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Dems to run the country like they ran their blue states

By J.B. Williams
web posted January 5, 2009

As the nation braces for Democrats to take unbridled control of the federal government, some lessons about how big a mistake that really is are already coming to light.

Just as no non-union manufacturer is asking for a government bailout, only Democrat run states are begging for federal funds to avoid the inevitable bankruptcy of the states they have run into the ground.

In addition to Bush's trillion dollar nationalization of the financial industry, and in addition to Barack Obama's trillion dollar "stimulus package" (aka affirmative action welfare initiative), another trillion dollars in new national debt is being demanded by a group of Democrat governors who have run their states into the ground.

Following the lead of Republicrat California Governor Arnold Kennedy, New York Democratic Gov. David Paterson, New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland and Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle are asking the incoming resident-elect to print another trillion dollars to bailout Democrat run states.

"We are not crying wolf. This is one of the worst situations our states have faced," Strickland said. "This is a real crisis. These are real problems. And if we don't get some significant assistance many of those in our states will suffer greatly."

According to the Democrat governors, blue states are unable to manage themselves. In order to make up for the shortfalls, Jersey Democrat Corzine said the incoming Obama administration and Congress will need to free up $1 trillion in federal spending for state assistance. "We're all going to be Herbert Hoovers if we're not careful here," he said.

For those of you who are keeping track, combined with Bush's trillion dollar bailout of the financial industry and Obama's trillion dollar "stimulus" affirmative action, another trillion for blue state bailouts will bring the total to $3,000,000,000,000 (3 trillion) in new national debt over the next few months, and still counting.

Your "Fair Share"

Since taxpayers don't have the luxury of printing money on demand like the federal government, taxpayers must look at all of this more realistically. Just because you have not received the bill yet, doesn't mean the bill isn't coming due.

Based upon IRS reports regarding who picks up the national tab for everything in this country today, here's your "fair share" of the $3 trillion dollar Democrat debacle. Find your income level and see how much you owe to pay for this monstrosity we call a federal government "stimulus package."

Tax Bracket

Income & Up

Due from each Working American

% of Inc.





Top 1%




Next 4%




Next 5%




Next 15%




Next 25%




Bottom 50%




If you happen to be one of the fortunate American success stories making at or above $388k a year, your "fair share" of the $3 trillion in new debt is a minimum of $772,064.52, not counting interest if you can't right a check for that amount today. That's two years of your income...

If you are one of the top 5% of income earners that Obama has promised to tax into the bottom 50%, making at or above $108k per year, your "fair share" of the bailouts proposed will be $41.225.81, or 37.9% of your annual income, in addition to the taxes you already pay.

And even if you are one of the bottom 50% of income earners who voted Democrats into power, your "fair share" is $2314.84 or 7.2% of your income, not counting interest.

This is just to pay for the new spending, not including any of the existing national debt or related interest.

The Buck Always Stops with the Taxpayer

As if completely unaware of the fact that our federal government is so deep in deficit spending that China can own us if they just call in our loans, Democrat governors are issuing this warning to Washington DC, "that states across the country will be forced to make drastic budget cuts in the face of unprecedented deficits."

Ohio Democrat Strickland said. "This is a real crisis. These are real problems. And if we don't get some significant assistance many of those in our states will suffer greatly."

Strickland added that the situation facing the state of Ohio is so dire that in order to balance his state's budget, he would have to fund every state program at 75 percent of its current level. "If I were simply to flat fund the operations of this government, I'd end up with $7.3 billion in deficit," he said. "We're just trying to keep afloat."

What do they think the American taxpayer is doing right now?

This is Just the Beginning!

At the root of the mortgage crisis was a Democrat affirmative action lending policy required by Democrats in Congress.

You remember Democrats blocking Republican efforts to remove federal gasoline taxes when gas was $4.00 a gallon. Now the same Democrats are proposing to double the federal gas tax while gas is at $1.65 a gallon. That should stimulate growth...

Non-union manufacturers are not seeking government bailouts. Union manufacturers are... all of which support Democrat politicians in election after election.

The 50% of voters who voted Democrats into unbridled power pay only 2.99% of all federal taxes collected. So of course, they are not the least concerned with the current runaway federal government threatening to bring America down to economic third world status.

It's the 50% who voted against Democrats, those who pay 97.01% of all federal taxes collected, and who live in or run RED states which are NOT seeking federal bailouts, who are up in arms over the ongoing nationalization of private industry after private industry.

That's because as you can see in the chart above, they will get the lion's share of the tab for all of this nonsense.

"Change" is Here!

Karl Marx sought the ultimate power of a proletariat (working class) government free to take from each according to his ability and redistribute to each according to his government defined sense of need. Blue state governments are a great example of the limited capacity of the proletariat class's ability to run things. In a couple weeks, they take unchecked charge of the nation.

This is the change which is now upon us.

For more than 230 years, personal freedom, individual liberty, the unalienable right to Life and the pursuit of Happiness reigned in the greatest nation known to mankind. The most prosperous, powerful, generous nation in human history was the result.

Throughout history, nations run by the proletariat class have gone bankrupt under the weight of endless social spending in a society increasingly unable to produce. Eventually, these nations have become unable to feed their people.

For more than 230 years, America has been the prosperous nation that has fed the millions unable to feed themselves around the globe. Who will feed Americans when they are no longer able to feed themselves?

"Change" – It's here... I fear for those who have not prepared. ESR

© 2009 J.B. Williams


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