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web posted January 24, 2000

"This final year is going to bring a paroxysm of regulatory intrusion through agency actions or Mr. Clinton's continued abuse of executive orders. Despite all the talk about the New Democrat 12-Step program to smaller government, these are the truer instincts now emerging -- intrude, give orders, force compliance, sue anyone who objects. They haven't changed." -- Wall Street Journal

"I wish that God would give me the capacity to function for a year without sleep. That would make me very happy. But I think it is highly unlikely, therefore I will keep trying to get some." -- Bill Clinton

"Try this thought experiment. Pretend you're a tyrant. Among your many liberty-destroying objectives are extermination of blacks, Jews and Catholics. Which would you prefer, a United States with political power centralized in Washington, powerful government agencies with detailed information on Americans and compliant states or power widely dispersed over 50 states, thousands of local jurisdictions and a limited federal government?" -- Walter E. Williams

"A lot of the things that he has said he knows downright aren't true and I feel bad for him, because I think you pay a terrible political price when you do that over and over and over again." -- Bill Clinton on former advisor-turned-critic Dick Morris

"I am very proud to say that our objectives have not been to divide America down racial lines, but unite us all through our common desire for greater opportunity and more freedom. This is the way to achieving Dr. King's dream." -- Rep. J.C. Watts

"It was not political rhetoric, mass rallies or poses of moral indignation that gave the people a better life. It was capitalism." -- Thomas Sowell

"It seems to me the best solution [about Elian's fate] is to say, if the whole Gonzalez family wants to pick up this kid and bring him back to Cuba, they should. If they get here and 'suddenly realize' that they'd rather have 24-hour electricity and food that wasn't left over from some adventure in Angola, then they should stay. In the meantime, spare me the talk of 'high stakes' and the suggestions of moral equivalence." -- Jonah Goldberg

"Our era of bread and circuses has come coincidentally with the era of Pax Americana. Can the dark ages be far ahead?" -- Lyn Nofziger

"I believe we deserve more than the usual choice between the Stupid Party and the Evil Party." -- Lowell Ponte

"When will the media ever live up their mission to educate, instead of indoctrinate?" -- Brent Bozell

"You have to go back to Warren Harding's presidency to find an administration as corrupt as this one." -- Cato's Doug Bandow

"Bill Bradley and Al Gore challenged each other in New Hampshire to a groveling match, each man spending the night on his knees trying to persuade voters that he was suffering greater [Confederate battle] flag shock than anyone else." -- Washington Times editor Wesley Pruden

"Hillary Clinton's campaign to be accepted as a New Yorker and senatorial candidate by her party's core constituencies took her on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to the Harlem headquarters of the Rev. Al Sharpton. ... The Rev. Charles Norris, a Baptist minister, told a story about being fired from two jobs as a young man...and in each case mentioned disparagingly that the employer was 'a Jew.' Mrs. Clinton wasn't in the auditorium when he made the remarks, but was alerted by supporters when she entered the room. Her response was about as roundabout as she could make it. In the midst of a prepared King Day speech...she inserted the sentence, 'We know that anti-Semitism still stalks our land as well.' Not exactly a bold repudiation, would you say? ... If candidate Clinton cares what anti-Semites think, what should the rest of New York think of her?" -- Washington Post

"It is essential that we do not undermine liberty in the name of liberty." --Bill Clinton, announcing a $2 billion program to protect America's computer systems from hackers and cyberterrorists. The administration also came out in favour of sending federal agents armed with search warrants into homes to copy encryption keys and implant secret back doors onto computers

"I'm not the guy who trashed Starbucks. ... I was the guy who was dressed up as a sea turtle." --Pat Buchanan explaining his role in the Seattle WTO riots

web posted January 17, 2000

"Why pass [more gun laws] in the first place? ... [Because] more laws make some people feel good, including criminals who now have easier pickings." -- NRA's Charlton Heston, who notes that there are now 22 000 federal, state, and local gun laws on the books, most of which are never enforced

"[L]eaders like Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson...." -- responded Al Gore when asked who his favourite presidents were and forgetting that he called Bill Clinton "one of our greatest presidents" on the day of his impeachment acquittal

"To demand a litmus test regarding gays in the military, a social issue, instead of concentrating on what is really important, which is sound military advice, misses the mark. There can be no question in the minds of the American people and those serving in the military that an officer's nomination and confirmation to serve on the Joint Chiefs of Staff must be based on military experience, military expertise and leadership ability. It cannot be based on support or lack thereof for a current social or political position. As a nation we must never allow our elected leaders to subordinate an issue of national security for the sake of political gain." -- Recently retired Marine Corps commandant, Gen. Charles Krulak on Al Gore's "litmus" test for future Joint Chief's. Gore says these future nominees should believe that homosexuals should be able to serve openly in the military

"The Clinton-Gore administration...cares nothing about the sacrifice of the mother and stepfather who gave their lives that [Elian Gonzalez] might have a future of freedom." -- Cal Thomas

"A humane and politically cost-free solution is obvious: Offer visas to every member of Elian's extended family to come to the United States. Here, unthreatened by Castro's retaliation, everyone who loves Elian can discuss his future honestly." -- Mona Charen

"These days maybe only an émigré can explain why life itself is worth risking for refuge on our shores." -- Paul Rodriguez

"Political correctness is just tyranny with manners. I wish for you the courage to be unpopular. Popularity is history's pocket change. Courage is history's true currency." -- Charlton Heston

"...[G]overnment bureaucrats never miss a chance to emphasize their importance." -- Rep. Ron Paul

