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The Berkeley riot and the ferality of the left

By Daniel M. Ryan
web posted February 6, 2017

I’m sure you’ve heard quite a bit about the riot at U. Cal at Berkely that got Milo’s speech cancelled and a lot of conservatives assaulted. That riot was both disgraceful and revealing, of how much the progs with power turn a blind eye to the criminality of their own. It also reveals something important about us: we Conservatives, clearly, have internalized the rule of law to a much greater extent than the left. In a very real way, the left is feral in a way that we are not.

Sauce For The Gander....

One standard theme in Conservative commentary is illustrating the double standards we know exist. The following illustration highlights a different tilt one that we take for granted. The standard Marxist tripe asserts that Conservatives are law-and-order to protect their privileges: no matter what chi-chi form that twaddle takes, it’s always flung around. Conservatives’ real response to the Berkeley riot puts the lie to that tripe: it shows that we’ve internalized law-and-order. We are more restrained than the progs; our restraint shows even when we’re victimized.

  • When Milo’s speech gets cancelled by left-wing rioting, Conservatives complained to the Berkeley administrators and the mayor.
  • When Milo supporters get hurt or even injured during that riot, someone like Mike Cernovich canvasses for a civil-rights lawsuit.
  • When Gavin McInnes’s speech at NYU is disrupted, Conservatives call for the police or better security.
  • When a Conservative or alt-righter is doxxed, we go out of our way to point out that doxxing is a crime.
  • When one of us gets shafted by a false or frivolous accusation, our first action is to seek legal redress. We tend to counsel each other to be guarded against the possibility.
All of these responses are consistent with people restrained by their respect for law and decency. We’ve internalized these values so much, we cheer loudly when President Trump simply enforces the law against rioting or tweets that any university who lets the progs run wild might get its funding reduced. We take our restraints so much for granted, we never stop and think what we would do if we sunk to the left’s level.

Such as:

  • When the Black Bloc shows up to riot at a Conservative event, strong Conservatives get ready for a ‘70s-style bench-clearing brawl.
  • When Milo supporters get hurt or injured, a flying squad of Conservative brawlers leap after the assailant and pound him until he cries “uncle?.
  • When some antifa plays the Knockout Game with a right-wing figure, or pepper-sprays him, Conservatives leap into their own Knockout Game.
  • When a Conservative is doxxed, someone like “Turd Blossom? unleashes his own squad of doxxers to dox some lefties so as to “send a message.?
  • When a Conservative is shafted by a false and frivolous accusation, a dark squad of righties hit the dark web and pay a black-hat hacker to arrange a...set-up: again, to “send a message.?
Try playing each of these alternates in the theatre of your mind. How do you feel? Disturbed? Appalled? Disgusted?

The extent to which you react badly, is the extent to which you’ve internalized the norms of lawfulness and decency. You may be rankled at times, but you know in your heart that refusing to retaliate in kind means a lot more than being a cuck. It means you’re part of the bulwark that upholds civility and holds back bloody chaos.

...And The Dog And His Shadow

Although it’s tempting to despair at times, the innate restraints that Conservatives live by are a powerful advantage – especially in these days of social media, and insta-evidence via Periscope and Youtube. In a very real way, the progs have not assimilated the Information Age. Yes, that’s right: the same progs that Google and Facebook assiduously court do not fully realize how much the Internet has changed the game. Someone as high up as John Podesta gets suckered by a mere spear-phishing Email! Six- and seven-figure newsies dole out the same old narratives, blithely unaware that lots of ordinary folks are becoming good at fact-checking themselves. This blindness of theirs explains why the “fake news? propaganda bit blew up in their faces. Not only was it blown back, but also the very attempt very quickly created a cottage industry of folks calling out the fake news the MSM disseminates!

In the olden days, peddling the fantasy that the ‘right wing’ was responsible for the Berkeley violence would have stuck. But not now: not in the age of the phone cam. Not in an age where people can hit Youtube and see for themselves what really went down.

That’s exactly why Donald Trump’s theme of the “very dishonest media? stuck. In the olden days, the only ones who’d have believed him were the folks who trusted him or were convinced on other grounds. Not today! Anyone could read a media report on his speech, watch the speech itself on Youtube, compare the raw speech to how it was reported, and see for him- or herself how inaccurate the MSM was.

This is a profoundly new world: a world that heralds a day when the truth will run half-way ‘round the world while the lie puts on its running shoes.

In a word, the progs got greedy. Contrary to their woe-is-me bafflegab, they do have a lot of power. They had a lot of institutional power: the media, the educational system, the entertainment industry, outposts in the bureaucracy, and so on. Had they restrained themselves to the norms of truth and civitas, they would have won some and lost some – but they’d always be in the game.

But they got full of themselves; they got hubristic. Seeing a way to win more than they ought, they took the fatal step of dishing out Narratives that sometimes reach the scale of all-out whoppers. They coddled criminals, moving beyond maudlin sentimentality to seeing an advantage in coddling ferality. They became so consumed with their own articulateness, they’ve constructed themselves an echo chamber that left them blindsided by the result of the last election. Now, they face a world of Republican legislative dominance that’s not been seen since the days after the disillusioning World War I.

Ironically to the point of a cosmic joke, history and technology are on the side of us Conservatives. To a profound extent, the progs’ reliance upon violence is the supernovaing of their dying movement. Observe in how many ways they depend upon ordinary folks to react as if it were still 1965, or even earlier.

They, the gatekeeper types who use “I am educated? as a de facto synonym for “I climbed socially?, are so lacking in ordinary education that they’ve completely oblivious to the lesson of 1972. Ordinary Americans, in their citizens’ hearts, know that New-Left-style violence is profoundly wrong – and that there’s something wrong with people who condone or approve of it. We’re looking towards a day when the appellation “apologist for crime? is a real nail-down.

When that day arrives, we Conservatives will be rewarded for our decency, our law-abiding restraint, our adherence to the code of republican civility: the gulfic gap between words, however mean, and actions. The real lesson of 1972 is: those who observe those restraints, no matter how rankling it is in the short term, are eventually rewarded. 2020 is shaping up to be a harsh remedial lesson for the pseudo-educated lefties. ESR

Daniel M. Ryan, as Nxtblg, is shepherding the independently-run Open Audi Initiative Prediction Market Shadowing Project. He has stubbornly assumed all the responsibility and blame for the workings and outcome of the project.





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