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web posted February 21, 2000

" would like to remind [US State Department Spokesman] Mr. Rubin of his own favorite phrase: 'The pot would not call the kettle black.' It is hardly appropriate for those who rained hundreds of thousands of bombs and rockets on the residents of Yugoslavia and who continue bombing innocent women, children and old people in Iraq... to raise the issue of Chechen humanitarian suffering." -- Russian Foreign Ministry statement, February 18, 2000

"What began as a coronation is starting to look like a decapitation." -- Don Feder on the fight between George W. Bush and John McCain

"Our message is clear. There is only one viable choice left for conservatives in this election, one man who we believe will fight for the key aspects of our agenda, such as smaller government, tax relief, a strong national defense and the sanctity of human life. That man is George Bush. Many of the positions [McCain] has staked out in recent years and on the campaign trail should be considered for what they are -- outright assaults on the conservative Reagan agenda." -- American Conservative Union leader David Keene

"I'm a big believer in tipping. We should support working people." -- Hillary Clinton after stiffing waitress and single mother Trish Trupo, after a free meal at the Village House Restaurant. That sparked a campaign at Free Republic which saw hundreds of dollars sent to Trupo

"Flush times make for lousy politics. Office-seekers traditionally feast off human misery...but we lack the requisite measures of grief and envy." -- Tony Snow

"...[S]omething that liberal Republicans never understood: The Republican party must appeal to both economic and social conservatives if it hopes to win. It must fuse or lose." -- William A. Rusher

"McCain wants to reform campaigns by expanding government control of political speech, imposing additional regulations on citizens' contributions and candidates' and independent groups' expenditures." -- George Will

"Mr. McCain has not assumed the mantle of Ronald Reagan. He is, instead, carrying the banner of Nelson Rockefeller." -- Mark R. Levin

"In the genteel press, Al Sharpton is carefully referred to by euphemism -- community leader, activist. Actually, he is a professional monger of racial hatred, a career inciter of race-violence." -- Michael Kelly

"Hillary! (her newest name) is, like Gore, heir and successor to Clintonism, a poll-driven politics of rank cynicism, reflexive mendacity and pious indignation at the vast conspiracies arrayed against their righteousness. What could be more important than putting a stake through that?" -- Charles Krauthammer

"One gets the sense that the liberal media is terrified by the possibility that conservatives actually mean what they say." -- Jonah Goldberg on conservative support for Alan Keyes

"Howard, who are the Republicans who are not happy meat for conservatives, the positions rather strident tonight: anti-gay, pro-Jesus, and anti-abortion and no gray matter in between?" -- MSNBC's Brian Williams on "gray matter"

"President Clinton, survived impeachment and remains a colossus on the world stage as witnessed by his prosecution of the war in Kosovo, plus the peace accord in Northern Ireland, and peace with negotiations in the Middle East, which wouldn't have happened without his prodding." -- Newsweek's Eleanor Clift choosing the "Biggest Winner of the Year." Thank god for those peace accords...

"I feel vindicated. It is now loud and clear that these guys are capable of planting evidence and framing people." -- O.J. Simpson on reports of corruption in the LAPD

"We overdid it a little." -- Rudy Giuliani after leaving a 70 per cent tip for a waitress in Huntington, NY

"Speaking of irony, which is almost unavoidable in this Age of Clinton, the legal establishment's extended circumambulations in the matter of William Jefferson Clinton, Esq., do point to one clear conclusion about how constitutional standards have evolved from 1789 to 2000, to wit: A fellow may be good enough to be president of the United States, but not good enough to be...a lawyer. Hey, what a country." -- Paul Greenberg

"Clinton said that one of the toughest things about Hillary's campaign for the New York Senate is having to listen to people criticize her. He said people lying about his wife drives him nuts. Apparently, lying TO his wife, there is nothing wrong with that." -- Jay Leno

"Earlier in the week, Hillary Clinton had breakfast at a diner in Upstate New York and she didn't give the waitress a tip. But that is not true. She did tell her, 'Stay away from my husband.'" -- Conan O'Brien

web posted February 14, 2000

"It would be one thing if the born-again, fiscally austere Democrats were speaking out of strong conviction backed by sound ideas. But the conviction is paper-thin. Eliminating the national debt has not been a plank of any Democratic economic program in living memory, and most Democrats who are now talking gravely about its importance have never uttered the words 'eliminate the debt' before." -- Former Clinton labor secretary Robert B. Reich

"It has all things for everyone they feel they'll need to get Al Gore elected president," -- House Budget Committee Chairman John R. Kasich on the Clinton budget

"It is safe to conclude that the error of big government is not over." -- Linda Bowles on the Clinton budget

"I can't get over the fact that Hillary Clinton's greatest public feat was to help her husband lie to the rest of us." -- Hillary Rodham-Clinton's biographer Joyce Milton

"The late German statesman Joseph Goebbels's insight into mass psychology was the persuasiveness of the 'Big Lie.' Bill Clinton's insight into mass psychology is the persuasiveness of thousands of Petty Lies. Deposit so many deceits and falsehoods on the public record that the public and the press simply lose interest in the truth." -- R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.

