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Considering ESR's fervent support of fellow conservative web-based publishers, it's surprising that we haven't featured another regularly published e-zine for our Site of the Month Award since its inception this past June.

Mensch Magazine (apparently Yiddish for "person worthy of respect") affords us the perfect opportunity to do so. Beginning its run a few months ago, Mensch is a mix of traditional conservatism, and support of the free market, individualism and liberty. December's issue offered interviews with Walter E. Williams, Mason Weaver, Debra J. Saunders and Star Parker, along with worthy articles on the welfare state, campaign reforms, and bilingual education, among others.

And it was particularly well done. While finding a magazine which traffics in politics you can completely agree with is next to impossible (December's issue saw, for example, an anti-choice piece), Mensch offers conservatives an engaging mix of insightful essays, humour and commentary.

Along with Enter Stage Right, add Mensch Magazine to your monthly list of must-read conservative magazines!

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