The political war of 2001

By Charles A. Morse
web posted January 15, 2001

We are in a political war today that embodies many of the same principals as the military war fought by George Washington in the War of Independence and Abraham Lincoln in the War to save the Union. We are facing left-wing cadres, operating out of the Democrat party, who are prepared to do virtually anything to win. The goal is the destruction of the Bush Administration. The bigger goal is the obliteration of conservatism as a governing principal. The differences between the two sides are crystal clear. Individual rights versus "group" rights, self-government versus the authoritarian Welfare State, sovereignty versus the New World Order. Americans, of all political stripes, had better wake up and realize that we're all on the same side now. That is the side of freedom, both now and for our children's generation.

George W. Bush, a conservative who openly expresses belief in Jesus Christ, was not supposed to win this election. Plans were carefully set to subvert the overwhelming popularity, based on consistent polling data, of Bush and the conservative ideas he clearly enunciated. Voter fraud was rampant and unprecedented, illegal immigrants, many of them with criminal backgrounds, according to David Schippers author of "Sell Out: The Inside Story of President Clinton's Impeachment", were registered to vote en masse, and there was a concerted effort to suppress the overseas vote emanating from military bases. Gore relied on the time honored, left wing tactic of stirring up race and class division, conflict, and hate, in order to energize his base. Dirty tricks were employed such as the planting of the DUI story, echoed with blaring headlines in major newspapers, hours before the polls opened, and the major networks calling the big states for Al Gore before the polls closed outside of the eastern time zone.

In spite of these gargantuan obstacles, and after surviving an orchestrated attempt by Gore to steal the election after the fact, Bush emerged victorious. This seems almost miraculous and may very well represent a final opportunity to save the Republic as we know it. The left has responded with a sense of anger, hate, and loathing that is extreme even for them. This hate will, no doubt, reach a boiling point sometime soon. Nothing is uglier or more dangerous than a left-winger threatened with loss of power, the one thing that gives them meaning in life.

Linda ChavezSecretary of Labor nominee Linda Chavez is the first casualty of this war of personal destruction and she was, admittedly, an easy hit. A Hispanic woman, she assisted another Hispanic woman, an illegal alien at the time, by offering shelter and financial help. The woman apparently did odd chores for Chavez in an informal arrangement. If this had been a left-wing Hispanic woman, nominated by a left-winger, helping a Hispanic illegal alien, the combined screams of racism and injustice would have rolled across the firmament, thanks to the media echo chambers, like a thunderclap. Bringing up the issue of illegal aliens is only "correct" it can be used to hurt a conservative "enemy". Chavez was, apparently, less than forthcoming to the Bush team on this issue and, after eight years of lying from Clinton, she really had to withdraw. Under the circumstances, and in contrast to the corrupt Clinton record, ethical standards must be higher than any in history for conservatives.

Taking down John Ashcroft, Bush's Attorney General nominee, will not be as easy as the Chavez slaughter and the attack could backfire for the left forces. Given Ashcroft's squeaky clean ethical history, the left will have to be drawn out into the open field of battle. Already Mass. Sen. John Kerry, a shameless opportunist running for President in 2004, has called Ashcroft's record "divisive". Being conservative, to Kerry, is being "divisive", whereas, being a left-winger is representing all Americans. This is the big lie being floated. People for the American Way, the left-wing non-profit group headed up by Norman Lear, the TV producer that created "All in the Family" which stereotyped conservatives as ignorant, racist Neanderthals, is spearheading the attack on Ashcroft.

Ralph Neas, spokesman for People for the American Way stated "John Ashcroft might make an excellent choice to head the Christian Coalition or the NRA, but he is not qualified to lead the U.S. Department of Justice". If he had been an excellent choice for the National Organization of Women, NARAL, the Gay and Lesbian Task Force, or other left-wing interest groups, I would venture to guess Neas would find Ashcroft "qualified". His comments also attempted to tie Ashcroft into a racist connection. This is exactly what Sen. Joe McCarthy was accused of doing. The real "McCarthyites" were on the left back then and continue to be today. Since when is having principals that would resonate with the Christian Coalition or the NRA a disqualifying factor. The game plan, make no mistake, is to brand any person or group that supports conservative principals as un-American.

This is a political war and the Bush people had better recognize this fast. President Bush, as well as every Bush nominee and office holder is going to have every aspect of their personal and professional life examined and exposed, if that exposure helps in their destruction. Every policy supported by the Bush Administration that, even slightly, runs contrary to the left-wing agenda will be opposed by any means necessary, to coin a phrase used by Malcolm X. Those who step forward as conservatives should think of themselves in the same light as the signers of the Declaration of Independence or the men who encamped at Valley Forge. They are in a battle and they will have to risk a great deal to enjoin that battle. They are American heroes who are deserving of our unwavering support. ESR

Chuck Morse is the author of Thunder out of Boston.

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