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January 2014

Why the U.S. has been losing wars: The recent track record of the U.S. in wars has been pretty dismal, writes Alan Caruba, and that's because the people at the top just don't get it
Chapter Thirty-One of Keeping Score in America: Nat Hentoff, America's Sanest Liberal: Michael Moriarty pays tribute to Nat Hentoff, a man he describes as one of America's most just men
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Three): Mark Wegierski looks at the "nine-point alignment system" in Dungeons and Dragons
Obama blind to facts on extended unemployment benefits: The evidence firmly shows that extending unemployment benefits is neither a help to the economy or the unemployed, argues Dr. Peter Morici
Obama criminalizes dissent, goes after Dinesh D'Souza: A few years back Dinesh D'Souza did a great job embarassing Barack Obama. It looks like the president has struck back, writes Rachel Alexander
TX Democrat gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis' slip is showing: Democrat Wendy Davis hopes to be the next governor of Texas thanks to a great personal story. Michael R. Shannon argues there's more fib than fact in it
Unsportsmanlike conduct: Lisa Fabrizio says the Richard Sherman controversy contains all of the elements of how football has declined since its glory days
Whose responsibility is it?: Telling people that they are responsible for the choices they have made in life tends not to result in a positive response these days, writes Dr. Robert Owens
SHOT Show: The last bastion of growing conservatism: If the Republican Party wants a lesson in how to do conservatism, says Rachel Alexander, they could do worse than emulate the SHOT Show
The EPA's agenda: Undermine capitalism and America: If you still believe that the EPA is there simply to protect the environment from nefarious polluters, says Alan Caruba, you haven't been paying attention
What President Obama doesn't get about inequality: Barack Obama has made income inequality a priority for his administration but failed to recognize the role government has played in it, argues Dr. Peter Morici
Obama's class warfare deception: Barack Obama talks income inequality but his real legacy will end up being socialist economic policies and a poor nation, says Mark Alexander
The Syrian Constellation before the Geneva 2 peace talks: The latest attempt to bring peace to Syria began in Switzerland last week and Pinhas Inbari takes a look at the colourful gallery of opposition groups that need to all agree
America in lockdown: "Dedicated public servants" lock up lands and resources, lock down job and economic recovery, says Paul Driessen
Obama's war on U.S. energy: America's economy is suffering and one of the reasons, argues Alan Caruba, is the Obama administration's war against the energy sector
Schweitzer for president: He wouldn't be perfect but Bruce Walker thinks that former Montana governor Brian Schweitzer would probably be the best choice for president in 2016...and he's a Democrat
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Two): Mark Wegierski looks at Dungeons and Dragons, the first major role-playing game and one celebrating its 40th anniversary this year
Chapter Thirty of Keeping Score in America: The Shostakovich 15th Symphony: The Eternally Bitter Wanderings of Dimitri Shostakovich: Michael Moriarty devotes this week's column entirely to misunderstood Russian composer Dimitri Shostakovich
The man who would be king: Steven Martinovich wasn't entirely convinced by Catherine S. Neal's efforts in Taking Down the Lion: The Triumphant Rise and Tragic Fall of Tyco's Dennis Kozlowski but still found it interesting
Forget Christie; let's talk about big fat traffic jams: As the Christie traffic jam scandal continues to get play in the media, Selwyn Duke mulls the general existence of traffic jams in general
Who will win the war against income inequality?: A government-led war against income inequality will only result in a tyranny that the Soviet Union would have admired, writes Dr. Robert Owens
Fixing inequality: Dr. Peter Morici argues that the United States needs to play to its strengths if it wishes to remain the most economically powerful nation on Earth
Amnesty: The next GOP leadership betrayal: Michael R. Shannon believes that the House GOP is about to cave on yet another issue -- this time granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants
2014: The designated year for Middle East peace: Part 1: Folly of global peace building: The Council of the Socialist International declared 2014 to be the year of peace in the Middle East and want a deal between Israel and the Palestinians. Debra Rae doesn't think much of the initiative
Abbas denies his authority to make cardinal decisions for a lasting peace agreement: Peace in the Middle East is contingent on leadership and Jonathan D. Halevi says that Mahmoud Abbas has abandoned any authority he might have had to make a deal
Thus spake the potheads: Selwyn Duke doesn't buy the arguments that people in favour of marijuana users make for the same reason he doesn't agree with the drunks of the world
The internal Iranian struggle in the aftermath of the Geneva Nuclear Agreement: There is a lot of infighting amongst Iran's leaders, reports Michael Segall, over the P5+1 nuclear enrichment deal that was reached last month
Showing how government fails: Government has a long history of failing at projects designed and implemented by progressives but Bruce Walker argues Obamacare may finally wake Americans up
