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"What d'ya expect?!"

By Michael Moriarty
web posted February 2, 2009

These days I often think of my life-changing exit from a movie theatre where I'd just seen the film Elvira Madigan. I was, like most were, quite moved by this drama of double suicide until I heard a fellow audience member exclaim: "What d'ya expect when you hunt butterflies with a .38?!"

Hmmm … one of those indelible moments of divinely insightful comedy that come back to haunt you repeatedly. Of course, you are obliged to see the film to completely understand. That movie is certainly worth a second look these days. The musical score alone - by Mozart - is worth the price of admission.

Those words of an audience member, however, entered my mind while pondering the plight of Gaza. Though moved by news videos of the destruction, I thought, "Well, what do you expect when you chase Israelis like butterflies, hoping to pull their wings off, and you target them with rockets?!"

Now pondering President Obama's first few days in office and his campaign promises, I think, "What do you expect when you, while living out your own natural lifespan, think you're doing the human race a favour by applauding the execution of millions of gestating infants and disposing of an increasing number of the elderly by euthanasia?"

What d'ya expect?!

I think there's a suicidal element to all three of these exemplary nightmares: Elvira Madigan, Hamas and increasingly Progressive America.

"We will restore science to its rightful place," said President Obama in his inaugural.

Hmmm again!

Though religion has had its "bad days" throughout history, science and scientists certainly picked up a few horrifying self-images in Europe during World War II.  The inventor of Zyklon B, the gas that exterminated over six million human beings in Nazi concentration camps, was a Nobel Prize winner. The brilliant film, Dr. Strangelove, made a black comedy out of such science and scientists. Winston Churchill eventually labelled the "eugenics" of his fellow countryman, mathematician Francis B. Galton, and its export to Nazi Germany, "that perverse science!"

Science, even more recently than religion, has set world records for the speedy and efficient delivery of what most of us common folk call "death". They don't call it a "woman's right" in the same way they didn't call slavery "a property right". They call it death and slavery.

In addition, the same set of scientists and legal elites that passed the Roe v. Wade decision, seem to have been mirrored by the same kind of American Supreme Court that defended slavery with the Dredd Scott decision.

History, in the cases of both the American Civil War and the Second World War, has concluded that science is as evil as slavery when it treats human beings as disposable items. If the entire human race becomes a slave to science, what can we possibly expect? The same American Supreme Court that defended slavery has somehow come up with the defence for abortion.

Through a jury of both scientists and former lawyers of the Supreme Court, we have a "two-trimester" distinction regarding the beginning of human life. Our President, also a lawyer, says the description of when life begins is "above his pay-grade" to either agree or disagree with.

What can possibly be above the pay-grade of Harvard Law. Harvard lawyers regularly represent and frequently defend billionaires.

The question of when does life begin therefore can be dodged and left unanswered while legalized murder can be held up to America as a human right, like slavery's property rights. It takes a great lawyer to be able to talk himself off the hook like that.

As with Elvira Madigan, "What d'ya expect?!" Particularly when you give your moral common sense away to lawyers.

This is actually the Supreme Court's third moral strikeout. In addition to the Dredd Scott and the Roe v. Wade decisions, there is the Buck v. Bell legalization of forced sterilization.

Thomas Jefferson, albeit a slaveholder, warned us about the Supreme Court and the level of unchallengeable power it carries.

With Roe v. Wade as a third strike and the Progressive hegemony within the American government not even dealing with the profound moral questions that abortion raises, I suspect we're in a greatly expanded version of Elvira Madigan.

As most of us know, the Catholic Church holds suicide as cardinal a sin as abortion. Challenging the Roman Church like this seems rather like the essence of Elvira Madigan itself.

So, what may we expect when America hunts gestating infants with a document that legalizes murder?

It's very dangerous for all involved, rather like hunting butterflies with a .38 or Israelis with rockets.

It is, indeed, the long way around to certain suicide … for Elvira Madigan herself, for Hamas and for an increasingly Progressive America, a nation in such a hurry, and filled with its own hubris, it can't see the Grand Canyon ahead of it.

As Abraham Lincoln predicted, "America will never be conquered by a foreign power. If this nation is destroyed, it will be by suicide!"

Elvira Madigan is certainly worth a second look now. The suicidal reasoning within it should be disturbingly familiar. And let me remind you, suicide was very fashionable in those days … though hardly as fashionable as "Progress" is these days.

In closing, another heartfelt tribute to Canada and Prime Minister Stephen Harper! Not only did Canada not condemn Israel in the United Nations for defending itself, the American terrorist, William Ayers, was not allowed into Canadian halls of learning to romanticize the Sixties and its anti-American violence. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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