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1619, my ass, New York Times

By Greg Strange
web posted February 3, 2020

Is there any reason for the lingering existence of the New York Times other than to endlessly denigrate and undermine the United States of America?  Any casual perusal of its unobjective pages reveals its devotion to leftist ideology above any concern for truth or accuracy.  And leftist ideology demands the destruction of the United States as we have known it.

Part of that task is to taint America’s history in order to delegitimize its present, making it all the more necessary to “fundamentally transform” the country.  Therefore, all of history is the Time’s ideological playground.  And what the New York Times is to history, a demolition derby is to driving, or a bull to a china shop.

To that end, the Times just last year hatched its inglorious “1619 Project.”  It’s all part of their interminable effort to delegitimize the country by claiming that the founding of the country actually occurred in 1619 and was based primarily on the stolen labor of slaves.  So, the basic, heartfelt message from the New York Times is: Happy 400th anniversary, America!  You suck!

So, what exactly happened in the year 1619?  Well, a boat that was carrying some 20 African slaves landed on the coast of what was at that time the British colony of Virginia and – guess what?  According to the New York Times, that was the first time slaves had been brought to America and therefore was “the beginning of the system of slavery on which the country was built.”

There’s just one thing wrong with this supposed 400th anniversary story that has the Times so giddy.  Those slaves had actually been part of a larger group that was being transported not to Virginia, but to Mexico by a Portuguese slave ship.  That ship was then attacked by English privateers near Veracruz who were probably looking for gold or silver, but settled for a few slaves, which they ended up taking to Virginia.

So the whole thing was nothing more than happenstance.  It wasn’t as if some Englishmen sailed to Africa, loaded up with slaves and then took them to Virginia, whereupon they declared, “Okay, let’s start us up a country and base it on slavery!”

But according to the New York Times, 1619 was it, baby, that was when it all began in a singular act of racist imperialism by white slaveholders.  See, the beginning of the country was not in 1775 at Concord with the “shot heard round the world.”  Nor was it in 1776 in Philadelphia with the Declaration of Independence.  And it wasn’t in 1789 when the United States Constitution, the greatest political document in history, took effect.  No, no, no, says the New York Times.  It was in 1619 with this utterly inconsequential event that nobody ever heard of.

Of course, this is a sick, stupid, leftist point of view.  The United States was no more founded on, or built on, slavery than was any other civilization in world history.  Slavery was a feature of its early life, just as it was a feature of life in virtually every civilization throughout human history.  There is nothing remarkable or uniquely evil about that.

Despite any of that, the “1619 Project” was launched, beginning with the idea of a single issue of the New York Times Magazine being devoted to the concept.  To no one’s surprise, though, and given the intemperate enthusiasm of the participants, it quickly developed into a full-fledged, open-ended project which goes on until . . . forever, maybe?

In any case, in that first issue of the New York Times Magazine was a series of essays, a few titles of which are presented here to give a flavor of what it was all about::

“American Capitalism is Brutal.  You Can Trace That to the Plantation.”

“Why is Everyone Always Stealing Black Music?”

“Why Doesn’t America Have Universal Healthcare?  One word: Race.”

“How Segregation Caused Your Traffic Jam.”

“Why American Prisons Owe Their Cruelty to Slavery.”

Get the picture?  Sixteen-nineteen, 2019, it doesn’t really matter.  America is still racist to the core.

But let’s talk about slavery for a moment.  All one has to do is consult Wikipedia – or any of the other myriad sources – on the history of slavery to see that it existed throughout history all around the world, including Mother Africa, where tribes enslaved each other and even today “is one of the regions most rife with contemporary slavery.”  Do you think that will be emphasized in the “1619 Project?”  Of course not, because that would clash with the idea that black people are somehow morally superior to whites simply because they were once enslaved by them hundreds of years ago.  (Millions of black Africans were also enslaved by Muslims, but let’s just keep that hush-hush since it would be Islamophobic to even mention it.)

Continuing with a simple Internet search on the history of slavery that any child could perform (but not, apparently, the New York Times). . .  Well, look at this.  In an article by Henry Louis Gates Jr. – esteemed African-American historian, scholar and filmmaker – are some numbers on how many Africans were transported across the Atlantic as part of the slave trade and what countries they were taken to.  Turns out that only a tiny percentage was brought to America.  Here are some specifics: America received about 388,000 and Brazil received – whoa, just under five million!  That’s well over ten times as many!

If your only source of information is left-wing propaganda like the New York Times, you might be shocked at such lopsided numbers because you probably thought that America was the worst slaveholding country in history.  In reality, it wasn’t even close, but it was one of the first to end slavery, fighting a very bloody war to that purpose.  Meanwhile, back in Mother Africa, right now, today, they’re still trying to stamp it out.

And by the way, just to get something straight . . .  This country was not “built on slavery” or “built by slaves” or any other similar leftist iteration.  Picking cotton is not equivalent to “building the country.”  The southern part of the country that held onto slavery the longest was hopelessly backward compared to the north, where the country was actually built through industry, invention and innovation.  In fact, it was built so well that it eventually became the number one destination for – guess who? – oppressed and poor peoples of color the world over.

That’s right, for the past bunch of decades the overwhelming majority of our immigration has come from the Third World and they continue to flock here like there’s no tomorrow.  Will there be any essays in the Times to explore why that is if America is so irredeemably racist?

How about an essay dealing with the 70%+ illegitimacy rate in the black community which has nothing to do with the legacy of slavery, but is the single biggest cause of social pathology, economic failure and lawlessness?  And will there be any essay about rap/hip-hop culture that self-destructively, and unapologetically, celebrates vulgarity, stupidity, misogyny and criminality?

In other words, will there be any essays that say anything at all about a people holding itself responsible for anything whatsoever that has gone wrong?  Or will it just be endless carping about 1619 and slavery and “white people bad, black people unassailably blameless?”

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, an integral part of the “1619 Project” is to get this distorted, propagandistic version of our history into the schools, starting with kindergarten, where children can be brainwashed in between nap time and learning the ABC’s.  From the viewpoint of the Times you’re never too young to start hating your country!

The “1619 Project” is a deplorable project of destructive leftist lies and distortions.  It will only contribute to senselessly keeping the country torn apart with inappropriate racial grievance long after the original cause of that grievance is over.  It’s all the more infuriating that the Times pushes this in a country that has done more than any other in human history to change from and atone for the wrongs of the past, none of which, by the way, are unique to America, or white people, but are universal failings due to the fallen state of man.

If the New York Times is still around in 2119, will this be how it celebrates the supposed 500th anniversary?  Unless good people with traditional values rise up and vociferously fight back against the relentless barrage of leftist lies about America’s past and present, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2020 Greg Strange.




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