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The black hole as a paradigm

By Michael Moriarty
web posted February 7, 2005

Roe v. Wade brought us worldwide, wholesale abortion. We have "pro-choice" in a democracy that leaves "no choice" for the male progenitor, a reduction of the gestating infant to the level of sub-subhuman. Our common language is filled with euphemisms that pass off life-and-death issues as matters of individual freedom, while the yearly global abortion slaughter (which runs into the millions of disappeared ones) has been downgraded to relative unimportance. Since "relative" is dependent on a contrasting fact, what fact, image or paradigm can reduce life and death to such a level of unimportance?

A black hole (NASA image)I can only offer the scientifically posited Black Hole -- the siren song of a possible death machine hovering in the outer universe. The mysterious possibility of an ever-elongated fall into an unknown infinity hovers over us, drawing nearer, pulling all matter toward it and pulverizing it. The price of entry is death itself.

Americans, an optimistic people if ever there was one, are not usually prone to indulge in such depressing meditations, whereas Europeans adore these intellectual forays. They've even enshrined a philosophy around it, which they call "Nihilism." Jean-Paul Sartre believed that "life is nausea" and "hell is other people." The blithe disregard for life evinced by his heroes (Stalin and Mao) fits quite nicely into a philosophy where all is ultimately devoid of meaning -- certainly the bourgeois belief in distinctions between good and evil.

However, if you recognize the Internationalist influence upon bastions of higher learning such as Harvard, and add to that the American creative artist's embrace of European theories, it's no wonder that the marketing of Pro-Choice -- so well exposed by a former participant, Dr. Bernard Nathanson -- found that women in the United States were ready to accept the relative unimportance of life and death when compared to the American sacred cow of individual freedom.

Abraham Lincoln, who stated that individual freedom does not include the right to enslave our fellow man, has somehow been transformed into a Lincoln who would support a woman's right to capitally punish her unborn child for being an inconvenience of nine months' duration. This magical transformation of a Republican Lincoln into a Democrat was achieved through the sustained efforts of the Democratic National Committee. American women bought into this notion, with the help of the liberal press as it hewed to the socialist party line and squelched informed debate on the subject. Since women generally control the vote, America's leadership is Roe v. Wade's protector and guarantor on both sides of the congressional aisle.

How postmodern of us! We've been so deconstructed by the paradigms of philosopher Jacques Derrida that life has become death and vice versa. Life and death, when compared to individual freedom, are "relatively unimportant."

We lost 600,000 American lives during the Civil War, which was fought partly to end slavery. But if death is meaningless, then what's the big deal over the Civil War?

How bourgeois of us to care. I feel so pre-passé these days. So there you have it. The Black Hole from within, a paradigm evolving in our intellects, is now becoming the measure of all things. With half a million lives merely statistics in a United Nations that is propagating its Ongoing Solution to the Population Problem, we have a death toll of 90 million gestating infants in 32 years.

We now have a nightmare of such magnitude that even the word "Holocaust" is insufficient to describe it. Abomination is about the only word I can come up with.

A Metaphysical Suicide

America is now in the same position that Europe was in the 1930s and '40s. Our cynically sophisticated, blasé attitude to timeworn (but true) clichés and stereotypes will incline us to surrender to a future Adolf Hitler. Our way of life will be mangled and torn and collapsed beyond recognition by this Black Hole in human form. The Democratic Party is now the acting Vichy Government of World War III America. It doesn't reflect one ounce of traditional American values. The extent to which the Republican Party has bent over backwards to maintain the appearance of a two-party system would make a contortionist green with envy. Today, the richest conservative leaders sit with the socialist wunderkinds on the Council on Foreign Relations to determine the progress of a New World Order, the power of which is in fewer hands each year.

If there were a young and vibrant New America to save us from this hell, our few American Partisans might have some hope left. Yet we sit and watch the psychic Black Hole swallow up the hearts and minds of our college students, artists, reporters and broadcasters, our intellectual elites, and almost all of our political leadership.

The capitulation is so total that it cannot be described in normal human terms. If a body politic truly believes that women summarily executing their unborn children do not foretell "retroactive abortions" for citizens who prove to be an "inconvenience" to the government, then the point of diminishing returns in so-called progressive thinking was reached long ago. America has become so "smart" that she is beyond naïve. She is collapsing into a veritable Black Hole of Suicide.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, and the recent TV-movie The 4400. Moriarty is now filming Deadly Skies, a TV-movie that will soon be broadcast on the here! TV network.

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