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By R.A. Hawkins
web posted February 19, 2007

Huey P. Long was once asked if he thought that fascism would ever come to America. He said that if it did it would be called anti-fascism. I noticed that was one of the quotes left out in Sean Penn's rendition of the Huey P. Long story. I often wondered why they decided to do that movie. I guess it had to do with the fact that he took on a bunch of corrupt corporations and politicians in Louisiana. For those of you that aren't aware of it, let's just say the Democrats have always had a very strong grip on Louisiana. They did an awesome job of whining after Hurricane Katrina.

But I said earlier that it wouldn't take very long before the Democrats would show what they really are all about again. The Pelosicrats will do a fine job of undoing themselves in short order. I bring to you this week a stellar example of what I mean. I'm talking about one Ms. Sheila Jackson-Lee.

Sheila Jackson-LeeShe has introduced several bills that should really get your attention, the first of which is H.R. 254. This bill is supposedly designed to bring an end to ‘Hate Speech'. It is called "The David Ray Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007". In this bill she speaks to how hate speech affects interstate commerce. By the way folks, that is one of the few things that Congress is supposed to have any regulatory power over at all. As if she hadn't pointed out adequately how this affects interstate commerce, she went on to say that articles that have been procured through interstate commerce have been used in hate crimes. Duh ya think?

The point is that she is going to try to make it illegal to say certain things because someone might be offended. Never mind the fact that having congress critters that don't know anything about the law or history, making law is very offensive to me. I really wonder if the person that runs against her in the next election will have the intestinal fortitude or brains to use these laws against her. (S)he would be a slam-dunk. All one has to do to see where this will lead is to look at the mess in Europe over stupid laws like this. Somehow this reminds me of the time that that brave icon of manly virtue Jacques Chirac had to apologize for saying that the rioting Muslims in France were a bunch of hams just trying to get on television by lighting cars on fire. He tried to apologize for the pork reference and when that wasn't enough, he then denied they were Muslims in the first place. Okay you're right. That never happened. But anyone that thought I was saying something nice about Chirac hasn't read me before. But that is part of the point here. They are so afraid of speaking the truth over there because of these idiotic laws that they are undermining themselves, and that fate is drawing close here too if we don't' pay attention. Our media always leaves out the possibility of terrorism when reporting on possible terrorism for fear of offending the enemy.

But Ms. Jackson hyphen Lee has not stopped there. In H.R. 264 she is trying to say that the House of Representatives and the Senate are closer to the people and therefore they should be the only ones who ever comment on any law whatsoever. She states that The President should only sign or veto any law put before him. He isn't supposed to discuss the constitutionality of said law. She and the Democrats aren't satisfied with just muzzling the general populace who they (the anti fascists) are sooooo much closer to. She also wants to muzzle the president of The United States of America! In order to display the importance of her law she quotes a New York Times editorial from May 5, 2006. Now there's something important - the words of the gray hag rag!

As I was writing this I checked the word count and it was 666. Sends tingles up and down my spine, let me tell you!

But our Congresswoman from Texas hasn't stopped there either. She has yet another one. It's H.R. 256. In this one it would be illegal for anyone to sell a firearm to anyone who doesn't have an approved gun cabinet. Now that's just another one of those impossible laws to deal with and we all know that the real idea here is that it is impossible to verify if someone has the ‘state approved gun cabinet'. That makes gun sales illegal. This is just another stealth maneuver on gun control, very similar to one that McCain tried in his home state. In this bill she also wants to ensure that all persons under the age of eighteen present at any gun show are accompanied at all times by an adult. So that will require special escort police to enforce that one.

It is the same as it always is from the left. It's more anti-fascism. Put some more lipstick on that pig you clowns.

Go to http://thomas.loc.gov/ and type H.R. 254 or H.R. 264 or H.R. 256 in to read the bills for the 110th Congress. ESR

R.A. Hawkins is the author of "Through Eyes of Shiva", available through http://www.amazon.com/. Visit http://www.entropical-paradise.com/ -- Entropical Paradise - The Home Of R.A. Hawkins for more commentaries and editorials by R.A. Hawkins. Comments are always welcome. Please send them to ra_hawkins@earthlink.net. © 2007 R.A. Hawkins


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