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Who was the Capitol riot ringleader?

By Mark Alexander
web posted February 21, 2021

As the Democrat actors guild launched their theatrical impeachment farce against former president Donald Trump last week, the nation's capital looked like an occupied war zone — a city on lockdown under imminent threat of a terrorist attack. There are more than 6,000 National Guard personnel still on "defense" around the Capitol at a cost of almost $500 million, and an absurd array of hardened barriers topped with razor wire.

To emphasize and extend the drama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is treating Republican members like criminals, and Democrat Party protagonists want to make the terrorist barriers permanent.

Moreover, to nationalize the drama, the Biden/Harris regime ordered the Department of Homeland Security to issue a national terrorism alert warning (the first in years) about anti-government extremists, though admitting "DHS does not have any information to indicate a specific, credible plot."

So, what specific and credible threats can DHS verify?

Start with the Demo-constituent riots nationwide over the last six months, which historian Victor Davis Hanson notes resulted in "torching federal court houses and police precincts, 700 policeman injured, 40 people dead, $4-$5 billion in damages..." Democrats justify that violence, including the murder of police officers, under their wholly unfounded "systemic racism" lie, insisting that "police are the problem."

Since that DHS warning was issued, there was a violent insurrectionist battle with police in Bellingham, Washington — which you did not hear about, because some insurrections are acceptable. As political analyst Daniel Greenfield notes, "The [Southern Poverty Law Center] announced that it is shutting down its black nationalist hate groups category [and] will no longer list black racist hate groups because 'the hate is not equal.'"

Of course, you know the "anti-government extremists" Biden's DHS is warning about — grassroots American Patriots, who Demos are calling terrorists.

Consider the language House Intelligence Committee chairman and unhinged leftist Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) used to describe the Capitol mayhem: "It was the most dangerous moment for our democracy in a century. ... America has been through a Civil War, World Wars, a Great Depression, pandemics, McCarthyism, and now a Trumpist and white nationalist insurrection."

Thus, according to the irreparably delusional Schiff, the Capitol riot was "the most dangerous moment for our democracy in a century." He is out of his mind, but the rhetoric he is using is callously calculated to invite more violence.

As I wrote last week, "Demos are baiting and begging for more violence" — you know, as part of Biden's "unity theme."

Fact is, American Liberty is under assault, but not by conservatives across the nation or military personnel who have been stationed in DC as theatrical props. They are merely a smoke screen to obscure the real threat posed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, their Leftmedia propagandists, and their Big Tech First Amendment suppressors.

Regarding the "Capitol riot jackasses," in my assessment of that disgraceful incident, I wrote that it was no mystery why police were unprepared for the riot: "The real reason Capitol Police were not prepared for that fringe mob is that all law enforcement agencies expected Trump rally supporters to act like they always have — with civility and respect."

I noted further: "Given the upbeat and lawful tenor of ALL previous Trump rallies across our nation over the last four years, there was no reason to believe that a tiny element of last week's rally attendees, some fraction of 1% of those in attendance, would resort to the riotous thuggery associated with 'peaceful' leftist protests. Heretofore that has been the standard modus operandi of so-called 'Black Lives Matter' racists and so-called 'antifa' fascists. What happened on the Capitol grounds was unprecedented for a Trump rally."

In fact, those who battled with police outside and inside the Capitol building, by both appearance and action, certainly do not represent any marginally affiliated contingent of conservatives. They looked and acted more like the Demo-constituents clashing with DC Police last weekend, threatening to burn the city down, as they have done in other urban centers for the last six months.

So, the question remains, who were these thugs? Given that they were completely atypical of "Trump supporters" (as they have ubiquitously been tagged by Democrats and their Leftmedia), who were they?

Though a handful of them were leftist agitators, the majority were NOT. While many of those who followed the rioters into the Capitol were not combative, the atypical break-off group of violent radicals, clearly distinguishable from "Trump supporters," were much less likely inspired to violence by anything Donald Trump said than they were by the rhetoric spewed by a primary benefactor and promoter of that rally.

We now know that benefactor and promoter was InfoWars agitator and conspiracy theory charlatan Alex Jones. The 46-year-old Dallas native once claimed he stopped using marijuana because "it made me paranoid," then dropped out of Austin Community College to launch his paranoid conspiracy theory empire.

He has a long and sordid history of promoting wholly discredited conspiracy theories. This includes being a 9/11 truther, one who promotes the theory that the 9/11 Islamist attack was an "inside job." (Let's not get into the "fake" 1969 Moon landing, weather weapons, and "white genocide.")

In 2015, we took on Jones for promoting the conspiracy that a military exercise was actually "way worse than you realize," telling his adherents it was really about "the U.S. Army's plan to wage war on the American people." According to Jones, "Now this is just a cover for deploying the military on the streets... This is an invasion ... in preparation for the financial collapse and maybe even [Barack] Obama not leaving office."

Jones is currently being sued by parents of students murdered by a sociopath assailant at Sandy Hook elementary school. Those suits stem from claims by Jones that the deadly assault was "a giant hoax" and "as phony as a three-dollar bill."