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part One): Mark Wegierski looks at various science fiction, fantasy, and gaming subgenres
Chapter Twenty Nine of Keeping Score in America: Gustavo Dudamel And Dimitri Shostakovich: Michael Moriarty pays tribute to Dimitri Shostakovich and Gustavo Dudamel, two geniuses who manage to say more with music than tyranny can with any weapon
America's unemployment sinkhole: Americans are worse off with in the Obama era then at any time since the Great Depression, proved by the government's own numbers, writes Alan Caruba
Predictions: Lisa Fabrizio makes some predictions for 2014 and you'll likely be pleased to know that she sees some good things for the U.S. coming
The ugly reality of the Chris Christie bridge scandal: N.J. Governor Chris Christie denies that he had anything to do with a politically inspired traffic jam this past September but Rachel Alexander isn't entirely convinced
Economy adds only 74,000 jobs in December: The American economy continues to grind in slow gear when it comes to job creation and Dr. Peter Morici believes he knows why
Spare no expense & bill the taxpayer: Michael R. Shannon reports on a recent story in his neck of the woods which saw graves discovered at the site of a new high school and a family's (not very) surprising reaction
What happened to our freedom to choose?: Freedom is all about choice but Jane Gaffin argues that the average person has had many of their choices stripped away from them -- and most of them have done little to fight back
What's the reason?: Dr. Robert Owens believes that the replacement of tradition by reason in today's culture is the explanation for why so much of America's strength has disappeared
Roberts rules again...poorly: In a blink and you missed it moment, U.S. Supreme Chief Justice John Roberts turned away with comment from a stay request by a group opposed to Obamacare and Frank Salvato isn't pleased
Twisted understanding of the Constitution leads to things like this: In Oklahoma City a group of Satanists are raising money to raise a statue to Old Nick and if they succeed, argues David M. Huntwork, it's because no one understands the Constitution any longer
Risking lives to promote climate change hype: Yet another global warming expedition gets trapped in icebound ideology, reports Paul Driessen
No end to Palestinian claims: How Israel and the Palestinians view borders: Fundamental differences in how Israel and Palestinians wish to negotiate borders between themselves will likely continue to stymie any efforts, says Pinhas Inbari
The United Nations cesspool: The UN stands for many fine things -- at least in theory -- but the reality, argues Alan Caruba, is that it is an inept and evil organization which promotes all that is ill for humanity
Looking at the structural problems of Canadian conservatism at the dawn of 2014: A conservative infrastructure is still lacking in Canada, says Mark Wegierski
Chapter Twenty Eight of Keeping Score in America: The new year of 2014: Michael Moriarty fully expects 2014 to be one of the most fulfilling and challenging years of his life -- both personally and for the world
A Prince of war: Blackwater founder Erik Prince attempts to defend himself with Civilian Warriors: The Inside Story of Blackwater and the Unsung Heroes of the War on Terror and Steven Martinovich reviews his efforts
Standing strong for America in 2014: The United States faces serious challenges this year -- and coming years -- and Dr. Peter Morici says it's time for Americans to stand up
Looking into my 2014 crystal ball: Alan Caruba believes that 2014 is the year that Americans will wake up from their slumber and begin fighting back against anti-federalist programs and policies
Sola scriptura: Pope Francis and his anti-capitalist message is still garnering defenders both in- and outside of the Catholic Church but Robert T. Smith says the pontiff is still wrong
God, guns, and the Rule of Law: Why I refuse to obtain a licence to own my firearms: Canadian activist Edward Hudson refuses to obtain a licence to own firearms despite a legal requirement to do so and he explains why
Sixty years with St. Edward's Crown: The past year marked 60 years since the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and J.K. Baltzersen examines the issues around having a monarch
Mass marketing garbage overload: Advertising by itself isn't inherently bad but Rachel Alexander hates the constant torrent of objectional ads
Is the NFL becoming the No Fan League?: Last week several NFL teams -- including the Green Bay Packers -- had difficulty selling out their playoff games. Michael R. Shannon wonders if the NFL has finally managed to alienate its fans
Re-writing Benghazi for political purposes: Frank Salvato doesn't think a lot of a recent New York Times article which argues that al-Qaida had nothing to do with the 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. embassy compound in Benghazi
Crooked labs, agencies and prosecutors: EPA versions of Nifongs and Beales prosecute US hydrocarbons, jobs, living standards and health, argues Paul Driessen

February 2014

The suicide of unions: Why is the union movement on the ropes in the United States? Bruce Walker says that union leaders had better look in the mirror for that answer
UAW organizing defeat at Tennessee VW shows unions must change to survive: Dr. Peter Morici argues that unions need to start changing from their confrontational past if they wish to remain viable into the future
