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Statement of potential conflict: During the writing of this entry in ESR's Site of the Month, we were informed that ESR was selected by Right! as their site of the month. The selection of ESR in no way influenced the selection of Right! as our site of the month.

When Tim Loughner, editor of Right! first contacted the editor of this little effort about his new magazine, my impressions were mixed. Right! looked like a lot of web-based publications with its less than eye-pleasing layout but solid writing. Aesthetics, of course, is hardly a standard to judge any web publication. Enter Stage Right, during various iterations, has had some very amateurish looks and survived nonetheless. Unlike ESR, Right! moved quickly and within weeks matched its look with its superior writing.

Boasting a staff of twenty-two, Right!'s editorial approach promotes faith, family, flag and freedom. Along with Loughner, the weekly carries writers of high caliber, including the Lott Letter's Jeremy Lott, USA Journal Associate Editor Timothy Rollins and "Smoker" Dave Kovach. If you want to do more than read, the magazine more than welcomes new members to the staff.

Besides a full slate of essays and stories, Right! also offers a site of the month award, links to the founding documents of the United States, archives, forum, a quiz and links to radio netcasts. There is a lot of material here and all of it high quality.

The only possible criticism I could make, and while it's minor it's still of some importance, is the need for watching the size of the front page. The picture of Bill Clinton that you see in the above graphic weighed in at roughly 88K, making that issue's first page a bit heavy for someone who might be surfing at 28.8K or slower.

Right! has come a long way within four months and is one of the few magazines that I bother to regularly read on the web. Unlike many of its peers, it's a well-turned out effort that deserves to be in your list of bookmarks.

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