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The treasonously progressive politburo of the Supreme Court

By Michael Moriarty
web posted January 1, 2007

The Supreme Court's fairly recent "Eminent Domain" Decision ignored the constitutional right protecting private property from seizure by anyone, let alone the now imperious, imperial State and Federal, Progressive American Government. But on the other hand, our license to own something was twice used to ignore the Declaration of Independence and dispense with our inalienable right to life.

In the Dred Scott decision of 1857 and the Roe v. Wade decision, the right to private property have been used to defend the absolute denial of life and liberty, rights defined by the Declaration of Independence as "inalienable". Mere existence and self-evident freedom were withheld from the gestating infants of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Century and the African-Americans of the 19th Century.

Women and slave masters own human beings as private property. These owners, the pregnant mothers and the Southern plantation owners, can do with African Americans and gestating infants anything these owners wish: force them to work without pay, lynch them and/or abort them.

You shall know the tree by its fruit; and the Intellectually Supreme, Progressive Supreme Court has used the American right of private property in three of the most perverse, grotesque and sadistic interpretations of American Jurisdiction that American History has ever seen.

Slavery, abortion and the "State's" Right, not the People's Right, but the state and federal government's license to seize American private property, uproot Americans from their generations old homes and leave these uprooted lives with only taxpayer's money to assuage the loss of years of life, love and investment in an entire family's sanctuary.

Thomas Jefferson, an unquestionably American aristocrat, the third president of the United States, whose eloquence and visionary genius penned the seminal core of the American Declaration of Independence - he warned us!

He echoed Voltaire, the genius of the French Enlightenment, who had called his colleagues and peers of Intellectual Supremacy "enlightened despots", democracy's czars who will build a "Fraternity" of Intellectual Supremacists in order to rule whole nations or, perhaps, the entire human race. Jefferson indicted the justices of the Supreme Court, who are not the elected, but appointed, as a potential "oligarchy," a kind of 19th Century Soviet Politburo, but within a philosophy that would eventually be called, not Marxist, but "Progressive."

When Mankind began to believe that the human mind is the only intelligence in the Universe, the human race began to erect a Spiritual Iron Curtain between itself and the natural laws of Mother Earth and the Universe, between Man's Intellect and the obvious lessons of life, between a Marxist/Eugenics dream of an insect eco-system and human life under the Golden Rule.

Man has proven himself capable of adapting to almost everything that his fellow man has put upon him. But even millenniums-old slavery saw its end coming in 1865, when Abraham Lincoln formed the idea of a mammal herd with a profoundly wise, low key but powerful leader. This idea is much preferable to, say, an ant hill, such as Communist China, with a king or Queen Ant, chairman or chairwoman free to starve, terrorize, execute and enslave like Maoist China and the former Soviet Union.

We Americans no longer have a "Government of the People," but a land of Pharaoh-like Presidents and an Intellectually Supremacist's Supreme Court. It behooves us, "We must," as Abraham Lincoln said, "dis-en-thrall ourselves!!"

America pulled herself, at the cost of 600,000 American lives, out of the quicksand of slavery; we must likewise "disenthrall" ourselves of the notion that women's rights in America give her the license to do unto gestating infants what they would not want to have been done unto their own gestating infancies.

We are now, as of the Nancy Pelosi Progressive House of Representatives, utterly drowning in Progressive Enthrallment; and with its Progressive addiction to Progressive taxation, Progressive Lifestyle and Preventative Law Enforcement, the Progressively Failing War on Drugs, the Progressive, Multi-cultural Equality, the Progressive "Moral Ambivalence" so frequently and handily used to erase the distinctions between Good and Evil, the Progressive acceptance of terrorism as a civilized instrument of political protest, Progressive Acquiescence – not "appeasement," for that word is neither politically nor Progressively Correct – Progressive Acquiescence, in the name of "Peace," to the Female Progressive demands for the right and licence to abort their own children, Progressive Acquiescence to Islam's Progressive demands, Progressive Acquiescence to the Progressive Rights of illegal aliens, the American Progressive Government is, in the end, a Progressive Highway to Western Civilization's suicide!!

 "That's inflammatory, Mr. Moriarty," Progressive Kent Conrad of North Dakota might say.

"I intended it to be," I replied on a CNBC news program when the Senator was using his wife's death, performed at the hands of a drug addict, as a very Progressive Excuse to blame television and the effect of television violence on those poor drug addicts.

In the same way "Science" was used as a justification for a woman's right to abort, Behavioural Scientists stood behind Progressive Kent Conrad to urge him on in blaming television for the death of his wife.

Progressive Science is redundant. Science is the most voracious, heartless, greedy mouth of Intellectual Supremacy we will ever have to overcome. Science was the spine in the back of Hitler's Third Reich, whose Scientists trotted out charts, research date, logbooks, statistics to support the Scientific Case that Jews, Gypsies, Slavs were "inferior races".

Dr. Mengele drove Hitler, not the other way around; and it was Dr. Mengele who survived, lived on in South America to supply the increasingly bottomless appetite of World Science with the essence of his "findings," the "data" he had recorded from his human experimental tortures, the exact temperature at which, say, a Pure Slav would die in ice water before a Jewish Slav. This information is profoundly important to the Eugenics Records Offices, worldwide! If you are going to build human beings, like Ford builds cars and trucks, their genes had better have an airbag!

If you do, indeed, gather, in detail, the separate genetic superiorities of each race, as the inventor of Eugenics, Sir Francis Galton implored the Scientists to do, in order to put together this Da Vinci-like portrait of Vitruvian Paradigms, this Superman and Superwoman, then you are going to have to know, through experimentation, just how tough, just how survival oriented, each of the races are.

Sir Francis Galton, the Messiah of Eugenics, was an obsessive mathematician who measured everything and had psychotic dreams of progressively upping the tempo of Human Evolution. He and Margaret Sanger - the Mary Magdalene of Planned Parenthood - these two founders of a virtual Church of Eugenics have affected the world with every form of evil supremacy: racist, sexist and, that deadliest of all, Intellectual Supremacism, born of the French Fraternite, not the American "Pursuit of happiness".

Sir Francis Galton and Margaret Sanger are the parents to the Free World's Dr. Strangelove, who now drives the entire Progressive New World Order; and his name is William Jefferson Clinton, and with the Dr. Kildare bedside manners of Bill and Nurse Hillary, the sugarcoated cyanide pill is downed with a chaser of Arkansas Molasses and Methodically Methodist Good Deeds.

The Supreme Court's Dred Scott decision preceded the appearance of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood; however, the Forces of the Prince of Darkness, born in the Universe long before life had even been made on this planet, drove Lucifer into the Free World; and it is Lucifer, Mr. Clinton, that will make even his anti-Christ, Mao Zedong, and his Empire, Red China, look short of enough hypocrisy to bring the Free World to its knees before them both. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Moriarty is also running for President of the United States in 2008 as a candidate for the Realists Party. To find out more about Moriarty's presidential campaign, contact rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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