Selling Black America...piece by piece

By Tom Adkins
web posted February 1999

The Democrats were once the party of the little guy, the poor, the downtrodden, the oppressed. They defended the weak against the strong, always standing for social justice.

Today, they rabidly defend the right of the most powerful man on earth to molest innocent women, attack them if they dare complain, and his right to lie about it in court.

Democrats sold out.

Shocked? Don't be silly. The Democratic party has been practicing political prostitution for a long, long time.

This may be a sell-out of American women. But Black America will suffer the greatest fallout. Here's why.

The long fight

For hundreds of years, black people have fought for their freedom across the world. But America defeated slavery, Jim Crow laws and state-sponsored racism in the relatively short span of about 100 years. The greatest weapon in this war? A simple phrase in our constitution; "All men are created equal." That concept has been the trump card against anyone attempting to claim superior legal rights over another.

The next battle

Legal victories are fine. But the real battle against racism won't be complete until we win the hearts and minds of American people. Beating people over the head with lawyers won't work. This calls for subtle intellectual persuasion. The only path to victory over such entrenched viewpoints is the unquestioned superiority of the "All men are created equal" concept. Embrace this concept, and victory is certain. Abandon this concept, and the battle against racism is lost.

The great blunder in defending Bill Clinton lurks quietly in this background. By supporting Clinton's right to break laws which would land anyone else in prison, Black Americans tacitly expose themselves by legitimizing a two-tiered system of justice.

Suddenly, a century's worth of civil rights achievements have no foundation. Black America is giving racists the greatest gift they could possibly ask for; surrendering constitution protection against separate rights.

Have fun trying to put that horse back in the barn.

Selling ‘em down the river

As liberalism has failed over the last 30 years, Democrats have sold out just about every constituent they claim to represent. Pick ‘em.

They sold the poor into socialistic welfare.
They sold out American families by raising taxes 400 per cent.
They sold out children by ruining schools.
They sold out unions with NAFTA and GATT.
They sold out gays with "Don't ask, don't tell."
They sold out environmentalists and campaign reformers in one stroke by confiscating Utah's Escalante coal region as a payoff for illegal Indonesian campaign donations.
They sold out human rights by trading with China.

Now, Democrats have sold out the whole concept of equal justice by defending a sexual predator disguised as a president.

Like Lucy convincing Charlie Brown that this time she really won't yank the football away at the last second, hapless liberal victims keep falling for the same Democratic lies. And no liberal constituency has been betrayed so often, so easily, as Black America.

Just like the old days, they are enticed, captured, then sold down the river of political expediency. Who are you gonna believe? The party that tells the harsh truths, or the slick salesmen who tell wonderful lies?

By blindly supporting Democrats for 30 years, Black America has turned its culture inside-out. Black welfare dependency created a high illegitimate birth rate, devastating the once rock-solid black family. Religion has been banished. Urban schools were ruined. Without fathers, morals or education keeping kids in line, black-on-black youth crime is the prevalent cultural trauma that dominates urban black life. To keep power, Democrats evolved into the Pimps of Personal Failure.

Yet Black America sticks by their Democrats, becoming an enabling force behind a man who has spent his lifetime preying upon the weak. Ironically, Black defenders of Clinton have fallen for the old trick of attacking the victim, long used by racists. They are peddling their own political capitol at a fatal discount. How can racism be defeated if you've just convinced the nation that separate justice is acceptable?


The Democratic party has always been a political M. C. Escher painting, where magnificent convoluted logic becomes a patchwork of irreconcilable political expediency that goes nowhere. The real tragedy is this liberal paradox is cashed on the expense account of their constituents. This time, they're selling Black America further down the river of cultural failure by convincing them to throw away the greatest tool to pound the final nail in the coffin of racism: the United States Constitution and the rule of law.

This piece originally appeared in The Common Conservative and is reprinted with their kind permission.

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