapter One: Though they probably shared little politically, Michael Moriarty pays tribute to internet cause célèbre, the late Aaron Swartz
Are we ready for the fall of Baghdad?: After spending some time in Vietnam recently Ron Holland believes there are parallels between what happened in 1975 and what's happening in Iraq today
Why the welfare state isn't well and it isn't fair: America's growing welfare state is a danger to liberty for a number of reasons and needs to be put down, argues Dr. Robert Owens
Stealth gun control initiative too close to call in Washington State: Rachel Alexander reports on the battle in Washington over an initiative that its opponents claim is a stealthy attempt to institute gun control
American Indian Tribes and the "Rent-A-Tribe" scheme: American Indians have long gotten the short end of the stick but some tribes' involvement in payday loan businesses isn't the right way to pursue the American dream, writes D. Sidney Potter
Proven reserves of failed predictions:  The debate over peak oil: The topic of peak oil has popped up in the news recently and Peter Anderson believes that we're no closer to running out of oil today then we were decades ago when the predictions were made
Germany's generosity: University in Germany became free recently for students. Good news for students but Jonathan Chang argues that there's no such thing as free
Tom DeLay exonerated by final court in Texas; liberal media virtually silent: Did you hear that Tom DeLay was exonerated earlier this month after a legal battle lasting nearly a decade? Rachel Alexander wasn't surprised that you probably haven't
Vietnam over China?: "Made in China" might be the mantra of the day but Dennis Fisher says an increasing amount of the goods you buy are being made in a country that many Americans are familiar with
It's rarely about the environment anymore: Paul Driessen argues that the environmentalist movement is about slashing our energy use, free enterprise, job creation, living standards and freedoms
The Demos' 'good crisis' diversion: Thank heavens for Ebola! Mark Alexander argues that the Obama administration lurches from crisis to crisis in an attempt to advance its agenda and avoid blame
Five compromises Obama should embrace to boost the economy: Dr. Peter Morici argues that Barack Obama should face reality and make some concessions if he wants to truly help the American economy recover some ground
Curbing Obama power grabs: The courts and Senate provide no checks and balances. Paul Driessen wonders could a Republican Senate help?
The role of Hamas and Fatah in the Jerusalem disturbances: Gaza and the West Bank are quiet for the moment but that doesn't mean that Israel's enemies aren't hard at work, reports Pinhas Inbari
A Supreme Court, not supreme wisdom: The U.S. Supreme Court has spun out of control in recent decades but if it still contains any shred of its original role, writes Alan Caruba, you can thank John Marshall
A poisoned imagination? (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at the atrophy of real imagination in a media-dominated "cyberworld"
Michael Lear: Part Fifteen: The Inevitable Outcome of Israel’s Modern Resurrection And Miraculous Survival: Why does Israel survive? Because they make their enemies disappear. That's a lesson that the rest of the Western world needs to understand, writes Michael Moriarty
Real-time self-government in the cryptocurrency frontier: Not quite a government: Daniel M. Ryan continues his look at the world of cryptocurrencies with his involvement in one particular system, his efforts to right that ship and how that relates to the real world
Moon-virus taken more seriously than Ebola: Remember the concern over the potential of a virus returning with astronauts from the moon? Harold Witkov argues more precautions were taken in the 1960s for that then the very real threat of Ebola
Nobama: Barack Obama came into office promising transformation and hope. Today? Dr. Robert Owens says the president has indeed brought the transformation but wonders if the United States will survive it
Effects of Russia's food sanctions on European supply and Moscow demand: Russia may have banned the importation of some foods from European nations that levied sanctions on it over the mess in the Ukraine but doesn't mean you can't get the cheese you want, reports Daniel Gurevich
Google's row with France – corporate and personal income taxes are obsolete: The current fight between Google and France over the issue of corporate taxes illustrates exactly why in this age any kind of income tax just doesn't make sense, argues Dr. Peter Morici
Yemen changes hands. Will an Iranian stronghold emerge near the entrance to the Red Sea?: When it comes to the Middle East the world is focusing on Syria and Iraq but Dr. Jacques Neriah says we need to be watching Yemen as well
The rise of the professional slut: A recent declaration by actress Lena Dunham that she had been raped in college has Selwyn Duke shaking his head
Historic, revered gun range about to be shut down by the left: A small but historic gun range has been fighting for its survival due to the attacks of a leftist town council and Rachel Alexander says you can help save it
Will Ukraine commit economic suicide?: Tomorrow the Ukraine will impose a heavy tax burden on its gas producers something that James Stafford reports will likely destroy them as a counterbalance to Russian gas
We need some regulatory patriotism!: Barack Obama condemns tax inversions, but pillages America with his regulatory agenda, writes Paul Driessen
Obama misleads students about climate and energy: Climate change actually has little to do with energy choices, say Bob Carter and Tom Harris