"We've already got somebody in the Oval Office who is not trustworthy." -- John McCain, comparing George W. Bush to Bill Clinton

"To compare George Bush to Bill Clinton is really ridiculous, I mean Bill Clinton is one of the most corrupt people to ever occupy public office.... This is not good for the man who runs the straight talk express to compare Bush to Clinton." -- Bill Bennett

"Mr. Keyes is, really, always, the only candidate on either side who appears to be telling you exactly what he thinks all the time, and he's made reporters on television afraid to tangle with him." -- Peggy Noonan

"We need a Democratic presidential candidate...who talks straight with the people, who levels with them and who cannot be attacked with the fund-raising scandals of 1996 that are a stain on our party." -- Bill Bradley to Al Gore

"His style of delivery is wanting. I think it's very long and sober. ... He should play with himself more." -- Actor Spaulding Gray on Al Gore's performance in New York, where he joined the New York City Gay Men's Chorus for a rendition of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic."

"Your sister's gone out, she's on a date. And you just sit at home and masturbate.... So you go to the village in your tie-dye jeans. And you stare at the junkies and the closet queens. ... So you play your albums and you smoke your pot. And you meet your girlfriend in the parking lot...." -- lyrics of a Billy Joel song played before Hillary Rodham-Clinton made her Senate announcement

"While [McCain] assails Washington lobbyists, they run his campaign. Corporate lobbyists who do business with the Senate Commerce Committee that he heads raise money for him." -- Robert Novak

"McCain insists that he is a conservative, but has emerged as the darling of both the media and America's liberal establishment. If he is a conservative, he's their kind of conservative; a man who can be counted on in the clutch. On issues from campaign finance reform to taxes, he's managed to convince them that he sees the world pretty much as they do." -- David Keene

"One reason [McCain] has become the darling of the news media, which are generally allergic to Republican tightwads, is that he shows no desire to reduce the size of government. Despite the maverick image, he's offering himself as a faithful guardian of the status quo." -- Steve Chapman

"I had my opinions surgically removed when I became a network correspondent." -- CBS "60 Minutes" correspondent Lesley Stahl denying her decidedly liberal bias

"I'm endlessly fascinated by her....She's so smart. Virtually every time I've seen her perform, she has knocked my socks off." -- Lesley Stahl on Hillary Clinton

"[Al] Gore is an unusually thoughtful politician who has been an important, even prophetic voice on issues such as global warming, arms control, and the changes wrought by the Information Age." -- Gore biographer Bill Turque

"[Ms. Rodham-Clinton] is notoriously thin-skinned, and her stony aloofness makes Al Gore and Bill Bradley look like Cheech and Chong." -- Clarence Page

"Actor Michael Douglas said that more pre-school youngsters than police officers die from gunshot wounds in the United States. I wonder if that's because cops carry guns and toddlers don't." -- Steve Foerster

"Hillary's announcement to run for the Senate was on the front page of every newspaper today. She's been saying for over a year she's going to run. I guess they figure that when a Clinton keeps a promise, that is front page news." -- Jay Leno

"I'll call right now my interrogator that tortured me and my friends a gook," -- John McCain, defending comments he made in 1999 when he called his North Vietnamese captors "gooks"

"We protected and saved the Constitution." -- Hillary Clinton in an interview with Charlie Rose over the impeachment trial of her husband

web posted February 7, 2000

"Hi. I'm Bill Bradley. I hope you'll vote for me." -- Bill Bradley in a Wal-Mart in New Hampshire
"Keep hoping." -- the response

"I can beat Al Gore like a drum. Bush will just stand there." -- John McCain bragging about his prospects for winning as the Republican nominee

"Monica Lewinsky was not administration policy." -- New York Democratic Congress member Jerrold Nadler insisted while defending Vice-President Al Gore as the opposite of Bill Clinton

"He may not be photogenic and no one even accused him of being smooth." -- from a full-page ad in the Manchester Union-Leader, largest newspaper in New Hampshire, about Republican candidate Steve Forbes

"One in eight Americans is governed by a Bush. Maybe I could run. I might be the only native-born New Yorker running for Senate." -- Barbara Bush

"I think we finally have a poll without a margin of error." -- John McCain on the results in New Hampshire

"Commenting on how he raised money for liberal Democrats, television producer Norman Lear observed, 'The relationship between Hollywood and Washington is as natural as a marriage.' That may explain why so many Americans are as skeptical about Washington politics as they are about Hollywood marriages." -- Natasha Clerihue

