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Hillary, Democrats telegraph their vulnerabilities

By Christopher Adamo
web posted January 29, 2007

As political forces align themselves in preparation for the 2008 presidential election, the Democrat Party, despite recent victories, finds itself in hardly an enviable position. Consider only one of many ironies in the party's precariously disjointed philosophy.

According to those on the left, the biggest threat facing America is "global warming," about which only immediate and radical changes in our lifestyle can prevent catastrophe. Yet the possibility of a continuation of Islamist attacks on our homeland is a subject about which we can endlessly debate, ignoring enormous breaches, and allowing Muslim terrorist captives any and every legal loophole by which to gain their freedom and attack us once again.

Trivializing, and even ignoring proven dangers to the American people at the hands of the Islamists is essentially the party line (Does anyone remember 9-11?) On the other hand, any attempt to sustain American vigilance amounts to the Republican fabrication of a "climate of fear."

Meanwhile, ranting that the ecological sky is falling (or at least that the oceans are rising and that we are all going to drown) constitutes reasoned discussion and objective efforts to preserve and protect America's future. Such is the world according to Democrats.

In every other area of debate, the Democrats stand on political ground that is no less shaky. Now we are to believe that they are the party of the American family, albeit their version of "family" can be made up of any combination of two or more individuals of any gender or any "variation" thereof. And Democrats, of course, are perennially "for the children," excepting those whom you decide to abort or offer up for dissection in the latest fruitless effort to legitimize fetal stem cell research.

Unfortunately, between such a morally and intellectually bankrupt political apparatus and control of the White House in two years, the only obstacle of significance is the Republicans. Conservative America registered its disenchantment with the Republican agenda, insipid and compromised as it was, last November by letting the Democrats take control of Congress.

Yet instead of recognizing how uninspiring a "strategy" of compromise and capitulation is to the conservative base, an apparent majority of those Republicans who remain in office seems to believe that even more compromise and capitulation is the necessary remedy. Fearing accusations of "partisanship" from the media and the Democrats, Republicans have indicated their willingness to work with their political opposition.

On one issue after another, in which the liberalism of the left could be highlighted between now and 2008, Republicans are running from the spotlight and letting the leftist agenda of the Democrats advance unchecked. And this is a recipe for disaster.

Undoubtedly the most frustrating aspect of Republican action (or, more accurately, inaction) is the fact that they need not do so. Democrats regularly show, by their own timidity in regards to such issues as the war and America's social climate, that they know such things to be liabilities. Republicans could indeed exploit them for the betterment of the country and for political gain, if only they possessed the vertebrae (and possibly other body parts) needed to muster the courage to pursue them.

Abundant and scathing news stories not withstanding, it is President Bush's unshakable resolve to stay the course in Iraq that has divided and disoriented Congressional Democrats who had hoped to placate their far-left base by implementing an immediate course of withdrawal.

However, in the face of a President who shows some good old-fashioned "spine," at least in this one area of his policy, the Democrats dare not indulge themselves in official defeatism and retreat. The contrast between the two camps would ultimately prove devastating to them.

Likewise, the immovable pro-life advocacy, and the abundance of social mores that it encompasses, perpetually threatens to stigmatize Democrats as callous and indifferent to the most helpless and innocent among us. And indeed they are. But they simply cannot prosper politically if perceived in such a manner. Hence, a continuing series of acts and charades intended to camouflage their real mindset.

On her inauguration/coronation day, Nancy Pelosi surrounded herself with grandchildren, not surprisingly earning adulations from a fawning press. But more significantly, she has pursued a strategy of minimizing such past actions as her staunch, pro-abortion voting record. And Hillary's behavior has amounted to no less of an attempt to disarm the opposition by pretending to be somewhere in the "middle" regarding that issue as well as virtually all others.

By their obvious timidity at admitting who they truly are, the Democrats are telling their would-be opponents where and how they can be beaten. Democrats could not hope to carry off their current ruse during the '08 contest for the White House if they find themselves contrasted against a truly conservative, pro-America and pro-family Republican whom the voters know they can trust as an unwavering advocate of such principles.

Now it only remains for that individual to announce a Republican candidacy and persuade America that he is in the race until the end. ESR

Christopher G. Adamo is a freelance writer and staff writer for the New Media Alliance. He lives in southeastern Wyoming. He has been active in local and state politics for many years. His contact information and archives can be found at www.chrisadamo.com.


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