Rediscovering the obvious

web posted February 1998

The problem with the obvious is that sometimes it is pretty easily missed. In the interests of honesty, I will admit that for the past several years I've missed a pretty obvious -- and very useful -- tool for conservatives. During a recent email exchange with Quackgrass Press' Michael Miller, he reminded of that tool.

It is the network.

In the computer world it is arguably the concept of the network which will determine which future technical standards are adopted. As a network expands, so does the need for everyone to be using the same standard to connect. Where would the Internet be without a common standard like TCP/IP?

The concept of the network works much the same way in the non-virtual world. As a network of people with similar standards (i.e. beliefs) expands, so does their power. The left is making effective use of the concept of networks.

Of course, networks solidify the use of good and bad standards. TCP/IP will be difficult to stop using long after superior protocols are introduced. That happens in the real world too.

In a network, value is derived from plentitude

Power comes from abundance.

Wired, January 1998

Consider the way that leftists can use the mail list. A conservative will appear on a talk show tonight to argue against increased social spending. The word goes out over the network and that night the individual members of the network jam the lines denouncing the speaker. Need information about 'climate change' to spread the word around locally? The network will provide you with that information.

It is at once a centralized information dispersal system and a decentralized grassroots weapon. And it works.

It's time for more conservatives to become more active in the use of networks. Conservative leaders and grassroots members must start joining networks and engaging in the same information sharing and activism that those on the left do.

To that end, ESR is beginning to compile mail lists of interest to conservatives and their allies. In a series of correspondence between me and Miller, the idea was formed for a new mail list which would disperse a wide variety of information to members. Miller launched his QRN, or the Quackgrass Roots Network, for that purpose. Since its launch in January, information ranging from the continued exposing of the Greenhoax Effect to cultural relativism has been spread to those who have asked for it.

And as Miller pointed out to me, anyone can do this. All you need is a list of email address of people who share your beliefs and you're in business. Miller's QRN was conceived and launched within days.

And the conservative network expands. Information is being routed to people across the world and enabling action that might otherwise never been undertaken. That is power.

Get networked. Get connected. Get empowered. Determine the standards.

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Gord Gekko

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Enter Stage Right is currently compiling a list of email lists that would be of interest to conservatives. If you run one or belong to one that you think would be of interest to others, please feel free to email the information to me.

You can check out the list I've compiled to date here.

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