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The progressive snake charmers

By Michael Moriarty
web posted January 5, 2009

Charm, Marxist eugenics and more charm.

Charm, charm, charm!

Perhaps President Bill Clinton's version of Progressivism did it best. He was undoubtedly the second most charming of Progressive salesmen. Look at all the trouble his charm is still pulling him out of.

The first most charming was, of course, FDR.

President-elect Barack Obama, a third great Progressive charmer, seems to be establishing a distance between himself and the rest of the world. His well-known and highly regarded eloquence, however, can still hypnotize his constituency while, at the same time, maintaining his distance.

Whatever the methods of charm, whether they be Eastern Seaboard elitism, Southern good ole boy warmth or a Midwesterner's distant eloquence, all three men have proven to be Progressives. The demands of Planned Parenthood, however, are now the key to Progressive policy, both domestic and foreign. To pull the wool of Planned Parenthood's long-term goals over American eyes, you need a bullpen full of snake charmers.

The rise of terrorism, beginning in the Seventies and culminating in 9/11, certainly lowered the necessity for charm in a President. By 2001, we all grew a little too terrified to even want to smile.

America's post 9/11 sobriety helped get George W. Bush re-elected. Besides his opponents in both elections weren't all that charming either.

So what am I about to say regarding charm and Marxist eugenics?!

Well, both Planned Parenthood's relation to Margaret Sanger's eugenics and the American Progressive history of sympathy for Soviets cannot be ignored for long; particularly with the appearance of Russia under the increasingly ominous, neo-Soviet policies of Vladimir Putin.

My first glimpse of America's Progressively Far Left and its international connections came with Bill Clinton's autobiography and his desire to re-enact Lenin's trip from Finland to what soon became known as Leningrad. To The Finland Station by Edmund Wilson was Bill Clinton's guidebook when he made the same, purposefully exact trip during his Rhodes Scholarship year abroad.

Following Clinton's romantic, albeit youthful fascination with Soviet Russia's birth, and the former President's proclaimed faith as not just a Baptist but a "Progressive Baptist", I became intrigued with what the history of American Progressivism might be.

I eventually learned that FDR had to fire his three term vice-President, Henry Wallace, because of Wallace's self-proclaimed, Progressive loyalties and his admiration for Stalin's Soviet Union. In addition, I doubt if Wallace was even remotely as charming a Progressive as Bill Clinton has been.

Was Clinton's fascination with Lenin as profoundly naïve as Edmund Wilson's? 

Regardless, he's still as proud a Progressive as Wallace ever was.

Christianity, ironically, has made Progressive a legitimately American, spiritual philosophy and abortion something which Clinton himself, as a Progressive Baptist, believes is something "God has nothing against." There are even Progressive Catholics such as Vice-President-elect, Joe Biden, and House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. They too, by virtue of their affiliations and high positions within the Democratic Party, have condoned abortion.

Perhaps they were charmed into it.

However, that's "Progress" above and beyond anything Pope Benedict XVI would bless but some forms of American Christianity will move forward and make progress come hell or even Papal high dudgeon.

The most recent, paperback edition of Wilson's classic, To The Finland Station, has a preface by Prof. Louis Menand which cautions us that Wilson's love song to Lenin was devoid of such opinions as that of the Russian novelist, Vladimir Nabokov. The author of Lolita described Lenin as a "glass of the milk of human kindness, at the bottom of which is a dead rat."

Robert Gellately's book, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler comes up with the same conclusion about Lenin as Nabokov did, but at much greater length and with disturbingly obligatory detail.

I've tallied up a ball-park figure for the price in human lives that resulted from the Marxist/Leninist, Stalinist, Maoist and Pol Potish, Communist improvements. It's conservatively estimated at sixty million domestic deaths by execution, torture and starvation in Russian, Chinese and Cambodian Killing Fields. All of them unrelated to World War II. What Kim Jong Il of Communist North Korea may have had on his domestic hit list or in his own Great Leaps Forward? The exact figures of such homicidal neglect are yet to be known.

Communist Killing Fields, during two thirds of the Twentieth Century, are a staggering set of statistics.

Those figures, however, are now dwarfed by worldwide abortion. One and a half million deaths per year in America alone, mostly encouraged and frequently enacted by the very, very Progressive Planned Parenthood. But that's "Progress" according to even the conservatively Progressive Supreme Court that passed the Roe v Wade decision. The court's judgment doesn't require charm.

The politicians who protect Roe v Wade, however, require a great deal of charm. The charm of a great magician behind whose mesmerizing expressions all the tricks are performed.

What else could veil such a demonstrably committed love of "death as a solution" than the deft sleights of rhetoric provided by political leaders?

Lenin seems to have had that kind of charm.

Stalin apparently didn't need it. He rode in on Lenin's coattails.

"I'm only doing what Lenin dreamed of for us!" is what "Uncle Joe" generally told his "Nieces and Nephews".

Terrorism has its own kind of charm I suppose, and Stalin used it daily.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt even joined in on Stalin's black sense of humour.

The Soviet dictator suggested before Roosevelt and Churchill at the Tehran Conference that the allies just up and execute 50,000 to 100,000 German soldiers to prevent Germany from ever starting another war. Apparently in jest, Roosevelt joined in to suggest that perhaps only 49,000 should be executed.

Churchill, in a rage at the very thought of such a thing, rose and walked out of the room.

Somehow Roosevelt had been taken in by all the black, terrifying but, yes, diabolically charming realities and perverse humour that erupted from Stalin.

Then again, it all might have been Roosevelt's own, embarrassingly endless efforts to charm Stalin.

If anything requires further examination, it is Roosevelt's faith in his own snake charming. The Soviet Cobra, Stalin, seemed to be FDR's increasingly favourite challenge.

Churchill saw through it all.

Can't America?

Apparently not.

However, the audience of a snake charmer always faces the risk that the snake may, one day, just refuse to be charmed. What does the snake charmer do then when the viper takes a few bites out of the charmer's audience?

Sarah Palin, like Churchill, is no snake charmer. When she sees a snake, she calls it a snake in the same way Churchill called Hitler "that evil, evil man", and Stalin's foreign policy an "Iron Curtain".

Referring to neo-Soviet Russia's Putin, she simply remarked that we should keep an eye on the Russian leader when he "raises his head".

She, however, is not even near the White House, and a new Progressive snake charmer will actually be sitting in the Oval office.

One thing's for sure, President-elect Obama has at least his audience in a trance.

The snakes, as even Joe Biden has pointed out, are on the way. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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