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Cato Institute

Few organizations in Washington, D.C. have done more than the Cato Institute to promote the values of classical liberalism. Founded in 1977 by Edward H. Crane to promote limited government, individual liberty, and peace, Cato seems active in as many issues as you can name. America is better for it.

There aren't too many things that Cato doesn't study or inspire debate about. A partial list reads: Social Security, monetary policy, natural resource policy, individual rights, urban sprawl, military spending, the environment, regulation, NATO, and international trade.

And you can learn more about all of Cato's work in these fields at the institute's web site. There you will find daily commentaries, briefing papers, backgrounders, policy reports, journals, white papers, Congressional testimonies and audio and video archives, among other resources. There doesn't seem to be much that Cato produces that doesn't eventually find itself on their web site.

Despite that mass of output, the web site is reasonably easy to traverse if you are looking for something. The major areas of Cato's work is accessed via two-pull down menus on the front page and the entire web site can be searched through a search engine.

Technically, the web site does what it's supposed to with a minimum of things getting in the way. It's not groundbreaking design by any stretch but by sticking to the basics it doesn't break down in any browser I viewed the web site with.

There are plenty of web sites out there that support policies from the perspective of classical liberalism, but few have the depth of resources that this web site has and the prestige of the Cato Institute, a favourite among many on Capitol Hill. For those interested in exploring what the supporters of freedom have to say, there can't be too many places better than this to start.

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