Number 20...

This is the twentieth month of Enter Stage Right and I still find it amazing how much it has grown.

In preparing for this (perhaps self-indulgent) issue, I looked back at all the issues of 1997. Two major design changes, a ton of minor ones, and plenty of expansion makes what ESR is today completely different from twelve short months ago.

This year marked a healthy mix of different styles, whether from traditional conservatives, libertarians, Objectivists, even people who didn't fit in any category! Essays on topics as diverse as the root meaning of money, the defense of Bill Gates and the tobacco companies, rights, environmental issues, religion, and the future of the world marked what I thought was a good year.

This issue isn't a "Best of..." under any circumstances, since in that case this month's issue could have easily been 50 selections instead of the 26 pieces it has...rather think of it as simply a "Selections from 1997".

So why do it? A few reasons:

  1. Give new readers a chance to see what we did over 1997
  2. Celebrate those pieces I thought were pretty damned good
  3. Give me more chances to sleep in during weekends

I am happy to report that my average waking time during the month was substantially later.

Thanks for reading,

Gord Gekko

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Well, I told you last month that we had big news! Enter Stage Right's Conservative Site of the Day has been operating since January 1, 1998. I got the idea after the previous CSotD went down recently. It seemed a shame that there was no website which spotlighted the best conservative websites, so since I apparently don't have enough to do already, I decided to launch my own!

ESR's CSotD will feature a conservative website every Monday to Friday for your surfing pleasure.

Got a conservative website? Submit it to ESR's Conservative Site of the Day! Email your submission today!

Time to vote for us...we hope!

Enter Stage Right has been named one of 32 finalists for the Surfer's Choice Site of the Year Award. Please take a minute to vote for us here

A thousand apologies

Free is good...but whether it's free or not, it should be done right.

GeoCities, the remarkable host of Enter Stage Right, has been experimenting of late with different advertising models. The last few months has seen the introduction of transition pages pushing some product or another, with the promise of seeing the page you actually wanted in ten seconds, or a small interstitial (a banner sized window pushing some product or another).

While I respect and fully support GeoCities' right to earn revenue from its members, it has done it in a remarkably clumsy manner. Many of the 1.2 million GeoCities members are reporting lower traffic because the transition pages or pop-up windows are turning off surfers.

On behalf of GeoCities (who have issued no apologies concerning now broken promises to never force members to take advertising) ESR apologies to those who have been forced to see the advertising, or have experienced delays in reading our material. Hopefully this situation will be resolved soon.

In an attempt to fix the situation, Enter Stage Right and ESR's Conservative Site of the Day may be moving to its own domain. We'll keep you updated on any moves.

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