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ESR doesn't know what it's like on the liberal side, but we conservatives do have it lucky on the web. We have a number of web sites that serve as our central hubs:, WorldNetDaily, Included on that list is, one of the first conservative portals on the World Wide Web.

Townhall.comAnd what a portal is it. If you haven't visited, counts a large number of high profile web sites as its members, sites like ESR favourites Tech Central Station the Federalist Digest, The Heritage Foundation (which runs, Weekly Standard, Accuracy in Media, Mises Institute, National Review and the Friedman Foundation, among other worthy names. -- which describes itself as "a one-stop mall of ideas -- also provides daily commentaries from writers like George Will, Amity Shlaes, news wires, updated issues libraries and live audio and video links. The web site even offers a Yahoo!-like directory of conservative organizations, a sub-site that received our Site of the Month award in March 2000.

There isn't much that you need to be a conservative activist that you can't find on or one of its member sites and is a worthy addition to your bookmarks, if it isn't there already.

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