He has amassed a substantial "alternate reality" cult following, and he has led heated "Stop the Steal" rallies since the election. We now know, based on FBI affidavits supporting charges against some of the rioters, there was advance planning of this incursion, some of which goes back to November, just after the election.

The Jones path to the Trump rally on 06 January, and the riot that followed, was paved by one of his InfoWars show hosts, former Trump adviser Roger Stone. According to Jones, "The White House told me three days before, we're going to have you lead the march." In other words, Jones anointed himself the leader of the malcontents.

The night prior to the rally eruption at the Capitol, Jones rallied his ilk by declaring: "We have only begun to resist the globalists. We have only begun our fight against their tyranny. They have tried to steal this election in front of everyone. I don't know how this is all going to end, but if they want to fight, they better believe they've got one." The next day, Jones fired up his bunch once again: "We declare 1776 against the new world order. We need to understand we're under attack, and we need to understand this is 21st-century warfare and get on a war-footing."

Jones, also a major promoter of the QAnon conspiracy, added, "We will never back down to the Satanic pedophile, globalist new world order and their walking-dead reanimated corpse Joe Biden, and we will never recognize him."

After Trump spoke and Jones arrived at the Capitol building with his crew, seeing the emerging confrontation with police, he tucked tail: "As much as I love seeing the Trump flags flying over this, we need to not have the confrontation with the police. They're gonna make that the story." Almost like his followers were rational law-abiding folks.

Jones broadcast live near the Capitol, where he reported, "Our own cameraman followed the crowds into the Senate, and I watched them execute an unarmed woman." That was a reference to Ashli Babbitt from San Diego, who was shot by a Capitol Police officer as she attempted to climb through a broken window within the Speaker's Lobby.

By the end of the day, there were many police officers injured, including one who later collapsed and died the following day — Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, though the exact cause and circumstances of his death are still unclear.

Since then, more than 200 of those identified in the Capitol building, some violent offenders but mostly those who were nonviolent, have been arrested.

Among them is William Arthur Leary from New York, who, according to the Associated Press, "doesn't trust information reported by the mainstream media" and declared InfoWars to be "one of his main sources of information."

According to an FBI report, Jones is directly connected to Proud Boys activist Ethan Nordean, who was among others arrested last week on conspiracy charges related to the riot.

Another Jones conscript from Alabama, William Wright Watson, who was photographed with "QAnon shaman" Jake Angeli during the riot, told the FBI he was "following the schedule Alex Jones" promoted, telling his followers to meet at the Capitol after the rally. Asked if he had received any specific direction, he said, "No, it was kind of just what the mob was doing."

Again, Jones was one of the original promoters of the QAnon conspiracy (a.k.a. "#TheStorm"), but as quickly as he has attempted to distance himself from the violence at the Capitol, he has disavowed QAnon.

Jones now claims: "Q tells this stuff and all of it's lies ... full of s—t. Because every G— d— thing out of you people's mouths doesn't come true. And it's always, 'Oh, there's energy.' 'Oh, now we're done with Trump.' You said he was the messiah! You said he was invincible! You said that it was all over. That they were going to Gitmo and now that he's part of a larger thing of Q. I will not suffer your Q people after this. I knew what you were day one, I know what you are now, and I'm sick of it. I'm sick of all these witches and warlocks and pumpkin popsomes."

Well okay, InfoWars guy! But once again, at the DC rallies Jones boldly referenced the "Satanic pedophile, globalist new world order," a direct reference to the centerpiece of the QAnon conspiracy. But I suppose Jones can recreate his own delusional alternate reality as quickly as he can that of his followers.

According to Jones's attorney, "Like many Americans, Mr. Jones peacefully assembled to register his concerns about the 2020 election. He deplores the violence that took place."

I accept that Jones had no idea what was about to unfold when he marched over to the Capitol with his followers. But he should have. That being said, I suspect that a common denominator among some if not most of the violent rioters is — drumroll please — Alex Jones.

I also believe that good people who feel deeply threatened by the world around them and perceive it is out of control often desperately seek some context for understanding that threat. And they can get sucked into these conspiracy rat holes.

In the final analysis, Donald Trump has been the lightning rod for the Capitol riot, and, by extension, so have ALL genuine conservative Patriots. However, the riotous jackasses in the Capitol building, and those like Jones who inflamed them, are directly to blame for the damage inflicted on all conservatives.

These self-aggrandizing thugs managed to defile the standing and reputation of every Liberty-loving and law-abiding conservative across our nation. Their obscene actions have demeaned all Americans who have supported Trump administration policies over the last four years. Their narcissistic lack of self-awareness has done more to undermine the long list of Trump administration policy successes and advance the leftist agenda than anything Democrats could have hoped to achieve.

Their actions provided the opening for Democrats and their Leftmedia parrots to paint ALL Trump administration supporters with the disgraceful actions of a fringe few, thus branding almost half the nation as riotous thug sympathizers.

To that end, Alex Jones and his InfoWars lineup — and those unwitting souls whose rational thought processing ability their poison short circuits — are not part of the solution. Far from it. ESR

Mark Alexander is the executive editor of the Patriot Post.




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