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The banning of everything!

By Jane Gaffin
web posted February 10, 2014

I am convinced that the supposedly not-for-profit GONGOs (government-operated non-governmental organizations) were designed to keep hapless, aberrant droneheads off the streets. Since the year 2000, the 17,000 non-governmental organizations operating worldwide seems to have ballooned to over a million that comprise the rampaging army of untold numbers of social engineers who are trampling the rights and lives of ordinary people worldwide.

The communistic pimps at the United Nations need this astronomical number of doofuses to spread their evil like a dirty disease.

Like computer specialists are under pressure every year to dream up innovative apps the bosses can incorporate into computers or translate into new electronic gadgetry with which to bambozzle the buying public or be fired, the GONGO mouthpieces and socalled researchers must perform, else their senseless GONG show will be replaced with another senseless GONG show.

It takes a specific-type warped Marxist personality to wallow gleefully in propagandizing lies rather than spending time usefully ferreting out truth with which to educate the public. This modus operandi has sent GONGO participants to coming up with worthless, absurd ideas with which to divert the malleable public's mind from reality.

The GONGOers must wholesale whatever globaloney the United Nations and its proponents want dished out as sociallyunacceptable. The politically-correct gospel is then sold to the obedient talking heads of corporate-owned media and to the grafted bureaucratic policymakers and politicians.

These illustrious apparatchiks eventually pass laws and filter the drivel through the channels where various governmental departments within the apparatus forcefully regulate their fiction with an iron fist.

Bans on perfectly functional or healthy substances and products-- or tax them out of existence--seems to be the vaunted propaganda route GONGOs repeat to stay on the robust payrolls. Although time-tested prohibitions have proven to backfire into immeasurable crime waves while blowing up in the faces of politicians at the polling booths on election day, they soldier on. Innumerable countries over the centuries have followed temperance-league agendas into alcohol prohibition disasters on hackneyed excuses for curbing "excessive" drinking.

One way that notion crumbled was with a proliferation of hardboiled gangsters sprouting up who controlled the illegal trafficking trade. It also spelled a loss of taxes. Due to elusive independent distillers busy under the moonlight proved difficult for revenuers to catch and shut down the operations. Meanwhile, many trusting imbibers went blind or died painfully from drinking contaminated co'n likker laced with anti-freeze or gasoline for "flavoring" or "extra kick".

It is relatively recent history when American politicians were forced into an error admission. Within basically 14 years they lifted the national alcohol ban with the ratification of the U.S. Constitution in late 1933. What took them so long to learn? Politics and stupidity. But that hasn't stopped the GONGOs from taking another jab at the beverage industry, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

A few decades back, a bunch of government-sponsored lackeys were funded to demonize, and eventually ban, coffee. One purpose was to eliminate the ubiquitous "coffee break". Besides inconveniencing millions of consumers who would have to convert from their beloved beverage to a ghastly-tasting wartime ersatz substitute, the cruel intention was to put the numerous coffee growers in developing nations out of business. As a major cash crop and significant export product, coffee is one of the world's most widely-consumed beverages and a very lucrative business. It represents over 50 percent of some developing countries' foreign exchange earnings.

Why would the United Nations member states want to ruin that position for coffee-growing nations and their inhabitants? Without a cash crop to generate money, the coffee growers' land would be expropriated and the farmers forced to flee into the unfamiliar ghettos without the necessary skills to find meaningful employment in an urban environment.

Sinking its claws into the coffee industry was nothing short of the United Nations' sick joke to be played out by the controlling cabal of crazy, no-good, overly-rich, evil, corrupt, powermonging, megalomaniacal globalcrats who like to toy with their prey. The mendacious propagandizers, or "useful idiots" as Lenin would have tagged them, tried to appease the UN by promoting coffee as a carcinogenic beverage.

It didn't wash. The same bad-publicity campaign was tried against the chocolate industry. That campaign also whimpered out without leaving a politically-correct trace behind of any sinful side effects of chocolate. As with coffee, only the benefits and nutritional value derived from indulging in the ambrosial treat were reported. I can only guess that the anti-chocolate GONG show must have been silenced under pressure behind the scenes and was replaced with some other ridiculous GONG show.

However, a second swipe has been launched on chocolate by way of sneaking in the back door with an attempt to ban sugar. Without access to real sugar, chocolate and other industries would be forced to use harmful artificial sweeteners. And, in fine Agenda 21 blueprint style, the sugar-industry workers will be driven off the land and into the ghastly ghettos so the United Nations' Gang-Green club can re-wild the planet.

The sugar industry, under attack a few decades ago, was running ads lauding the substance as necessary for energy and pretty hair. Eventually, the aggression spluttered and subsided. Everybody went back to business-as-usual.

Now the dimwitted enablers are back in full force demonizing sugar under the false premise that it causes diabetes which gives them the "excuse" to go after outlawing soft-drink beverages, too. Sugar doesn't cause diabetes; an ill-functioning pancreas not secreting sufficient insulin to offset the sugar does.

