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web posted January 24, 2005

Re: Black voters have lost it

It was reported that during the 2004 presidential elections 90% of the "African-American" ballots cast went to the Democratic Party's candidates. Numerous news reports quoted a plethora of sources as saying that the Democratic Party could count on the "African-American" vote, as if, Blacks in America think and make decisions using one collective brain cell. Not only is this collective voice assertion absurd, but it is extremely insulting to both modern-day Blacks in American, and those brave souls who gave their lives to afford Blacks in America the right to have voting freedoms. What happens if you play this whole collective voice hypothesis out to its bitter conclusion? Well, from where some black conservatives sit, the question begs to be asked: Are 90% of all Blacks who voted out of their freaking minds! What part of the Democratic Platform is good for Blacks in America?

The very issues that plague "Black America" are the very same issues that the Democratic Party is hanging its hat on as freedom. The condition of many Blacks in America can be traced back to the embrace of destructive behaviors and poor moral judgments. Take the anti-traditional family movement that is touted as freedom by the Democratic Party. How long have Blacks in America complained that "the system" is sabotaging Black Families through welfare rules that actually make broken homes economically advantageous? How long have Blacks in America complained that the welfare system provides young black men and young black women a socially acceptable "get out of responsibility free card?" Now "the system" wants to create another "out" for black men and black women to use when escaping his/her God-given responsibility to lead traditional families.

Affirmative Action is another "freedom" that the Democratic Party wants Blacks in America to hold on to. Along with the phony promises of better jobs, housing, and status in America, one won't read anything about Affirmative Action promising to return the pride of the people that accept this handout mentality. The Democratic Party Platform is slowly removing micro-quantities of pride and self-worth that is perpetuating the self-loathing of a race of people. This self-loathing is manifested in crime, poverty, unemployment, broken families, and failure-rich educational statistics. It has been said that a definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results. If Blacks in America continue to expect different results by following the same old "Party Line", one would have to say that, 90% of Blacks in America are out of their freaking minds!

Charles Pulliam



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