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What happened to our freedom to choose?

By Jane Gaffin
web posted January 13, 2014

Freedom is supposed to mean the right for individuals to make choices without instigating any civil reprimands, as long as those personal choices don't step on someone else's toes.

However, scummy, despotic governments view individuality as dangerous. And with their political demagoguery autocrats are deftly crushing the citizenry's freedoms of actions in front of their faces.

For the most part, people wracked with more fear than fight, don't seem to give a whit about freedoms as long as they naively believe the governments aren't goring their ox. But those who aren't paying attention painfully discover with time, it was their own personal inalienable rights that were stealthily chipped away until freedom to choose is virtually nothing more than one more constitutional corpse that didn't survive.

Frequently, freedom-lovers allude to the famous "First They Came For" passage that refers to the dark 1930s, when Nazi Fuhrer Adolf Hitler was stoking up a full head of steam for his relentless rampage to enslave and conquer the world.

The chilling message penned by Lutheran clergyman Martin Niemöller profoundly warns of dire consequences awaiting those who do not speak up.

"In Germany, they came first for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. "Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. "Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. "Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. "Then they came for me, and by that time, nobody was left to speak up."

For some inexplicable reason man has a nasty habit of wanting to repeat history in the name of "progressivism".

This makes Marxist "social reform" much easier to achieve for the powermongers who rule arbitrarily over people-control decisions handed down from the odious United Nations (UN) that spreads its dirty tentacles over the world by virtue of willing participants.

These powermongers are corrupt globalist ringleaders who prize collectivism over individual rights for the masses. They promote the politically-correct myth that the populace's well-being and security can only be served from a top-down world government that is backed by heavily-armed world military and police forces to keep the masses in "peaceful" check.

That means individuals will not be legally allowed to defend themselves against blows inflicted by ruthless badge-bearing barbarians, regardless that self-defense--as well as defense of family, friends and home--is a natural instinct and a duty under God's law. What the globalists have in mind is called mass slavery.

Nazism didn't die with the final stages of World War II in Europe, as is commonly believed. It was just getting a strong foothold worldwide with the advent of the freedomsucking mentality at the United Nations.

Ordinary citizens, effected most by the treachery, are unknowingly footing the bills for the diabolical schemes of socially-engineering freaks who are dictating how to run your life. Yet there is no established mechanism for the tax "benefactors" to express outrage at the United Nations members for turning the world into a tyrannical nightmare from which civilization won't be able to awake for more than a century.

Possibly, people don't want to exert energy and take the consequences for making free choices. Or maybe it is just too scary to contemplate another Dark Age, and people are submitting fatalistically to the bad choice of "come what may".

"Come what may" means their respective country's identities, sovereignties, constitutions, currencies and freedoms have been gradually stripped away by ambitious globalist hustlers who do not want the masses voting. In a Marxist society, only property owners have a voice and only the upper echelon will be property owners.

By inserting altered passages into the "First They Came For" theme, it is easy to see how the cunning globalists, through brainwashing techniques, are successfully managing to repeat history by stealing individual freedoms before the masses fully realize what is happening.

First they came for the petroleum industry, and you didn't speak up because you were against big business polluting and making profits, not thinking about where the crucial energy needs would come from until an appropriate energy-producing alternative could be developed.

Then they came for the fur industry, and you didn't speak up because you weren't a trapper whose livelihood depended on the markets and working on the land. Besides, you don't live in northern climes and can afford to harbour a hatred for those who, out of necessity and resourcefulness, depend on animal fur and hides to make practical, warm, winter garments to survive the cold.

Then they came for the tobacco industry, and you didn't speak up because you aren't a smoker and hate those who are.

Then they came for the tobacco corporations' rights to advertise and promote in print, electronically and on billboards or to sponsor whoever they choose, but you didn't speak up because you think tobacco companies are disgusting and should be shut down. Then they stripped the tobacco companies of their intellectual property rights, such as expensive packaging designs and logos which will render all tobacco packaging generic. Other type brand name products have already been replaced on store shelves as China-made generic goods. But you didn't speak up through this whole transition because you don't own--and don't intend to own--any copyrights or patents and wouldn't know what to do with them if you did.

The wisdom here is that once government goons establish precedent-setting law that grants them power to ban intellectual property rights, then a vehicle has been established to confiscate any and all of an individual's intellectual, personal and fee simple property.

It means governments will own all intellectual property, including CDs, DVDs, books which will have to be purchased from Big Brother. Some of the proceeds will have to be confiscated to keep the United Nations happily operating in extravagant luxury since that corrupt international organization can't make ends meet on membership fees, dues, special levies and taxing every worldwide financial transaction.

Everybody--especially the middle class which governments are on a rampage to destroy--will be caught in the grinders.

Then governments confiscated fee simple mineral claims, and you didn't speak up because you're not a miner or prospector whose livelihood depends on the land. Besides, you belong to the secular environmental religion that demands the Earth remain in a "pristine" state.

Gang-Green helpers and politicians are the types Lenin referred to as "useful idiots". They are paid by one of many United Nations-funded NGOs (a misnomer for ‘nongovernment organization') to espouse beliefs although they don't have a click from a clue as to what the consequences would be should they completely thwart what they fanatically oppose.

Then they came for the forestry industry, and you didn't speak up because you're not a logger whose livelihood depends on the land and for the same reasons given above about "mineral claims". Evidently, like with the petroleum sector, you gave no thought to how a paperless society could operate until a logical alternative could be developed. Then they told the farmers how much land they could set aside to plant specific crops-- as though the farmers are too stupid to know--and where and for how much to sell their grain, and you didn't speak up because you're not an agronomist. You also didn't realize that the fascist governments were not only needlessly over-regulating the farmers but were taking bread out of your mouth.

