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A life without the Church of Eugenics

By Michael Moriarty
web posted February 13, 2006

In my most recent editorial, my editor, the ever-resilient Harvey Chartrand of Ottawa, added an endnote about what life would be like without the evil of Eugenics. Well, I'm back at the keyboard letting him know.

With Eugenics gone, first of all, the tributaries of death feeding it would also vanish. No more Islamic Jihads, rampant secularism, abortion, euthanasia and gender wars. Men and women could return to their timeless essences – those revealing the endlessly comic battle of the sexes – and we could put our eyes on the stars where we are most certainly headed.

A recent joke photo came to me and, by God, if it didn't tell me everything a man is from the bassinet on. Sitting in a transparent bathtub is an infant boy. His face is the silent exclamation: "Eureka! I've found it!" The caption beneath the image is: "A little more warm water, three farts... and I'll have a Jacuzzi!"

The female variant of this joke might be an infant girl, leaning back in the transparent tub, thinking: "A little bubble bath, a sugar daddy... and I'm fixed for life!"

Of course, the two eventually have kids and there go the quiet Jacuzzis and bubble baths... well, they're hardly as frequent. However, with enough babysitters available, man and woman can have the heaven of languorous daydreams in the bath and the thrills and spills of watching their children grow up.

Add the cosmically-shared adventure of watching Man, with a capital M, explore the universe, inhabit the planets and move out into that endless sandbox – you tell me what's missing but the "bad guys"?

Did we ever really need villains? Wouldn't risking your life to make a new nest on an extrasolar planet be enough of a test of our courage? Must we spend years sifting through the maze of deception which evil has wrapped around itself to make it easier for the devil to destroy us? Must we raise our guns of Truth to expose the bad guys to the townspeople before we can do anything?

The movie High Noon comes to mind. In this anti-American script by alleged Communist sympathizer Carl Foreman, Marshal Will Kane (Gary Cooper) finds no one among the "silent majority" brave enough to face down the bad guys who are on their way by train to the town, intent on a showdown with the marshal.

John Wayne turned down the role of Kane. He knew the corrupt picture High Noon painted of the American People. Wayne’s way of facing the bad guys was always to round up a few of the most disenchanted "walking wounded" he could find in town – the drunks, old men, whores with hearts of gold, and young rebels looking for a cause – and then his "dirty half-dozen" would step up and drive evil from the heart of the land.

The Chosen People of the Bible had to do it time and again. Even after Moses led them to their Promised Land, the Evil kept setting in and New Covenants were negotiated with the Almighty. Finally, our Lord showed up. He arose out of the Chosen People, thus verifying why they'd been called " Chosen " in the first place. Of course, his own people rejected Him, crucified Him and with that, I believe, they were no longer the Chosen People. They became just a nation like any other.

About 1,500 years later, a disenchanted human race began to look towards North America for its salvation. Here they came and began a new idea of government.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with these inalienable rights, among which are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!"

The simplicity of it is breathtaking. Out of such common sense emerged the greatest nation in the history of the world. America has actually resurrected and relived the two towering figures of the Bible. With Abraham Lincoln as our Moses and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as our Christ, we are now the Chosen People. I defy anyone to dispute that fact.

With only the obligation to protect the parents of our Lord, the People of Israel, despite their benighted preference for Karl Marx over Jesus, we, the Chosen People of America, are here to turn back the false Gods of other religions and that most homicidal of Intellectual Supremacies – Science – and set our sights upon the stars! We must look upwards and outwards! To the sky above rather than the mud below.

What are we doing butchering our own babies in the womb? How could we possibly buy the United Nation's biggest lie: that there is a population problem, when our most populated city of New York is a population triumph!

Harvey, my beloved friend, once the Mountain of Eugenics is not only moved but has self-destructed because of its Mission Unacceptable, we will see the Thousand-Year Peace so longed for by Christians, the one that is only interrupted after a Millennium of joy on Earth, and then only briefly when, most likely, one of our now populated planets turns evil and the Star Wars prophecies are enacted in real time.

Keep your eyes on the light of the stars, Harvey, not the Mao Zedong black quicksand of the void, nor the suicidal nature of the French Revolution. Feel the sun rise within your soul every morning and, for now at any rate, turn its light on the rat-infested, serpent-laden mountain of Eugenics and, with your fingers on the computer keyboard, cast the Truth onto that malignant tumor. Drive it into France and watch it cower before the goose-stepping legions of Mao. The Great Chairman of Tyranny will soon serve up a lesson to France. The Death-Loving Revolution invented a Deadly Buddha who will dine on the Hypocrite Empire that would manipulate him into worshipping at the altar of the Church of Eugenics.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, and the TV-movie The 4400. He recently starred in Pick Me Up, an episode of the Showtime TV series Masters of Horror. Michael Moriarty is also running for President of the United States in 2008 as a candidate for the Realists Party. To find out more about Moriarty’s presidential campaign, contact rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.

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