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Altering the trajectory: Is all that blood just "water under the bridge"?

By Charlotte B. Cerminaro
web posted January 24, 2022

Last September, two top members of the FDA's advisory panel abruptly resigned their posts: Dr. Marion Gruber, director of the FDA's office of Vaccines Research and Review (for 32 years) and her deputy, Dr. Philip Krause. Both submitted resignation notices in early September stating the reason behind their decision was partly the Biden Administration's handling of the vaccine booster shots, recommending them to the public prior to their approval. Increasingly divisive hypocrisy was a known factor, citing Patrizia Cavazzoni's appointment as head of CDER by Biden's team (having worked for the FDA a mere 2 years) as an unequivocal "reward" for her public attacks on Trump and his appointees.

Less than two years before, three top advisory panelists resigned over the FDA's approval of a new Alzheimer's treatment when executives overruled their own advisors and rushed to approve Biogen pharmaceutical's questionable drug. These recent events are of great concern given the scope and responsibilities of this organization. The FDA has gone from an entirely taxpayer-funded entity to one increasingly funded by "user fees", paid by the very pharmaceutical manufacturers that are being regulated. Recent FDA FY reports show that a full 65% of its human pharmaceutical budget comes from these user fees that companies pay when they apply for approval of a medical device or drug. In the late 1950's, an FDA that was driven by scientific data, not corporate funding, refused to approve thalidomide for the treatment of morning sickness on the grounds that the studies were insufficient to demonstrate safety. Devastating birth defects arose across Europe and elsewhere in the 1960's; President John F. Kennedy heralded the FDA for its stance in trying to prevent a major tragedy. The FDA continued its fully taxpayer funded work for many years until this model was upended by a new infectious disease: HIV-induced AIDS.

This is where the water becomes cloudy and complicated. Opposing forces and ideologies were at work: There was a perceived threat, and there was reality. That these two variables weren't somewhat aligned created far-reaching consequences, such that our nation and its government are no longer recognizable to the objective observer. To make this point, a small digression is necessary.

Beginning with the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914, political lobbying, hysteria, lies, racial bias and government profiteering have been catalysts for unimaginable changes not backed by any scientific or criminal data. Legislative acts with their suffocating restrictions necessitated the exponential growth of centralized government. They were also a formal declaration of war on the very citizens whose taxes funded its growth. Offensive racial slogans like "Reefer Madness" were used to stoke irrational fear--claiming that even small amounts of psychoactive substances had a disproportionately violent effect on black people--and therefore must be banned. Thus began the dismal failure of the never-ending "War on Drugs." The FDA has been instrumental in categorizing every banned and controlled substance; being heavily influenced now by pharmaceutical companies it can no longer be considered an independent watchdog.

Bringing us up to the early 1980's as the AIDS epidemic was primarily hitting homosexual men and IV drug users, there were occasional but uncommon cases spread through heterosexual contact. Actual statistics and circumstances surrounding the spread of the HIV virus were not readily available and were rarely cited for educational or informational purposes. Panic was stoked by outright lies; false statistics were promoted and then distributed through influential media giants. The infamous statement that, "By 1986, one out of every five heterosexual people will have contracted HIV" was Dr. Anthony Fauci's harbinger of doom. Entirely preventable fatalities from infected blood transfusions only added more fuel to the fire, rather than a cautionary statement on requisite testing for blood donors.

In a rare coincidence, Anthony Fauci was at the heart of the AIDS epidemic as a strong influential force--against the use of possible life-saving drugs for the terminally ill. Dr. Fauci's purported reason for this stance was that, although the new anti-retroviral drugs showed great promise, he firmly stated that these drugs were not yet proven effective and the FDA should not grant emergency use to the terminally ill. An odd stance to take for one of the primary sources of baseless fear-mongering. AIDS researchers and lobbyists eventually found a way through Project BioShield and the EUA program, but this was after many years of foot-dragging and a profound refusal to "Follow the science." The forces in place to allow EUA were, unfortunately, what also allowed the wealthiest pharmaceutical companies to contribute ever larger "user fees" to hurry their approval, and this has had unthinkable repercussions, beneficial and catastrophic. Politics, money and fear made their entrance at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before any research findings, the prophets of panic and gloom were announcing widespread business lockdowns, personal isolation, and making phrases like "social distancing" household words even before the nature of this virus was known. Even though effective treatments were discovered quite early, there was heavy political pressure to replace the simple combination of corticosteroids and clot-busters for expensive but ineffective antivirals like Remdesivir. This new drug was rushed through FDA approval with billions of dollars and it's been a resounding failure.

For almost 70 years traditional Salk vaccines (made from the weakened or killed virus) have preserved our way of life through epidemics and pandemics, yet the FDA and federal government have politicized the COVID-19 pandemic and made it a "testing ground" for an entirely new, unproven technology. Given that mRNA technology has only existed for 18 months, general statements about its long-term safety are just whistling in a graveyard. Updated influenza vaccines are distributed annually but mRNA boosters are needed every few months. They have usurped their possible role as a helpful adjunct to Salk vaccines; they are heavily funded, under-researched, and as the sole source of COVID-19 global inoculation, tantamount to a monopoly on medicine and research.

During recent senate hearings, Dr. Fauci's vociferous and unscientific attacks on the latest virology and epidemiology research out of Stanford, Harvard and Cambridge, were on view for the public. We can't "follow the science" because there's been no science to follow. Eighty years ago Adolph Hitler said, "If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it becomes the truth." Fear-mongering tactics have proven effective in the past, but their undue influence and tragic consequences these past two years isn't entirely irrevocable. Recent large-scale statistics from the CDC on hospitalization rates in the previously infected and the vaccinated, is unambiguous evidence that natural immunity is several times more potent than vaccines in preventing serious illness. As with all communicable diseases, previous infection confers long-term immunity. Proof of vaccination is still the only accepted "protection", with blatant disregard for proven antibody titer tests; but the hard science cannot stay hidden forever.

Despite having the highest percentage of fully vaccinated people and double-mask mandates, Israelis are seeing a monumental spike in confirmed COVID-19 cases. Their top medical advisors have reached the heavily protracted conclusion that this virus will become endemic. All mandates have been inconsequential in preventing viral spread, the vast resources largely wasted. This has been a huge wake-up call. With striking similarities to the never-ending "War on drugs", the hysterical and unconstitutional legislative acts in response to COVID-19 must be exposed to the light of reason and the full weight of unhindered truth. ESR

Charlotte B. Cerminaro is a Juilliard-trained classical musician and recording artist. In her free time she enjoys writing and regularly contributes to the Enter Stage Right journal and she attained a Bachelor's Degree in Molecular Biology.


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