President Ebola: To say that Alan Caruba is not impressed by the Obama administration's response to an outbreak of Ebola and the subsequent discovery of a case in the U.S. would be an understatement
Michael Lear: Part Fourteen: Death of a New World Order: Plenty of people are pessimistic about the future of America and the world but Michael Moriarty believes good will inevitably win over evil
A poisoned imagination? (Part Three):  Mark Wegierski looks at the extremely important subgenre of cyberpunk
Real-time self-government in the cryptocurrency frontier: NFD and my own plunge into the strait of self-government: Daniel M. Ryan continues his look at the murky world of cryptocurrencies with a look of how he got ensnared in one particular distasteful scheme
Five reasons Americans can't find jobs: Unemployment in America far exceeds the official rate and Dr. Peter Morici believes there are several reasons why people can't find jobs
Equal work? Government has no idea what that is: Equal pay for equal work? Selwyn Duke is of the opinion that the government has no place in deciding who gets paid compared to someone else
Pipe dreams in combating ISIS: Daniel Longenecker argues that Barack Obama's use of air power in an attempt to degrade ISIS in Iraq overlooks recent history and has no long-term payoff
RFK, Jr. wants me jailed … as a war criminal!: Paul Driessen wonders if perhaps he should serve time for eco-manslaughter and crimes against humanity?
Mahmoud Abbas justifies Palestinian terror in his UN General Assembly speech: Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas recently spoke at the United Nations and not surprisingly he used the opportunity to defend terrorism, writes Jonathan D. Halevi
Holder as a Supreme Court Justice? It is scary and it is plausible: Plenty cheered when Eric Holder announced his resignation as US Attorney General but Frank Salvato believes that it could get a lot worse for the United States
Holder: Obama's criminal co-conspirator: If you've already forgotten why Eric Holder was so bad for American justice Mark Alexander will be more than happy to remind you of what he managed to do during the Obama era
Breaking Russia's energy stranglehold: Paul Driessen argues that Europe cannot afford to have its foreign and domestic policies dictated by Vladimir Putin's blackmail
Obama's ignorance: Barack Obama an evil genius? Not a chance, argues Alan Caruba, and the proof is in how the president has handled the mess in Syria
A poisoned imagination? (Part Two):  Mark Wegierski looks at some of the "darker" role-playing games
Michael Lear: Part Thirteen Paco de Lucia Performs Concierto de Aranjuez By Joaquin Rodrigo Plus Other Indisputable Evidence Of This Guitarist’s Divine Genius: Michael Moriarty pays tribute to the late flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia and the superlative skill he employed
Real-Time Self-Government In The Cryptocurrency Frontier: Socialism, Fairness And Morals: Daniel M. Ryan continues his exploration of the world of cryptocurrencies with a view to the role of socialism
Liberal BBC asks, "Is Sport Sexist?" while promoting inequality: A BBC writer wonders if the differing rules in men's and women's sports is sexist which gets Selwyn Duke wondering about all of the other disparities in life
Eco-justice EPA style: Privileged planet; plundered people, Part 2: Last week Debra Rae proposed a game where the EPA had to make life and death decisions by figuring out people's value to society. This week the game reaches its logical conclusion
Dinesh D'Souza criminally sentenced while John Edwards and other liberals skated: Dinesh D'Souza was sentenced recently for illegal campaign contributions to a friend, one that Rachel Alexander argues was far more severe than liberals generally receive
Christians should forgive the Islamic terrorists: Robert T. Smith's pastor recently argued that Christians should forgive the terrorists that attempt (and occasionally succeed) in killing them. He has a counterargument to that
Good riddance to a race-baiting divider: Frank Salvato was overjoyed to hear that Eric Holder had resigned as US Attorney General, a man he blames for fomenting racism in America
Protect the poor – from climate change policies: The Cornwall Alliance works to ensure reliable, affordable energy for poor families worldwide, reports Paul Driessen
The opportunity cost Amazon forfeits in its war with Hatchette: Bailey McIntosh argues that online giant Amazon's war with traditional publisher Hatchette Book Group will come at a price
Reining in college tuition and student debt: Barack Obama has ideas how to make American post-secondary education cheaper but Dr. Peter Morici says the president's prescription doesn't solve the problem
What really drives anti-fracking zealots?: They want to end fossil fuels and capitalism, control our lives and impose eco-utopia, argues Paul Driessen

November 2014

Obama's amnesty further fractures America: Whatever Barack Obama intended for his de facto amnesty announcement last week , writes Dr. Peter Morici, it will do nothing but weaken the United States
The Democrat gender gap problem: Pundits go on constantly about the demographic issues that Republicans face but Bruce Walker argues that the Democrats have their own problems
Iran will negotiate until it becomes a nuclear power: If anyone believes that Iran is negotiating in good faith when it comes to its nuclear program they're being niave, says Alan Caruba
After the U.S. mid-term elections: The Congressional role in U.S.-Iran policy: Lenny Ben-David argues that the P5+1 group appears to want to appease Iran on its nuclear ambitions and only the U.S. Congress may be able to stop them
Looking back at a 1994 game and magazine about U.S. civil conflict (Part One): Mark Wegierski examines Crisis 2000: Insurrection in the United States!
