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Chapter Thirty Two of The Haunted Heaven: The Americordia

By Michael Moriarty
web posted January 23, 2012

Costa ConcordiaThis article was written days before Mark Steyn used the same metaphor in Saturday's National Review. With that fact clarified, let's get on with the obvious similarities between two utter disasters: the Costa Concordia and most of Western Civilization.

One meaning of Concordia would literally be "with heart". Another would simply be "courageous".

Hmmm …

The captain of the Costa Concordia claims he just "tripped and fell into a life boat".

Here is a recording of the conversation between the Livorno Port Authority chief Gregorio De Falco and captain of the Costa Concordia, Francesco Schettino.

Schettino is claiming, from the lifeboat, to be "coordinating the rescue".

De Falco, throughout the conversation, is ordering Schettino to "get back on board the ship and coordinate the rescue on board!"

We can suspect, from stories of Captain Schettino's behavior, that the crisis of the Costa Concordia was most likely the result of this man's utter incompetence and cowardly insubordination.

How have the two most recent Captains of America, Bush and Obama, been doing in the last eight years?

Both seem to have successfully "fallen into the White House". They've both navigated America into an increasingly unfathomable ocean of debt.

George Bush Jr. seems to have done it deliberately as a favor to his family's close political friends, the Clintons. The Bush debt seemed to have made the election of Hillary a sure thing.

Little did the Bushes and the Clintons know that George Soros, and subsequently Oprah Winfrey, had placed their own bets on a relatively unknown wunderkind named Barack Obama. One who would make The Obama Nation a slam-dunk.

However, beyond incompetence, we have, in President Obama, a deliberate effort by the Captain of the Ship to "fundamentally transform the United States of America!"

In other words, between the shameless extravagance of George Bush Jr. and the deliberate, record-setting debt into which President Obama has deliberately "transformed America", we have a nation I now call the "Costa Americordia".

The United States toppled by debt and unemployment, on its side and sinking.

If the Free World weren't so dependent upon America for its leadership, the plight of the United States would not have these gravest of implications for the future of the whole human race.

Inside the Good Ship Americordia rests a savagely reflective sampling of the entire human race. With that vessel foundering on its side, what might we expect?

Some would respond, "That depends upon the outcome of the next election."

So far, it appears that Mitt Romney will be the Republican candidate to face President Obama in November.

Will that be an improvement over America's version of a cold-blooded Captain Schettino, Barack Obama?

If the voice in the proven safety of the White House carries the laid-back and calm tones of an indisputably self-satisfied CEO such as Mitt Romney, what will actually be done to right the ship?

"Calm efficiency!" cry the Romneybots.

Hmmm  … if Romney's record shows anything it is calm expediency as versus efficiency. If the Democrats demand their usual bill of fare, some other version of Romneycare will be fed to them if only out of a habit that Governor Romney has openly declared is his governing policy: working with the opposition, not against it.

Can that attitude lift a liner with 330 million passengers on it into an upright position?

Not until the debt is lifted first.

Bailing out The Americordia with all the passengers still in it?!

No corner of the United States has buckets big enough to bail out the manure flying around Washington, D. C., let alone the fourteen trillion dollars of debt that The Americordia's passengers are now drowning in.

Let us, however, now look at America through the eyes of the Great Transformer, Barack Obama.

American debt is not only Barack Obama's best friend, it is the spinal fluid to that Marxist's vision of a New World Order. Breaking the economic back of America has become the obvious and most accurate description of President Obama's "fundamental transformation of the United States."

The first major step to Obama's Game Plan For A New America occurred 39 years ago. That was long before a young Barack Obama had been willing to understand the importance of American citizenship. The Supreme Court's Roe v Wade decision legalizing the murder of gestating infants was slipped by the American public during the reign of Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger. Since then, every other governmental action erupting out of Post-Reagan America has been venial compared to the cardinal sin of abortion.


