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web posted January 26, 2009

"[O]ne of [Barack Obama's] themes [in his inaugural speech], delicately implied, was that Americans do not just have a problem, they are a problem. 'The time has come,' he said pointedly, 'to set aside childish things.' Things, presumably, such as the pandemic indiscipline that has produced a nation of households as overleveraged as is the government from which the householders insistently demand more goods and services than they are willing to pay for." -- columnist George Will

"[T]he first literary goal of an inaugural address is to express familiar American ideals without resorting to distracting clichés. And Obama generally failed this test. There were too many 'rising tides' and 'gathering clouds' and 'raging storms' and 'nagging fears' and 'dark chapters' and 'watchful eyes' and 'dying campfires' and 'icy currents.' Wages had to be 'decent,' and markets 'spin out of control.' It is simply mysterious how such tired language could sound appropriate to the ear of Obama the writer." -- columnist Michael Gerson

"In monarchies, kings and queens use the first person plural. They are 'we.' Judging from his inaugural address, President Barack Obama may give this practice a modern American liberal twist. He calls big government 'we.'" -- CNS News editor Terence Jeffrey

"Obama hinted at what he intends do about embryonic stem cell research and possibly 'global warming,' saying he wants to 'restore science to its rightful place.' What place would that be? Above morality and common sense? Above other scientists who disagree? There is no consensus about global warming. In fact, there are growing numbers of scientists and growing amounts of scientific evidence questioning whether this is indeed a dangerously warming planet. Will Obama rely only on those scientists who agree with his political positions?" -- columnist Cal Thomas

"Obama's inaugural address deflated us because it perfectly crystallized the quandary America now finds itself in: we wanted our faith renewed through a 'transformational moment' -- but now we've got a faithless man for president. Obama has no faith in God's stake in the American destiny; instead, God merely 'calls on us to shape an uncertain destiny.' Despite his protestations to the contrary, Obama has no faith in Americans; instead, he wishes to change our hearts of stone for hearts of flesh: 'we can no longer afford indifference to suffering outside our borders; nor can we consume the world's resources without regard to effect.' Obama has only one deep and abiding faith: faith in himself." -- columnist Ben Shapiro

"With the Beltway bread-and-circus show over, President Obama will now get to work on borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars from you, your children and your grandchildren for a doomed fiscal stimulus." -- columnist Michelle Malkin

"Fifty-five million people voted against Obama, so I don't know where the notion got started that 80% of the country is excited about him and can't wait for him to be president." -- radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh

"Washington is suddenly hip again, infused with the heady double-barreled combination of a new crowd of idealistic young political worker bees, who actually believe they can change the world, and the arrival of America's first black president. It's even cool to wave the Stars and Stripes." -- New York Times reporter Helene Cooper

"This is one of the great opportunities in journalism to cover history.... [I]t's going to be the honor of our lifetimes to be here on the Washington Mall." -- MSNBC's Chris Matthews

"Barack Obama spoke of perfecting the Union, he spoke of common hopes and common dreams, he spoke of recognizing ourselves in one another... This was no mere victory tour, this was something more." -- CBS's Harry Smith on Obama's train ride to DC

"This 47-year-old man of mixed race, whose very name -- O-Ba-Ma -- has the three-syllable universality of a child's lullaby, has always had something of the providential about him, a global figure who looks more like the guy at the local bodega than the guys on dollar bills. That's the magic."-- New York Times columnist Roger Cohen

"The dawn of the Obama presidency could not shake Wall Street Tuesday from its dejection over the banking industry's growing problems. After hearing the new president's inaugural address, investors continued selling, sending the major indexes down more than 2 percent." -- The Associated Press blaming everything but Obama's inauguration for the stock market's woes Tuesday

"Well, Barack Obama's going to have his hands full with a lot of the carnage that was left by the previous administration." -- CBS News' Nancy Giles

