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web posted February 1998

Michelle Malkin's Page

I first came across Michelle Malkin's page while doing some research about the Department of Justice's jihad against software firm Microsoft Corp. Malkin, an editorial writer and columnist for the Seattle Times, writes from what I consider to be a traditional conservative perspective, but unlike many traditional conservatives, she supports a free market, something rare enough in the state of Washington and among "conservatives" in general.

The targets and topics of Malkin's columns are often delicious ones and cover a gamut of issues. In the recent past she has discussed the freeloader mentality, affirmative action, health care, the Gulf War syndrome, political fundraising, the war on drugs...even comics books!

The web site itself offers a frame and frame-free version, is fairly easy to traverse and loads quickly.

If you don't live in Seattle and are tired of the pompous and tired braying of the syndicated conservative columnists, then you owe it to yourself to read some of Malkin's work.

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