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Governors must forget the federal trough

By J.B. Williams
web posted February 2, 2009

Governors across America are shoving their way to the federal feeding trough in an effort to gain access to the trillions of leftist taxpayer funded bailouts. Numerous state governments have failed to manage their own budgets and now they want taxpayers to bail them out too...

Governors should take careful note of what strings are attached anytime the leftist fed offers its helping hand. The troubled economy is dragging all government budgets into the drink. But let's not overlook how the economy became troubled in the first place and let's not continue on that same path any farther.

Less than a hundred years ago, less than 5% of the U.S. GDP was consumed by taxes. Today, more than 60% of GDP is consumed by taxes, local, county, state and federal. One income was enough for the average household just fifty years ago. But that was before half of every dollar earned was confiscated through punitive taxation.

Now, the average American household needs at least two incomes to maintain the same standard of living once paid for by one. Government is thousands of times bigger than it was ever intended to be, and no amount of GDP can keep up with government's unquenchable urge to keep spending.

If half of every private dollar earned won't balance the government budget, nothing will... There is no amount of money that irresponsible politicians can't outspend.

While congressional Republicans work to defeat the leftist entitlement spending spree being sold as an "economic stimulus" in Washington, governors across the country lobby Washington in a quest for their "fair share" of those entitlement funds.

When will politicians come to grips with the fact that the American taxpayer is entitled to something too? They are entitled to fiscal responsibility from the people who keep taking and taking and wasting and wasting their hard earned property, in the false Marxist premise of some greater communal good!

In a recent column, Freedom is not for Everyone, I demonstrated just how the home of the brave has been converted into the spineless land of the free-ride, and as a result, why the nation is on a fast track for complete collapse. State governments have now become a part of that problem...

Leading the governors' charge towards the federal trough are the five worst run states in the nation, covered in detail, in my column Dems to Run the Country Like They Ran Their Blue States (Into the Ground).

But now GOP governors have climbed aboard freebie train, demanding their "fair share" of the funny money.

As Newsmax reports, "2008 GOP vice presidential nominee, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, scheduled meetings in Washington this weekend with Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and other senators to press for her state's share of the package. - Florida Gov. Charlie Crist worked the phones last week with members of his state's congressional delegation, including House Republicans. Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas, the Republican vice chairman of the National Governors Association, planned to be in Washington on Monday to urge the Senate to approve the plan."

GOP governors are now adopting an "If we can't beat them, we should join them" approach to their state budget woes. Since disastrous leftist spending in Washington has left almost every state bankrupt as well, they are looking to the fed to buy them out of danger... But do they really want to be owned and controlled by the fed?

From banks to homeowners, union workers to corporate CEOs, congressional leftists to GOP governors, everyone in the nation seems to have their hand out today. Yet in every case, they are begging for access to confiscated taxpayer funds that were spent long ago. Every penny in new government spending is a new dollar in borrowed taxpayer debt.

In Congressional Democrats Bankrupted the Nation and Obama, Pelosi and Reid Push to Dig National Hole Deeper, I chronicle the step-by-step process, how the most prosperous and powerful nation on earth was systematically driven into bankruptcy by almost a hundred years of horrendous government fiscal policy.

Yet here we are, trying to spend our way out of a day of reckoning, via more of the same insane fiscal irresponsibility that brought us to this point in history.

Republicans were tossed from political power by conservative voters, not leftists. Conservatives have lost all faith in their conservative party leadership and based upon the current GOP rush to support the secular socialist agenda of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama, I'd say the RNC has not yet seen just how far they can fall from political power. They are not at rock bottom yet, but give them a few more weeks...

We the People

Because freedom loving Americans failed to stop modern Marxists from taking full control of all branches of the federal government, they have no choice but to fight every battle themselves.

To stop Obama's leftist march into unbridled Marxism that can only end in the complete collapse of the American economic system, they will have to force congressional Republicans to stand tall on their behalf. If they fail, America will soon see events like those unfolding in Iceland, in her own streets.

But to convince congressional Republicans to stand tall in the face of the enemy within, conservatives will have to first convince their local state officials to stop their rush to the federal trough and the feet of the new "Obamessiah"...

Failed fiscal policy requires a new fiscal policy, not an accelerated version of the same.

Freedom loving Americans are on the brink of losing it all within just the next few days or weeks. Apathy and tolerance for insane leftist spending in the face of total economic collapse is the worst possible strategy for defending freedom and returning the nation to fiscal stability.

Freedom loving Americans understand that the continued downsizing of private enterprises and further tightening of the household belt will only result in an accelerated erosion of the overall economy. They must convince their elected officials to downsize government instead....

State governments must save themselves by cutting state spending to live within the means of current or lesser taxation, freeing up private resources that will reignite private spending and real economic growth.

Americans must contact their state governors and tell them to come up with state solutions to state budget challenges and stop following the rush to the federal trough. The federal trough is already well past empty...

If GOP governors don't lead the way in fiscal reform of a nation headed for bankruptcy, nobody will... If freedom loving Americans don't make this fight personal and fast, nobody else can. Contact your Governor today! Tell them to do the job they were hired to do. Tell them to govern your state and stop begging Washington leftists for a hand out, only necessary due to their own past failings... Tell them that this time, the buck stops with them. Tell them to tighten their own belts for a change! ESR

© 2009 J.B. Williams


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