"I am a cripple. That's the first honest thing they've said in 10 days." -- Former Navy SEAL and Medal of Honour Senator Bob Kerrey -- who lost a leg in Vietnam -- after being called a quitter and a cripple by pro-Al Gore union members. Kerrey, a Bradley supporter, also had mud kicked on him

"Any mixed signals by our government can easily be read by Communist China as complacency, so we must erase all doubt that we are fully committed to Taiwan" -- Rep. Tom Delay after 140 Democrats broke ranks and voted along with Republicans to pass by a 341-70 vote congressional legislation bolstering military ties with Taiwan. Clinton has threatened to veto the legislation

"[A]rguably Bill Clinton's greatest economic achievement has been that almost all of his cockamamie policy ideas were never enacted into law. Remember the BTU tax? Remember Robert Reich's $50 billion fiscal stimulus package? Remember most of all, Hillary's health care plan? Thankfully, we dodged all of these economic wrecking balls." -- Cato Institute economist Stephen Moore

"After Bill's latest and last State of the Union address one can only conclude that the era of the era of big government is over is over. ... I've figured out why the justices didn't attend [Clinton's final State of the Union speech]: Ethics. They may have to participate in his disbarment hearings." -- Lyn Nofziger

"Well, they're both basically centrist Democrats." --ABC political analyst George Stephanopoulos on Gore and Bradley. Just like Bill Clinton no doubt

"What I have gained more than anything else is a certain humility in recognizing how important forgiveness is, but how it doesn't count and it can't count unless you can give it as well as ask for it." -- Bill Clinton

"I started licking doorknobs. The front door, office doors, even a bathroom door. When that was done, I started in on the staplers, phones and computer keyboards. Then I stood in the kitchen and licked the rims of all the clean coffee cups drying in the rack." -- Salon webzine's homosexual "activist" Dan Savage on how he tried to pass his "virus" to Garry Bauer while posing as one his "gay bashing" volunteers in Iowa

"If there's been a low in American journalism, it is Salon magazine." -- Mort Kondracke

"'In Washington, you get one flake and forget it,' [Al Gore] sneered in New Hampshire. Really? When's the last time he shoveled snow?" -- Paul Bedard in U.S. News & World Report

"I've learned not to put things in my mouth that are bad for me." -- Monica Lewinsky discussing her Jenny Craig weight-loss program

"Gun control people don't know what they're talking about. They're ignorant. They believe things without researching or understanding." -- Jesse Ventura on the "gun problem" folks. Ventura went on to say that he had a sign posted in his home reading "We Don't Dial 911."

web posted January 31, 2000

"I love you." -- Bill Clinton to Hillary Clinton during the State of the Union address

"I wasn't straight with the American people about that woman." -- Bill Clinton, when asked this week to name the biggest regret of his presidency

"Admittedly, I was willing to fall into the mosh pit, but I'll tell you something. You know why I did that? Because I think that exemplifies the kind of trust in people that is the heart and soul of the Keyes campaign ... . And when you trust them, they will in fact hold you up." -- Alan Keyes explaining why he crowd surfed while Rage Against the Machine played on

"The time is overdue for a wall of separation between state and education." -- Linda Bowles

"We're supposed to have the toughest gun prohibitions in the nation, and yet our streets are flooded with guns," -- Washington, D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams after launching a suit against gun manufacturers. How many of those guns are legal?

"Somehow, in ways that defy logical thought, Mr. Williams establishes causality (and thus negligence/culpability) between the manufacturers of a legitimate product -- and the criminal misuse of those products by third parties over which the manufacturer cannot possibly have exerted any control or supervision, one way or the other." -- Washington Times in response to the gun suit

"John McCain seems more outraged by currently legal campaign contributions than by already illegal ones." -- Robert L. Bartley

"Republicans have no choice but to outspend the Democrats, because Democrats get a lot of their message out through the media, free of charge, simply because the people in the media believe so much of that message themselves." -- Thomas Sowell

"My middle name Lee is after Robert E. Lee because my father respected him as a general and as a man who rejected slavery and rejected that whole system, but felt nonetheless honor bound to fight for his state." -- Alan Lee Keyes

"I think a hundred thousand young women would have done what [Monica Lewinsky] did had they had the chance. ... He's yummy! He's delicious!" -- Helen Gurley Brown, former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine

"Al Gore looks for all the world like the kid on the AV squad who has just found out he's been selected to be the mascot at the high school basketball home games." -- Rich Galen

"Hillary Clinton always wanted to be another Eleanor Roosevelt, a mythic battler for noble causes. Lately, she's been more like Lucille Ball, a ditsy dame with a gift for pratfalls." -- Columnist Sandy Grady

"It was so cold today that Al Gore came out in favor of global warming." -- Jay Leno

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