Michael Lear: Part Twenty; The Red Islamic/Communist-Muslim Alliance and War Against Judeo-Christianity: Chapter One: Michael Moriarty chronicles falling asleep under the wings of William Fulbright as a young man and what eventually woke him up
Impeach President Obama why when where and how: It is time for members of Congress -- and ordinary Americans -- to stand up to Barack Obama and tell him to stop, argues Dr. Robert Owens
Agenda 21: So-called 'compromise' with the enemy is idiotic: Compromising over the issue of property rights only results in loss -- it's time for people to fight back against institutions like the United Nations, writes Jane Gaffin
Immigration Executive Order -- All smoke and mirrors: Whether or not Barack Obama is able to pull off his amnesty, says Mark Alexander, the Democrats will win big with their constituencies
Why are these groups silent about Obama's executive amnesty?: The Department of Homeland Security issued a memo laying out the grounds of how an illegal immigrant would be deported and John Bender says some people should be plenty steamed
Shattering the covenant between the ruler & the ruled: Nancy Salvato argues that Americans need to start calling to account the various branches of their government to restore the connection between governed and governor
Needed: Accurate climate forecasts: Focusing on carbon dioxide (because that's where the money is) threatens forecasts, and lives, write Paul Driessen and David R. Legates
Bull market has a lot more room to run: Stock markets are surging and Dr. Peter Morici believes that there is still time to get in on rising equity prices
Obama declares an amnesty war: Barack Obama has no right or legal authority to declare a general amnesty for illegal immigrants and yet that appears to be what he will do, writes Alan Caruba
Michael Lear: Chapter Nineteen: The Diaghilev of Politically Correct Terrorism: Barack Hussein Obama: Michael Moriarty declares that Barack Obama is leaving the United States undefended against enemies both internal and external
Conflicts of notions of freedom, order, and security in a globalized world (Part Four): Mark Wegierski lays out two alternatives for the West – either return to tradition, or dissolve into the global culture
The Republican landslide in secondary offices: Plenty of ink has been spilled hailing Republican victories in the Senate and House but Bruce Walker says the GOP also made some key inroads in other important offices
Enough is too much already!: Dr. Robert Owens wants Republicans in the Senate and the House to exercise their power and begin fighting back against the Obama agenda
2014 Election: Blacks, Hispanics, young and women still reliably liberal: Did Republican gains in the Senate and House come thanks to changes in voting patterns? Selwyn Duke shows us that not much has changed when it comes to who votes for which party
Capital city: Whether you love or hate New York, writes Steve Martinovich, Supreme City: How Jazz Age Manhattan Gave Birth to Modern America is an engrossing story of one moment in the city's long life
Obama continues to sell out American workers for political gain: Barack Obama appears to be more concerned about illegal immigrants than in helping Americans find good jobs -- as evidenced by his continued fight against Keystone, argues Dr. Peter Morici
Being anti-energy is being anti-humanity: They may deny it but Alan Caruba says that the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has conclusively proven that it is anti-human in its recent report
Reviving a Social Security solution: Savannah Rigby examines an idea put forward by economist Edward Prescott as an alternative to the U.S. Social Security system
The "status quo" on the Temple Mount: You haven't heard much in the media but Nadav Shragai reports that some recent changes on the Temple Mount have prompted more violence between Israelis and Arabs
The IMF and its Ukraine shock therapy: Earlier this year the Ukraine received billions in aid from the IMF in order to stabilize its economy. Calvin Price believes that history shows the "shock therapy" approach doesn't work
