Global warming: Liberalism's greatest marketing scam

By Tim Loughner
web posted February 1999

The sea's are boiling and Los Angeles is falling into the sea, or so say the "experts." Have you ever noticed the large amount of so-called "experts" on just about anything? They are all over the place! There are experts on the art of making toilet paper holders. There are experts on making the proper ham and cheese sandwich. My favorite experts are those who insist that this end of the world plague known as "global warming" is a real threat to our way of life!

I know what your thinking: "You heathen! Of course global warming is real! Why the television says it is! Bill Clinton says it is! This little hairy man on the Discovery Channel says it is! My Liberal professor at the university I go to says it's real!"

When was the last time you have ever heard anyone truly deny global warming and be allowed to finish speaking? Never! Why? Because this is a very unpopular view point because ever since the late 60's we have been drilled with fun-loving environmentalism. Now, 35 years later, those same drugged out hippies are in the White House spewing their beliefs out for the rest of the world to conform to or else.

I say "or else" because that is exactly what happens. Anytime anyone publicly gives a different opinion, they are shut down. The news calls anyone who speaks their mind about his a bigot or hateful. Environmentalists call that person anti-earth and puts metal spikes in trees so their chainsaws backfire and often seriously injure and sometimes kill people.

Now before I get a bunch of hate mail on this article, I'd like to express to you why I think global warming is a sham!

OK, a quick lesson on the earth's climate systems (something I picked up during my advanced geography and climatology classes in college): every 10 000 years or so, the Earth goes into an "ice age" where the planet cools very dramatically freezing over the entire planet. Likewise, every 5 000 years, the Earth heats up. The last time this occurred was about 1500 BC, about the time that the Nile Valley of Egypt became a desert instead of the lush forested land it was before. On the same note, every 1 000 years, we experience long periods of extremes where the temperatures are colder or warmer than one might think as normal. In actuality, these shifts in climate are very normal and should be expected.

The most recent of these cold spells was in the Middles Ages where there were unusually cold and harsh winters and mild summers. Now we are emerging into the peak of a warm spell. Thus unusually warm temperatures. Again, these mini-cycles are perfectly normal.

So, if all this is natural, who thought of global warming?

Back in the 70's when satellite and computer technology were first making their first constructive merger, scientists had just begun to monitor the Earth and it's climate structure. They were also able to capture images of a supposed Ozone layer which is basically big sun glasses for the Earth. Now, technology hindered the qualiy of these pictures as well as the accuracy of them. In fact, the colors used to display these pictures were about 6 different shades of green.

Now the 90's have rolled around and technology has dramatically improved, increasing the accuracy of the readings and also the color spectrum up to 256 colors and more. Essentially, they are comparing the performance levels of a Model T to a NASCAR racing vehicle. Big difference, especially when they act as though the levels of technology are the same. What's worse is that they are assuming that the results of tests from the last 25 years represents the entire history of the Earth.

I agree with the idea of checking the Ozone layer but I feel that it is too early to be conclusive, and in reality, that is the heart of the problem. They have been spending millions of dollars in research to find something. Pressure from financers has been getting a little heavy, so they need to come up with something. Well, instead of saying, "You know, there hasn't been enough research to be conclusive in our findings," they take the little data they collected and magnify it a zillion times and go with that.

By this time, members of Earth First, Greenpeace, and the Animal Liberation Front take these findings and make them the mantra of their organizations. Pretty soon, as more and more young impressionable college kids grasp the idea, they get a bigger following.

After sometime, fashion designers, eager to make clothing aimed towards young people take the popular neo-hippy fashions of the late 80's and 90's and make a buck off it. Now other groups and businesses eager to get young people into their products and appear to be "hip" start promoting ideas of "environmentally friendly" products and services. The media also takes the ball and runs with it airing stories about people in Austrailia getting skin cancer and blaming evil conservatives and big business operators for this problem.

Now the blame gets put even deeper. It is all those cars people drive causing these Ozone problems. It is their air conditioners, refrigerators, and hairspray cans that are doing it! Ban them, ban everything!

And now in the late 90's it is imbedded in our pop culture. It is taught in schools. It is expected that you accept this. And now even politicians are getting in on the action. Why? Because, they are the same people who started this great paranoia (i.e. Al Gore and Bill Clinton!)

Now I agree, this planet is way over polluted. Smog is a pain in the butt and there is trash everywhere. I recycle stuff when it is convenient (I'd do it more if they weren't so picky about what they could recycle!). I get tired of people throwing beer cans in my yard and I like to have fresh drinking water. I get tired of swimming in slime.

But, despite all this, I think Liberals and the like have produced the greatest marking scam of all time. The one that is so imbedded in our culture that nobody ever questions it. No one ever challenges the issues. And if they do, then they are bigots. And no one ever wonders why Captain Planet is such a lame cartoon! Why not?

Why are we so accepting of stuff? Are we really? Or are we too afraid of what people might say? Are we afraid of losing face?

I am not. That is exactly why I wrote this and I encourage each and every one of you to voice you opinions and get some guts! (before we lose all our rights to Leftist Commies!)

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