Chapter Thirty-Five of Keeping Score In America: The Poetry of Patience: Olympic ice hockey plays a big part in Michael Moriarty's essay this week and he offers up a good example of who they should be modelling themselves after
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Seven): Mark Wegierski looks at the rising tide of dark themes, and points to a more positive Tolkienian series
Zombies, the apocalypse, and the decline of the Republic: Apocalypticism used to be the province of fundamentalist Christians but it seems like everyone these days is worried about the end of days, says David M. Huntwork
Pardon my paranoia: A wide ranging collection of non-military government alphabet agencies are armed and the paranoid Alan Caruba says that's not a good thing
Why we need capitalists: America needs innovators and people to have the opportunity to earn an honest's day wage for an honest day's work, writes Dr. Robert Owens
When disappointment comes from the right: Frank Salvato was disappointed by recent comments from Ann Coulter which essentially promoted supporting Republicans who weren't conservatives
Obama to propose wholly political budget—progress be damned!: Expecting Barack Obama to address some big problems this year? Dr. Peter Morici says the American president would appear to be focusing his attention elsewhere
Children of, by, and for the state: A legal framework: Slowly but surely, says Debra Rae, parents are being written out of being responsible for the raising of their own children
Environmentalists target fracking: There's a war being fought in America and it has all to do with fracking for oil, reports Rachel Alexander
Jihad Part 2 -- Coming to a theater near you: When it comes to the War on Terror, writes Mark Alexander, the Obama administration appears to have had its own "Mission Accomplished" moment
Conservative principles and the common man: Political labels these days seem to be as malleable as the ethics of a politician. David M. Huntwork has a list he believes should define only conservatives
Suing Americans under international law — in American courts: This isn't a theoretical prospect as Selwyn Duke reports an American pastor is being sued under a law dating back to 1789 and it probably won't be the last time it's used
Obama's war on America: Killing coal to kill U.S. electrical power: Alan Caruba argues that Barack Obama's continuing attempts to essentially shut down the nation's coal industry is also an attempt to harm the economic interests of the United States
Liberal media in free fall: America's news media were once giants that influenced virtually every aspect of the nation's life. These days? Alan Caruba believes they've written themselves into near extinction
Chapter Thirty-Four of Keeping Score In America: The Pause Between Symphonies: Michael Moriarty announces that the first movement of his First Symphony is now online and explains his plans for the coming years
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Six): Mark Wegierski begins surveying the gaming landscape as it evolved in the 1990s
Obama's two Americas – The economy and how Democrats win elections: Barack Obama is working the American people like a maestro, shattering the economy and almost ensuring future Democratic victories, writes Dr. Peter Morici
The original, right-wing extremist: David M. Huntwork pays tribute to a man he describes as the original American conservative and an example for our times today
Why the House should impeach President Obama: There are any number of good reasons why Barack Obama should be impeached, argues Dr. Robert Owens, and he lays several out
What is the real BDS endgame? The elimination of Israel: The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel was launched purely to destroy the Jewish state, writes Ehud Rosen, despite what's said publicly by its leaders
Obama is becoming public enemy number one: The president's contempt for the welfare for tens of millions of Americans has essentially made him their enemy, argues Alan Caruba
From culture creep to flash flood: There is a growing crisis of ethics and morality in the American military and Mark Alexander argues that the rot starts straight at the top
Immigration and national survival: Selwyn Duke wants to know why immigration is automatically taken as a good, especially considering its chief proponents seem to hate the United States
Big freeze, storms impose losses up to $40 billion but economy will rebound: Dr. Peter Morici doesn't expect any lasting damage to the American economy from the recent snow storms and cold weather that's hit the eastern United States
Carbon benefits exceed costs by up to 500:1: Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek  say that EPA "cost of carbon" analyses ignore huge benefits of hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide
Going bankrupt one city at a time: Detroit may only be the first of a series of American cities to spectacularly fail and go bankrupt, writes Alan Caruba
Chapter Thirty-Three of Keeping Score In America: Detroit: As an actor Michael Moriarty has lived and worked around the world but his birthplace, Detroit, still holds some significance
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Five): Mark Wegierski contrasts  historical boardgames with role-playing games
John Boehner's incremental amnesty surrender strategy: Michael R. Shannon doesn't think much of the immigration reform ideas that the House GOP recently announced and accuses them of inching towards amnesty
Why can't we change?: America's constitution has been distorted out of any recognizability to its original intent. Dr. Robert Owens offers up a solution: Why not write a new one?
