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web posted February 23, 2004

Re: Ample justification for war in Iraq by Carol Devine-Molin (February 16, 2004)

How convenient! Carol Devine-Molin, a hyphenated Republican ideologue, espousing the Republican line, sees fit to not include an e-mail address, whereby one might offer rebuttal. No Ms. Devine-Molin, it is not just you. It is you and all your ilk who choose to espouse the federal government propaganda.

I am a constitutionalist. There is, not now, nor will there ever be, any justification for our invasion of Iraq.

Nothing in Iraq, absolutely nothing, is worth the lives of more than 500 United States armed forces members.

Once upon a time I was of the opinion that the invasion was about oil. At this juncture, I am convinced our motives deal with American Imperialism and the New World Order.

Darryl Forester

web posted February 16, 2004

Re: Election 2004, Pat Robertson and George W. Bush

Some time back, Pat Robertson made a statement, something to the effect that God either "told him", or gave him (Robertson) the "impression" that President George W. Bush "will be re-elected in a "blow-out!"

Just what in the world is a "blow-out", anyway? I know what it means in regards to a tire on a motor vehicle; but what is he talking about in reference to our electoral processes here in the USA?

Secondly, what if the American people get fed up with the way things are going, like with the war in Iraq and its' aftermath; the jobs situation (which no politician can really do anything about, they just like to take credit when those individuals with the intellect to create jobs do exactly that); taxes, which are way out of line; and healthcare woes all over the country, and so forth; and voters go to the polls this November, cast their ballots, and give President Bush and Vice-President Cheney their "walking papers"?

What will Robertson have to say if the President loses this years' race for the White House? "Oh well, God must have changed His mind, but forgot to tell me!"


As for this opinionated writer, I like President Bush; and barring any outrageous errors in judgment, will vote for him, again. No one could have honestly predicted the events of September 11, 2001; and on that alone, I feel the president has done his best to fight back against the merciless filth who murdered all those poor people on what has to be one of the darkest days I have seen in this lifetime of over 45 years.

As for Mr. Robertson, someone needs to tell him that he shouldn't presume to speak for God on such worldly matters as a political election; something which many people feel the Creator could not care less about, as opposed to the state of the hearts and souls of lost or hurting human beings.

Think for yourselves, folks; then vote with your conscience, heart, soul, and mind. This is one of the blessings of freedom.

William G. Smith
Lancaster, Pa.



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