Black holes and liberal lies

By Bruce Walker
web posted January 17, 2000

That malformed species of powerlust which calls itself today "liberal" (a perverse inversion of its dictionary and historical definition) has reached a critical mass of mendacity, an addiction to Orwellian language and thinking, that is beyond the redemption of facts, morals, or even sentiment.

Physicists have the closest concrete analogy to the this accumulation of one force (lust for control) over all other forces in the universe: a singularity, more commonly known as a black hole. In this singularity, the other two physical forces -- electromagnetic weak nuclear, and the strong nuclear -- are overwhelmed, crushed out of existence, by the force of gravity.

Light does not escape from a black hole. Time and space have no conventional meaning within the event horizon of this singularity. Indeed, nothing much has meaning within a black hole. It absorbs all the disorder of the universe, most emphatically including all manner of life itself, and crushes all purpose, all differences, all light to a physical ending.

Black holes are made, not born. As more and more mass accumulates around a geometrical point, the pull of gravity grows progressively greater. Not all heavy objects are black holes. Planets, moons, stars, white dwarfs, and neutron stars are common cosmic examples of structures that withstand the gravitational tug of mass. Nature can withstand the inclination of things to clump together -- up to a point.

Political and social discourse are like that as well. Dishonesty tends to create more dishonesty, but we have an ability to tolerate and absorb fudging, misleading, and outright fibbing, up to a certain point.

Deceit tends towards to results over time. First, lies are met with counter-lies, and so dissipate its effect. In physics this balancing occurs constantly, and we take it for granted. Fluctuations can cause, theoretically, almost anything in nature, but the odds are strongly in favor of certain events.

Second, lies and other immoral conduct disrupts the smooth and mutually beneficial relationships that we have with one another. Who trusts a liar very long? Fools and lunatics do; sensible and effective people do not.

There is, however, a pervasive and passionate commitment to wrecking truth that has crushed thought, sensation, and conscience from liberalism. It took time. Our grandparents lived in times when men like Harry Truman and Adlai Stevenson could embrace and inherently corrupting philosophy like liberalism, and yet retain their personal sense of honor.

Then followed a transitional period with men like George McGovern and Jimmy Carter. These were men who took God, country, and family very seriously. McGovern flew in a B-17 over Germany, and began his education as a divinity student. Jimmy Carter took religion seriously, sought national service at the Naval Academy, and clearly adored his wife. Good men, by nature, but men who had however begun to sink too deeply in the quicksand of the Left.

So George McGovern, who risked his life many times fighting Nazis, lied quietly to himself about the vast evil of Communism. So Jimmy Carter, a good and loving husband because of his faith, justified in his own mind extending the power and influence of cultural bureaucrats who wrote the obituary for God and invented oppression hysteria out of whole cloth.

Clinton, who among our species most nearly resembles the abortionist's bloodless definition of "viable tissue mass", did not push the envelope of liberal veracity beyond redemption. It happened sometime before him, perhaps with Michael Dukakis, whose own wife had thought nothing of lying to him for decades about her life. Or perhaps when the valiant, brilliant voices of black conservatism -- giants like Thomas Sowell -- were not given the respect that liberals gave to William F. Buckley; the intellectual and moral enslavement of blacks became the silent whisper at cocktail parties.

The consequence, however, is clear. Liberals will create illogical legal defenses for rapists, then condone the notion that all men are rapists, then ignore the brutish rapes of their leaders. Liberals will pronounce God dead, then bemoan the death of moral values, then vainly search for a lifeless, pagan Gaea. Liberals will end Nixon, then try to end a noble man like Reagan, then defend Clinton as if they were French soldiers and he were Verdun.

And it seems that nothing can be done about it. As I write, Bill Bradley -- who has the makings of a decent man -- wages a battle for his party's nomination. His opponent embraces a man who lies to the American people sometimes casually and sometimes fiercely, who sells secrets to the thugs of Beijing, who treats women like human toilets, and who -- of course -- honors laws and constitutions like Hitler did treaties and non-aggression pacts. So what is Bradley campaigning against? The cesspool of immorality? The ocean of untruths? care!

When Clinton was impeached, a honorable Democrat in the House of Representatives might have said "No, this isn't impeachable, but this is wrong." How many abstention on the impeachment vote? How many Democrats willing to say, "I will defend neither of these two positions; I will abstain."?

There seems, in short, no mechanism for deflector. Liberals are ensnared in the same egocentric fantasies that doomed from the beginning Nazism and Communism. Gore, apparently, simply cannot remember what is real and what is not. Like a befuddled Rudolph Hess, stepping into the shoes of his beloved Fuhrer, Gore realizes that he has seen the dark magic of Belial, but he cannot comprehend its workings.

The end, for them, is near. Their lies today, built on the ruin of the lies of yesterday, have led them into a free fall towards the center of the lightless singularity. It has no form, no substance, and no escape. We wait for their demise, but we need not. It has already happened.

Bruce Walker is a frequent contributor to The Pragmatist and The Common Conservative. This is his first contribution to Enter Stage Right.

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