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Reaping the whirlwind

By Greg Strange
web posted January 11, 2021

Let’s start with the obligatory condemnation of the storming of the Capitol by presumed Trump supporters.  Okay?

U-u-m-m-m . . .  Actually, no.  Scratch that.  Let’s start instead with this:  You reap what you sow.  They have sown the wind and they shall reap the whirlwind.

Conservative commentator Tucker Carlson asked a very pointed question the other night:  Why would anyone believe that political violence would be confined indefinitely to only one side?  Why would anyone believe that if one side used it so effectively without any significant consequences, the other side wouldn’t inevitably succumb to the temptation?

We all know that 99 percent of all political violence in this country comes from the left.  They literally get away with murder.  We’ve just been through a year of unbelievable political violence from terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, whose avowed goals are the overthrowing of America and the implementation of Marxism.  And we have seen how Democrats all over the country excused it, rationalized it, did nothing to stop it and, in fact, implicitly encouraged it.

The fuel for the endless riots of the summer was the despicable lie of “systemic racism” and the Democrats, along with some Republicans, gratuitously promoted that at every turn.  In reality, “systemic racism” was effectively dismantled decades ago, but the Democrat Party in its unmitigated depravity uses the unconscionable lie that it still exists in any significant form in order to keep blacks from straying to the other party.

The result was that while we were imprisoned by COVID-19, we all had to sit and watch the burning and the looting and the destruction and the violence and the mayhem in American cities from coast to coast, all because of the Democrats’ grand lie of “systemic racism” – and all without so much as a flicker of conscience or regret for what they had wrought.

Damn them to hell!

So, I won’t be wringing my hands over the fact that the frustration level of a tiny handful of presumed Trump supporters at an otherwise huge and peaceful protest led to the breaching of the Capitol building.  After what they’ve wrought, almost every person wielding power inside that building deserves to live in fear of political violence.  They are reaping the whirlwind.

Every moment of every Democrat politician’s day is spent in diabolical scheming to destroy America as we know it.  Their appetite for destruction of the good is insatiable.  Their depravity and foolishness know no bounds.  We’ve seen it all played out in front of our very eyes this past year like never before.  If the rogues’ gallery of people like AOC and Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters, along with many swamp Republicans, now have to live in fear of political violence themselves, then poetic justice has never been so sweet.  If they have to barricade themselves inside those sacred halls to feel physically safe –  Gee, where’s my violin?

Don’t misunderstand.  That doesn’t mean that political violence now coming from the right is okay or that it’s acceptable.  It just means that at some point, given human nature, it was inevitable and it’s impossible to feel sympathy for those whose abject cravenness so obviously helped bring it about.  And it wasn’t just a consequence of frustration over a possibly stolen election, as bad as that is.  It was undoubtedly frustration that was built up due to decades of failure on the part of the Republican Party to defend or fight for conservative values while the other party methodically dismantled American values.

(By the way, we don’t know for sure if the election was actually “stolen,” but the statistical anomalies and improbabilities were enough to choke an elephant – no pun intended – and deserving of serious investigation.  In addition, we know, unequivocally, that state election laws were flagrantly ignored and/or violated in order to garner more Democrat votes.  So how come no courts ruled in Trump’s favor? Besides ideology, after what they saw the left do to the country for months on end, and given the implied threat to do far worse if Trump won re-election, the obvious answer is fear.  That’s how powerful leftist terrorism is.)

Of course, now the left is using this one unique act by presumed Trump supporters in a totalitarian bid to clamp down hard on the right.  The tech tyrants are all in to try and silence Trump and his supporters by banning them from their platforms. Crazy talk of impeaching Trump during his last days in office, and crazy talk of invoking the 25th Amendment in order to remove Trump, again, only days before he leaves office, is making the rounds among people who inhabit those sacred halls of Congress.

After all the endless lies and the orchestrated coup attempts against Trump which began even before he was inaugurated, after all the endless riots, violence and destruction based on leftist lies; after all the COVID-19 tyranny which deprived so much liberty, destroyed so many livelihoods and wreaked so much psychological havoc upon the nation . . .  After all that, the left, along with useless virtue-signaling RINO’s, have the unmitigated temerity to declare that Trump is a danger to the country because of the incident at the Capitol.

And now we are to be led by an unaccomplished, cognitively impaired geezer who epitomizes long-term swamp corruption?  Can this really be happening?  Is America really replacing Trump and his boundless vitality with this . . . this . . . shell of a creature who has absolutely nothing going on and couldn’t draw flies on the campaign trail?  And with a nasty little race-baiting Marxist waiting in the wings to take over?

We are living in a national psychosis, the likes of which has never been seen before.  Politics, as well as human nature, has always been nasty, but this –  This is off-the-charts, bat guano crazy.  This is of biblical proportions.  Where do we go from here?  As I see it, there are three basic possibilities for the future of the country.

1.) We just passively go along with whatever the totalitarian left dictates and end up in a Marxist dystopian nightmare.

2.) Violent civil war in opposition to the totalitarian left.

3.) The de facto establishment of sanctuary states – as opposed to outright secession – in which decent, rational people can live in relative freedom and avoid the inevitable destruction that is always the end result of unfettered leftism.

Number three is obviously the best of these options, but who knows if it’s a viable possibility given the current level of insanity.  The left has sown the wind for more than fifty years.  Now the whirlwind rages all around us. ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2021 Greg Strange.




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