Then and now

web posted January 13, 1999

Then and the defenders of Bill Clinton have changed their tunes...

Then Now
Ask for the Rodino model. Deny you ever wanted the Rodino model.

Ask for the impeachment process to be limited to Monica Lewinsky.

Complain that it's only about Monica Lewinsky and that there isn't anything regarding Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, etc.
Demand that Ken Starr testify. Blame the Republicans for wasting everybody's time with Starr's testimony.
Demand that Ken Starr defend his report. Assert that Ken Starr had no right to "promote" his own report.
Advocate, draft and vote for the Office of the Independent Counsel Act. Decry the OIC as illegal, unlimited in power and scope, and abusive.
Agree that if the President had an affair with an intern, that would be very serious. Say that it's "just" about a "consensual" affair with an intern.
: Say that if Clinton lies before the Grand Jury, it would be grounds for impeachment. Say that lying to a Grand Jury "does not rise to the level of an impeachable offense."
Agree that perjury would be very serious, if it were proven. Assert that perjury is not that serious. "Everybody lies about sex."
Assert that what the President did was "reprehensible" and "indefensible." Maintain that the President's offenses are "trivial" -- and keep on defending them.
Claim that the President's actions warrant a severely worded censure. Hold a pep rally to show your total support for the President.
Maintain that when Clarence Thomas talked dirty to an employee (although unproven), that is sexual harassment. The President can grope anyone he wants, and that is not sexual harassment (apparently, as long as the subordinate welcomes the advances and the perpetrator is a liberal proponent of abortion rights).
Linda Tripp is Public Enemy #1 for betraying a "friend" who wanted her to commit perjury. Clinton can betray his wife, his family, his oath of office, his oath in a court of law, and the country, but it's not as bad as what Linda Tripp did.
Accuse Republicans of being partisan. Guarantee that all Democrat Senators will vote against conviction.
Declare that the President should have an opportunity to defend himself, to rebut the charges, and to cross-examine his accusers. A trial isn't necessary.
: Decry the impeachment proceedings in the House based on "lack of evidence." Assert that no trial is necessary because we have all the evidence.
Accuse Republicans of not wanting witnesses. Say there is absolutely no need for witnesses.
We cannot put the country through a long impeachment trial. If you bring in witnesses, we're going to prolong this trial and drag it out as much as humanly possible.
The President has admitted to wrongdoing. The President should never admit to doing anything wrong, because it would put him in legal jeopardy.
"Impeachment is the equivalent of political assassination." "It doesn't feel so bad to have been impeached."
The process is taking too long. The process is moving too fast. (Repeat)
Praise the President's call to "Stop the politics of personal destruction." Private investigators using FBI files from the White House basement, Ms. Rodham-Clinton's rantings about the "vast right-wing conspiracy," and the antics of hatchet men like James Carville not withstanding, the real politics began when Clintonista Larry Flynt holds a press conference to initiate the "personal destruction" of some Clinton critics in Congress.

Originally appeared in The Federalist Brief


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