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How will they describe abortion one thousand years from now?

By Michael Moriarty
web posted February 6, 2006

How is it possible to surpass humanicide? What else are you going to call this fetal tissue coagulation but an abomination?

"It's for our health. It's to cure disease. The ‘Population Problem,' you know. Rape… a woman's right to choose… death by botched abortions. Poverty… hunger… teenage prostitution in the Philippines… child molestation. Life is just plain awful… worse than death… we're really doing them a favor."


"The fetuses... or feti, you know."

"They don't belong to anyone or anything?"

"That's an unfair question."

"Abortion is depraved."

"That's a very dangerous thing to say that…it's inflammatory. I'll haul you before a human rights tribunal! I'll charge you with hate crimes!"

"Slavery was also depraved. John Brown was the first to think so."

"This is becoming downright insulting."

"How do you think the fetuses feel?"

"They feel nothing. The University of California , Berkeley said so. At least during the first two trimesters, the fetuses don't feel anything."

"How do you know for sure?"

"The scientists make that claim… and a number of Nobel Prizewinners agree. What do you say to that? Nothing! You can't say anything, can you? The experts know and you can't possibly know. You can't think that far back. So there! Drop the subject. Let's get on with life."

"I thought you just said ‘life is just plain awful, worse than death.'"

"Well, it is for many people… millions of them… in Africa and India ."

"Then why aren't they committing suicide?"

"They are, in a way… all those ethnic-cleansing wars… it's a kind of mass euthanasia."

"And do you approve?"

"Let Nature take its course."

"So it was a waste of time that these people lived at all?"

"In most cases, yes."

"And what about your own life? Has it been a waste of time?"

"No, I've done something with my life."

"And what was that?"

"I've been a great singing star for decades, done countless classic films as an actress and helped the progressive liberal movement reach the White House."

"Do we all have to do that?"

"Uh… well… it wouldn't hurt for you to do something like that."

"Did most of the Jews do that before they were thrown into the ovens?"

"G-d damn you!"

"You believe in G-d?"

"No, it's just an expression."

"Of what?"


"What are you angry about?"

"You – you &#$@!"

"My, my."

"Just go away!"

"Like a fetus?"

"Arrgh… Damn you!"

"Can you sing that for me?"

"You *@#%*!% %$!$!#@!"

"My, my, my… Don't ever remember hearing you say that in a movie. You don't sound very tolerant now."

"I'd shoot you, if I had a gun!"

"Oh, a retroactive abortion, eh?"

She runs off to her dressing room, where she hides for the rest of the day. One year later, we see she's fat and doesn't seem to care much about her personal appearance or anything else. So I guess, for some people, life does become "awful, worse than death," as she said. She's not poor, far from it. Never hungry from the look of her now. She's a star. What do you expect? And the rest of us? I guess we just haven't "done anything with our lives."

I just looked up the word "depraved" in the dictionary. Its synonyms are "corrupt, wicked, perverted."

That doesn't sound bad enough for what I think of abortion.

Looked up "abominable." Its synonym is "loathsome."

Well, that's closer.

"Hypocrite." Hmmm… let's see: "A person who pretends to have desirable or publicly approved attitudes."

Gee, that's any politician I've ever seen or heard of. Stars don't need publicly approved attitudes. They just have to be talented. Stars often endorse politicians, which really shouldn't mean anything to the public. Actors shouldn't play at politics.

There are exceptions, of course. President Ronald Reagan was a failed Hollywood B-movie star. People never thought Reagan was talented, really. He was a likeable personality, but a mediocre actor. Most people thought Reagan was stupid, an amiable dunce, not really all that handsome, kind of an oaf, who could only play himself. Well, Reagan may not have been much of an actor, but he was a very successful U.S. President. He wrote about abortion, said it denied us our "inalienable right to life" as spelled out in the Declaration of Independence.

Abortion is un-American, I believe. In fact, I think Washington should set up a House Un-Abortion Activities Committee, because most of today's stars enjoy being un-American. They have no respect for Washington, Jefferson and Franklin but they sure do love Karl Marx. These cool cats tell us all to get with their program. They are cultural Marxists.

I've never lived in Hollywood . I worked there for a few weeks now and then, but my home was in Manhattan until Rudolph Giuliani took over. He's pro-abortion, you know. Don't know what they're doing in the most populated island in the world if they think there's a "population problem." I don't know why the United Nations is in New York City and for the same reason. So, I guess these UN types are either pretending to be New Yorkers or they want to change that city radically. So, they're either hypocrites or revolutionaries or spies. A spy is kind of a hypocrite with a purpose. No wonder I couldn't stay in Manhattan . Felt like I was living in a John le Carré novel.

Abortion is now a worldwide horror with millions of dead fetuses piling up every year. So I really don't think we can keep looking down our noses at the Nazis anymore. We can't feel all virtuous anymore, because we're all as bad as the Nazis now. The RU486 abortion pill is just a new version of Zyklon B. The Holocaust has been supplanted by the Abomination of mass abortion, in which the entire human race is complicit. Abortion is an accepted practice, the way slavery once was. That doesn't make it any less wrong.

Scientists who say that fetal tissue from abortion will help to cure disease are propagating the greatest daily death rate of any disease known to man. Nothing can compare with it. Not the Black Plague, heart disease, cancer, AIDS or all the wars in history.

I think it's hypocritical for scientists to say they're really doing something with their lives other than killing far more people than they save or help.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, and the TV-movie The 4400. He recently starred in Pick Me Up, an episode of the Showtime TV series Masters of Horror. Michael Moriarty is also running for President of the United States in 2008 as a candidate for the Realists Party. To find out more about Moriarty’s presidential campaign, contact rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.

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