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Don’t get COVID-19 without having a plan ahead of time

By Greg Strange
web posted February 22, 2021

Let’s say that, God forbid, you end up contracting COVID-19.  What are you going to do then?  That’s not a rhetorical question, it’s serious, and one that needs to be answered by everyone well before they get a positive test result.  I did not have an answer to that question before I tested positive and now I’m kicking myself.  And I’m pretty certain that’s been the case with millions of other people as well.

So here’s how it went down for me.  I had some very mild symptoms (which later got worse) and decided to get tested just to be on the safe side.  Since my job involves going in and out of doctors’ offices and hospitals, I was at higher risk than the average person.  But since I had been doing that for months on end without getting the virus, I assumed that mask- and glove-wearing was keeping me safe.  Wrong!

(By the way, inexplicably, my wife did not get it from me, thank goodness.)

When I tested positive, I immediately called my doctor’s office to schedule an appointment and that’s when I ran head-on into the sick reality that’s been forced on us by left-wing ideology and politics.  I was basically told – politely and in not so many words – don’t even think about setting foot in here with COVID.  Stay at home, take over-the-counter cold medication and if things get bad, go to the hospital.

In other words, we can’t help you, you’re on your own, good luck!  How’s that for some healthcare during a pandemic?

So let me get this straight.  For the first time in human history, civilization was shut down over a virus, but if you get it you’re treated like a leper up until the point where it’s so serious that they have no choice but to let you into the hospital because you might die otherwise.  Is that even remotely acceptable?

And here’s the kicker.  We know there’s a safe and frequently effective treatment for this virus if applied early.  It’s called hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and you’ve all heard of it.  But the powers that be, especially on the left, don’t want you to be able to get it.  If you’re not infuriated by that, it’s probably because you’re just numb over the events of the past year and you’ve grown complacent, like I had.  Well, no more!

A wealth of studies have proven it to be a safe and frequently effective treatment for COVID when started early and taken in combination with certain other drugs.  But wait a minute!  What about all those studies showing it to be useless for the treatment of the virus?  Well, many of those studies were done on hospital patients and any such study is inherently dishonest.  That’s because every proponent of HCQ stipulates, without exception, that it must be started soon after the onset of symptoms in order to be effective.  For those who end up in the hospital, it’s too late.  So why would anybody do a study on hospital patients?  Gee, I don’t know.  Maybe to insure a negative result that comports with their ideological bent?

But why would anyone want to prevent people from even having the option to take HCQ?  It’s one of the most prescribed drugs on the planet and has a nearly 70 year history of being overwhelmingly safe.  In that time, hundreds of millions of people have taken billions of doses.  Even if they believe it’s ineffective for the treatment of COVID, why would they care if people want to give it a try?  Why do they want people to have no treatment whatsoever until they end up in the hospital with their lives in jeopardy?

Well, we know that in the early stages of the pandemic they didn’t want a treatment because then they wouldn’t have been able to justify shutting everything down.  And if they couldn’t shut everything down, they couldn’t wreck the economy.  And if they couldn’t wreck the economy, then Trump might have been reelected, rather easily.  So, of course, we get that, it’s very clear.

And then, when Trump started talking about HCQ being an effective treatment, they had to be against it because Trump was for it.  Okay, got it.

But why can’t we have the treatment now?  Trump is gone!  Their malevolent gambit to prevent Trump’s reelection (along with some voting fraud thrown in for good measure) worked.  So what’s the problem now?  They can’t credibly claim it’s because they’re concerned about the possible risks of taking HCQ because those risks are miniscule.  And we know that anti-HCQers are typically fine with giving puberty-blocking drugs to children so they can change their gender, which is literally insane and amounts to child abuse.  That alone negates any serious claim to concern about how a drug might hurt someone.  It’s not even remotely believable.

The fact is, it’s all purely political and ideological, and even after Trump is gone, they just can’t let go.

So here’s a question:  Would it be hyperbolic to call the prevention of people’s access to HCQ a crime against humanity?  Well, let’s see . . .  Slightly over a half million deaths (as of this writing) in the United States have now been attributed to COVID-19.  Not that that number is even close to the truth since dying with COVID-19 is not the same as dying of COVID-19.  But the same people who insist on the highest death toll numbers are the same people who are also typically against the use of HCQ, so let’s go ahead and use their numbers.

If a significant portion of a half million people could have been saved by a drug that has a nearly seventy-year record of safety, but they were prevented from access to that drug for political and ideological reasons, then I’d call that a crime against humanity, straight up!

Fortunately, there is good news for anyone who has knowledge and is prepared ahead of time.  You can get HCQ, you just have to know how to go about it.  Ideally, you would try and find a doctor ahead of time who would prescribe it, but that might be quite difficult.  And that’s where America’s Frontline Doctors come in.  You may have heard of them.  They’ve been fighting the lies and distortions about COVID since soon after the pandemic began.  They’ve been maligned, censored and called everything in the book, but they have a website (as of this writing) through which you can get what you need after a consultation with a teledoc.

I wish I had known that before it was too late to take the treatment.  I’m okay, I never got extremely sick, but I got sick enough and the effects linger on after five weeks, primarily chest congestion and fatigue.  Had I been prepared, I very likely could have gotten over the illness a lot sooner with a lot less misery, anxiety and time out of work.

My mission now is to inform as many people as possible what they can do if they get COVID-19.  You do not have to just sit at home and suffer and hope for the best.  And the fact that people in power want you to do just that is a stark reminder of the corruption and depravity that currently reign over our civilization. ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2021 Greg Strange.




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