\"I'm not going to be silly about it - a lot of people think we're left of center. I think it depends on the week and the issue.... I'm not ideologically driven by any means." -- Newsweek editor John Meacham

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating.... The Bush-Cheney relationship hasn't tasted very good. Not a single person you can name for me. Look at me, now, a single one can't tell you that the pudding has tasted good." -- Joe Biden

"Nothing contributed more to the budget deficit than the tax cuts for the wealthiest people in America." -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

"Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around ... when the red man can get ahead, man; and when white will embrace what is right. That all those who do justice and love mercy say Amen. Say Amen." -- Rev. Joseph Lowery giving what was supposed to be the benediction at the inauguration

"The philosophy that was at the base of the last administration has ruined many, many people's lives. The deregulation, the idea of the unfettered, free market, the blind foreign policy. This was a very radical group of people who pushed things in a very radical direction, had great success at moving things in that direction, and we are suffering the consequences." -- singer Bruce Springsteen

"I think you had asked me earlier about the regulations that I thought might still exist, post-Heller. And I had mentioned, I think, closing the gun show loophole, the banning of cop-killer bullets and I also think that making the assault weapons ban permanent would be something that would be permitted under Heller, and I also think would be good for my law enforcement perspective." -- Attorney General nominee Eric Holder

"We cannot afford to put off change any longer. We have to get on a new path within this new administration. We have only four years left for Obama to set an example to the rest of the world. America must take the lead." -- NASA "scientist" James Hansen

"Michelle Obama is the first African-American sleeping in the White House legally, and she is sleeping there not as a kept woman like Sally Hemings, she is sleeping there as a first lady of the United States of America. But hold on, sisters. Hold on, sisters. You can one day be sleeping there as the first female president of the United States of America. Stand up." -- Obama's former pastor Jeremiah Wright

"I am writing this at 6:18 on Sunday night and I want to report to you that I am officially sick and tired of this business about a 13-year-long Inaugural Ceremony. Ok. That's an exaggeration, but not by much. The actual event -- the oath of office -- is exactly 35 words long. ... the entire swearing-in part of the Inaugural will last about 45 seconds. The other 12 years, 11 months, 30 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 15 seconds of the Inauguration of Barack Obama are ... other stuff." -- political analyst Rich Galen

"Bill Clinton got the biggest response from the [inauguration] crowd. Apparently, thousands of women yelled, 'That's him, officer!'" -- Conan O'Brien

"In just about his last act as president, George W. Bush has declared Washington, D.C., a federal disaster area. No, seriously. ... What happened last week was that the Bush administration formally declared a federal emergency in the District of Columbia. So what was it? An ice storm? A hurricane? No, it's the Inauguration of his successor." -- columnist Mark Steyn

"The Congressional Budget Office last week forecasted that the 2009 federal budget deficit will be about $1.2 trillion, roughly triple what it was in 2008. We should hope we are that lucky. The deficit will be that low only if Uncle Sam dies and goes to heaven." -- American Enterprise Institute Economic Policy Studies Director Kevin Hassett

"President Bush came before the White House press corps for the last time on January 12 to thank them for doing their jobs. This exercise was akin to thanking the sharks who ate you." -- columnist L. Brent Bozell

"At his confirmation hearing, Attorney General Nominee Eric Holder said as far as he is concerned, waterboarding is torture. And Treasury secretary nominee Tim Geithner said, 'So is paying taxes.'" -- Jay Leno

"This evening, my thoughts return to the first night I addressed you from this house -- September 11, 2001. ... As the years passed, most Americans were able to return to life much as it had been before 9/11. But I never did. Every morning, I received a briefing on the threats to our nation. And I vowed to do everything in my power to keep us safe. ... America must maintain our moral clarity. Good and evil are present in this world, and between the two there can be no compromise. Murdering the innocent to advance an ideology is wrong every time, everywhere." -- George W. Bush in his farewell speech