Dementia or dishonesty, Pelosi is unfit for office: Frank Salvato argues that Nancy Pelosi's statements about Jonathan Gruber prove she shouldn't be in office
IEA says oil supplies may not keep up with demand: Enjoying that cheaper gasoline lately? Nick Cunningham believes that there is the possibility that over the long term that won't last -- and indeed prices could go much higher
Welcome to EbolaCare — but the website is down: Why hasn't the Obama administration taken a more proactive approach to preventing the potential spread of Ebola in the U.S.? Selwyn Duke thinks Obama just might not care
EPA's next regulatory tsunami: Paul Driessen says the EPA is responsible for trillions of dollars in ozone compliance and economic stagnation costs, and for fabricated benefits
Obama's obsession with Iran: Alan Caruba responds to the news that Barack Obama has apparently been conducting a pen pal relationship with Iran's Supreme Leader -- a man who has sworn to destroy the United States
Conflicts of notions of freedom, order, and security in a globalized world (Part Three): Mark Wegierski philosophically asks if – after "9/11" – our own situation has become similar to that of Israel
Michael Lear: Part Eighteen: Aaron Swartz, Final Chapter: Michael Moriarty wraps up his eulogy to the late internet activist Aaron Swartz by exploring how his life and death fits into the wider world
Obama's revenge: The Republicans may have enjoyed victory last Tuesday but Alan Caruba says that Barack Obama isn't going to give up the fight anytime soon
A GOP Senate is not enough: Six tough challenges facing America: The GOP may have taken the Senate but Dr. Peter Morici argues that they -- and the United States -- face some serious challenges moving forward
A referendum on Obama ... and Republican leadership: Mark Alexander argues that last week's Republican Senate victory was more a loss by Barack Obama than it was a victory by the GOP leadership
Showdown: 5,500 Washington state gun owners intend to engage in civil disobedience over I-594: I-594 may have passed in Washington state last week but Rachel Alexander reports that gun owners aren't giving up the fight just yet
Gerald H. Priest: His life and crime against a 'company of fools': - A Rock Fell on the Moon: Dad and the Great Yukon Silver Ore Heist tells the story of one man's modern era silver heist in the wilds of the Yukon and Jane Gaffin enjoyed every word of it
Venezuela's volatile economy: The unlamented Hugo Chavez may be dead and gone but Venezuela's economy still remains a socialist mess. Alexander Whatley offers some solutions for the troubled nation
How Iran views the fall of Sana'a, Yemen: "The Fourth Arab Capital in Our Hands": Although the world's attention is focused on ISIS' rampage through Syria and Iraq, Michael Segall reports that Iran is quietly building their own empire
Jobs, prosperity and security via oil exports: Paul Driessen argues that ending the antiquated ban on oil exports will also spur US production and keep oil prices low
Electing a GOP Senate won't fix what's broke: Elect who you like, argues Dr. Peter Morici, but he believes that if the Republicans control the Senate not much will change in America
Thoughts on the coming election: Progressives have run circles around those who love liberty in recent decades but Dr. Robert Owens urges you to remain active and vote for candidates who share your values
Another 'Time for Choosing': Americans go to the polls this week but Mark Alexander believes that they have received no grand message of change from the Republicans
Michael Lear: Part Seventeen: Aaron Swartz, Chapter Two: Michael Moriarty continues his tribute to the late Aaron Swartz, programmer and hacker who managed to get under the skin of the Obama administration and paid the price
Conflicts of notions of freedom, order, and security in a globalized world (Part Two): Mark Wegierski asks the question, what is this freedom we're fighting for?