The legacy of Pete Seeger: Folk singer Pete Seeger earned nothing but praise from the media upon his death but Bruce Walker believes his legacy is quite dark
The banning of everything!: Jane Gaffin is convinced that governments and their NGO allies exist solely to ban everything we take for granted in order to control us
The Occupy movement and its extreme left component implode: You haven't heard much from the Occupy movement lately and Rachel Alexander says there's a good reason for that: It's imploding amidst bitter infighting
Fracking – Clean and green: Hatred of hydrocarbons should not excuse frackophobes from learning facts or speaking factually, writes Deroy Murdock
CBO report low balls Obamacare impacts on employment, economy: Dr. Peter Morici believes that the Congressional Budget Office didn't calculate the full negative effects of Obamacare on the American economy
America has lost her will to live: The slow destruction of a recognizable American culture is being accepted without comment by Americans, says Selwyn Duke
Liberty is colorblind: Mark Alexander argues that any immigration reform that takes place must be predicated upon the concept of liberty
A really big show: America marked the 50th anniversary of The Beatles appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show, a moment Lisa Fabrizio says changed everything
The ignorance and hypocrisy behind oil export bans: Paul Driessen urges help for consumers, security, environment by eliminating the prohibition on exporting US oil and gas
The road to freedom in Tehran (the rise of pro-Americanism in Iran): Although Iran's government continues with its decades old anti-Americanism, Slater Bakhtavar argues that the people of the Persian nation are looking increasingly to the West
Americans are losing their freedom: Generations of Americans fought and shed blood to preserve freedom for the Republic. That does not include, argues Alan Caruba, Barack Obama's agenda
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at issues of artistic realism in Dungeons and Dragons
Chapter Thirty-Two of Keeping Score in America: Facebook: Michael Moriarty recently returned to social networking web site Facebook after a long absence and is thankful he did because of its inherent ability to share information
State of the Union mixes sound and foolish proposals, laced with demagoguery: Dr. Peter Morici argues that last week's State of the Union speech was nothing more than pandering to the lowest common denominator
2014 SOTU: The MO BO Show: Last week's SOTU was a large load of recycled rhetoric and broken promises, writes Mark Alexander, who sat through it so you didn't have to
Which words work: Rush Limbaugh once famously said that words mean something and Dr. Robert Owens agrees that statement is now more important then ever
Exposed: Obama blocks White House Council on Boys and Men: He may talk a lot about equality bur Rachel Alexander says that Barack Obama's administration is clearly no friend of the male gender
I am afraid of my government: Alan Caruba has been around for a very long time so when he says that he's afraid of what the federal government has become, it pays to listen
Why is the Southern Poverty Law Center trying to crush a small Jewish organization?: Selwyn Duke reports on a recent lawsuit filed by the SPLC against JONAH International alleging fraudulent claims but something he argues is an attempt to intimidate
The right side of history: Everyone seems to be concerned to be on "the right side of history". David M. Huntwork argues that their higher goal should be to be on the right side of right and wrong
Build the Keystone pipeline, already!: KXL was AWOL from SOTU – along with real energy, job, economic and revenue solutions, writes Paul Driessen

March 2014

The Cold War was only on vacation: A newly resurgent Russia? Perhaps, but Dr. Peter Morici argues that the crisis in the Ukraine shows that Cold War never really ended
The path to war: The more things change, the more they stay the same. Alan Caruba argues that Russian actions in the Crimea are a repeat of what happened during the 20th Century
Ukraine sanctions with teeth instead of gums are still possible: For a brief moment Michael R. Shannon thought the White House was showing some muscle over the Ukraine...and then reality intruded
Balkanization, Ukraine and Crimea: Everyone is condemning the annexation of Crimea and Bruce Walker has no love for Vladimir Putin's tactics, but he wonders if it's all bad
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Eleven): Mark Wegierski looks at Hasbro's marketing efforts for Dungeons and Dragons, Third Edition, and the Fading Suns RPG
Chapter Thirty-Nine of Keeping Score In America: Snapshots From Facebook, My Screen Saver And Life: Michael Moriarty has become quite the fan of Facebook and he shares some pictures from the web site that have moved him
