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From the Land of Odd, north of Eden

By Michael Moriarty
web posted January 10, 2005

Why am I still living in Canada? I'm not entirely sure. I could have returned to the United States when George W. Bush was first elected President in 2000.

However, from north of the American Paradise, I can still see the serpents at work within the Bush Administration. This post-George Tenet suspicion continued and was corroborated last week when an extraordinarily gifted member of the First Nations informed me of a "Trotskyite conspiracy" within the Republican Party to have Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld removed from office. Why the name of a founder of the Soviet Union should be linked to an American conservative coalition is beyond me.

Yet I need only recall the collaboration between Wall Street heavies and the Clinton administration, the sale of Communist and Third World slave and sweatshop labor to the Fortune 500 empires. So I still look upon the leadership problem in the States with a cynical eye.

I'm in Canada, the Land of Odd. Canada's leadership is a fence-sitting Socialism that makes its citizens neither North American nor New World United Nations apparatchiks. The Canadian Liberals look with equal dismay on the direction the United States and the United Nations are taking. The socialist hegemony represented by the UN thinks Canada supports its sinister plans for "redistribution of population." The redistribution of wealth worldwide is well underway -- and all according to the New World Order's timetable... except, of course, in the good old USA. President Bush is saying, "Not on my watch, Kofi!"

So, Canada is mired in indecision. Neither the U.S. nor UN course is acceptable to the foreign policy wonks in Ottawa. Canada's decades-long progress toward certain admission to the New World Order is stymied. Ottawa is on an increasingly slippery fencepost and eventually must come down on one side or the other.

Canada presents its kind and gentle face to the world. And yet no one at the UN ever knows for sure which way Canada will vote. That's a problem for the UN. It certainly doesn't bother President Bush. He knows that the U.S. will prevail, with or without the fairweather friend on its northern flank.

America, Having Relived The Bible…

So, we basically have a 220-year-old, atheistic religion called Marxism facing off with what is the Jewel in the Crown of a 5,000-year-old, English-speaking, Judeo-Christian civilization -- the United States of America. George Washington was her Abraham, Abraham Lincoln her Moses, and Dr. Martin Luther King her Christ. That "revival" inspired the ultimate reality of a People, exemplified by the United Humanity of New York City. The Franco-German, Napoleonic Idea of "The People" has its Wiley Coyotes still at the drawing boards to plan their final assault on Waterloo, or -- as they prefer to think of a Republican administration -- the Last Alamo of the United States. Either way, the English-speaking world ultimately prevailed.

Those who refuse to honor history are doomed to repeat it; but those who are committed to rewriting history, as the Marxists are, are doomed to…well…they're just plain doomed, damn 'em.

No land has ever been so blessed, rendered so powerful, been so generous and protective towards the rest of the world, so endearing to the hearts of children of all ages and races and creeds, nor, ultimately, so enduring as the United States of America.

Now the USA is facing down the Marxist Worldwide Empire sitting smugly on the shores of New York City's East River; America simply calls on the details of The Bible -- those men, women and events that fill the gaps between Abraham, Moses and Christ.

Apparently, it's miracle time. Our David of America, of course, is packing more than a stone in his sling. The Marxist Giant knows this. That is why the Ugly Monster and its minions are tiptoeing around Manhattan. The Twin Towers assault was secretly applauded in the offices of the UN Secretariat. But these apparatchiks must remember the Japanese officer who stated after the attack on Pearl Harbor, "We may have awoken a sleeping giant."

Is America sleeping? Apparently not. The 2004 election made it clear that what is left of the corpulent, self-satisfied, family-loving, sports-worshipping, competitive American middle-class is more than ready to fight for its privileges.

Sitting in the Land of Odd, I might appear close to being cut down in the crossfire, but I have been justly rewarded for my growing faith in America's Declaration of Independence, her Constitution and Bill of Rights. If the human race has a future at all, it will be as citizens of a Republic and not as the insect slaves of a Marxist, beehive-like, genocidal Federation.

The American Christ: Dr. Martin Luther King

Dr. Martin Luther KingWhat can be said about a man who represented the best, bravest and most self-sacrificing soul that ever walked the streets and fields of America? King completed the American revival of the three major biblical landmarks: Abraham, Moses and Christ. He ultimately paid the same price that our Lord did, and, like our Savior, knew the hour of his passing was close at hand. How did he know?

His Communist and Muslim friends were becoming increasingly upset by his return to the teachings of Christ and not those of Karl Marx. They let their feelings be known to him privately. There are records in the Soviet KGB of its growing disillusionment with Dr. King as a weapon for exporting the Communist Revolution to America. Dr. King knew he was forever in the rifle sights of the racist, Christian right wing all the way up to the power of J. Edgar Hoover. That he expected. I assume he also knew that the favoritism shown him by the Left and the Rainbow Coalition would eventually be short-lived. Dr. King was always conceiving of the American Rainbow Family and, in his last great speech on the Washington Mall, reminded us that individual freedom also involves individual responsibility, which is at the heart of Eternity's Final Judgment: as Dr. King expressed it, "We will be judged by the content of our character, not by the color of our skin." We will be judged, not by our political affiliation, or the team we're playing for, or even the shape and appearance of our own body, but by the secret, private and profoundly intimate decisions we make, all alone, in the face of the American liberty we were given.

Since his death 36 years ago, the Heaven that Dr. King dwells in has watched the New Chosen People descend with Roe v. Wade's wholesale abortion to such a diabolically indecent level of self-deceit and collaboration with the enemies of American liberty that one wonders if there is any hope left for the human race. Abraham Lincoln was the first leader in recorded history to categorically state and enforce the first major limit upon individual freedom. Liberty does not include a license to enslave our fellow man in any way. After the death of 600,000 Americans in the Civil War, the first major step toward the end of institutionalized slavery was begun. Dr. King made sure that this liberty included equality of opportunity. In America, we are all in the same starting gate and begin our run with the same distance to cover.

That's the American Rainbow Family.

The worldwide Marxist Temple of the UN swept in to affirm the Roe v. Wade decision because it fits neatly into the UN's plans for Zero Population Growth. Dr. King witnessed the slavery of Communism, knew it was the antithesis of our faith in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. He most likely mentioned his doubts privately to those in charge of his personal security. His family and closest friends grew increasingly concerned. They knew that, without protection from the far Left, Dr. King would be dead.

American leadership post-1950 has lived with the illusion that Socialism can be Americanized. Democratic Socialism in Europe and Canada has tried to hold onto that belief. It can't be done.

The aims of Socialism are not life but Zero Population Growth; not Liberty, but financial servitude to the state where, as in Canada, the middle class does not have controlling interest over its own net income; and a world peace maintained not by justice but by tyranny.

Dr. King knew all of that. He also understood that if he's going to achieve equal opportunity, he would need the backing of the Communists, if only for the first third of the campaign. Because Dr. King was not about to help the American far Left with the rest of its campaign, it withdrew the support and security it had given him.

Dr. Martin Luther King Day is coming up on January 17. I predict that something very dramatic is going to happen in Red China on that day or on January 15, Dr. King's birthday. Something akin to the recent 9.0-on-the-Richter-scale earthquake beneath the Indian Ocean that unleashed the killer tsunami will erupt in Mainland China.

Dr. King, with miles of videotape, film and interviews revealing him to the masses, has returned. The wake-up call to China will be directly related to the American Rainbow family. It will state unequivocally that Dr. King's dream had nothing to do with the Communist Rainbow Coalition.

God bless America.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, and the recent TV-movie The 4400. Moriarty is now filming Deadly Skies, a TV-movie that will soon be broadcast on the here! TV network.


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