Stealing the party

By Joe Schembrie
web posted February 14, 2000

Hey, Republicans! How does it feel to have your party's presidential nomination stolen right out from under you?

Politically-naive little waifs that you were, you never even saw it coming. In Iowa, you gathered in your cozy enclaves to philosophically discuss whether George W. Bush was conservative enough for your tastes -- unaware of the Big-Media bandits lurking in ambush.

In New Hampshire, they sprang their trap and hijacked your political party. In mere days, so-called McCain Mania pushed Bush from twenty points ahead to five points behind in the South Carolina primary polls. McCain began to look unbeatable in California and even Michigan, and the media hinted he might grab it all and become the Republican Party presidential nominee by acclamation.

Polls say that the electorate is sixty percent conservative, but now the polls are also saying that conservatives will be shut out of this year's presidential election. Conservatives may even be locked out of the Republican National Convention -- which is likely to be packed instead with McCain delegate slates of Independents and Democrats, cheering on the hand-picked puppet of the Big Media Establishment.

McCain the Media Puppet has already forgotten his conservative positions on tax cuts, education, and abortion. He doesn't utter a single harsh word against Clinton war crimes in Kosovo. Nor will he prosecute Clinton and Gore for ongoing campaign scandals.

No, McCain's eyes will be turned to the future, creating new campaign finance laws targeted at the so-called 'Republican Establishment' . . . a strangely powerless kind of Establishment -- one which hasn't been running anything for nearly a decade, doesn't have a national voice in the media, and isn't even permitted to appoint its own leaders!

Big Media's portrayal of John McCain as rebel/reformer would be so much more credible if they hadn't said the same about Bill Clinton eight years ago. Back then, Clinton was "The Man from Hope," who would give us "The Most Ethical Presidential Administration in Our Nation's History." Then came eight years of corruption, perjury, and obstruction of justice. Big Media heroically defended Clinton from every assault charge, regardless of whether the victim was some poor helpless woman -- or Lady Liberty herself.

With Clinton now finally on his way out, Big Media turns and blames the Republican Party for The Sleaze that Ate Washington. And John McCain -- supposed Republican, supposed man of integrity -- is more than happy to play accomplice with this fraudulent retelling of recent history!

John McCain says he'll 'Give Government Back to the People.' But his campaign relies on seizing control of the Republican Party by having Democrats and Independents, whipped into a frenzy by Big Media, crossing over to vote in Republican primaries. This isn't government for the People -- it's political theft by Big Media.

As Big Media spins it, the Republican Party must be seized from its own membership and nationalized for the public good. William Safire of the New York Times (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Big Media, Inc.) even warns Bush Republicans: ". . . if McCain wins the March 7 popular vote in California, but you take all the delegates because state election law counts only registered Republicans, a keening wail of 'Thou Shalt Not Steal' will go up across the nation to ruin GOP chances in November."

Of all the Moral Inversions! Safire conveniently doesn't mention that the Democratic Party has suspended its own primary in South Carolina. It's all right for Democrats to select delegates by closed caucus -- but Republicans must supinely submit to the Big Media expropriation of its own national leadership!

This is phonier than democracy in Mexico. Mexican elections may be rigged, but at least the opposition party is still allowed to choose its own leaders. If we saw the political establishment in Russia sending in thugs to disrupt an opposition party meeting, we'd be outraged.

But it's happening in America, and everyone cheers.

Even so, it's not over yet. Despite the impressive inroads of the McCain Invasion, the Big Media juggernaut is heading for the ditch.

The public is beginning to ask the obvious questions. Is a three-term Senator tainted with scandal really a 'Washington Outsider?' And if he's truly Underdog, unsung and unhyped, why is he plastered on both Newsweek and Time?

And just when will 'Mr. Straight Talk' speak one straight word on the issues?

Meanwhile, technology drives on. Fewer voters read newspapers and watch network news, more are migrating to talk radio and the Web -- whose libertarian-conservative voices cannot be easily squelched. Big Media is losing clout and knows it.

With this election, Big Media's political influence is reaching both Zenith and the Last Hurrah. So whatever else happens, Americans will eventually get their government back.

Just as maybe, someday, Republicans will get their party back.

Joe Schembrie is a regular contributor to Enter Stage Right.

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