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Group says John Paul II to return as anti-Christ

By Robert Duncan
web posted February 5, 2007

When Pope John Paul II died we at Spero News wrote a few articles looking at how some extremist Christians were linking his death to End Times Theology.

Well, it continues.

World's Last Chance, a group that takes reading the Bible to all-new-extremes, claims to be "exposing one of the last unfulfilled prophecies of the Bible. Specifically, World's Last Chance believes that they have found clues within scripture that suggest Pope John Paul II is coming back ... and will be the next pope after Benedict XVI.
That's right, as crazy it sounds, they believe that Pope John Paul II is going to magically appear here on earth and make our lives hell. With folks like this, it's no wonder that Christians get a bum rap.

"How will the next pope be John Paul II?" says Dahlia Doss of World's Last Chance, "According to the book of Revelation in the Bible, chapter 17, it will appear to the entire world that John Paul II has returned from heaven, but in reality, this phenomenon, as prophesied, will be a demon impersonating the deceased John Paul II." 

Incidentally, Dahlia Doss and World's Last Chance also offers "Eight Universal Natural Remedies to Obtain Heaven's Healing" that espouses pseudo-medicinal tips like, "Disease comes because we are violating God's physical laws." And the remedies? "These true remedies are pure air, sunlight, abstemiousness, rest, exercise, proper diet, the use of water, and trust in divine power," they claim. Okay, I'll buy that if we lead a healthier life we have a better chance of being healthy, but what about all those cases of healthy vegetarians croaking with heart attacks - what was their sin?

Using scare tactics, the group says, "it is unwise to ignore divine premonitions without ascertaining their source, nor is it safe to reject an interpretation whilst being unable to fault it, or at least find another explanation that so accurately fits this yet to be fulfilled prophecy as does this interpretation. This is the present challenge, open for all."

While I am still trying to figure out what that means, I find it not surprising that World's Last Chance lumps fearmongering, politics, medicine and religion into one bag with ominous tones and forecasts of a future One World Order, which would supposedly be all the more easy for the coming anti-Christ-Pope-John-Paul-II to manipulate. Under a drawing of President George W. Bush and Pope John Paul II on their website readers are warned that not only does the Catholic Church support a One World Order, but so too does the United States government.
I found out about World's Last Chance through a press release they sent out announcing a new video (at Santificarnos.com) touting its "new discovery." Basically, the video is a lesson in shoddy logic and twisted sola scriptura (where the Bible is the ultimate authority) arguments to justify that John Paul II was killed and will come back to haunt us all.

John Paul II happens to be the most loved pope in modern history. The World's Last Chance Team believes that this is one of the reasons why Satan will choose to impersonate him.

According to the prophecy, John Paul II will appear as the 'resurrected' pope 'returning from heaven' with a special message embracing a 'divine commission' directly from God. He will claim that this message is the only solution to the ever-incrementing and rapidly escalating calamities of this world. But in reality, his satanic commission is inspired by the father of lies with the sole goal of deceiving and eternally ensnaring the whole world.

"We would not dare make such a crazy and obnoxious assumption, at the risk of our reputation and even our lives, if it were not based on sound interpretation of infallible Biblical prophecy. The Bible is the only accurate prophecy book which has never failed the test in providing, at innumerable times throughout history, the most accurate prophecies often thousands of years before they even happened. How can we question such a divine authority?

- World's Last Chance

World's Last Chance says that it is a ministry "operated by a small team of volunteers dedicated to sharing, the last message of mercy given in the Bible, before the Second Coming of Christ," marking the end of the world (or the beginning of the end) depending upon which Christian theology you choose.

Interestingly enough, World's Last Choice seems to also struggle with the main message that God is love. On the FAQ on their website they pose the question, "How can a website that denounces mainstream Christianity be founded on love?"

The answer is a classic case of avoiding the question, if not redefining it. "As all things go, there are two kinds of love: the true and the counterfeit," claims World's Last Choice. "True love is the character of God because God is love (1 John 4:8). God's character is expressed in the Ten Commandments. To know God as He is--this is the science of all goodness and truth and righteousness. We must obey every expression of His character as revealed in His law, so by highlighting the true Sabbath of God we are revealing God's love."

Mind you, just as some the Muslims have their fanatics (Taliban anyone) pontificating faulty newly interpreted theology, so too does the World's Last Choice organization have it in for the vast majority of Christians. In fact, to use their own words one gets the very distinct feeling that most Christians just aren't Christian enough. 

"The Bible, and the Bible alone, is their creed and rule of faith because God's Word is infallible," claims the group, which adds that "adhering to the Bible only, rather than man's tradition, inspires them to call attention to the fact that God's holy day of worship is Saturday."

"Worshipping God on His holy day will be the final test for God's people before the Second Coming - will we obey God or man?" asks the organization.

The World's Last Choice doesn't have an answer for how after 2000 years of Christianity they are suddenly the holders of the "Truth." From their statements they suggest they are a radical offshoot of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

"We do not belong to any Christian church or denomination. The Bible-based Statement of Beliefs we endorse is not accepted by any church, no longer even by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This compels us to distance ourselves from today's churches as they do not follow the Bible."

This smacks of a gnostic Doomsday cult, where a few folks get together and decide that they alone are the ones who hold the truth - something that has been hidden for centuries from the world's greatest minds. At the least it's a sign of a profound sense of delusion.

For those who are interested in real debate regarding End Times Theology I invite you to check out some of the various debates on the subject at the Spero News Forum. ESR

Robert Duncan is a journalist and ombudsman for foreign press in Spain. He is a board member and honorary vice-president for the Organización de Periodismo y Comunicación Ibero-Americana. Robert was the bureau chief for an international news agency in Madrid for many years, and was published regularly in Dow Jones Newswires, with articles appearing in The Wall Street Journal. He has also been published in World Catholic News, National Catholic Register, Renew America, Lifesite.net, as well as Capital Hill Coffee House, Common Conservative, The Conservative Voice, Enter Stage Right, News By Us, Conservative Crusader, World Net Daily, Mens News Daily and others. He is News Editor for Spero News, blogs at Pelican Press, and maintains the Santificarnos website.


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