The lies phony climate experts tell: Alan Caruba warns you to maintain a healthy level of skepticism when listening to the so-called experts on the matter of climate change
Canada under siege – "Deconstructing" the roots of evil: The recent terrorist attack in Ottawa prompted Murray Soupcoff to think about the nature of evil in our modern world and its practitioners
Dear President Obama, it's flu season: Flu season is coming -- which is ordinarily bad enough -- but Robert T. Smith says with the ongoing concerns over Ebola make this a dicey winter season
Benjamin Netanyahu: The Hank Greenberg of world leaders: News broke last week that anonymous officials in the White House didn't think much of Benjamin Netanyahu. Harold Witkov says the story reminded him of another famous Jew that received little respect
Feminists jealous of catcalls: Rachel Alexander reacts to a video posted online last week in which men made flirty remarks to a woman -- and she doesn't mind if you tell her she looks good
The lightening-fast reflexes of the Obama regime: The Obama administration's decision to raise the threat level at federal buildings after attacks in Canada have Frank Salvato shaking his head
The end of an era: Is the US petrodollar under threat?: The U.S. has long enjoyed the privilege of oil being priced in its currency but that may be coming to an end, says Andrew Topf
Reducing gas prices through American drilling: Want to reduce gas prices -- even more than the current temporary decline? Hunter Hines believes one of the best ways to do it is to start ramping up drilling in the United States
The UK, Swedish and Irish parliamentary recognition of Palestine – legally, historically and politically questionable: Alan Baker argues that recent recognition of Palestine as a state by the parliaments of three nations aren't based in any sort of reality
FDA horror stories: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration continues to dither on approving drugs that would save the lives of thousands of Americans, reports Richard E. Ralston
RI flooding not WV's fault: Tom Harris & Bob Carter argue that the Whitehouse is misguided on sea level rise: seacoasts won't be flooded due to coal burning
The Obama war on pipelines: Paul Driessen accuses the Obama administration of expediting wind and solar – but blocking coal, oil, gas, pipelines, jobs and economic recovery

December 2014

The Cold War Cuban detritus: The U.S. has moved to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba -- something Alan Caruba says is necessary -- but it shouldn't forget what caused those relations to break off in the first place
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Three: Kissinger and Gruber: When it comes to big picture views of where the United States and the world should go, writes Michael Moriarty, Henry Kissinger has always had a lot of Jonathan Gruber in him
The 20-year demise of a blue state: After a two decade absence Rachel Alexander returned to Washington state. To say that it had gone downhill thanks to liberal policies would be generous
Economy can handle higher interest rates: Dr. Peter Morici believes that the U.S. Federal Reserve will begin raising interests this summer -- or at least he hopes they begin to raise them
The New York Tobacco Party: Could Eric Garner be considered an anti-tax and anti-government hero? Robert T. Smith explores the question following the recent anniversary of the Boston Tea Party
Iran accelerates arming of Hizbullah and Hamas for possible clash with Israel: Iran is once again re-arming terrorist organizations in anticipation of yet another fight with Israel and in hopes of surroundingthe Jewish state with capable enemies
The most important lesson of 2014: Mark Alexander believes that this year -- as in previous years -- should have taught the Republican Party a lesson for the future
Emotional vs. rational: Our economy's stymieing dichotomy: Urma Saor Margadh explores a new economic theory that attempts to merge the rational with the emotional
Peace on Earth? I don't think so: This is the time of the year when we hope fervently for at least one day of peace but Alan Caruba says that hope is completely misplaced this year
We're number two!: The IMF recently announced that China's economy had overtaken that of the U.S. to become the world's largest. Alan Caruba wasn't surprised given the policies of the current administration
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Two: An American Pilgrimage: Michael Moriarty has some suggested music to accompany an essay which argues that Barack Obama is the culmination of a long-term plan to destroy the United States
How the Islamic State (ISIL) threatens Canada and the West: The war against ISIS may be taking place on the other wide of the world but Jonathan D. Halevi argues Canadians need to be concerned
Why Social Security hurts society and isn't secure: Social Security may have ostensibly begun as a well-meaning gesture but Dr. Robert Owens argues that the system has revealed itself for what it was really designed to do
Over 1,000 gun owners violate Washington's I-594 - in front of police!: I-594 may be reality in the state of Washington but Rachel Alexander says that gun owners aren't taking the latest attempt at gun control lying down
It's not just the Democrats who have credibility issues: Jonathan Gruber may have proudly wore his contempt on behalf of the Democrats but Frank Salvato doesn't think much of either party when it comes to the subject of the truth