The cure for diabetes was discovered by Mayo Clinic researchers in 1970. I was present to experience the staff's jubilation. Have you heard of Big Pharma manufacturing the cure? No, and you won't. The avaricious pharmaceutical companies that don't give a hang about your health would lose too much money on insulin. The industry invented pre-diabetes, Diabetes I, Diabetes II and is working diligently toward "selling" the medical community on Diabetes III.

Soon, every patient will be diagnosed as diabetic and be prescribed pills whether the person truly has the disorder or not. To ensure the machinations work, Big Pharma bribes physicians with attractive kickbacks for willingly over-dispensing the drugs. Can you smell "marketing racket"?

Neither does sugar cause obesity which is idiotically touted as a recent politically-correct disorder. It is not what you eat but how much you eat that causes fatness, you dummies. Most people are not overweight, despite the United Nations' ruse of wanting the public to believe that everybody would be healthier if they were underfed so they can be poured into an emaciated Twiggy mold that exhausted its popularity rage in the 1960s.

I do not know with certainty what happened behind the scenes with the chocolate or coffee businesses. But I can extrapolate that the godfathers of the powerful coffee cartels issued stern warnings that if policymakers planned on taking coffee down Tobacco Road somebody was going to wake up dead. The chumps wisely observed the "cease" and "desist" order. They shut up. Besides, the public weighed in heavily on this subject. Coffee became more popularized with the springing up of socially embraced, franchise coffee shops that advertise many flavors of expensively-priced java concoctions and free wi-fi for computer buffs.

It would have behooved the magnates who are facing the threat of bans on tobacco, alcohol, soft drinks, milk, salt, sugar, Vitamin D, Canola oil, guns, lightbulbs, plastic bags, doorknobs, Christian Bibles--even sunlight, water and oxygen--and a myriad of other legal and natural products to investigate and engage in whatever tactics were employed by the coffee cartels.

Whatever was said, it worked. Researchers dropped the negativisms and now seem to be extolling only the virtues gained from coffee consumption. However, that didn't deter governments. They have placed the onus for coffee consumption on the users through the socialized medical-and-mental health care services. Without legal intervention of the courts, the overseers for Zero Tolerance on tobacco, alcohol and salt usage fall under "mental illness". Since precipitated under the surreptitious Hillarycare days of 1993, the program has evolved into capturing uncooperative patients and locking them up as solitary-confinement prisoners and keeping them knocked out on dangerous psychotropics.

A diagnosis of "mental-illness" is synonymous with being labelled as a "potential domestic terrorist". For example, paying cash to buy a cup of Starbuck's pricey coffee is a definite indicator of a "mental disease".

Why else would doctors, dentists and statistic bureaus ask if you smoke? Drink alcohol? Use street drugs? Drink coffee? Own guns? And wrongly accuse you of eating too much salty canned goods, butter and sprinkling too much salt on your meals? Other signs of mental illness are body tattoos, hair died artificial colors, carrying backpacks, talking to oneself, eating meat, French fries, Campbell's soup, fast foods…and displaying intense aggravation under grilling by nosey bureaucratic bozos on the subject of these type "substance-abuses".

This is what one can expect as a fallout from socialized medicine. The "useful bureaucratic idiots" are mandated to carry out command-and-control over the lives of their patients who will lose all freedom of choice because Big Brother can make better lifestyle choices for them. In other words, these social workers are given directions to turn the Underlings into obedient statecontrolled robots.

What else can be expected when the Marxist twaddle continually demands that governments set up this program; fund that strategy; ban this substance; do this, do that; gimme, gimme, gimme?

It seemed the Establishment surely had us under lock-down mode and civilization was truly teetering at the edge of the precipice. Then I read Brandon Smith's uplifting words at Alt-Market.com:

"The establishment understands well that their criminality is clearly visible, and eventually, they will be personally subject to the rage of the people. The next fight could very well be the last for them."

I can only hope the public is outraged in a hurry before the twits do any more damage banning everything in sight. The only thing that can stop the small but powerful cult of elitists from perpetrating their con jobs on us is for "we, the people" to stop them in their tracks with a "cease and desist" order. It is incredible what these morons can dream up to keep themselves in the good graces of the United Nations.

Another proposal is to render air off limits unless individuals possess the financial wherewithal to pay the Gorey Gang-Green taxes on a "pay-as-you-go" scheme. If you can't pay? The valve on your oxygen supply will be turned off by Smart Control. The eugenicists will have a field day. Gore, a "useful idiot" in his own rights, also proposes an extra penalty for those who exhale CO2 . Those who can't afford to pay will be obviously banished from planet Earth.

This uselessness is nothing more than keeping the wheels of the money-grabbing United Nations extortionists greased at the expense of the Underlings who can ill-afford the nonsensical and unhealthy diktats. Yet it is surprisingly easy for the "esteemed" UN to keep finding eager puppets who can be corrupted with a relatively small amount of baksheesh.

It is past due for bringing on the outraged mavericks. The first item on the agenda is to dig into the rotten roots and ban the United Nations. This destructive, opulent, fat-cat organization has lingered more than 60 years too long. Then, let's get back to business-as-usual. ESR

Jane Gaffin is a freelance writer based in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada and can be contacted at janegaffin@northwestel.net or visited at www.janegaffin.wordpress.com.





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