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Occupiers or Tea Partiers?

By Henry Lamb
web posted February 13, 2012

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Imagine how the media would react were the Tea Parties to behave as the Occupiers have. Take a few minutes to view some of this video (2:09), or this video (2:08). Occupiers demand to "occupy" whatever they wish as a First Amendment right, but they will not allow Tea Party people (:52- explicit) to exercise their First Amendment rights. 

Take a look at this video (1:20).  The difference between the two groups is quite dramatic.   Now see what happens when Occupiers are challenged by Tea Party people (4:02).  Occupiers seem to believe that someone, perhaps the rich or the government, owes them something. 

The Occupier in this video (1:42) says that all Senators, present and past,  are a part of the one-percent who own 40-percent of the nation's wealth.  He asks how this happened, and says that non-violence is not the answer.  He says that ultimately, the rich will not go without a violent revolution.

Occupiers seem to believe that someone owes them a job and a livable income, and a home, at least, and perhaps more.   These ideas are consistent with Marx and Engels' 19th century thinking, but have consistently failed every society that has tried to live by them.  Nevertheless, a consistent theme at all Occupy sites is "down with capitalism," and "up with socialism."

Tea Partiers, on the other hand, expect nothing from their fellow citizens; and from government, they expect to be protected from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution. As the Declaration of Independence declares that all people are:

"…endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Throughout all of nature, all of God's creatures are endowed with these same rights; nothing more.  Why do Socialists, and Occupiers, think they are entitled to anything else?

Occupiers move into an area where they claim to have a right to pitch tents, pile up their sleeping gear, have sex and drug parties, without any regard for the law that prohibits camping, and no respect for other people who have exactly the same right to access the space they occupy.  Rep. Maxine Waters embraces this activity, while holding a completely different view of the Tea Parties.

Why are the Tea Party people not camping out in public spaces, breaking windows, spray-painting vulgar graffiti on other people's property, and burning the American flag?

Tea Party people love America, respect the U.S. Constitution, and the rule of law.  Tea Party people want to change the law at the ballot box, not by intimidation and violence.  From the interviews that appear on television, Occupiers have no idea what their policy goals are.  When asked by the media, the more articulate occupiers mumble something about one-percenters and the "rich."  In contrast, every Tea Partier agrees that the size and power of the federal government must be reduced; the tax system must be reformed; and the rapidly-growing $15 trillion national debt must be eliminated, and a balanced budget Amendment must be adopted. 

To achieve their goals, Tea Party people are not creating havoc in the streets in hopes of getting the media to focus on what they claim is "police brutality."  Tea Partiers are conducting thousands of meetings in local communities across the county.  They are learning about policy options and political procedures.  Tea Party people are attending meetings of their city councils and county commissions. They are getting acquainted with their local political leaders.  They are teaching their political leaders and their elected officials about the dangers of implementing policies that infringe or destroy private property rights in the name of "sustainable development."

Tea Party people are identifying new candidates and helping prepare to replace elected officials who share the Occupiers' belief that the "rich" and government owe them a living.  The mid-term election in 2010 is a preview of the effectiveness of the Tea Party's strategy.  Tea Party people, and the 9.12 groups, are discovering and working with local groups that promote property rights, tax reform, the 2nd Amendment, and a host of other Constitutional issues.

This naturally occurring coalition has become The Freedom Movement.  With increasing frequency, these groups are exchanging information and coordinating activities that tend to multiply their effectiveness.

The elections on November 6, 2012 will determine whether America chooses to follow the Occupiers, embraced by the Democrats, led by President Obama, or reject President Obama- and restore the U.S. Constitution to its rightful place of respect, and return America to the land of the free, as envisioned by our Founders. ESR

Henry Lamb is the author of "The Rise of Global Governance,"  Chairman of Sovereignty International, and founder of the  Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Freedom21, Inc.





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