Just who in the hell won the November 4 elections?: John W. Lillpop had been under the impression that the Republicans had essentially won the November 4 elections -- though last week seemed to indicate otherwise
Derrick: About that "I Can't Breathe" T-shirt of yours: Derrick Rose started a movement with his "I Can't Breathe" T-shirt and Harold Witkov wants the Chicago Bull to expand his sartorial campaign into other areas
Blame all those racist cops?: Barack Obama's plan to "reform" America's police officers in response to several apparently racially charged incidents is an attack on the rule of law, says Mark Alexander
Greenpeace again offends indigenous people: Radical global warming campaigners trespass on treasured Inca cultural sites and cause damage, reports Craig Rucker
The new Congress must save the USA from the EPA: Job number one for the Republicans in January is to begin rolling back the growing monster that is the Environmental Protection Agency, argues Alan Caruba
Still more politicized pseudo-science?: Paul Driessen reports that the neonics and honeybees saga takes interesting, potentially fraudulent turn
Wars, past, present, and future: The sneak attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941 should be a lesson to America that an enemy can attack unexpectedly and out of nowhere, argues Alan Caruba
The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter One: 1st Movement: Michael Moriarty begins a new series, one in which he tells the story of his life and its increasing turmoil and ecstasies all because of politics
Why we need a third party: Americans have been failed competely by both major political parties in Washington, D.C. and it is time to explore a new option, argues Dr. Robert Owens
New Year's plea: "Heal the Bird": Debra Rae doesn't believe that either the left or the right is going to heal this nation -- rather America needs a higher power
Abbas shuts the door to negotiations with Israel: Mahmoud Abbas has essentially decided to dictate terms of any future Palestinian state that Jonathan D. Halevi believes may be the start of future action against Israel
Jobs jump in November but outlook remains guarded: The number of jobs may have grown slightly in November but Dr. Peter Morici doesn't believe real improvement is in sight
Tell Congress, "End wind energy tax giveaways now": Paul Driessen can think of no logical reason why "temporary" subsidies for wind power should be continue by Congress
Egyptian President al-Sisi vs. Hamas: Yoni Ben Menachem argues that Egypt continues to heat up its campaign against Hamas as part of a wider war against the Muslim Brotherhood
Hating Santa Claus: It was bad enough when athiests fought to remove Christ from Christmas but Alan Caruba says there seems to be a growing movement to get rid of Santa Claus as well
Dumb policies frustrate benefits of falling oil prices: Oil prices may be hitting multi-year lows but Americans aren't enjoying the full benefits thanks to White House policies, argues Dr. Peter Morici
Take your pick of lies about ozone, methane or mercury: The EPA continues to tell some whoppers about climate science and Alan Caruba says the agency hopes you won't bother investigating its claims
Looking back at a 1994 game and magazine about U.S. civil conflict (Part Two): Mark Wegierski continues his examination of Crisis 2000: Insurrection in the United States!
Michael Lear: Part Twenty-One: The Red Islamic/Communist Muslim Alliance and War Against Judeo-Christianity: Chapter Two: Michael Moriarty wonders if the West perhaps should take a page from Vladimir Putin in confronting threats to its existence
What's next?: Halted deportations of illegal immigrants? Dr. Robert Owens wonders if that's only the first item on an agenda that Barack Obama has yet to fully reveal
UN charter clashes with free world constitutions: Whatever the United Nations may be, argues Jane Gaffin, it is no friend of nations who are dedicated to freedom
The Gruberization of environmental policies: Paul Driessen argues an accumulation of fraudulent EPA regulations impacts energy, economy, jobs, families and health
City of Ferguson needs a "Two-Gun Pete" police force: Legendary Chicago cop "Two-Gun" Pete Washington was known for his legendary harsh approach to controlling crime. Harold Witkov says Ferguson, MO could use a dose of the lawman's methods
21st century sentinels desperate to change the narrative: Plenty are defending Barack Obama's executive order concerning illegal immigrants but Nancy Salvato argues that motive is rarely investigated
Battle of the parties: Caroline Kimbro didn't think much of a recent Paul Krugman essay which attacked the Republican victory this past November
United, but divided: Americans may be united by some things but Alan Caruba argues that liberals and conservatives are clearly divided by how they perceive their country and the world
Hamas embraces the path of the Islamic State (ISIS): ISIS has put plenty of pressure on nations in the Middle East but Jonathan D. Halevi argues that even terrorist organizations like Hamas are being forced to react to them
Taxpayer Alert: Big Wind is pressing Congress for yet another bailout: Mary Kay Barton has a warning for Americans: Big Wind is looking for more money and you shouldn't be surprised that it will come from your pocket


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