Iran's fortunes rising in a Middle East vacuum: A weakening West and shrewd political moves mean that Iran is ascendent in the Middle East, reports Michael Segall
Are slow growing wages holding back economic recovery?: A federal move to raise the minimum wage would only lead to large job losses, not economic recovery, argues Dr. Peter Morici
Obama's DoD v The Constitution: Mark Alexander argues that the U.S. Department of Defense continues to try and limit any expressions of religious belief by its members
Why government does not function: Why is America in the difficult position it is today? Alan Caruba argues that it's laws...or to be more precise the sheer number of laws in existence
Teaching students the process to societal change: Having great ideas for societal change is all well and good but Dale Schlundt argues that they're worthless without something else
Doctors want everybody unwell: Jane Gaffin doesn't think much of the modern medical industry and doctors, accusing them of doing more harm than good -- often deliberately
US electricity system in regulatory and terrorist crosshairs: The EPA and other agencies pile on costs and delays, as saboteurs reveal acute vulnerabilities, write Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek
U.S. energy, the Ukraine, and Russia: One of the lessons from the crisis in the Ukraine? Alan Caruba says nations should do what they can to control their own energy supplies
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Ten): Mark Wegierski looks especially at Games Workshop's Warhammer universe and roleplaying set within H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos
Chapter Thirty-Eight of Keeping Score In America: The 40 Year-Old Disease of American Jet Lag: Tyranny is once again on the march in the world -- as currently personified by Russia's actions in the Ukraine -- but Michael Moriarty believes in a higher power's ability to fight it
Relentless global warming "scientists" continue their scams: The science they purport to produce is under fire but Alan Caruba says global warming orthodoxists are continuing to fight their war any way they can
Replay it again, Bud: Spring training is under way and the promise of a new season of baseball looms. Lisa Fabrizio, however, is quite concerned about the new rule changes that will be introduced
Yesterday's tomorrow is today: You can hide your head in the sand but Dr. Robert Owens argues that the future is coming whether you like it or not and you'd better be ready for it
Cop: I'd love to "Bang down your door and come for your gun": Selwyn Duke reports on an some exchanges a Connecticut police officer had with some citizens on the topic of firearms and unjust laws
The GOP's fratricidal threat to liberty: Mark Alexander charges that infighting within the GOP and the Tea Party has essentially weakened the conservative movement
Shame on you! What's your consumption factor?: Feeling guilty that you likely consume more than the average global citizen? David M. Huntwork says you shouldn't be
Economy drags on Obama's approval ratings but don't look for changes in Washington: The American economy continues its moribund recovery and Dr. Peter Morici says not much is likely to change any time soon
Ariz. college senator fakes social media following, gets invited to White House: Jordan Hibbs is likely someone you have never heard of -- even if you attend ASU -- but Annica Benning says the college senator is already employing the technics of experienced politicians
The 'jihadi fire ant' attacks scholar Walid Phares: Scholar Walid Phares has a new book on the future of the Middle East arriving this week and it brought out one particularly fierce attack, reports Joelle Sawaya
Obamacare ruins more than health care: Obamacare does a number on the American health care industry but Richard E. Ralston argues that it also harms a number of other things
Why Hillary will flop: Hillary Clinton has already been cast as the favourite for the 2016 presidential election but Bruce Walker believes reality suggests the exact opposite
Scraping the rust off the Iron Curtain: Dr. Peter Morici believes that Russia's actions in the Ukraine aren't likely to end out well for the West
The Russian invasion of Ukraine: Russia's actions in the Ukraine, argues Mark Alexander, prove the perils of Barack Obama's paper tiger foreign policy
Putin's invasion of Ukraine revives cold war: Rachel Alexander argues that Barack Obama needs to understand who Vladimir Putin really is and what's necessary to respond to his actions in the Ukraine
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Nine): Mark Wegierski looks at some FASA products, including Shadowrun
