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The Haunted Heaven: Chapter Thirty Three: The Progressive Zombie Rest Home

By Michael Moriarty
web posted January 30, 2012

I'm, as they say, "at a loss" over this Republican Primary race.

My initial hope was for both Sarah Palin and Allen West to enter the final chapter of Election 2012, and to do so as the Republican Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates.

Was I handed a reality shake-up!!

After my third hopeful, Herman Cain, was pushed out of the race as well, I looked at the remaining and very long list of Republican damaged goods and realized that the only reminder of Palin, West and Cain left was Rick Santorum.

I must admit, as Sarah Palin has, that Newt Gingrich, at his belligerent best, can put our hopes back in the quintessentially American brand of ornery eloquence. She also sees the same MSM assaults on him that were directed at her.

Newt Gingrich's "baggage", however, would break the back of most men, let alone one in his sixties. Then again Winston Churchill staggered for decades under his disastrous decisions for "The Dardenelles" in World War I.

America could certainly use some version of Winston Churchill at this present moment. Could that hope be Newt Gingrich? I once thought so.

That most recent debate in Florida, however, corroborates the reasons for Sarah Palin's outrage and the obvious effect the MSM is having on Gingrich. He looked and sounded tired and defensive.

Besides, the Reagan Revolution by a President in his seventies, was swiftly transformed by the Bush/Clinton America into the Obama Nation. We need a much longer-lasting antidote to this Marxist euphemism called "Progressive America" than disciples of the Bush family.

Besides, Rick Santorum is the obvious man for Sarah Palin to be supporting. He's the one most like Sarah Palin during her first and very exciting appearance on the national stage of American politics.

Why isn't Sarah Palin supporting Rick Santorum?

This blazing inconsistency puts me "at a loss" as well.

What kind of insanity is running around the entire American conservative movement that seems to insure the reelection of President Barack Obama?

With Romney or Gingrich and both their records as his opponents, Obama could, as they say, be "hitting the bull's eyes" of their past mistakes and inconsistencies and do so blind-folded. That means without a teleprompter.

Rick Santorum is not such an easy target. Besides his classically Eliot Ness,

"Untouchable" image, his growing eloquence, due to the debates, has only made him stronger, more concise in his thoughts and therefore more dangerous to his debating opponents.

My most certain thought about the hoped for salvation of the United States is the time and energy an American Savior must exert to turn around this "fundamental transformation of the United States".

The Tea Party Phenomenon must, in its turn, "transform" not only the Obama Nation but the bipartisan Progressive and New World Order Vision behind over forty years of growing American hypocrisy. The heart of America's worst corruption since the Dred Scott decision and legalized slavery, began in 1973 with the Roe v Wade decision legalizing abortion. Escaping that nightmare demands a consistently vibrant vision that must not only occupy the White House for eight years but must also leave an even greater impression upon the American people than Ronald Reagan did.

Is that possible?

Winston Churchill left such a similarly positive impression upon the entire Free World.

Can an aging Newt Gingrich do it?

Can a compromised, undeniably Progressive friend of the Bush Family, Mitt Romney, do it?

Or can the young firebrand, Rick Santorum be the only one credibly strong enough to do it.

I obviously don't trust Mitt Romney.

If Newt Gingrich could only last four years as Speaker of the House, how can he hold two terms as President of the United States? Gingrich would have to become a demagogic superstar in the eyes of Americans in order to counter the obviously bitter feelings Gingrich's political colleagues and the MSM have toward him. How fast would that scenario explode in Newt Gingrich's already "grandiose" facade?!

Which is a better bet?

Gingrich's "dictatorial old fox"?

Or Santorum's "young firebrand"?



He carries none of either Romney's or Gingrich's "heavy baggage". By the end of a President Santorum's eight years in the White House, his banishment of the Obama Nation from American politics would be the equivalent of Winston's Churchill's immeasurable part in the miraculous salvation of the Free World and its defeat of the Nazi/Fascist Axis. In this case, our greatest enemy is the Progressive Axis of a New World Order, Hitlerian and Stalinist in its lust for power over the entire human race.

Tragically, however, America and Americans are as blind to the dangers of the Obama Nation as Europe was to the menacing dreams of not only the Nazi/Fascist Axis but Joseph Stalin's megalomania as head of the Soviet Union.

Remember Mao's face hanging from a branch of the White House Christmas Tree?

Mao ornament

When it comes into focus?

It really looks like this:

Obama as Mao

Is that what you want for a Christmas present this year?

I believe if you don't support Rick Santorum, that is what you'll have not only hanging around the White House but putting the final steel bars into the "Progressive" New World Order prison. The "Progressive" NWO is the Zombie tomb that Nixon and Kissinger, the Bushes, the Clintons and the Obama Nation have built for America's formerly fertile garden of individual freedom and responsibility.

Those Progressive NWO families think they've saved the world.

They've actually capitulated to Karl Marx and are building a cage for the walking-liars.

The "lie" is not the fact that these Sorosian Progressive "Zombies" are, indeed, actually alive. They are.

It's the Progressively blind belief that these Oba-Maoists in the White House, as even envisioned by Michael Jackson and prisoners in the Philippines, are at all interested in telling the truth.

The Great Lies, such as a desperate need in America for Obamacare or immanent Global Warming or the environmental fairy tales that prevent the oil pipeline of Canada from entering the United States, these New World Order Manipulative Lies can, indeed, be sustained by both a second term for Obama or another President such as either Romney or Gingrich, both of whom are directly connected to the Council On Foreign Relations and its own New World Order dreams.

Let's give the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence a renewal and another fresh start with Rick Santorum! To do otherwise is only a choice between Dr. Obama's cyanide prescriptions or the Romney/Gingrich Slow Suicide, Zombie Dance.

Rick Santorum will take out the New World Order's "improvements" to America's founding documents, and eradicate the "Progressive" erosions to the virtual foundations which the United States has always danced vibrantly upon.

The Walking Nightmare of Progressive America, so exposed by the Tea Party Counterrevolution, must end! Otherwise, the freest nation in the world will have built its own, Marxist prison, a Zombie Rest Home to forever, with the invaluable help of Neo-Soviet Russia and Communist China, lock the entire human race in.

The Eternal Enemy of the Judeo-Christian Civilization, according to the Bible, was inevitable. He arrived over a century ago. The anti-Christ's name is Karl Marx. That Marx was a profoundly anti-Semitic Jew reveals how ultimately suicidal the entire, Marxist New World Order has always been. Yet, like Zombies, the human race is being led by this Marxist Pied Piper right off the cliff of life and into the Grand Canyon of Marxist Death.

This next election looks like America's last chance to save herself and her fellow man. The 2012 election will, indeed, be a literal cliff-hanger. With the wrong choice, America's fall will be swifter than even Hitler's rise to power.

The right choice to end Obama's "fundamental transformation of the United States of America" into a Zombie Rest Home … actually the only choice left … is Rick Santorum! ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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