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The progressive new world order: Mankind's most evil generation of vipers

By Michael Moriarty
web posted January 15, 2007

It is the title of a book, Generation of Vipers.

The prophet/author, Philip Wylie, knew that human hell could be best designed by two-legged reptiles. And so it came to pass.

When the French Revolution declared Man's Mind as the only intelligence in the Universe, and that Man's "Enlightenment" must take him "beyond good and evil," the only God/Man-Man/God willing to direct the enterprise, the only, ultimate  Napoleon that could come to complete and full power on Earth would be Science and the Scientist.

With Science as head professor, president, chairman, C.E.O., prime minister and Pharaoh of this New World Order Pyramid Scheme, it eventually became clear that the serpents, the Generation of Vipers, could only rule the entire human race if it were transformed from a family of Mammals to the eco-system of insects, the Matriarchal Bee Hive of Socialism, or the Ant Hill of Maoist Communism.

How do you sell that to the Free World?

You find Bill and Hillary Clinton to sell it to them.

With one stroke of genius - that of selling Wall Street Greed to Red Chinese lust for Power and creating the "miraculous Dow Jones without inflation" –William J. Clinton became the (hopefully) Last Napoleon Bonaparte of the very, very French, Progressive New World Order, the most evil generation of vipers which Mankind, Life itself, Mother Earth and God will ever see.

However, before Clinton's arrival, the New World Order bought the soul of America by selling all American women the psychotic right of butchering their own gestating infants. Not only was the soul of the United States gone, the "inalienable right to life when created" … not gestated nor educated Progressive … , but the American Declaration of Independence was destroyed.

With complete indifference to human life on the scale of one and a half million dead gestating infants per year, it was hardly some hockey "hat trick" for Bill and Hillary to begin constructing the Marxist Bee Hive with Hillary tapped as head Queen Bee.

The Daddy Oil and Warbucks Family, the Bushes of Texas, pitched right in to help; and though they say they are conservative - with the conservation of life at the bottom of their agenda list - they have been progressives, since George Bush Sr. attended the Yale Skull and Bones fraternity.

Now, with the All-Progressive-Pelosi Congress, the New World Order runs all four estates of the American Government. With three of the estates, Legislative, Executive and Judiciary in Washington, D.C., the Fourth Estate of American government, the Press, holds imperial court in New York and Hollywood.

So the Beast, as I call it, has a four-legged monument. The American Government is now utterly devoid of the Declaration of Independence, our "inalienable right to life," and the Golden Rule. Hell itself now reigns in Washington, D. C.

The recent Pelosi Congress declared a three-point plan: more easily obtained pharmaceuticals, thus making Americans even more dependent upon Science, increasing University Endowments to Science and, finally, the end of American subsidies for oil reserves, the "blood of victory in war," as oil has been known since it was first refined into gas.

If you make humanity the drugged, domestic pets of science, train Man to ever more willing servitude to Science and "adult human experimentation," by having all college faculties increase their students' concentration upon Science and by making the future job force made up of nothing but Scientific and Technological employment offerings; and, finally, if you emasculate the American will to defend itself by injecting anti-Americanism in all literature and history classes and taking America off of oil in the middle of World War III, well, you see the ultimate enemy of the New World Order is America herself, and the individual freedom under the Golden Rule which America was born into, has lived and thrived under for over two hundred years.

Individuals have never known greater individual freedom than now, particularly in the United States. That the "Freedoms" have, by extensions, entered into a licence for women to abort their own gestating infants, and call it "a simple medical procedure," assured that America would answer the call of the French Revolution and enter into a land and philosophy known as "beyond good and evil."

In that heady absence of any rules Science arrived to "take charge," so to speak, and lead the human race the rest of the way into Sir Francis Galton's all-encompassing vision of the future, known as the "Progress of Man" and his Evolution into the limitlessly "fit" and mercilessly competing "Godlike Super Human Race."

In a New World Order, the rejected drones and insects are fed to the reptiles of Science who promise to protect the hive from the rest of the world.

How was this "cartel" of the Pyramid of the New World Order assembled under our noses?


A War of Theater that has made Americans look like greedy vermin and rendered the Communists, Islam and Progressives as Saviours, leading us into a direction that appears to be the only possible way we can go, into even further worship of Science and Technology.

The enemy of all this is Eternity. Such a thing does not exist in the minds of Progressives. It is now or never, they say, for nothing will be around forever.

Despite their denying of Eternity, the New World Order – the fusion of Marxism and pure Science -  is a religion.

The Clintons' ability to wrap the face of Christ around this odious indifference to human life is an indication of just how far the Devil will go. "Any means to an end", as Lenin put it, and if that involves tempting all women with the power of Life and Death over their gestating infants, then "so be it," said the Devil this time.

It will not hold.

God, the Universe, Reality and Truth waited … and waited … and waited … until the Devil had wrapped up the whole world in his hand.

Within eight years the selfish, self-loathing New World Order, with its Pyramid Scheme, its exploitation of Islam and its present ownership of the United States will collapse, commit suicide, and its remains will be symbolically carted off into space and toward the largest black-hole our astronomers can find, in a missile named after that King of Evil, Mao Zedong.

As President of the United States, to be elected in the year 2012, I will personally see to the completion of that task; and there is nothing really that the Progressives and their Communist/Islamic Friends can do about it. Nothing at all. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Moriarty is also running for President of the United States in 2008 as a candidate for the Realists Party. To find out more about Moriarty's presidential campaign, contact rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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