Chapter Thirty-Seven of Keeping Score In America: The Big Red Line-Up!: Cartoon and text inform Michael Moriarty's essay this week on the relationship between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin
Some very good news about Americans: There are a lot of problems in the United States but Alan Caruba has happy to report that among them do not appear to be Americans themselves
You need limits to be free: Despite what many people think, argues Dr. Robert Owens, anarchy doesn't make you free -- you actually need some limits in order to be free
Mt Gox collapse shatters Bitcoin myth of virtual money: The recent turmoil in the world of Bitcoin proved to Dr. Peter Morici that virtual currencies aren't worth the paper they aren't printed on
Molon labe: Connecticut's terrifying start of gun confiscation: Rachel Alexander reports on the latest attempt to ramp up firearms regulation to confiscation
Muslim is the new "American Indian" in 21st Century America: Dale Schlundt wonders if its time for Americans to reexamine what they think they know about Muslims in America and their assumptions about its practitioners
Calling the global warming charlatans "Nazis": A prominent critic of the climate change orthodoxy recently went nuclear and called his opponents "Nazis". Alan Caruba defends Dr. Roy W. Spencer's use of he word
The left's message to teens: More sex, no guilt, no consequences: David M. Huntwork believes that the left is sending a dangerous message to teens about their sexuality and what should be considered normal
Will the Supreme Court permit EPA climate fraud?: If it does, the impacts on our lives, livelihoods, liberties and living standards will be enormous, argues Paul Driessen
Greener than "green": Fracking is friendly to protected species and mosquito-devouring bats, says Deroy Murdock after visiting one such facility recently
The progressive destruction of the U.S.: Alan Caruba charges that Barack Obama is the final step in the long march of the progressive war against the United States
Our Weimar Republic: People are always comparing the current state of the American federal government to the pre-Nazi German government but Bruce Walker argues it is a valid exercise
Chapter Thirty-Six of Keeping Score In America:  Pat Hickey: Michael Moriarty pays tribute to one of his friends: Fellow Irish-American, Chicago journalist and chronicler Pat Hickey
A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Eight): Mark Wegierski looks here mainly at White Wolf’s World of Darkness
View from the couch: Laid up after a recent surgery, Lisa Fabrizio had an opportunity to watch a lot of television and reflects upon what she saw
You should ask whose property is it: People seem to be increasingly forgetting this basic truth but Dr. Robert Owens says there should be a clear line between what is personal and what is communal. Unfortunately that line keeps being pushed back towards you
Tax reform: Eliminate the income tax and IRS altogether: Would eliminating the income tax and replacing it with a value added tax actually help the American economy? Dr. Peter Morici believes so
Why Obama is uneducated: In many ways Barack Obama is a perfect representative of the liberal elite and that includes, argues Selwyn Duke, the fact that he's not actually an educated person
Standardize assessments ineffective on an individual basis: Dale Schlundt believes that standardized assessments may tell us a lot about individual schools and their effectiveness, but they tell us next to nothing about the individual students
Hypocrite: Robert T. Smith believes that Missouri football star Michael Sam would appear to want it both ways when it comes to how his sexuality is to be dealt with
How nuclear talks help Iran dominate the Middle East: Far from weakening Iran, argues Lt.-Col. (ret.) Michael Segall, the continuing negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 group are actually strengthening the Persian nation's position in the Middle East
Trading defense for welfare: Mark Alexander says that the Obama administration's proposal for massive cuts to America's military will weaken the country profoundly
Bob McDonnell discovers he's past the sell–by date: What happens when a former governor is indicted for being on the take while in office? Michael R. Shannon says it's not a pretty fate
More than winter chill gripping housing, broader economy: Barack Obama predicted that 2014 would see banner economic growth for the United States. Dr. Peter Morici believes people would be wise to expect something far more modest
Egyptian Field Marshal Abd El-Fattah El-Sisi: A profile: Abd El-Fattah El-Sisi is the new power in Egypt and what we do know of him, writes Dr. Jacques Neriah should sorry decision makers in the West

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