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Romney's class act

By Bruce Walker
web posted February 2, 2015

The decision by Mitt Romney to take himself out of the race for the Republican nomination in 2016 and his endorsement of a new generation of conservative leaders shows that, however much Mitt may be a RINO, he is also a class act.  Romney made the same sort of selfless surrender in 2008 when he pulled out of a fierce battle for the Republican nomination, which he looked unlikely to win, because Romney felt that defeating Obama was more important.

Unlike many RINOs, Romney has been willing to wage political battles against Leftist giants.  In 1994, Romney ran a strong campaign against that most invincible icon of the Left, Teddy Kennedy, when Kennedy was seeking reelection to the Senate.   Had Romney won, that victory would have gone down as the most notable defeat of a Leftist in modern American political history.

Romney has actually won only one general election when he was elected Governor of Massachusetts in 2002.  Having almost no Republicans in the Massachusetts Legislature, and despite campaigning for Republican in the legislature in 2004, he still faced veto-proof majorities in both chambers in the second two years of his term.  While Mitt Romney can fairly be called both a political and a policy failure in Massachusetts, every governor in the last sixty years has been worse than Governor Romney.

While Romney is undoubtedly a RINO, he is precisely the sort of RINO most of us would like as a neighbor or the coach of our son's soccer team or a co-worker or a friend.  His long and happy marriage (including standing with his wife, Ann, facing the heartbreak of a dreadful disease), his wealth built on hard work, his cleaning up of the very messy and corrupt Winter Olympics, his willingness to be a Mormon missionary in France as a young man, and his almost palpable decency and good cheer make Mitt a good guy who surely would have been a vast improvement on Obama (although Romney, like Bush, will never preside over the sort of peaceful and lawful conservative revolution that our nation needs.)

Mitt Romney also is precisely the sort of guy who does not exist any longer in the radicalized and increasing anti-rational Democrat Party.  Bill and Hillary Clinton are raw sewage.  Al Gore is a half-witted and pompous puppet.  John Kerry hideously slandered his fellow soldiers in Vietnam.  Harry Reid shut down what was once considered the most important legislative deliberative body in the world. 

Who is the most personally honorable Democrat leader today?  Pelosi?  Biden?? Obama???  In fact, there are none at all.   Winning power, holding power, and exploiting power – this is virtually all that Democrats care about any longer. While there are certainly Republicans who have been corrupt, it is hard to find any Democrats who are no real louses or mired in nepotism or both.

We call these folks radical Leftists, but Leftism itself is no more than a racket (exactly like Marxism was simply a racket in the last decades of the Soviet Union.)  While the ideological opposite of these Leftists is limited government and individual liberty anchored in Judeo-Christian values, the personal opposite to the venality, dishonest and meanness of Leftists is found not only in Republicans like Ben Carson and Michelle Bachman, who are both right on the issues and the policies and live good and honorable lives, but also in the sort of wrong-headed  Republicans like Mitt Romney who also live good and honorable lives.

 It is our enemy who wants everything in live reduced to politics and power.  Our goal ought to be what Rick Perry said before embarking on his run for the Republican nomination in 2012 – to make Washington as irrelevant as possible in our lives.  We ought to find the collective, the hive, the cadre utterly repellant. 

That requires two different, but not divergent, paths.  First, of course, we need the radical conservative revolution which denudes Washington of nearly all power and shifts that power back to people or to their state governments.  If we do not prevail on that path, then things will never get better and may well get so bad that there is no cure for America.

Second, though, we need to have as many Americans as possible live their lives like Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin and Ben Carson, working hard in loving families and setting high personal standards for integrity and decency.  Particularly with the Leftist deconstruction of traditional values, this path is just as important, and Romney's life has been as good an exemplar of this as any in public life today. ESR

 Bruce Walker is the author of book Poor Lenin's Almanac: Perverse Leftists Proverbs for Modern Life and a contributing editor to Enter Stage Right.






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