"None of [President Obama's sweeping plans] will cure the depression. It will end when the private sector works through the high debt levels that triggered the collapse in the first place. And, then, the large stimulus package deficits will likely lead to rapid inflation, probably necessitating a second recession to cure it. So Obama's name will be mud by 2012 and probably by 2010 as well. And the Republican Party will make big gains and regain much of its lost power. But it will be too late to reverse the socialism of much of the economy, the demographic change in the electorate, the rationing of healthcare by the government, the surge of unionization and the crippling of talk radio." -- former Clinton political adviser Dick Morris

"I just want to say one thing. Eh, having been in the South in the sixties and Los Angeles and Watts and northern urban areas, umm, uh, when we were evolving as a country. I'm thinking of all the bigots and the rednecks and all the people that I met along the way, and I'm saying to them, 'Take this.'" -- NBC's Tom Brokaw on the inauguration

web posted January 19, 2009

"[T]his is no time to throw good (borrowed) money after bad. If all this spending was going to get the economy growing, it would be working. Yet nobody expects things to improve soon. ... In times of uncertainty, it's natural that people will look to government for answers. Yet the long-term solutions to our current economic problems don't lie in more government spending, controls or regulations." -- Heritage Foundation president Edwin Feulner

"I didn't expect Obama to know what to do about the economy; Obama's knee-jerk Keynesianism and allegiance to the disproved New Deal mythology ensure that he will try the Big Government solution, even when Big Government is the problem." -- columnist Ben Shapiro

"In fairness to Obama, there is a huge consensus around the notion that government must do, well, something -- something big. ... It's the consensus that scares me. ... Obviously, consensus can be good. But it also can lead to dangerous groupthink. ... Everyone knows everything is right, until everything goes wrong. If that's not one of the great lessons of the financial collapse of 2008, I don't know what is." -- National Review editor Jonah Goldberg

"President Elect Obama and his congressional henchmen are in the midst of swiping another $1 trillion-plus from American taxpayers. And Republicans -- who once upon a time professed concern for taxpayers -- could apparently care less. Either they believe stealing from our grandkids makes for sound policy, or they're too afraid to second-guess the second coming of Jimmy Carter." -- radio talk show host Laura Ingraham

"No phrase represents more of a triumph of hope over experience than the phrase 'Middle East peace process.' A close second might be the once-fashionable notion that Israel should 'trade land for peace.' Since everybody seems to be criticizing Israel for its military response to the rockets being fired into their country from the Gaza strip, let me add my criticisms as well. The Israelis traded land for peace, but they have never gotten the peace, so they should take back the land." -- Hoover Institution economist Thomas Sowell

"[D]o you feel a sense of giving [Obama] the benefit of the doubt, or at least a period of a kind of honeymoon, which is a bad word, but an opportunity to show his best and see what he can do and a willingness to sort of hold your fire for a while?" -- PBS's Charlie Rose to NBC's Andrea Mitchell

"Do you really believe those business tax cuts are going to work to create jobs?" -- ABC's George Stephanopoulos to Barack Obama

"I think this has been a profoundly un-American administration." -- Time's Joe Klein on the Bush administration

"In the past week, I've twice been close enough to Dick Cheney to kick him in the shins. I didn't. It's probably a federal crime of some sort. But a girl can fantasize. I did, however, assume the Stay-away-from-me-you've-got-cooties stance that Jimmy Carter used when posing with Bill Clinton at the presidents' powwow in the Oval." -- New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd

"Well, a lot of economists tell us that what [Franklin] Roosevelt failed to do was to spend as much money as was needed to get people back to work and get the economy moving again. It wasn't until World War II when we had major expenditures that the Depression was finally resolved. We're going to be looking at that experience." -- incoming House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA)

"Everybody is going to have to give. Everybody is going to have to have some skin in the game." -- Barack Obama

"I want a repeal of the tax cuts for the highest-income people in America. I don't think we can wait until they expire. I think they need to be repealed. ...[T]hat is the biggest contributor to the national debt than any other subject..." -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) ignoring the fact that tax revenues have increased