Then they came for the farmlands, and you didn't speak up because you were clueless that you depend on farmers' earning successful livelihoods from the land. Yet you hypocritically rely on the foodstuffs that end up on supermarket shelves for you to buy on a whim.

Evidently you expect governments, which aren't known for doing anything right, to operate and regulate Big Agra. Marxists also expect governments to expropriate corporate supermarkets which will be transformed into Food Bank America or Food Bank Canada or Food Bank UN or Food Bank Whoever.

The pitiful stock will be emptied from the shelves before long welfare queues can be given their meager daily allotted rations. Come back tomorrow and wait in line again all day. Repeat above scenario until you're fighting in the streets to steal from a person who did get some food.

Then they came for the ranchers who depend on land to run their beef or sheep herds, and you didn't speak up because you don't believe in eating anything with a face. Perhaps you are a politically-correct vegetarian who is unknowingly bracing yourself for the pending potato and watery cabbage-soup diet that Big Brother's Day of Reckoning has in store.

Also, the Marxist mentality believes land should be public domain and designated U.N. World Heritage Amebas that suck up national sovereignties like the free-trade agreements.

Then they came for the firearms, and you didn't speak up because you're not a gun owner and don't like those who are. You stupidly advocated the United Nations worldwide ban on privately-owned firearms and ammunition. You stupidly believe the world military and police forces are the only "peacekeeping" protection people need to be "safe". You stupidly forget that when governments are given carte blanche authority they will gleefully commit democide and genocide to rid the Earth of the "undesirable" overpopulation. Politically-correct "useful idiots" are on "the list".

Then they came after the churches, and you didn't speak up because you're not a religious person and don't give a hoot about encumbering your personal life with any principles remotely approaching a Golden Rule, Ten Commandments and Sermon on the Mount.

Then they took away 5,000 people's mailing addresses in just one town, and you didn't speak up because postal soldiers still delivered direct to your door weekdays and the post office wasn't losing your personal mail. It didn't dawn on you that the day would come when your mail delivery would be stemmed.

Then governments rubber-stamped one piece of sinister legislation, treaty and policy after another through the lawmaking factories and United Nations Councils that dictate what you can and cannot do with your property, how you will behave, what you can speak, write and think, where you can and cannot go to church or attend religious gatherings, what you can eat, wear and own, where you can live, and what you can buy. You can only buy one type of China-made, mercury-filled, fluorescent lightbulb, hard on your health and eyesight, despite cheaply-priced, low-energy, rough-surface, incandescent bulbs have been developed and manufactured in the United States. But the governments banned them from free-market competition, and you didn't speak up to any of these dictates because you simply weren't paying attention that a lack of choice in lightbulbs is simply one more hatchet job against free choice.

Then the judicial commissars came forward with unfounded accusations. They charged innocent people unjustly in the courts, and you didn't speak up because you selfishly didn't care what they did to somebody else as long as it wasn't your ox being persecuted and prosecuted. You didn't realize you too are on "the list".

The main clincher that will wipe you out like an unwanted grease spot are the bank "bail-ins". You didn't speak up against this legalized thievery because you have always trusted those so-called gold-plated institutions, especially in the Western World. You can't fathom they would ever stoop to fraudulently stealing your deposits as well as valuables from your safety deposit box, Russian Revolution style.

The best two-step method for instantly freezing society dead in its tracks and destroying the middle class is to first seize all the people's money and personal valuables, then confiscate their real property, most of which the banks own.

Governments of the world have united to provide so-called Economic Action Plans that are dead-ringers for establishing the United Nations' dream of a totalitarian nightmare. It will instantly paralyze the mass population into serfdom.

Maybe you, like many others, are brain-numbed to the point of accepting globalist-think with the unwholesome attitude that "I survived the last inconvenience, I'll survive this one, too."

One day, they will surely come for you and your mind, for your intellectual, personal and real property, for your land, business, home, vehicles, money, and other valuables—even your children are not safe from these power-hungry gluttons. Marxists abhor the family unit concept that does not recognize good parental direction in upbringing their own children. As Hillary Clinton nauseatingly stated: "It takes a village to raise a child". That means placing your children under dismal government lock-and-key, command-andcontrol brainwashing tutelage.

You get the idea how the demonization game works. First, the globalists demonize and make products socially unacceptable through control of the corporate-owned mainstream media. Then, for your own good, of course, they go for a total ban which leaves you "free" from the burden of making choices.

If you no longer have the right to choose or to be left the hell alone, then you are no longer a free person, anyway.

As Pastor Niemöller warned, people cannot rely on others to fight their fight. You are personally responsible for constant vigilance in protecting your freedoms which are only yours until you let somebody else come along and steal them from you.

Yet it's never too late to strike back against evil.

For starters, stewing behind closed doors isn't going to do any good, as some industries discovered. You can, however, go on a crusade educating your friends and neighbours in short spurts at a time so they don't think you're as mad as a mercury-poisoned hatter. Blog your discontent to your heart's content before the globalists seize the Internet or write opinion pieces to print newspapers.

Above all, support independent, locally-owned businesses with cash purchases. Let the owners know that you prefer buying commodities produced within the borders of your own country, region and community because you want to reject Chinese-made junk as much as possible. ESR

Jane Gaffin is a freelance writer living in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. She can be contacted at janegaffin@northwestel.net or visit her at http://janegaffin.wordpress.com.





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