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Is Paula Deen to blame for your diabetes?

By John W. Lillpop
web posted January 23, 2012

Celebrity Chef Paula Deen's recent admission that she is a Type-2 diabetic may provide an unexpected boost to the depressed Obama economy by lowering unemployment among out-of-work ambulance chasers, otherwise know as litigation attorneys.

Paula DeenIndeed, as reported at the reference, in part, the "Not-so-skinny bitch" has opened herself to financial ruin and disgrace by openly admitting that she has diabetes, a fact which should surprise no one given Deen's love affair with high-fat and flavor:

With Deen's admission this morning that she's had Type 2 Diabetes – and has known since 2008 – the backlash has been fierce.

Long a proponent of high-fat foods that may contribute to a host of health issues, the question now is: will she be able to eat her own cooking? If her Skillet Fried Apple Pie is any indication, she may need to sign a waiver before sitting down for dessert.

Up until today, the 65-year-old Deen has been fanatical about fat and the flavor it provides. Often using a whole stick of butter in recipes and frying everything from spinach to ice cream, the chef seems to have been abiding by the motto: Live a Little. Just not for Long!"
As would be expected, anti-pleasure food scrooges, inspired by the words, if not deeds, of FLOTUS Michelle Obama, are outraged to the point of distraction.

As an example, Anthony Bourdain, the Travel Channel's resident Curmudgeon/Cook – never a fan of Deen's - said last Wednesday,  "When your signature dish is hamburger in between a doughnut, and you've been cheerfully selling this stuff knowing all along that you've got Type 2 diabetes ... it's in bad taste if nothing else."

Bite your tongue, Bourdain! If there is one thing Deen is not guilty of it is "bad taste." Try one of her Skillet Fried Apple Pie treats and see for yourself.

Meanwhile, corrupt litigation attorneys are salivating at the very thought of multi-billion dollar class action law suits to be filed against Deen and those who promoted her lethal shows.

Millions of slothful slobs will be joined together as plaintiffs, portrayed as neglected and abused viewers and eaters, innocent victims of the Deen Ponzi scheme.

Deen's strongest defense may be the following, also found at the reference
"When asked by Oprah Winfrey in 2007 how she dealt with criticism that the Southern Cooking Queen's recipes were too high in fat, Paula Deen took it in stride.

"Honey, I'm your cook, not your doctor," Deen said, to wild applause from the audience."

In other words: Ignorance is no excuse: You ate the damn food. ESR

© 2012 John W. Lollpop


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