"We should not allow our disappointment at the Bush administration's poor handling of the TARP program to prevent the Obama administration from using the funds in more appropriate ways." -- Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA)

"Congress seems willing to help shore up our nation's most important businesses, we feel we deserve the same consideration. In difficult economic times, Americans turn to entertainment for relief. More and more, the kind of entertainment they turn to is adult entertainment." -- Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt and Girls Gone Wild CEO Joe Francis in a joint letter to Congress asking for $5 billion "just to see us through the hard times"

"We are in the midst of a crisis caused by so many financial institutions borrowing too much money. Somehow, a critical mass of policy makers now believes that the correct response is for the U.S. government to borrow too much money." -- American Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Kevin Hassett

"According to the Treasury website you, too, can qualify for TARP funds. All you have to do is convince them you are like: 'Bank holding companies, financial holding companies, insured depository institutions and savings and loan holding companies that engage solely or predominately in activities that are permissible for financial holding companies under relevant law.' Pretty much anyone with a kid in college qualifies, seems to me." -- Rich Galen

"Whatever the benefits of peace for the Palestinian population, what are the terrorists going to do in peacetime? Become librarians and furniture salesmen?" -- Hoover Institution economist Thomas Sowell

"Years ago, the French philosopher Rene Descartes said, 'I think, therefore I am.' Today, I'm afraid an American would be likelier to remark 'I text, there4 I be.'" -- columnist Burt Prelutsky

"Barack Obama's presidential limo was reported to be an armored Cadillac hybrid made in Detroit. It's a new first. History will record that Barack Obama is the first black man to ride in an armored Cadillac limousine without his own record label." -- comedian Argus Hamilton

"Hey, did you all see Barack Obama's speech about the economy [Thursday]? Very sobering. He told Washington, 'We've arrived at this point due to an era of profound irresponsibility.' Of course, there's only one way out of it. Spend more money we don't have." -- Jay Leno

web posted January 12, 2009

"The number one goal of my plan ... is to create three million new jobs, more than 80 percent of them in the private sector." -- Barack Obama on creating 600,000 new government jobs

"Potentially we've got trillion-dollar deficits for years to come, even with the economic recovery that we are working on at this point. We're going to have to stop talking about budget reform. We're going to have to totally embrace it. It's an absolute necessity." -- Barack Obama on "budget reform," by which he means slashing national defense spending

"The economy is in much worse shape than we thought it was in. There is no short run other than keeping the economy from absolutely tanking. That's the only short run." -- Joe Biden

"[Rick] Warren compared same-sex couples to incest. I found that deeply offensive and unfair. If [Barack Obama] was inviting the Rev. Warren to participate in a forum and to make a speech, that would be a good thing, but being singled out to give the prayer at the inauguration is a high honor. It has traditionally given as a mark of great respect. And, yes, I think it was wrong to single him out for this mark of respect." -- Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA)

"According to a just published report (from the Pew Research Center), more Americans today call themselves conservative than liberal, and the relative percentages in each category has hardly changed since George W. Bush was elected to his first term in 2000. Thirty-eight percent of Americans self-identify as conservative, 21 percent as liberal, and 36 percent as moderate." -- columnist Star Parker

"From the dawn of the Progressive Era, politicians have sought to minimize the Constitution whenever it got in the way. When the Supreme Court rejected President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal programs, he threatened to expand and pack the court with more progressive minds. Suddenly, what was previously unconstitutional became constitutional. After seventy years of emasculating the Constitution, it is time for politicians to respect it rather than roll it out as a media prop." -- columnist Matt Mayer

"Republicans can be successful by having better ideas than Pelosi, Reid and the Democrats in the House and Senate, not by just being opposed to what the majority is proposing." -- Rich Galen