Break the moral back of a nation with the likes of Roe v Wade and the remaining objectives of a burgeoning dictatorship, such as the Obama Nation, are, for this basketball-playing President, a rabid rash of Pelosi-Reid slam-dunks.

The bipartisan accomplices to Obama are focused upon instituting and solidifying a Progressive New World Order.

The Progressive United States, under Presidency of Barack Obama, has clearly become the euphemism for Increasingly Marxist America.

The Hard Left secretly believes that Obama hasn't made a single mistake. Even his obvious failures reinforce his image of the Presidency as Big Brother.

The Obama objective: increasingly unilateral control by the White House of all major corners of the American economy. Eliminate ASAP all of Congress as having any impact upon the Obama Nation's objectives.

Why would a highly unemployed America reelect the President who helped drive unemployment over 9 percent and, in some states, deeply and painfully into two digits?

The Utopia being sold by both the Democrat and Republican Parties is The Progressive New World Order.

"It will only hurt for a little while, and then everything on the Earth will be hunky-dory!"


All governments in the future, and I do mean all, will be designed to look increasingly the same.

Since The Giant coming up over the hill is Red China, whom do the New World Order Realists wish to appease?


The International Communist Party.


No nation or world religion has so profoundly organized its increasingly large membership for the proposed New World Order as has The International Communist Party.

Not even the Catholic Church in the history of its most belligerent and bellicose years can come close to what Joseph Stalin achieved when he invaded that land of "useful idiots", The English-Speaking Peoples.

Despite England's awareness of Stalin's strategies, its economic plight is not far behind that of the United States.

Will my comparing America to the recent tragedies and disaster of the Costa Concordia help at all?

I doubt it.

Why do I write these words then?

Late in my life, all I can hope to do is to go on the record.

The rest is up to God.

If The Almighty offers no salvation, then America isn't judged so much as it is punished by the consequences of its own, blind and bottomless greed, its growing herd mentality and the end of America's "old-fashioned" sense of individual responsibility.

When will the growing agony from that punishment begin to end?

That also is up to The Almighty.

From the looks of a possible President Mitt Romney, the relief won't be coming soon.

Even if a President Romney can divorce the Soros/Putin/Obama coalition from further power, the moral back of America is still broken from 38 years of Roe v Wade.

Romney has given no indication he would aggressively support, and I mean aggressively, any state-sized efforts to overturn Roe v Wade.

Romney, of course, won't stand in the way of such efforts. Nothing, however, indicates that he would be anymore effective in overturning Roe v Wade than the Bush Family has been.

So, in conclusion, you could very well say that The Good Ship Americordia began to tip fiercely when the Supreme Court punched a hole in that nation's moral hull with Roe v Wade.

One might say that America's not lucky enough to be drowning in water on its right side like the Cosa Concordia.

By now, The American Ship of State, under the navigational leadership of The Obama Nation, is entirely upside down.

A land of the walking drowned.

The Zombie Obama Nation.

Can Newt Gingrich reverse that fate? We can only hope and pray he can.

Being his own best hope for Mankind, even with all his problems, Mr. Gingrich rose up as the "grandiose" realist.

We do need Reality on a monumental scale in order to turn back the fairy tales that Barack Obama has fed his own very petulant and pouting, American constituencies.

We need The American Churchill!

So far only Newt Gingrich seems to approach such a singularly imperfect necessity.

Who or what changed my choice from Santorum to Gingrich?

Sarah Palin.

I "went down" with her ship at the beginning of all this Republican insanity.

Her resurrection as The Voice of Tea Party Wisdom makes her, in my mind, a more importantly permanent Watch Dog than she would have been as President of the United States.

Recently Gingrich admitted that President Obama is "more likable" than he himself could ever possibly be.

President Obama's hypnotic charm is what flipped the Costa Americordia from floating on its side to hanging completely upside down in the ocean of American debt. If the Obama Voice is ever allowed to say after November, 2012, "This is still your captain speaking", by then America will not really exist anymore. All of her citizens will have become spiritually and historically food for Progressive sharks.

This time?

God save us from charm! ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.





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