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Real Mensch

It might be unfair, but in a way Real Mensch has already won this award.

Back in January 1998, Joel Miller's Mensch Magazine, a fine conservative-libertarian on-line journal, won our Site of the Month award. I always enjoyed reading Mensch and wanted to contribute some pieces to it, but it disappeared a few months later after only a short life on the web.

I guess Miller grew bored because not long after, Mensch was reborn as Real Mensch. Described as leaning libertarian in its politics and traditionally conservative in its social values, the new magazine quickly picked up where the old left off and surpassed his earlier effort.

Beginning as a monthly, RM now publishes as a weekly with an eclectic assortment of well written pieces both incendiary and otherwise. As an example, the January 25-31, 1999 issue featured an exploration of Gary North's Y2K mania, why Susan McDougal is an honourable thief and an attempt at racial jimmy-rigging in California.

RM also features its slang du jour which allows everyone to learn how to speak poorly, random fire for a daily shot across the bow of whatever needs it and a daily quote to read "[w]hat other fools say." Content nearly every day is a beautiful thing.

The job that Miller does with RM is nothing short of amazing. When you're a big portal site like Town Hall, it's easy to attract the best writers or buy their work to help fill out your web site. For smaller fry like ESR, RM, Right! and others, it's hard to bring together a stable of writers that's both dedicated and talented. RM has done that and certainly deserves our nod.

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