"Bernard Madoff, who stands accused of bilking sophisticated investors out of $50 billion, is reported to have told two of his executives that his business was 'a giant Ponzi scheme.' Politicians go on and on about Wall Street 'greed' and 'irresponsibility.' But Madoff's scam was small compared to Ponzi schemes the government itself runs: Social Security and Medicare. In reality, our money, rather than being invested and kept in an actual 'trust fund,' is immediately given to current retirees in Social Security benefits or to their healthcare providers in Medicare benefits. The government's promise to pay for your retirement pension and medical care is just a promise. And a lie." -- John Stossel

"It's often pointed out that Hamas does not recognize Israel's right to exist. It's more than that. Hamas, with Iran's backing, is committed to Israel's violent destruction." -- columnist Mona Charen

"The sun glinted off chiseled pectorals sculpted during four weightlifting sessions each week, and a body toned by regular treadmill runs and basketball games." -- Washington Post reporter Eli Zaslow on Barack Obama's workout habits

"We're actually talking about how a lot of people think that President-elect Barack Obama is the epitome of cool. Look at that guy. Everything, I mean, even in a baseball cap. Don't you think?" -- CBS's "Early Show" co-host Tracy Smith

"Quietly, as the United States presidential election and its aftermath have dominated the news, America's three broadcast network news divisions have stopped sending full-time correspondents to Iraq." -- The New York Times

"I'm really coming into this as somebody who isn't, you know, part of the system, who obviously, you know, stands for the values of, you know, the Democratic Party. ... I know how important it is to, you know, to be my own person. ... It's really, you know, it's not about just the Kennedy name. It's about my own work and what I've done with those values." -- Caroline Kennedy, who is almost as eloquent as Barack Obama, on seeking Hillary Clinton's Senate seat

"I don't think it's appropriate. It's like putting, you know, [Dick] Cheney in charge of gun control. It's wrong ... it's just wrong." -- co-host of "The View" Joy Behar on Barack Obama's choice of pastor Rick Warren for the invocation at his inauguration

"The destruction of the Jews in Israel has been assured with this inhuman attack on civilians in Gaza. Exactly as its Nazi mentors did to the Jews of Warsaw, Israel now bombs innocent civilians who have been imprisoned in concentration camps in Gaza! ... The Zionists look German! The Palestinians look like the Jews of Poland!" -- "comedienne" Roseanne Barr

"Observes a perceptive author of a letter to the editor of the New York Times: 'It's amusing that Andrew M. Cuomo, who owes his whole career to his dad, may not get the Senate seat of Hillary Rodham Clinton (who owes her whole career to her husband) because David A. Paterson (who owes his whole career to his dad) may give it to Caroline Kennedy (who owes her whole career to her dad). You would think a state as large as New York could find someone who deserves something on his or her own." -- Washington Times editor Wesley Pruden

"[I]n the past few years, we have seen any number of rather obnoxious individuals called to our nation's capitol so that members of the House and Senate could grill them in front of the TV cameras. And while I would normally enjoy watching tobacco, oil and car company CEOs, along with steroid-using baseball cheats, publicly embarrassed, that's not how it's worked out. Instead, because the politicians are so disgustingly arrogant and self-righteous, it's hard not to view their victims in a sympathetic light. All I know is if I were ever guilty or even suspected of a crime, I would certainly want to be attacked by the likes of Christopher Dodd, Charles Schumer and Barney Frank." -- columnist Burt Prelutsky

"A question for you in the Drive-By Media. Why do you think Israel would attack Gaza? Is it for their national treasure? Is it because they want all of the scientific discoveries that are being made by Hamas intellectuals?" -- radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh

"Barack Obama's Hawaii vacation compound was ringed Monday by Palestinians who are angry about his support for Israel. You can imagine their disappointment. Not only is he the first black president, he's the first guy named Hussein to back Israel." -- comedian Argus Hamilton

"In an interview with The Washington Times, Vice President Dick Cheney said he is not a big fan of rap music. I was stunned by that. He gets driven around in a limo; he's surrounded by bodyguards; he shot a guy in the face -- he is a rap star!" -- Jay Leno



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