I'm for Bush. Is the GOP?

By Alan Caruba
web posted March 13, 2000

I consider myself fairly well connected among some influential members of the Republican Party, so I am a bit angry to hear all the grumbling that Dubya can't win. Republicans have always preferred to lose on principle, than win on the merits of their candidates. Any deviation from their favorite cause is sufficient for a Republican to stay home and watch the Democrats win. This is so idiotic that it must keep the party leaders awake at night.

One example is the way McCain "suspended" rather than end his campaign. You lost. Get over it. Then stand shoulder to shoulder with George W. Bush and campaign for him. That's what Democrats do. Bush's campaign has benefited from thousands of small, individual donations. (All posted on his web site by the way!) The pollsters will tell you that Republican voters turned out in large numbers to support Bush. If only the party leadership would do the same.

I'm for Bush to end eight years of what I regard as a criminal enterprise that has taken over the White House. Little wonder that Al Gore has announced that his illegal fund-raising among Buddhist nuns and priests, as well as his phone calls from a federal building, were "mistakes." These kinds of mistakes fill the jails of our nation with the people who got caught making them.

These "mistakes" were covered up by the Attorney General of this country, a co-conspirator in the Clinton-Gore regime of lies, smears, intimidation of honest people, tons of hidden e-mails, a year of deception regarding the adulterous behavior with Monica Lewinsky, the hush money for a former Assistant Attorney General, Webster Hubble, Filegate, Travelgate, and the rather suspicious death of White House aide, Vince Foster. I worry how many secrets were given away to the Red Chinese. The list of crimes is a long one.

How bad does the stink have to be before you rid the White House of those responsible for it? Gore has been Clinton's facilitator, calling him a "great" President. Now he wants his turn to advance the insane goals of the environmental movement and fellow "third way" Socialists.

I am for Bush because I do not buy the lies and distortions of the mainstream, liberal print and broadcast liberal press of this nation who want you to believe a Yale graduate, successful businessman, and two-time Governor of Texas is a dunce. I am not going to buy into the animus toward the Religious Right that the media has because they don't understand their desire to lead a moral life and to expect it of others as well. I believe conservatives are compassionate because I believe I am compassionate. That doesn't mean I excuse people when they make "mistakes." I want them to reform themselves, but not simply because it's a good move politically. How many judges have heard the convicted tell them they found Jesus?

As far as I can tell, Bush wants a smaller government and a stronger military. This is what Ronald Reagan wanted. This is what I want. These are laudable conservative goals. We now have an economy generating huge tax surpluses. Do you want some of that money back in your pocket or do you want some faceless government bureaucrat spending it? If it's the former, you should vote for George W. Bush and every Republican candidate for Congress. It is your only hope.

Alan Caruba is the founder of The National Anxiety Center, a think tank that debunks junk science and comments on political issues as well. This excerpt will appear in the March 17 edition of his weekly commentary, "Warning Signs" at www.anxietycenter.com.

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