"There needs to be something hillbilly about this if I'm going to move here!" -- Bill Clinton after the Chappaqua, N.Y., fire chief jokingly referred to his department as the "Hill-Billy" firehouse

"He's done a lot of stuff as mayor but I think being senator is a different kind of job. A senator can't go arrest a homeless person." -- Hillary Rodham-Clinton on Dave Letterman's "Late Show" taking a shot at Rudy Giuliani's crackdown on vagrants who refuse police orders to move

"I think if I read one more story about how accessible John McCain is in the back of the bus to reporters or about how Al Gore's roots in rising were so difficult because of the dichotomy between Washington and Nashville, I will throw up." -- ABC's Sam Donaldson

"A lot of cynics are saying that the Clintons are using [Hillary Rodham-Clinton's move to New York] as an excuse to engage in a trial separation. Do you know what a trial separation is? That's when they are separated but stay married so they don't have to testify against one another at their trials." -- Jay Leno

"Clinton wants 30 million from Congress for contraception and family planning. Sounds to me like someone is getting ready to go dating again." -- David Letterman

"He had the heart of a liberal -- he kept it in a jar on his desk." -- Gleaves Whitney (aide to Michigan Gov. John Engler) on the late conservative protagonist Russell Kirk

web posted January 10, 2000

"What a happy feeling it was to wake up on New Year's Day having...watched not a single second of ABC's 25 hours of blather; to have skipped every little bit of CNN's 100 hours of 'coverage'; to have failed to catch even one thoughtful moment of PBS's 25 hours of important talk; to have missed the report from Roswell, N.M., on 'Fox 2000'; to have neglected to observe the opening of London's Millennium Dome, David Letterman's special 'Late Show,' Jay Leno's special monologue, the premiere of Steven Spielberg's 'The Unfinished Journey,' and President Clinton's chat with the kids on Nickelodeon." -- Michael Kelly

"As the nation approaches a new millennium, what are the most important priorities facing our next president: (A) Saving Social Security, strengthening Medicare and paying down the debt, or (B) Implementing George W. Bush's $1.7 trillion risky tax scheme that overwhelmingly benefits the wealthy?" -- Loaded "survey" question on the Democratic National Committee website. The DNC claims that, due to a technical error, the poll results indicated 27.7 per cent of DNC site visitors chose "A" while the majority preferred the Bush plan

"I do not accept the assumption that it is somehow 'risky' to let taxpayers keep more of their own money. What is risky is when politicians are given charge of a surplus. There is a strong temptation to spend it. And, in Washington, that temptation is overwhelming." -- George W. Bush in response

"My only enemy is right-wing religious fundamentalism." -- Bill Clinton

"I would insist, before appointing anyone to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that individual would support my [open homosexual] policy. And yes, I'll make that a requirement." -- Al Gore

"To ask about Senator McCain's policy positions other than his commitment to passing (campaign finance reform) is to be reminded of the one-line joke, 'Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?' " -- Grover Norquist

"An understanding of and adherence to principle makes it possible to get stuff done [in politics and government]. Pragmatism -- the theory of high-minded surrender -- usually ends with handing to another, more principled side the power of getting stuff done." -- William Murchison

"We must teach our children that the preservation of liberty, and of an order of society conducive to human dignity, requires that a free people retain the moral and material means to discipline its own government, should the temptation to tyranny take root." -- Alan Keyes

"The Clinton administration may be remembered for its politicization of some of the most baneful cultural tendencies of the 20th century: the sexual revolution and the application of psychobabble to every human calamity." -- Joseph Sobran

"We don't mean to pick on Mr. McCain, but someone's got to point out the reason for his mutual media admiration society. The media wants to help him or Bill Bradley become President; then they will help the media become the overwhelming arbiter of what the political system spends its energies on. The only loser is democracy." -- Wall Street Journal

"On issue after issue, from gun control to overhauling campaign finance law to reforming HMOs and giving seniors access to prescription drugs, polls showed the public wanted action. But Congress, feeling the hot breath of the lobby, couldn't find a way to act...." -- CBS's Bob Schieffer

"It is not a party for [the Gores]. It is a 'working dinner' with them." -- ABC News White House Correspondent John Cochran on the dinner party he hosted for Tipper and Al. ABC is footing the bill. No Republican contenders made the guest list.

"After all, we could not have won the Cold War without you.'' -- Bill Clinton to Sean Connery on his portrayal of James Bond

"Let me explain how the free enterprise system works." -- Bill Bradley to Al Gore, two experts in the field

"We cannot allow federal funds to be politicized." -- HUD Secretary Andy Cuomo, after announcing major changes in housing policies in support of Hillary Rodham-Clinton's "homeless" campaign against Rudy Giuliani

"This is the stockades. This is the public humiliation. It's a scarlet letter. It's a punishment by itself." -- Kent Willis, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union in Virginia, lamenting a statewide plan to immobilize deadbeat parents' vehicles with pastel pink and blue wheel boot locks. It's also a good idea

"The most terrifying threat to the holiday season is not Y2K computer failure. It's Al Gore's new idea that he and Bill Bradley should have non-stop debates for the next four or five months." -- Gail Collins in the New York Times

"I want Monica to be out there and talking. She is the true legacy of the Clinton years." -- Rush Limbaug

"Ted Turner and Jane Fonda have separated. It's friendly. They're going to divide up the property. She gets Montana. He gets New Mexico. Maybe Jane is going to move back with loved ones. The North Vietnamese. A little something for the veterans." -- Jay Leno

"Big news from Russia. President Boris Yeltsin resigns. He says he's sorry, he apologizes and then he resigns. I'm thinking, 'Why can't we get a president like that?'" -- David Letterman

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